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10 Best Pool Volleyball Nets in 2024

A pool is not just suitable for swimming as you can create some games to enjoy with friends and family during the summer season. One pool game that you can incorporate at the pool area is the volleyball game. The volleyball nets are made with waterproof materials and strong PVC to withstand various weather elements, especially outdoors.

The pool volleyball nets can either be inflatable or set above the pool area. Here are our top ten best recommendable pool volleyball nets in 2024.

Best Pool Volleyball Nets in 2024

10. OYIN Inflatable Pool Volleyball Set, Volleyball Net

JOYIN Pool Volleyball Nets i

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This is a floating inflatable pool volleyball net that you can use from any corner of your pool. It is an excellent new option for people who don’t want to squeeze their house’s storage spaces. So, you can deflate and fold the net after use. This volleyball net comes with all the accessories you will need for the game.

The package consists of the net, two balls, and a scoring bar. The entire structure is made with premium PVC materials that are also BPA-free for the pool water’s safety.

Special features

  • This volleyball net floats in the water
  • Easy to set up
  • Has premium materials design for longevity
  • Comes with customer care online help

9. MeiGuiSha Swimming Pool Volleyball Set


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Enjoy great water games with your family at the pool with this volleyball net set. The net features the floating mode for easy setup and convenient moving it around. This volleyball net consists of all the accessories you need for a volleyball game. So, you can create tournaments with your family while swimming.

Although this pool volleyball set features an inflatable design, it comes with holding stakes to prevent it from being blown away. Thus, the set comes with weights for holding the parts firmly in the pool. The inflated net has a large size to accommodate kids and adults.

Special features

  • Setting up this volleyball net is easy and comfortable
  • This is a versatile game kit for kids and adults
  • The net comes with weight bags
  • The volleyball net has premium material construction

8. Swimming Pool Inflatable Volleyball Net

JOYIN Pool Volleyball Nets

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Your summer pool experience does not have to be boring anymore. Get this pool volley net kit and enjoy some games with your friends while in the water. The volleyball net has an inflating style which makes the setup easy and possible in the water. This also ensures the net stays on a suitable surface for the convenient playing of the game.

Note that this volleyball net comes with the ball, so you don’t have to spend extra to buy it. To top it up, the pool volleyball kit is super affordable as it costs less than 30 dollars. The volleyball court measures 118x 30 x 39 inches, a perfect size to accommodate two adults’ games.

Special features

  • This pool volleyball set comes with all setup accessories
  • The set is quite affordable
  • It has a large sizing
  • The volleyball set is light for portability

7. Poolmaster 72786 Above-Ground Mounted Poolside Volleyball


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If you need a volleyball net to mount above the pool area, this is a great choice. The pool net is an excellent choice for people who want a permanent volleyball net for their pool area. It is critical to note that this net is perfect for volleyball and badminton. The net comes with brackets for mounting the net on the floor.

This volleyball net is safe to leave outdoors as it has premium materials construction, which guarantees durability even when exposed to the outdoor elements. Another feature that you will love about this pool volleyball net is the size. The net is super large as it measures 16 x 10 inches, a great size to fit on most pool areas.

Special features

  • This net is suitable for volleyball and badminton
  • The net is perfect for kids from age eight years
  • The volleyball net is quite large
  • Comes with all the mounting accessories

6. Intex Pool Volleyball Game Net Kit

Intex Pool Volleyball Nets

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I would recommend this volleyball net for both kids and adults since it has a reasonable and comfortable size for easy reach. It is meant to be put in a pool, so you can enjoy the game while in the water. So, if you enjoy working out in the pool, I believe this volleyball net will add more workout routines for you and your friends or family.

The volleyball net is inflatable and only weighs 1 kg, so it cannot sink in the water. This also makes it smooth to move around when setting up at the pool.

Special features

  • The materials construction consist of sturdy 10-gauge vinyl
  • This volleyball game set only weighs 2 pounds
  • Setting it up is easy and takes little time
  • The volleyball net comes assembled

5. heytech Inflatable Pool Game Set


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Enjoy some quality time and gaming in your home pool with this fantastic volleyball net kit. The net comes with all the extra accessories, such as a ball, so you do get to buy it separately. This volleyball net floats in the water, so you can easily interchange the setup location hustle-free. This also ensures the kids have an easy time moving it around to play.

This pool volleyball net comes with anchors and inflatable rings to set it in one position and prevent it from moving around. This volleyball net size is commendable as it is significant to accommodate a game of between 4 to 6 adults at once.

Special features

  • The materials constructions are safe for humans
  • The net is made of quality PVC materials
  • The pack comes with anchors and weight bags to hold the net kit
  • Setting up the net set takes a few minutes to complete.

4. Home Court Volleyball Recreational Net

Home Court Pool Volleyball Nets

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You don’t have to worry about this volleyball net getting damaged on leaving it out. It has strong materials that are pretty durable. Also, the entire net structure is treated against the weather elements. So, you can enjoy some quality gaming with family or friends in summer as this net cannot fade from the high UV rays.

The net consists of side tapes on all sides for smooth mounting on the sides of the pool. The mounting ropes of the net are pretty significant since the top measures 38 feet long, and the lower ones are 36 feet long, so you can easily fit the net on large pool areas.

Special features

  • This net has premium material construction
  • It can fit on most pool sizes and designs
  • The net is treated against the weather elements
  • The volleyball net is pretty easy to mount

3. S.R. Smith S-VOLY Swim N Spike Salt Friendly Volleyball Game Kit

S.R. Smith

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What stands out on this volleyball net is the design and quality materials design. So, if you are a professional volleyball player, this is a great volleyball net to get for your training at home. This volleyball net is quite large, which makes it possible to fit on large swimming pools.

Meaning, you can fit it in a pool with a dimension of up to 20 feet wide. The poles of this volleyball net are coated with vinyl such that you can set them up in different waters, including saltwater.

Special features

  • This volleyball net has stainless steel poles
  • Can fit in pool size of 20 feet wide
  • The materials are saltwater friendly
  • The net comes with wall anchors

2. Large Inflatable Pool Games Volleyball Net & Basketball Hoop

JOYIN Pool Volleyball Nets

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With this game kit, you not only get a volleyball net, but it also comes with a basketball kit. The net equipment is excellent for both kids and adults as the size and the installation height fit both. It floats on the pool water for convenient reach and even spices up your swim activities.

All the accessories, including the net poles, are inflatable, which is easy to do. Nonetheless, this is a durable net that will last you for a very long time since it is made with premium PVC materials. Another reason it is recommendable for a kid is the fact that the materials are BPA-free.

Special features

  • Installing this volleyball net is easy
  • The package comes with a basketball hoop
  • This net is strong and durable
  • This volleyball net fits in most swimming pools

1. Park & Sun Sports Portable Swimming Pool Volleyball Net System

Park & Sun

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If you are looking for a game to install in your in-ground pool, consider getting this volleyball net. This volleyball net has quality PVC materials for durability such that you can either install it on outdoor or indoor pools. The other excellent feature of this volleyball net is the length. The net measures 24 feet long for easy fitting, even on large pool areas.

Special features

  • The volleyball net comes with stakes and extension cords
  • The net is safe for outdoor and indoor poo
  • It comes with two support bases
  • It has quality PVC materials crafting


These are the top ten best pool volleyball nets you can equip in your pool area. These volleyball nets have quality PVC materials that do not have BPA residuals to ensure humans’ durability and safety.

The above-reviewed volleyball nets are either installed above the pool, and others are inflatable to use in the water. So, choose a type that suits your family and fits your pool as well.