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10 Best Bluetooth Alarm Clocks of 2024

If you want to have a unique experience while using an alarm, then a Bluetooth alarm clock will be the perfect one for you. It lets you wake up by listing to your favorite music, and some can come in a multifunctional design. You can find the one that has multiple features like snooze, lights, FM radio, and much more. A Bluetooth alarm clock lets you power it with the help of a rechargeable battery and offers you many options. Here is the list of the top 10 best Bluetooth alarm clocks of 2024.

Best Bluetooth Alarm Clocks Review

10. KPR Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock

KPR Bluetooth Alarm Clocks

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This Bluetooth alarm clock has an inbuilt speaker. This speaker also comes with an automatic shut-off function. However, you can change the timer settings from 15 to 60-minutes. Moreover, you can adjust the brightness up to three different levels. This device has 48 different colors. Nevertheless, the dimmable lamp lets you use this clock as a night lamp.

The touch-sensitive lamp also makes this clock suitable for kids’ rooms. Furthermore, the snooze function starts the alarm after 5-minutes of interval. Hence, this clock is suitable for heavy sleepers. This alarm clock looks apt in your modern living room as well.

Reasons To Buy

  • Attractive design and three brightness levels.
  • Easy to use with the touch sensor.
  • Allows using in sleep mode.

9. AddAcc Digital Alarm Clock


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This Bluetooth alarm clock comes along with a built-in 2000-mAh battery. The dual-alarm settings also increase the practicality of this clock. Moreover, you can set both the weekly and weekend alarms with ease. The USB cable makes charging hassle-free and quick. Nevertheless, the dimmable screen comes with a brightness-adjustable function.

The built-in Bluetooth speaker also plays the music loud. The inbuilt FM radio works with the frequency range of 87.5 to 108-MHz. Furthermore, you can play up to 64 different radio stations on this device. This clock is suitable for your bedroom, kitchen, nightstand, and other places. However, you can adjust the snooze function from 15 to 90-minutes.

Reasons To Buy

  • Powerful battery and dual alarms.
  • FM radio and dimmable display.
  • Allows adjusting the dial for easy operation.

8. Uplift Bluetooth Alarm Clock

UPLIFT Bluetooth Alarm Clocks

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This digital alarm clock comes with a contemporary look. You can also customize the weekly alarm without any trouble. Moreover, the sleep timer lets you customize the programs from 15 to 90-minutes. This clock comes with four different levels of brightness. Therefore, you can select the best brightness accordingly.

Furthermore, the snooze function helps deep sleepers to wake up on time. This clock lets you see the indoor temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. However, this device consists of an inbuilt hi-fi speaker. The 3.5mm audio cable quickly connects to different clock speakers. The dual USB port also allows you to charge two devices simultaneously.

Reasons To Buy

  • Includes stereo Bluetooth speaker.
  • Option to choose from multiple brightness levels.
  • Includes sleep timer and FM radio.

7. KPR Wireless Bluetooth Alarm Clock


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The dimmable lighting function makes this piece look majestic. Moreover, this device comes along with an inbuilt 4400-mAh rechargeable battery. This battery comes with a maximum playtime of 10-hours. Nevertheless, this module has a USB port, AUX, and TF/SD card slot.

You can also customize the brightness of this light accordingly. Furthermore, the battery can last for almost 2-weeks. You can have flexible access to music front various sources. The wireless communication technology lets you enjoy hands-free calls. However, you can change the brightness from dim, soft to the brightest. This Bluetooth alarm clock has 48 dynamic-hued lights.

Reasons To Buy

  • Available in a multifunctional design.
  • Three brightness levels and dimmable design.
  • Powerful battery for consistent performance.

6. iYeHo Alarm Clock

iYeHo Bluetooth Alarm Clocks

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This Bluetooth alarm clock comes with a dimmable function. Hence, this model also works as a night lamp. Moreover, this tabletop clock has an inbuilt, rechargeable battery. This battery keeps this module work for 10 to 160-hours. Nevertheless, the built-in speaker can produce hi-fi stereo surrounding sound. The natural sound settings wake you up with soothing melodies.

The four different colors of light also have dimmable settings. Therefore, you can customize the brightness flexibly. Furthermore, the night and wake-up lights are separately customizable. You can charge this alarm clock for 2.5-hours for complete charging. However, this clock makes a perfect choice for kids’ rooms.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comes with a dimmable color feature.
  • Perfect for different occasions.
  • Rechargeable design and powerful battery.

5. i-box Radio Alarm Clock


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This tabletop Bluetooth alarm clock has an inbuilt QI wireless charging pad. This clock also consists of a Bluetooth speaker. Moreover, this unit comes with a dual-clock function. The soft-touch top face gives a supple touch and classy look. Nevertheless, this model has an LED screen. The proper brightness level makes this clock suitable for a dark atmosphere.

