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Best Floor Chairs with Back Support of 2024 – Complete Guide

Do you prefer playing games or reading while seated on the floor? Ensure your comfortable and back safety is considered; hence, the need to get a floor chair. The majority of floor chairs provide a cushioned sitting space and are designed to offer back support too. The floor chairs with back support recline to different positions to provide support and comfort to the users.

These chairs are quite versatile since they are quite functional when meditating too. Some chairs are safe to use outdoors, and others are only recommendable for indoor use. Below are the top ten best floor chairs that also offer back supports you should check out.

malu Luxury Padded Floor Chair with Back Support

malu Best Floor Chairs with Back Support

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This is a safe and quality floor chair that you can use for multiple activities like relaxing, watching TV, reading or even meditating in the house. The chair’s large size of 18.5 x 6.1 x 21.46 inches accommodates most people with a weight limit of 220 pounds. Maintaining this floor chair if it gets spillage or sweat is easy since it has a removable outer grey cover.

The vegan leather material cover also ensures the durability and reliability of the chair even when used outdoors. The chair’s backrest is high to offer ample support, plus it adjusts in five positions to ensure everyone is comfortable and has the right sitting angle.

Special features

  • This floor chair is light for easy portability
  • Can support a weight of 220 pounds
  • The chair has premium materials crafting
  • This is a multifunctional floor chair

bonVIVO Easy III Padded Portable Floor Chair


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A comfortable floor chair that you can tag along when traveling or going for outdoor activities is a good choice. This model from bonVIVO has a lightweight and foldable style so moving it around to carry is quite easy. This is a versatile chair that you can use for many activities, especially if you prefer to sit on the floor at home.

Also, the chair is comfortable to sit on while in the office as it has paddings all around. This floor chair is available in two colors so you can get the most convenient color to match your interiors.

Special features

  • This floor chair only weighs 6 pounds
  • It features a handle for easy portability
  • The floor chair can support 220 pounds
  • This floor chair is foldable when carrying

Alpcour Folding Stadium Seat

Alpcour Best Floor Chairs with Back Support

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Crafted for outdoor weather, this floor chair will not limit your needs while enjoying the outdoors. The chair has quality materials crafting resistant to water and harsh sunlight damages. Thus, this is a quality chair you can tag when going camping, picnic, and even watching sports outdoors. Moving the chair around, or carrying it in your car is made convenient as it is light and it is foldable to a compact size.

This floor chair adjusts in six different sitting angles to make sure you are comfortable, especially if you tend to sit for too long when watching. Also, the thick padding on the seat and backrest guarantees total support and comfort while seated. The quality outer cover on this chair is made of durable 600D Waterproof Polyester materials.

Special features

  • This chair has waterproof material crafting
  • The chair adjusts in six different angles
  • The chair has a strap for easy carrying
  • One is given one year warranty

Floor Chair Adjustable NNEWVANTE Back Support Chair


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If you love to sit on the floor when watching TV or reading, then you need to consider getting this amazing floor chair. Not only does the chair provide a cushioned and comfortable sitting space, but it also ensures you are fully supported to prevent back injuries. The chair is comfortable for both kids and adults since the back can recline to five different angles so everyone can get a comfortable resting angle.

Hence, this is a comfortable and safe floor chair to buy your kids for gaming. If you may need to carry this floor chair to use or keep away, fold it to a compact size for easy storage in the house or the car. Also, it only weighs 5.5 pounds, so even a kid can comfortably carry the chair to move around.

Special features

  • This floor chair adjusts in 5 angles
  • Folds to 180 degrees
  • The chair is washable for easy maintenance purposes
  • This floor chair is quite comfortable

Crestlive Products Adjustable Floor Chair

Crestlive Products Best Floor Chairs with Back Support

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What stands out on this floor chair is the great comfort and support it offers to one while seated. The chair has thick paddings both on the seat and backrest, plus features a cotton lining with breathable features for additional comfort, especially for gamers who sit for too long.

