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10 Best Aerobic Steppers in 2024 Review

If you enjoy aerobics or cardio workouts, and aerobic stepper is one of the most crucial workout equipment to get. The aerobic steppers are designed with adjustable heights to fit different workout resistance levels and accommodate different heights. The steppers are multifunctional since they help burn fat, ton the body, and even strengthen different body muscles.

This workout equipment is safe since the feet and stepping surfaces are crafted with safety features. So, if you plan to invest in an aerobic stepper, here are the top ten best models on the market to choose from.

List of Best Aerobic Steppers Review

10. HaoKang Adjustable Workout Stepper Aerobic Step Platform

HaoKang Aerobic Steppers

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Improve your overall cardio workouts by incorporating this stepper in your workout. Traditionally, the stepper is designed for aerobics, but you can include it when performing strength workouts. The stepper is affordable considering it retails at lesser than 30 dollars, and you can tag it to use outdoors or in different areas. The entire unit measures 27 L x 11 W x 4 H, a reasonable size to carry.

The stepper is also light in weight as it only weighs about 5.7 pounds for portability. Using the stepper is easy since it comes assembled for you. Thus, you need to find a comfortable flat surface to start working out. Besides, the feet have rubber material to secure them from slipping while securing the floor from damage.

Special features

  • This stepper supports up to 550 pounds in weight
  • The height adjusts in 4 to 6 inches high
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • The stepper is portable

9. arteesol Aerobic Step Stepper, Exercise Step Platform


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With a height adjustment of three levels, this aerobic stepper guarantees the best toning and strength-building results. The height adjusts in 10, 15, and 20 CM high. The stepper has shock-absorbent sticky feet to prevent it from slipping when working out. Thus, your safety and focus on workouts are guaranteed.

You can work out barefoot or with shoes since the stepper has non-slip crafting at the top to provide good gripping when jumping on and off the stepper. Note that this stepper comes with an extra foot to ensure stability, and you can remove it for easy storage away. Moving this stepper to work out from various areas is easy since it has a lightweight design.

Special features

  • The stepper comes in varying colors
  • Has sticky non-slip feet
  • Comes with an extra foot for stability
  • The stepper can support 220 pounds

8. HooKung Adjustable Aerobic Stepper

HooKung Aerobic Steppers

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One feature that stands out on this aerobic stepper is the wide jumping surface. The wide surface provides a comfortable and large jumping space for all people, including those with wide feet. The top surface has a non-sticky and non-slip design for comfort and safety when jumping. It also acts as a shock absorbent to guarantee effective workout results. This stepper adjusts in two levels, 4 and 6, to accommodate different workouts and individuals.

The stepper has quality material crafting, and it is quite strong since it can support people weighing up to 550 pounds. However, your comfort when carrying it around is guaranteed as it only weighs 7 pounds. So, you can carry to work out either indoors or outdoors

Special features

  • The stepper adjusts in 4 and 6 inches high
  • It supports 550 pounds weight capacity
  • The stepper is portable
  • Has a wide jumping surface

7. The Step High Step Aerobic Platform

The Step

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This is a unique aerobic stepper that features four raisers to adjust it to four different heights. The aerobic stepper is perfect for a wide range of workouts, both cardio and strength building. The unit measures 16″ L x 16″ W x 4″ H, a compact size for easy storage, especially for people with small spaces in the house.

The height adjusts from 4 to 12 inches high to create reasonable resistance and a comfortable platform for different people. Your comfort when working out is guaranteed since the stepper has a non-slip surface. The feet also have non -skid design to hold the stepper firmly to prevent accidents.

Special features

  • This stepper supports a weight of 275 pounds
  • Adjusts from 4 to 12 inches in height
  • Has four raisers
  • The stepper has quality materials crafting

6. Nicole Miller Aerobic Exercise Step Deck

Nicole Miller New York Aerobic Steppers

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This is an all-around workout platform that you can use for various exercise forms. The stepper comes with risers and can adjust from 4 to 6 inches high for comfort when working out and to create the most comfortable workout resistance. The jumping surface of this aerobic stepper measures 27 x 11 inches wide to accommodate most people, including those with wide feet.

