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The Best Electric Race Car Tracks of 2024

One game that I guarantee you will enjoy as a family is the car race track game. The car track games have now advanced, whereby they come with electric-powered pieces. This includes the hand controllers and the cars, such that you can alter the speed movements of the racing cars and generally customize the track to meet your needs.

The majority of the electric race car tracks are recommendable for people from age three and above since they also help develop the kid’s intellectual skills, plus the gaming is fun. Below is a review of the top ten best electric race car tracks.

Best Electric Race Car Tracks Review

10. Tracer Racers R/C High-Speed Remote Control 8 Speedway Glow Track

Tracer Racers

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Enjoy some quality time with your kids indoors racing with this great car track. It has two cars that promote dual tournaments and two remotes for convenient control. This car track is a great choice for beginners and pros since the speeds are adjustable.

The track features 8-speed options to choose from, depending on your prowess in-car race gaming. This is a race car track game you can play during the day and night since it has a glow-in-the-dark style to illuminate when playing at night.

Special features

  • The speed regulates up to 500 miles per hour
  • The track comes with multiple road challenges
  • The speed adjusts to 8 different intervals
  • You can add more cars to the track

9. Carrera First Mini Cooper Slot Car Race Track

Carrera Best Electric Race Car Tracks

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The fact that this electric car race track kit is suitable for kids from the age of 3 years ensures your kids learn a few technical and intellectual skills at a young age. You can train your kid or kids on operating the track kit since it comes with two-hand controller remotes.

The set also has two cars so you can create competition with your loved ones. This car race track only weighs 3 pounds, such that even your kid can easily set up or carry it when you are not around. Note that the 4 ‘C’ batteries power the cars on this car race track.

Special features

  • This car race track accommodates two players at ones
  • It is easy to operate with the hand remote controllers
  • The game fits kids from the age of three years
  • The track measures 7.87 feet long

8. Max Traxxx R/C Award-Winning Remote Control Infinity Loop Track Set

Max Traxxx

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I believe a good car race track should accommodate the entire family, and this brand is no exception. This is a gaming kit you can enjoy as a family since it is easy to play and provides varying resistance levels to fit both kids and adults. If you want to enhance your track racing skills, I would recommend this track set since it provides multiple challenge options to utilize in your gaming activities.

The fact that the track glows with the dark style guarantees you enjoy gaming even at night. The cars are controlled by a remote and have varying speed intervals that adjust to 500 miles per hour.

Special features

  • The track measures 46 feet long
  • The track glows with a dark style for visibility at night
  • The remote controllers are powered by four double-A batteries
  • The set comes with two racing cars

7. Tracer Racers R/C High-Speed Remote Control Police Stunt Speedway

Tracer Racers Best Electric Race Car Tracks

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A simple yet classic track racing kit that will ensure your family stays entertained throughout. The kit comes with two cars, with each car having a separate remote for control purposes. This track gives real experience whereby the cars leave sparks on the track when moving at high speed.

Therefore, you can control the cars to move at different speed intervals depending on your skills in controlling it. Note the track set comes with two different cars; one for Police R/C race car and the other Camaro R/C race car. The track features four corners to offer challenge options to test your control skills.

Special features

  • Electric cars can move at a speed of 500 miles per hour
  • Setting up takes a few steps to complete
  • This car race track is suitable for both beginner and advanced users
  • Comes in two different cars.

6. Carrera 30008 Digital 132 DTM Furore Slot Car Racing Set


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This car race track allows you to exercise freedom of movement when controlling the car’s movements since the hand controllers are wireless. So, you can stand from any point to control the car. The track itself measures 24 feet long; thus, you can have enough space for the cars to move around.

Another outstanding design is the features of the cars. They look like real-car models to give you a real-life experience for more fun when playing. The track has various obstacles like curves, loops, and tactical lanes, among others.

Special features

  • Comes with a long track
  • The remote controllers are wireless
  • The track features multiple obstacles

5. Carrera Evolution 20025238 Motodrom 1:32 Scale Slot Car Racing Track

Carrera Best Electric Race Car Tracks

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The accessories available in this track kit include two 1.32-scale cars, two hand controllers, and 20 feet long car track. The track kit is suitable for kids, beginners, and adults since you can regulate the car movements’ speed with the controllers.

The speed of the car adjusts up to 370 miles per hour. The track is customizable to recreate the game, depending on the people you play with.

Special features

  • Have dual control options
  • The car race tracks et are great for kids from age 8
  • The speed adjusts up to 370 miles per hour

4. Hot Wheels Battery Operated 9.3 ft. Slot Track

Hot Wheels

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I would recommend this car track set for beginners or small kids from the age of 3 years. The track measures 9.3 feet long plus comes with two controllers to regulate the racing cars’ movements.

Setting up this car race track is smooth since the parts are easy to control and the steps are straightforward. The track also has headlights to give a real road experience and provides good illumination at night.

Special features

  • The track measures 9.3 feet long
  • It is suitable for beginners
  • It is easy to set up the car race track
  • The kit is battery powered

3. Scalextric Speed Supreme GT vs. LMP 1:32 Slot Car Race Track

Scalextric Best Electric Race Car Tracks

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Anyone, including a beginner or a kid, can comfortably play with this electric car race track since it is quite easy to maneuver around. It is perfect for multiple levels of racing games that accommodate even beginners. The pack comes with a single-hand controller that allows one to change the speeds of the racing car.

Therefore, you can set up the racing car to move at a speed you are comfortable with through the four-position selector. The track measures 14.4 feet long, and it is flexible, so you can customize it to meet your gaming needs. In this case, you can bend it, and set it in a straight form depending on your gaming experience level. This race car track connects to the main socket for a continuous power supply.

Special features

  • This game can accommodate two players
  • It is perfect for beginners and pros
  • The track is customizable
  • It comes with two single-hand controllers

2. Carrera, GO!!! 62476 Disney Pixar Cars Speed Challenge

Carrera Best Electric Race Car Tracks

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This is an amazing gift to get your kids to keep them entertained while indoors. The electric-powered race car track comes with two hands, remote controls, and two cars so that you can create competition for two people. The track of this set measures up to 16 feet long to give a real road experience.

This car race track helps your kids to develop intellectually by learning how to control racing cars. The track has multiple challenge features like curves, loops, and straightaways found on a real road. Note that the pack comes with an expansion set, so you can customize and even expand the track to fit your gaming idea.

Special features

  • This race car track has two hand controllers and two cars
  • The track is quite long
  • It is customizable
  • The cars can move at high speeds of up to 370 mph

1. Ontel Magic Tracks RC – Remote Control Turbo Race Cars


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This electric race car track set comes with a 10 feet long track so that you can set it to your preferred style. Note that the track is customizable to create your preferred road challenges to spice up your game. This is a car race track you can also play at night since it features the glow-in-the-dark style for great illumination.

This car race track supports a single-player since it only comes with a single car and a one-hand controller. Both the car and the controllers are powered by disposable batteries that you have to buy separately.

Special features

  • The entire piece only weighs 1.3 pounds
  • Setting it up is easy
  • Glows in the dark for easy use at night
  • Comes with 200 pieces of interchangeable tracks


Create memorable moments with friends or family at home with these great electric race car track models. The car race trackers come with wireless hand controllers for smooth operation and control from different locations.

They accommodate kids, beginners, and pro users since the car speeds are adjustable. Some of the reviewed car track sets come with obstacles to create more fun in your gaming. So, find your preferred model from these ten options.