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10 Best Automatic Window Cleaners in 2024

Cleaning your windows can be very painful. It becomes more painful to get the dirt off the hard to reach places. Thus, it is better to opt for a window cleaner. While the magnetic window cleaners are there, they still take a good amount of effort on your part. Thus, it is better to opt for an automatic window cleaner. These cleaners use AI-powered technology. More importantly, they are easily controllable using a remote or your smartphone. So, they make cleaning windows very easy.

However, it is still very hard to choose the best automatic window cleaner online for your house. So, without wasting any more time, just simply take the aid of our article.

List of Best Automatic Window Cleaners Review

10. HOBOT-388 Automatic Window Cleaner

HOBOT Best Automatic Window Cleaners

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If you tend to be on the move a lot, you might not be able to pay much attention to your windows. For that, this cleaner will get the job done in your place. The product comes with a special Un-interrupted Power System. Because of this, there is no risk of the robot falling off of the window and getting damaged while the cleaner is not being powered.

Next, compatibility is not an issue with this product. The cleaner can be used on a glass of any thickness without any worry. Moreover, one great thing about the product is that the water tank on the item is replaceable. So you can change the tank instead of going for a whole new cleaner.

Key Features

  • This interesting cleaner is not held with the help of magnets.
  • One can not only control it with a remote but one’s smartphone as well.
  • Plus, it can overcome small air leakages and work on any surface.

9. Alexsix Automatic Window Cleaner


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While ceiling-high windows are amazing to look through, they make it as much tiresome to reach to the top in order to keep them spotless. With this product, you can say goodbye to all those troubles. The item makes use of ABS as the material for the product. ABS which is known for its sturdiness helps to extend the life of the product. Besides, an extended power cord is provided in the package. Hence, the cleaner can move smoothly all over the window without getting tugged at the cord.

If that was not enough, this cleaner will serve you all around the house too. From cleaning decks to tiled walls, it saves you a lot of time.

Key Features

  • In case this is your first time with such an item, you need not worry. The cleaner comes with a helpful user manual to guide you.
  • The cleaner is able to stay stuck on the surface without any power for as much as 30 minutes.
  • With intelligent navigation, the product can detect edges to clean thoroughly.

8. Hutt DDC5 Automatic Window Cleaner

Hutt Best Automatic Window Cleaners

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With this product, you do not have to move more than a finger. Having a truly automatic user system, the product can adjust the suction level by itself. And that too depending on the type of stain it needs to deal with, keeping your windows squeaky clean through all seasons. More than that, the covers on this cleaner are removable. Thus, making the washing much easier and keeping things hygienic.

With the help of the microfiber pads, the cleaner acquires an exceptional absorption ability, not letting any grime left behind. You can count on the noiseless operation of this item to not disrupt your work.

Key Features

  • With a year-long warranty on the product, the cleaner assures you of its superior quality.
  • The LED indicators help to monitor the device’s performance.
  • Because of the air vent, the cleaner does not get easily overheated either.

7. Aunmas Automatic Window Cleaner


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With this product, you can hope to reap multiple benefits. The item works on a number of different surfaces, helping you all around the house. From mirror to frosted glass, to marble or wood, this cleaner takes care of it all. Moreover, the cleaner also takes extra measures to ensure the safety of the item.

For added protection, a safety rope is included in the package. As a result, makes sure the window cleaner will not drop down and be smashed when there is no power. Further, a number of different sensors are built into the product. Well, this makes the detection of the product much more efficient.

Key Features

  • It can even support infrared remote control, allowing you to use it from both outside and inside.
  • Since the product is compact, it does not take up much space when it is stored either.
  • The product has 3 cleaning modes, in accordance with the necessity.

6. Bobot Window Cleaner

BOBOT Best Automatic Window Cleaners

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If you are looking for the best window cleaners then this one from Bobot is a perfect choice. With this product, you will be able to control the cleaner even if you lose the remote. All you need is an app on your mobile, and you can control the item no matter where you are.

Besides, this product imitates manual wiping, so your windows remain crystal clean without any issues. The powerful item requires only 2 minutes to clear off 10.6 square feet of glass at one time. Hence, you get a lot of coverage at a single time.

Key Features

  • Any doubts you may have regarding the quality of the product are immediately brushed away with a year-long warranty on the product.
  • Because of artificial intelligence, the cleaner is able to avoid any window frame edges. This is to avoid slipping down and cleaning without any interruptions.
  • Furthermore, it also comes with remote control for ease of control.

5. Cop Rose X5P Window Cleaner

Cop Rose

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When it comes to getting the job done swiftly, this product is absolutely unbeatable. The cleaner makes use of a motor-powered suction. This wipes your windows clear in practically no time. Moreover, the product makes sure you can get your hands on every possible component you might need.

For the people who are not very technologically savvy, the item comes with an elaborate manual. As a result, walks you through all the functions without any complications. The product will not unnecessarily consume energy either. Once the job is done, it shuts down by itself.

Key Features

  • Because of the backup feature on the item, the cleaner can stay stuck on the window for an extra thirty minutes without any power.
  • Since the cleaning cloth can be replaced, you do not have to change the cleaner for tattered pads.
  • With its super absorption, the cleaning cloth can even stand oil.

