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10 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans in 2024

Your bathroom is surely one of the most important places in your apartment or house. Thus, it is very important to keep it sanitary and in tip-top condition. However, the water from the showerhead or the faucets often causes humidity inside your bathroom. Thus, it results in the formation of mildew and mold which can ruin your bathroom interior. To prevent this, you need proper airflow in your bathroom. So, it is very important to opt for a bathroom exhaust fan. These fans create excellent airflow in your bathroom. So, it sweeps away any odor as well as humidity. More importantly, these fans are also noise-free. Hence, it does not cause any disturbance either.

Here, we are listing the best and most recommendable bathroom exhaust fan sizes that can be perfect for your home. Hence, see the designs and functionality and then decide.

List of Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans Review

10. AC Infinity CloudLine T6

AC Infinity Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans

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The AC Infinity CloudLine is a multi-purpose unit that in residential and commercial contexts, serves many functions. This machine is perfect for humid climates, and can simultaneously remove moisture from many bathrooms. It is also designed with elevated humidity in mind. The manufacturer notes that this device is ideal for hydroponic growing rooms, AV closets. Here, regulation of air moisture is essential, and exhaust odors are cleaned out.

Even better, a digital controller and a timer with an alarm system come with this unit. You can schedule the device to run at specific times, monitor when it is running, and on order, start and stop it.

Key Features

  • Combined with an EC-powered motor for a tranquil and energy-efficient performance, mixed flow design.
  • It has an 8-speed manual controller utilizing PWM technology.
  • The package also contains a corded AC power adapter, a manual for installation and all necessary hardware for mounting.

9. Tjernlund M-4 Metal Inline Duct Fan


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This is an In-line Fan workhorse. It does not look fancy but offers high CFMs and airflow. In reality, this is an excellent unit for large property owners or small businesses struggling with high-humidity work (cooking, laundry). You can link a single unit with multiple bathrooms and trust that it will draw moisture from all of them.

However, the best thing about this product is that it does not create any noise. So, you will never have to worry about a disturbance at all.

Key Features

  • It has a power capacity of 100W that is pretty powerful.
  • Next, it has an energy-efficient design.
  • It has an M-4 metal duct line which is durable and robust.

8. RadonAway Duct Fan

RadonAway Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans

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This in-line ventilator is an air circulation and pollution prevention powerhouse.  More significantly, to draw radon gas from your home via the HVAC system, this fan uses reverse pressure. Inside, unique fans suck radon out of the air circulation and bring it back as clean air into your home.

The housing is also sealed so that radon during filtering will not escape. If you live in a home with radon levels that are higher than average, then this is a great unit that kills two birds with a single stone.

Key Features

  • It is built to save electricity, and hence it is a very efficient product.
  • Superior output and super-quiet, energy-efficient operation.
  • The fan has a distinctive motor and impeller configuration that makes it ultra-durable for a long lifespan.

7. Delta Breez Radiance Bathroom Exhaust Fan


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Delta Breez provides high-quality and top-performing ventilation fans for bathrooms of different sizes, levels of airflow and features. To increase the quality of indoor air and reduce the risk of health problems, it is built to monitor and decrease the moisture in your house. All fans of Delta Breez are ‘quiet as a breeze’ and eligible as Energy Star. It means they have passed the EPA’s stringent energy efficiency requirements and lowered greenhouse gas emissions.

Low energy usage decreases electricity costs, and lower emissions help protect the atmosphere. As a result, it would benefit you in turn.

Key Features

  • It has motion sensors that switch it on once you enter the bathroom.
  • Moreover, it provides airflow of 80 CFM for smooth circulation.
  • It runs as low as <0.3 sones. With less than 0.3 sons, the fan is practically silent.

6. Broan 665 Bathroom Exhaust

Broan-Nutone Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans

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The Broan 665 is a perfect device for late-night bathroom breaks, which includes a night light and heater. It isn’t the largest unit on the list at 70 CFM, and it’s not the quietest at four sones but the price is reasonable. Well, it can easily cover a 65-70 square foot bathroom effectively.

