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Best Glow of The Dark Golf Balls of 2024

Did you know that you can enjoy playing golf even at night? Well, there are golf balls equipped with lighting for illumination in the dark. These glow-in-dark golf balls are made easy to use mode since they automatically glow when you hit the ball.

So, picking the balls or continuing to play from different areas is quite easy. So, if you love golf, then this is the perfect review for you! We have featured the top ten best glows in dark golf balls in 2024.

Best Glow of The Dark Golf Balls

10. LED Light up Golf Balls, Glow in The Dark Night Golf Balls

ILYSPORT Glow of The Dark Golf Balls

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Enjoy some golf tournaments with your friends, even at night, with these golf balls. They are glow-in-the-dark golf balls that light up in different colors to add some color and a great look to space.

On hitting these golf balls, they can retain the illumination for about 8 minutes, and the batteries are super durable since they last for up to 40 hours. Thus, you can enjoy a long night golf tournament with the balls.

What we like
  • A pack has six glow in the dark balls made in different colors
  • These golf balls retain lighting power for long
  • They are pretty much easy to use


Each glow-in-the-dark golf ball in this pack can last for 40 hours. The fact that they retain illumination for 8 minutes ensures you easily spot them.

9. ESTARCONTIGO Glow Golf Balls, Glowing in The Dark Golf Balls


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These are glow-in-the-dark golf balls you will use for a long since they are rechargeable if the battery runs out of power. The balls come in different colors illumination, which adds great color features to the sky while playing the golf game. The golf balls are reliable when playing in extremely dark spaces since they retain illumination for up to 8 minutes nonstop.

What we like
  • These golf balls are made with quality materials
  • They are waterproof so you can play games under all weathers
  • The glow in the dark golf balls come in different beautiful colors


These glow-in-the-dark golf balls feature surly, resin, and LED wick crafting. They are also high-impact resistant balls for durability purposes.

8. THIODOON Glow Dark Golf Balls for Night Sports LED Golf Balls

THIODOON Glow of The Dark Golf Balls

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Create a fun golf game even at night using these glow-in-the-dark golf balls from THIODOON. The ability of these LED golf balls to retain the light for longer ensures you have an easy time accessing the ball on the ground.

This mechanism also ensures you can easily find the balls in the case where you hit them hard. These balls are easy to play with as they have the same texture as real golf balls. So, be sure to have maximum fun when playing with them.

What we like
  • You can play more than 800 times with the balls before the power runs out
  • They light up in different beautiful colors
  • Sporting the balls on the ground is easy since the glow for a while


These glow-in-dark gold balls have quality materials crafting. They come with 30 days money refund warranty for quality assurance.

7. ILYSPORT LED Light up Golf Balls


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One thing about these glow-in-the-dark golf balls is that they are extremely bright such that spotting the ball in the field even at night is simply easy. The pack has six balls, with each ball having a different color that makes the area look great and bright.

The brightness durability is another thing that stands out on these balls since they can light up for 40 hours which is about 800 times the use period. Hence, these are golf balls you will use for a long time before recharging them.

What we like
  • The golf balls glow for long before the battery dies
  • They are made with quality materials for durability
  • The balls are easy to use since they automatically light up on hitting


These balls glow quite bright such that you can use them in dark spaces. The balls also have six different bright colors.

6. Champkey Premium Light Up Golf Balls 6 Pack

Champkey Glow of The Dark Golf Balls

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If you need glow-in-the-dark golf balls, you can play outdoors, maybe at night, get this brand. These glow-in-the-dark balls glow for up to 10 minutes, allowing the players to detect the ball and hit in between the game easily.

These are quality golf balls you will use for a long time since they are made with quality surly materials on the outer. Flexibility is also guaranteed as these golf balls give the same experience as other golf balls.

What we like
  • A ball glows for 10 minutes for smooth playing
  • These balls are easy to use since they automatically glow when hit
  • The balls feel just like the general golf balls


The surly materials layer ensures the durability and flexibility of the balls for every hit when playing.

5. Outatime Sport Glow In The Dark Golf Balls

Outatime Sport

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Hold a fun golf tournament at any time of the day at the comfort of your home using these glow-in-the-dark golf balls. These are glow-in-dark golf balls that will serve you for a long since they are rechargeable in case the power runs out.

The balls consist of double fluorescence on the interior to provide great brightness. The balls are quite light in weight so that you can get a good fit for every swing.

What we like
  • These balls can be recharged using a UV flashlight
  • These glow in dark golf balls have lightweight for comfort when playing
  • The package comes with a storage mesh to secure them from getting lost


These are super light in weight glow-in-dark golf balls since they don’t have LED lamps, unlike other models.

4. BattlePulse Glow Golf Balls with Mesh Bag

BattlePulse Glow of The Dark Golf Balls

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If you are training for an actual golf tournament, get these glow-in-dark golf balls so you can train even at night. The golf balls light up in different colors and run for 10 minutes, so you can easily find the balls when hit far. The balls are made with a three-layer design that adds rigidity for prolong use and gives the same feeling as the actual golf balls.

What we like
  • These glow in dark gold balls come with a mesh bag for storage purposes
  • The batteries last for up to 50 hours
  • The lighting goes off after 10 minutes


These are convenient golfing balls since they illuminate for 10 minutes to allow you easily find them in the dark.

3. MOR GOLF Glow Golf Balls, LED Constant Shining Golf Balls


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Do your kids love playing mini-golf games at home? I believe they will love these glow-in-dark golf balls. The balls are perfect for playing at night in their room since they magnificently glow in the dark.

These golf balls are equipped with LED lamps for that extra bright glowing, and each ball can light up for 50 hours. These are glow-in-dark golf balls you can use in different dark intervals since they glow in three bright colors.

What we like
  • The balls glow instantly you hit them
  • These balls are made with 342 dents for safety when playing at the actual golf club
  • They come with 30 days money refund warranty


These are long-lasting glow-in-dark golf balls you can use in different areas since they have a strong construction. The balls stay bright for 8 hours so you can enjoy your golfing.

2. Crestgolf Flashing Glowing Golf Ball

Crestgolf Glow of The Dark Golf Balls

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These Crestgolf glow-in-dark balls come in 3 pieces with white, pink, and blue colors. Although the golf balls light up when hit, they also have bright colors for easy seeing them when you hit to a distance.

Each ball has four built-in LED lights that provide excellent light brightness for visibility when hitting the balls. They are enclosed with soft and elastic materials, strong and secure to protect the LED lights from damage.

What we like
  • These balls stay illuminated for 5.6 minutes when you hit
  • They have quality and strong materials to secure the LED lamps
  • The balls are extra bright for great illumination at night


With 4 LED lamps on the balls, rest assured to have an easy time viewing these golf balls even when you hit them at a distance. They stay on for 5 minutes once hit.

1. 4 Nighthawk Light Activated LED Light Up Golf Balls


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Affordable yet reliable golf balls to use at night or poorly lit spaces. These are the most reliable golf balls to use at night since they allow you to enjoy the game throughout. Unlike other glow-in-dark golf balls that go off after a few minutes, these golf balls from 4 Nighthawk illuminate consecutively until you switch them off. The batteries are quite durable since they can last for 40 hours.

What we like
  • These LED glow golf balls to light up in seven different colors
  • The lighting does not go off on the balls
  • The balls are quite bright for excellent illumination


These golf balls glow throughout for efficiency when playing the games. The batteries have a long-term lifespan since they last for 40 hours.


Enjoy golfing even in the middle of the night using these glow-in-dark golf balls. The balls are light in different colors, and the batteries are durable so that you can enjoy your game for longer.