4. Wexbi Automatic Window Cleaner

Wexbi Best Automatic Window Cleaners

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Why take all those life risks trying to clean your windows from the outside on ladders, when you can have this friend do the job for you. The product is extremely thin. Hence, it turns out to be really lightweight. This makes it even more quickly on feet, as well as, easier to carry from one place to another.

As an added plus, the cleaner also includes a track window cleaning brush in the package. With the microfiber pads, the absorption of this window cleaner is admirable. Hence, there will be no streaks or watermarks left once the product is done with its job.

Key Features

  • This product is suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor windows.
  • Whether it is for domestic or commercial purposes, this cleaner will exhibit excellent performance everywhere.
  • Since the pads are machine washable, you do not have to bother with the maintenance hassle either.

3. Mamibot W120 Automatic Window Cleaner


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This product takes various practical necessities into consideration when designing the product. With an indicator light, the item tells you in different colors about the status of your cleaner. Moreover, the product involves an added built-in battery in the system. Hence, your cleaner does not need to pause the job even when there is no power.

Besides, having an intelligent cleaning route detection system, to get the job done with accuracy in the least time possible. With the handle at the top of the device, it becomes much easier to take it off from the window. And that also no damage is done to the device or the window.

Key Features

  • Operating at a noise level below 65dB, this product will not distract you while you attend to other chores.
  • The app is available on both iOS and Android systems, so you do not need to worry about being compatible.
  • The cleaner has a buzzer that is pretty audible.

2. EcovacsWinbot Automatic Window Cleaner

ECOVACS Best Automatic Window Cleaners

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If quality is what you are looking for, go for this product without any doubt. The window cleaner has a special suction fan, which makes sure the cleaner does not fall off the window. For further added safety, the product also comes with a tether system. As a result, secures the item to the window, eliminating any chances of accidents.

The item has a 4 stage cleaning system. Hence, it takes care of everything from a little dust to deposited grime on the windows. Finally, the most important advantage of this product is that it comes with a cord-free design.

Key Features

  • The cleaner sports edge detection protection.
  • This item has easy touchpad control.

1. HOBOT-298 Automatic Window Cleaner


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This product is a true innovation, making your window cleaning a complete breeze. The device makes use of an ultrasonic water spray nozzle, in order to get rid of all the tough stains. Besides, the cleaner has a brushless motor. While this type of motor gets the job done even more quickly, it also maintains a whisper-quiet operation. Hence, you can do your tasks at peace.

Whether you want to use the product through an app, or through the trusty remote control, the AI technology lets you do both to suit your convenience.

Key Features

  • The brushless motor also turns out to be really durable.
  • With the embedded UPS, the cleaner will move with precision without falling due to a lack of power supply.
  • The safety rope on the item has a massive tensile strength of 150kg.

What is Un-interrupted Power System?

This feature is absolutely vital when you are looking for automatic window cleaners. With this feature, the cleaner avoids any risk of falling off the height of the window in case there is a sudden power cut. With the UPS, the cleaner will continue working for quite some time, which gives you enough time to take it down safely without having any scratches on the cleaner.

Why should you buy automatic window cleaners?

Cleaning windows takes much more time than imaginable. Especially in case of high risers or high ceiling windows, not only does the cleaning get tiring, but it also gets dangerous when you are trying to clean it from the outside. For such reasons, the window cleaner will really make your life easy, managing the whole task by itself, not requiring any more than a button press to get it started. Besides, many cleaners help to clean much more than just windows. From desks to tiled walls, they will soon become the cleaning friends who assist you around your house and save you quite some hours you can put to better use.

What are some of the features to look for when buying an automatic window cleaner?

Since any damage to the device can be fatal, ensuring its safety should be the first step. In order to achieve that, you can look for cleaners that have the facility of a safety rope. Besides that, window cleaners which come with an added 30 minutes of suction without any power help to avoid accidents. Whether the device suddenly stops working, or the power goes off, you do not have to run to catch your window cleaner that very instant.

Another feature that you cannot afford to lose out on is the edge detection system. When the cleaners go near the edge of windows, they run a threat of falling off of the corner of the window. Although with the innovative system, that remains no more a concern. Besides, edge detection also makes the device adapt to clean better around the edges.

Two other sensors that you can count on are the intelligent route detection system and the gravity sensor. The gravity sensor makes sure the cleaner continues to remain stuck on the window, while the intelligent route detection system makes the cleaner even more efficient as if goes on cleaning each window. This is often paired with a feature that makes the cleaner turn off by itself once the job is done, eliminating any unnecessary consumption of energy.

How many different ways are there to control an automatic window cleaner?

There are mainly two ways in which you can control such a device, many products giving you the privilege of both to suit your purpose. The window cleaners either have a touchpad or remote control you can use to control them while you are at home. Although, in case you are outside, many cleaners also have the feature of an app, the installation of which allows you to control the product directly through any device.

Even if you are staying on the top floor, the automatic window cleaner machine will remove the stains and keep the windows shinning. Hence, keep the tensions of cleaning away.