What is good about this device is that the lamp is not a heater. Instead, instead of spreading it around a bathroom, the Broan 665 utilizes a metal blower wheel that distributes heat.

This allows for a much more relaxed atmosphere and even heating.

Key Features

  • It operates silently at 1.5 sones for a peaceful operation.
  • Furthermore, it comes with a built-in thermostat that regulates temperature.
  • Plus, it has a galvanized steel construction that is durable and corrosion-free.

5. Aero Pure A515A Quiet Bathroom Fan

Aero Pure

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This exhaust fan has a 270W set of heat lamps and a 60W incandescent bulb, along with its 80 CFM engine. So you’re not just getting 80 CFM capacity, you’re getting power and a separate nightlight and heater lamp. Versatility is what this unit gives customers. The Aero Pure A515A enables the installer to separately put the device in and wire the light, heat lamp, and fan.

This implies that for each part to monitor, you should have a switch or button setup. Without blowing the fan, switch the light and heat lamp on or turn on the heat and exhaust fan when you’re in the shower. For luxurious bathrooms that want extra benefits to make them even more comfortable, it works well.

Key Features

  • Covers bathrooms with an area of up to 65 square feet.
  • Polymeric white grille. For heat and directional exhaust vanes. Light diffusion snap-in lens for a 100W bulb.
  • It works utterly silent with high efficiency.

4. Aero Pure Quiet Bathroom Fan

Aero Pure Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans

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The Aero Pure exhaust fan is a certified ENERGY STAR unit with an easy-to-maintain grill and comes in two ratings: 80. The most critical factor is noise ranking. This eliminates that problem and provides a quiet experience. Another straight forward model, it is here to be a silent companion in your bathroom.

It does not have heat lamps or speakers. However, you do get a strong unit that can fit in most mid-sized bathrooms, is easy to install and is easy to maintain and replace.

Key Features

  • The unit is constructed of galvanized steel, duct connectors that connect to 4-inches -5-inches ductwork and a low-maintenance grill.
  • The hangar brackets are made vibration proof so that it can tolerate the rigorous use.
  • Running on 120V, it is one of the quietest units on this list.

3. BV Ultra Exhaust Fan


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The BV Ultra has a coverage of 150 CFM. It is perfect for homeowners that choose to have a large master bath or a bathroom with multiple shower/tub combinations. Permanently lubricated engines ensure that this machine can operate continuously. Therefore, making it suitable for high-humidity areas and small bathrooms. What you don’t get, though, is any of the advantages of night lights, heating lamps, or Bluetooth speakers.

For some, that could be a deal-breaker, particularly if you’re looking to create your dream luxury bathroom. However, the lack of those features is replaced by exceptional performance and coverage, excellent construction, and an overall great experience.

Key Features

  • It has a good rating of 2.0 sones, which is pretty quiet for large bathrooms.
  • Has a robust stainless steel construction that prevents corrosive damage.
  • It is effortless to install and does not require an expert.

2. Panasonic Whisper Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Panasonic Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans

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This ceiling-mounted ventilator is built with remodeling and restoration in mind. With permanent lubrication and a rust-proof finish, this fan is designed for continuous operation. This device is also ENERGY STAR certified, provides professionals or the DIY handyman with quick installation. And comes with a built-in backdraft prevention damper.

Usually smaller fans like these find their way into smaller homes, or homes with no large bathrooms. If you’re building a house with a smaller collection of showers, these units will play a cost-effective role in holding your budget for construction down.

Key Features

  • Comes in two variants; 80 and 110 CFM.
  • It is made with a galvanized steel casting for durability and rust-free performance.
  • Lastly, it weighs about 12.54 pounds and is very easy to install.