The device also comes along with a 1A USB port. Therefore, you can charge your power bank or smartphone. Furthermore, the Bluetooth speaker of this device can produce a room-filled sound. The inbuilt FM radio has ten FM presets. However, you can have direct access to music from various sources.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comes with a dual alarm function.
  • Wide compatibility and LED display.
  • Functional design and easy to use.

4. WamGra Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker

WamGra Bluetooth Alarm Clocks

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This portable speaker serves as a Bluetooth clock as well. The dimmable function also makes this clock look magical. The color-changing RGB LED lamp makes a perfect addition to your desk. Moreover, this device works as an MP3 music player. The inbuilt battery makes charging hassle-free for everyone. Nevertheless, the touch-sensor mood lamp includes a sleep mode.

This travel-friendly clock is also suitable for camping, hiking, and other activities. Furthermore, this alarm clock has 48 assorted colors for the LED lights. This clock comes with an inbuilt 4000-mAh lithium battery. You can use a USB cable for quick charging. The touch-activated function makes this clock quite functional.

Reasons To Buy

  • Available in an all-in-one design.
  • Color night light for a cool look.
  • The touch sensor and Micro SD card slot.

3. Anker Bluetooth Speaker Alarm


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The compact Bluetooth alarm clock leaves a sleek look on your desk. The LED screen also comes with an auto-dimming function. Moreover, this alarm serves as the charging station. Therefore, you can charge your Android and iOS-powered smartphones. The smartphone application of this clock provides an instant synchronized wakeup function. Nevertheless, you can program up to fifteen different alarms.

The wireless charging function makes this model serve as a charging station. Furthermore, the white noise helps everyone to sleep quickly during the night. This unit consists of full-range stereo drivers to produce crisp sound. However, this alarm comes with ten different preloaded sounds.

Reasons To Buy

  • Compatible with Qi-enabled devices.
  • Better comfort and multiple sounds.
  • Stereo drivers for remarkable performance.

2. TIYOON Table Lamp Alarm Clock

TIYOON Bluetooth Alarm Clocks

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This Bluetooth alarm clock has the construction of ABS, PP, and metal. The tabletop clock also has a wake-up speaker lamp. Moreover, this device activates the night mode from 10:00 pm to 07:00 am. The V5.0 Bluetooth technology offers interruption-free consistent connection. Nevertheless, you can wirelessly play music using this device.

Both the lighting time and brightness levels are customizable. Furthermore, you can pair this unit with Android and iOS-operated devices. You can keep this alarm clock on mute as well. However, this clock comes along with a night light. Therefore, this device is suitable for your study room, bedroom, and living room.

Reasons To Buy

  • Available in an attractive design.
  • Ability to offer natural sleep to babies.
  • Option to use in disturbance-free mode.

1. Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock

Emerson Radio

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The V4.1 Bluetooth technology offers a consistent wireless connection. This Bluetooth alarm clock also lets you program your alarms with accuracy. Moreover, this purchase includes a 5-volt button cell battery. This tabletop clock offers a sleek rectangular profile. This model comes with an inbuilt FM radio. Hence, this radio can let you set up to 20 stations.

This alarm clock also offers the best alarm and time settings. Furthermore, the USB charging system lets you charge this device without complications. The cyan LED clock screen makes reading trouble-free for senior people. However, the dim blue night light offers a soft beam during the dark.

Reasons To Buy

  • Mobile charging due to the USB output.
  • LEF display for easy reading.
  • Dimmer control and programmable design.

Buying Guide For Bluetooth Alarm Clock

Design: You will find Bluetooth alarm clocks in different designs. Getting the right one is a user preference, and you will have to see if it comes in an attractive design and perfectly matches your decor.

Power Options: The one that allows you to power it with the help of a rechargeable battery will make sure there will be efficient performance. However, it must come with a powerful battery so that there will be consistent performance. You can get the one that lets you power it with a USB cable.

Easy to Use: You will have to see if it let you have hassle-free usage. For this, you can see if it has an LED display. Apart from this, you can see if it offers you multiple options.

Adjustability: If the Bluetooth alarm clock comes with adjustable features, then you can use it according to your needs. Select the one that has a dimmable feature so that you can use it on different occasions.

Sound: Always see if it comes with multiple soothing sounds. This will let you wake up with the music of your choice. Some will also allow you to directly connect to FM radio and wake up listening to new music. It must allow you to enjoy your favorite music.

Features: The Bluetooth alarm clock must come with multiple features. See if it has a snooze function, and some can have a dual alarm feature. Go for the one that is available in a programmable design, and some can also include a sloth for USB and micro SD card.


It is time to move on from the usual analog desk clocks to digital ones. The Bluetooth alarm clocks are extremely popular among the young generation, and these clocks are highly versatile in applications. You can listen to the radio, play songs, use a night lamp and much more. Do check out each one of these Bluetooth alarm clocks before purchasing one.