This stepper is comfortable to carry when working out from outdoors or when going to the gym since it is light in weight. Although the stepper is made of ABS plastic materials, it is quite strong to support a weight capacity of up to 550 pounds.

Special features

  • This stepper is stable and durable
  • The stepper can hold a weight of up to 550 pounds
  • The height adjusts from 4 to 6 inches high
  • Comes with a warranty

5. RBX Adjustable Aerobic Fitness Stepper with 2 Levels


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Enjoy multiple workout forms with the aid of this adjustable stepper. The stepper’s height adjusts in two different levels to ensure you get the best workout results depending on the exercises you carry out. The stepper is crafted with quality materials to ensure you are not limited when working out.

Thus, you can use it in weight loss workouts and body strengthening workouts as well. The top surface has non-slip and shock absorbing materials for your safety and stability when working out.

Special features

  • This aerobics stepper can support 400 pounds
  • The height adjusts from 4 to 6 inches
  • Assembling the unit is easy
  • The stepper is stable

4. Tone Fitness Aerobic Step Platform

Tone Fitness

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If you need a workout or aerobic stepper that you can tag when going to the gym or workout from outdoors, this is a good option. The compact design plus lightweight makes your work easy when carrying the stepper to workout. It is a stepper that you can utilize for cardio workouts or increase resistance when targeting lower body areas.

The stepper’s height adjusts in two levels, which are 4 and 6 inches, to create more resistance and a comfortable workout platform for different heights. The top area has non-slip materials to promote your safety when working out.

Special features

  • This is a multifunctional stepper
  • Comes in three colors
  • The height adjusts in two levels
  • Has a compact design

3. KLB Sport 31″ Adjustable Workout Aerobic Stepper

KLB Sport Aerobic Steppers

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This stepper features a lightweight design, so you can easily carry it to work out from anywhere. It is also a multifunctional workout stepper that you can use for other workout moves. This aerobic stepper is crafted to fit both beginner and pro workout gurus. The height is adjustable so you can create the right resistance level. The height adjusts in three intervals of 4, 6, and 8 inches high.

When designing this stepper, your safety is considered since it has a non-slip surface on top to prevent your feet from slipping off, mainly when working at high speed. Thus, you can comfortably focus on the workouts, especially targeting the legs areas around the hamstrings and the butt area.

Special features

  • The height of the stepper adjusts in three forms
  • The feet have rubber materials
  • The stepper has a non-slip top
  • It is multifunctional

2. The Step Original Aerobic Platform

The Step Aerobic Steppers

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The high-quality polyethylene materials crafting of this stepper guarantees its durability and efficiency when working out. The top surface has non-slip material such that you can use it either with shoes or barefoot. The entire unit measures 28.5″ L x 14.5″ W x 4″ H and adjusts in three height levels.

This is a stable step platform that can support a weight of up to 275 pounds. The stepper has four feet with anti-skid materials to improve stability and maintain the right form when working out with it. Also, the feet are equipped with raisers for easy increasing and decreasing the height of the stepper.

Special features

  • The height adjusting to 4,6 and 8 inches high
  • Has four anti-skid feet
  • Made of durable materials
  • The stepper supports 275 pounds weight capacity

1. Reebok Original Aerobic Stepper


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If you are into the fitness world, this is one of the most crucial workout equipment. This stepper from Reebok is versatile since you can incorporate it for various workouts. Whether you are performing aerobics or weight lifting, the stepper is the perfect option to incorporate more resistance.

The workout surface has non-slip material for stability a safety, especially when jumping or working out with weights. This stepper adjusts in three different levels: 6, 8, or 10 inches to fit various users and accommodate your workout needs. It features a stackable form to minimize the required storage space in the house.

Special features

  • This rebook stepper supports 242 pounds weight
  • The height adjusts in three levels
  • The stepper is stackable to save storage space
  • It is multifunctional

Aerobic Stepper Workout for Beginner


These are the top best aerobic steppers you will find on the market. The steppers have quality construction and are stable to fit different workouts. However, note that the steppers have a specific weight limit they can support. So, check out the weight limit the stepper can hold when choosing one for home or gym workouts.