1. Panasonic Whisper Upgraded Bathroom Exhaust Fan


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This unit offers significant upgrades to the already brilliant “Panasonic Whisper” range of bathroom fans. The device provides “plug ‘n’ play” modules with various characteristics. A high/low delay timer is included in the multi-speed module. The SmartAction motion sensor is there. And when appropriate, a condensation sensor will turn on the fan.

In a neat cream-colored grille that will blend into the ceiling, the fan itself is concealed. Plus, a square LED in the middle gives your bathroom extra illumination. For energy-efficient lighting after dark, there’s a less than one watt LED night light.

There are a four-inch and six-inch dual vent adaptors built-in. There is also a single bracket for the hinge, called the Flex-Z Quick. Both offer you a variety of choices for installation.

Key Features

  • The unit is made of zinc-aluminum-magnesium alloy. The alloy is rugged but light, and will not rust.
  • Moreover, the LED is dimmable so that when you relax in the water, you can reduce the light.
  • It comes in three variants: 110, 130, and 150 CFM.

What is the use of a bathroom exhaust fan?

At the very least, a bathroom exhaust fan uses reverse air pressure to extract humidity from the bathroom and out of your house. They can also help with an unwanted odor or other contaminants that might pop up.

Having a bathroom exhaust fan can be a great choice, as it will keep your bathroom dry, clean, and will prevent any build-up of potential mold as it sucks out all of the moisture in the air.

Bathroom exhaust fans can also serve many functions, beyond this basic definition. To provide direct warmth to the room when activated, some exhaust fans can contain a heated lamp. Others may use a night light for late-night visits, or Bluetooth speakers and humidity sensors. These advanced fans make a more luxurious space for a bathroom, but conventional and prestige fans alike should be able to do their primary job: to remove humidity.

What to consider while buying a bathroom exhaust fan?

The size of your bathroom:

Bathroom exhaust fans work with their CFM radius. CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. Bathroom exhaust fans come in ranges from 80 CFM and can go all the way up to 150 CFM. So the type of bathroom exhaust fan should be precisely proportionate to the area of your bathroom.

Wall of Ceiling Mounted:

First, determine whether you want to install the ceiling or the wall. In general, ceiling installation is considered more efficient, but some fans can instead be wall mounted.

If you want your fan to be installed on the wall, first check the size of the studs necessary. You won’t be able to mount the fan if it doesn’t fit what’s in place on your wall. Also, consider whether or not you can reach the attic if you’re looking for a ceiling-mounted version. If you can’t, make sure that the exhaust fan you are buying or considering buying is a wall-mounted fan.

Check for Noise Level:

In terms of how loud they are, fans differ by a surprising amount. In this context, noise is measured in sones, not in decibels. Most fans vary from 0 to 4 sones.

Some people like to make a little bit of noise with a fan. They want the ease of understanding that it’s on and running. And the echo would also obscure any sounds in the bathroom that you’d like not to hear from anyone.

A noisy fan may be less appealing if you enjoy lazing in the bathtub. If you’re looking for something tranquil, look for a fan with noise ratings between 0 to 1.5 sones.

Noise ratings:

These ratings will largely depend on the size of the compressor, and you will find that due to their noise, the most more massive fans capable of carrying more CFMs overall will have a higher sone rating. Smaller fans with smaller motors will have lower noise ratings.

Heating lamps:

Some of the top models of bathroom fans come with heating lamps, which are very efficient during the winter season. It keeps the bathroom warm and is especially helpful if you do not have an in-built heating system at home.

How can you buy a stylish bathroom exhaust fan?

Some of the topmost brands of bathroom appliances like Jaguar, Panasonic, and Koehler, build their products with ingenuity, and luxury in mind. The top line of products from these brands not only offer excellent performance but elegance and luxury with their elegant designs and finishes. Some bathroom exhaust fans also come with Bluetooth speakers for you to relax and listen to music while you take a relaxing bath.

Final Verdict

Eliminate the odor and pungent smell from the room. The bathroom exhaust fan installation will change the way you use to think about bathrooms. It is going to be fresh and hygienic.