The chair offers flexibility while sitting since it adjusts at five different angles, so you get excellent back support while preventing injuries. In case of spillage or dirt, you can clean up the chair since the outer cotton linen cover has a zipper for easy removal to clean.

Special features

  • The chair has thick memory foam padding
  • Has breathable outer cover
  • Supports weight of 220 pounds
  • The chair adjusts at 5 different angles

FOME HOME Kids Floor Chair


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Ensure the safety and comfort of your kid if he prefers sitting on the floor by getting him this floor chair. The chair is comfortable to use when reading, playing games, watching TV or playing with their friends. The chair is crafted with a lightweight design so your kids can comfortably carry to use from different areas.

Additionally, the chair features memory foam padding to make sure the kids have total support even when they sit for long hours. The backrest adjusts in six different positions to accommodate different sitting positions or even activities the kids carry out.

Special features

  • This floor chair has a sturdy and strong steel frame
  • Features memory foam paddings
  • The chair adjusts in six positions
  • It has breathable materials

FLOGUOR Adjustable Floor Chair with Back Support

FLOGUOR Best Floor Chairs with Back Support

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An affordable floor chair that does not compromise your back safety while seated is an excellent choice. This floor chair from FLOGOUR is just perfect for various activities like; meditation, watching, reading and gaming. It has all safe and comfortable features which qualify it as a comfortable and safe floor chair for all. The backrest of this chair adjusts in six different positions to accommodate various sitting angles, and it has padding to make sure you are comfortable and have enough cushion.

For those who may need to tag the floor chair when going outdoors maybe to camp or for a picnic, this chair folds flat for easy storage in the car. The chair does not require any assembling so setting up to use is easy.

Special features

  • This floor chair reclines to six different positions
  • The chair folds flat
  • Has sponge for enough cushioning
  • The chair weighs 6.4 pounds

Floor Chairs Adjustable Lazy Floor Sofa


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The memory foam padding infused in this floor chair guarantees totals comfort and safety as well. The seat ensures to conform to one’s body to give the right support according to your body size and shape. The top cover has plush material that allows breathability and prevents heat is accumulating.

Therefore, if you are the type of person who enjoys gaming for long hours, this floor chair will suit you. Although it reclines to different angles to fit various sitting positions, the chair also comes with a roll pillow to provide lumbar support when seated. The chair has soft armrests to support the arms when watching or gaming

Special features

  • The chair adjusts to 5 angles
  • You can form a bed to rest on
  • Features memory foam padding
  • This is a multifunctional floor chair

BackJack Floor Chair

BackJack Floor Chair Best Floor Chairs with Back Support

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With this floor chair from Backjack, you will not have to think about buying any floor chair for quite some time since it has the quality and durable materials crafting. The chair is multifunctional as you can utilize it for multiple activities or jobs that require you to sit on the floor.

Moreover, the chair has a sturdy and strong frame that gives it a good shape while supporting heavyweights of up to 200 pounds. The chair comes in varying colors so you can select the most comfortable color shade of your chair.

Special features

  • The chair only weighs four pounds
  • It is stackable for easy storage
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • The chair has the quality and sturdy crafting

Altrobene Gaming Floor Chair


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The extra-large design of this floor chair makes it an excellent choice for taller and broad people. The chair has 3 inches extra width and 3.5 extra height to offer enough support while seated. It also has a strong frame that can hold a weight of up to 220 pounds. The top cover has velvet materials that are soft and comfortable to the skin.

The chair is foldable to a smaller size to save space. Also, for easy storage in the car to travel, you can fold the chair as well. The backrest of the chair adjusts to five different angles to ensure the comfort of the user.

Special features

  • This floor chair comes with 30 days money refund
  • Have soft and comfortable materials
  • The chair is extra-large for good support
  • It can hold a weight of 220 pounds


These are the best and most comfortable floor chairs that offer back support. The chairs are reclinable to different positions to ensure one is comfortable when carrying out different activities. Also, these chairs are crafted to fit multiple activities ranging from reading, watching and even meditating.