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Best Battery Organizer Cases of 2024

Are you tired of seeing your gadget batteries scattered all over the house or garage? Well, how about you get a battery organizer case! A battery organizer case is a storage unit useful for keeping different types and sizes of batteries. The battery organizer cases are equipped with paddings on the side to hold the batteries in the dividers.

They are made in different sizes whereby some can store around 12 batteries and others more than 200 pieces. They have open or clear covers for easy selection of the batteries to use. Here are the top best battery organizer cases in the market.

Best Battery Organizer Cases Review

10. Ontel Battery Daddy 180 Battery Organizer

Ontel Battery Organizer Cases

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Keep all your gadgets and machine batteries organized at home or shop with this battery organizer from Ontel. The case is large since it can store up to 180 batteries. This battery organizer may work for people who need a case they can travel with as it is light in weight.

Besides, the great design ensures no one can easily notice you are carrying batteries. You can use both sides of the case to organize your batteries, and the best part is that this battery case is compatible with all types of batteries. Therefore, with the Ontel battery organizer case, you don’t have to worry about your batteries getting drained even after long storage.

Special features

  • This case stores batteries on both sides
  • Can accommodate all battery models
  • It has a sleek and compact design
  • This organizer can hold 180 batteries

9. The Battery Organizer TBO1531 The Battery Storage Case

The Battery Organizer

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It is easy to check out the batteries stored in this organizer case for easy removal and monitoring. The top cover has a clear material that allows good visibility of the batteries stored in the case. The battery organizer case comes with a battery tester to check the functional batteries and not, especially after a long storage period.

The other feature that stands out on this battery organizer is the high compatibility. You can use it to store various battery models like; 45 AA, 25 AAA, 4 9 volts, 8 C, 6 D, and 5 flat batteries. The slim design makes it easy to store the case even in a drawer.

Special features

  • This battery storage case comes with a tester
  • It holds up to 93 batteries
  • The organizer case has plastic materials crafting
  • The top cover is clear for easy peaking

8. Battery Organizer, Batteries Storage Case with Tester

PAIYULE Battery Organizer Cases

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This is another battery storage organizer that comes with a tester to make sure you keep a tab of your batteries. It is compatible with various battery models like AA, AAA, AAAA, 9V C D, and Lithium 3V. The storage case may feature a compact style, but it is spacious as it can hold up to 140 batteries.

The battery storage case is made of premium EVA foam materials that are shockproof to secure the batteries from damage if you drop the case on a hard surface. The storage case has a 360-degree zipper to secure your batteries in the bag firmly.

Special features

  • This battery organizer case has Eva foam materials crafting
  • The storage case stores up to 140 batteries
  • It can accommodate both small and large battery models
  • It is quite light for portability

7. Battery Organizer, 220+ Batteries Storage Case with Tester


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If you need a battery storage case that can hold multiple pieces of batteries, go for this great model. It has a large storage space that holds more than 220 batteries, depending on the type and size. On top of that, the battery storage case comes with a tester to ensure the batteries kept in there are functional.

This organizer can hold some of the battery types; AAA AAAA 9V C D Lithium 3V LR44 1.5V, to name a few. So, you can get it to keep most of the standard battery models.

Special features

  • The case is made of shock-absorbent premium materials
  • Has a portable design
  • Comes with after-sales services
  • Can store more than 200 batteries

6. COMECASE Hard Battery Organizer Storage Box

Comecase Battery Organizer Cases

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Apart from being a safe space for keeping your batteries, the case has an ergonomic design for comfortable carrying around. This COMECASE batteries storage case has a large space that keeps around 148 pieces of batteries. It is compatible with battery models like AA, AAA, C D 9V, and it comes with the Tester BT-168 for checking your battery power level.

The material crafting of this battery case consists of HQ EVA resistant to high impact and waterproof for your batteries’ durability and safety.

Special features

  • The case has a foam padding to secure the batteries
  • It holds 148 pieces of batteries
  • It has a zip enclosure style
  • The case firmly secures the batteries inside

5. Fireproof Battery Organizer Storage Box Safe Carrying Case


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This is one of the safest battery storage cases on our list since the materials ensure the safety of the surroundings and the batteries at large. The case is fireproof, waterproof, and even explosive proof so that you can carry it to different temperature areas. The storage size is great as it can hold 200 or more batteries, depending on the size and style.

Some of the battery models you can store in this case include; AA AAA C D and 9V. The kit comes with a battery tester so you can monitor the batteries stored in the case for safety purposes. The interior part has a cut form for holding the stored batteries to prevent them from wobbling when you hold the organizer at different angles.

Special features

  • This battery case is safe in temperatures of up to 2000℉
  • The case only weighs 1.41 pounds
  • It can store 200 plus batteries
  • Has premium and safe materials crafting

4. Battery Storage Organizer Case Holder, Battery Garage Container

PAIYULE Battery Organizer Cases

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Are you constantly losing devices batteries stored in the garage? You need this storage organizer, and you will be good. The organizer case holds 180 pieces of batteries from different models like AA AAA 9V C and D.

The case has heavy-duty materials resistant to impact. Even if it drops down or you lay a heavy object on it, it will not get damaged easily. The interior part has removable insert foams essential for firmly holding the batteries and prevents them from a mixin.

Special features

  • This battery case is quite portable
  • It is made of quality premium plastic materials
  • Space can accommodate around 150 and more batteries
  • The interior has soft foam padding

3. GlossyEnd Set of 4 Battery Storage Box


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If you don’t want to keep all your batteries in one space, get this storage case for your storage needs. A package comes with four battery storage containers that you can store different types of batteries, and each container holds 12 batteries. Although these battery storage cases are made of plastic materials, they are heavy-duty plastic materials resistant to quick wear and secure your batteries from outdoor elements.

These containers are lockable with a snap lid to keep the batteries firm in the box at all times. Note that these containers come with dividers, so you can easily organize the batteries, depending on your preference.

Special features

  • Each container weighs 0.2 pounds
  • Have transparent plastic material construction
  • They have a lid with a snap closure
  • The storage containers hold 12 batteries each

2. EBL Wall Mount Battery Storage Organizer With Tester

EBL Battery Organizer Cases

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This EBL wall mount battery organizer ensures your batteries are safe and easy to find either in the house or garage. With the mounting options, you can easily keep the batteries in the most comfortable area or away from kids in the house. The battery storage case may not have a cover, but it holds the batteries firmly to keep them safe and secure from getting lost.

The package comes with a battery tester that you can use to check the voltage of the batteries. This battery case can hold up to 88 pieces of batteries.

Special features

  • This battery case has premium ABS materials crafting
  • The case can be mounted on the wall
  • It comes with a free tester
  • This model is compatible with most battery models

1. KLEVERISE Battery Organizer Wall-Mount Battery Storage Case


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Not only is this battery storage case affordable, but it is large to hold up to 93 or more batteries. The storage case is equipped with padding on the interior to safeguard the batteries from falling off, especially when you tilt the case.

Another feature you will love about this battery organizer is that it can be mounted on the wall. So, you eliminate battery clutters as you save space in your room as well.

Special features

  • This battery storage case is quite strong
  • This battery organizer holds 93 batteries
  • The kit is light in weight
  • It comes with a premium tester


These are our top best choices of battery organizer cases in the market. The reviewed battery organizers are compatible with most battery types and provide large storage spaces. Some can be mounted on the wall to save storage space, and others can be slipped in the drawer. So, check out the top ten models to select the right size and brand for your battery storage needs.