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Top 10 Best Car Window Curtains in 2024

Car window curtains are the best solution from the scorching sun and also to maintain some privacy. UV rays as we all know are very harmful and can have a severe effect on our skin. In peak summer, when the temperature rises to unbearable levels, we all look for alternative ways to keep cool. Car window curtains are a feasible option if you are worried about your car getting overheated for your pets or kids. Further animals are the most vulnerable creatures in this hot and humid weather. While we can’t escape from the scorching heat, we can take all necessary measures to prevent it.

As we already mentioned, window curtains not only offer full protection from the harmful UV rays but they also keep the car interior cool. They come in a variety of colors so they add to the aesthetics of the car too. The visible and mesh material improves the ventilation and you need to worry about the size as you can find them in varied sizes too.

Through this article, we have listed some of the best curtains available in the market based on price, style, features, and customer feedback. So let’s take a look at the Top 10 best car window curtains.

Best Car Window Curtains A Complete Guide:

10. ZATOOTO Cars Side Windows Sun Shade

ZATOOTO Car Window Curtains

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This car window curtain not only protects the interior of the car from direct ultraviolet rays but the curtain comes in a variety of colors, making your car more attractive to look at. These curtains are made from top-quality materials, long-lasting, and are safe to use. The installation process is quick and you get two curtains that fit windows perfectly making it an affordable option to look for.

Key Features

  • 2 curtains in a pack
  • Variety of colors
  • Durable
  • Attractive in design

9. AUTOPDR Universal Car Retractable Windshield Sun Shade


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This windshield curtain is fully retractable and helps in protecting the front window from the direct UV rays of the sun. Size 160 x 70 cm aluminum foils make it an excellent option for long-term use. The aluminum foils help in reducing the UV radiation while at the same time effectively insulating to protect the car windshield.

Overall, it protects your car interior from major sun exposure and the easy installation and removal of the curtains make them one of the tops buys in our list.

Key Features

  • 160 x 70 cm size
  • Reflective aluminum foils
  • Adjustable design
  • Long-lasting use

8. Barucci Side Window Sunshades

barucci Car Window Curtains

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These side curtains are retractable and come in sizes of 16 x 24-inches. It ensures a proper fit for every car model. They are designed with materials that are heavy-duty so that the customer can have top-quality protection.

The three suction pads present in the curtains makes it so easy to install. They come with two curtains in a pack making it very affordable and easy to use in every vehicle ranging from minivans to cars and SUVs among others.

Key Features

  • Retractable curtains
  • Size of 16 x 24-inches
  • Suction pads
  • Built with a mesh plastic

7. Aokway Car Sunshade


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This high-quality curtain window keeps the interiors of your car at an optimum temperature in every weather. These provide protection from the glares of the sun-blocking 97% of harmful ultraviolet rays. The Aokway side window curtains come in a variety of colors so that you can choose the one that matches your car interiors.

Six magnets that are included in the curtain ensure a proper fit along with the frames of the window. In addition to this, they are lightweight as well as compact making it a suitable fit four your cars.

Key Features

  • silver coating materials and fabric oxford
  • Universally fit
  • Six quantities of magnets
  • Compact and lightweight

6. Uarter Universal car Rear Side Window

Uarter Car Window Curtains

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These curtains give protection to the rear car window from the direct UV rays of the sun to keep the car’s temperature cool. They come in a lot of sizes like dimensions of 23.7 x 24.4-inches etc. Because of their large sizes, they offer 100% coverage to protect the people when driving the shade clings around the edges of your car door. This shade is not such that you pull back and forth, hence the mesh design is helpful as it lessens the amount of light that makes it through the window in your car.

They are affordable units and the pack contains two quality curtains for both windows. The elastic material makes the curtains very easy to install and allows for easy wear and removal of the curtains.

Key Features

  • Pack of 2
  • Universal fit
  • Quality elastic material
  • Breathable curtains

5. PONY DANCE Vehicle Sunshades Screen

Pony Dance

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The pony dance curtains come in size 27.5 x 20.5-inches; which helps to blackout an entire window. The availability of different colors makes it an excellent selection for most users. Super heavy and soft fabric materials have been used to design this curtain which guarantees sunlight insulation up to 85%.

This curtain can be used as a sliding curtain as it can be pulled across a string making it very easy to use from one car to another. three powerful sucker tops and an additional sucker with the curtains make them very easy to be installed.

Key Features

  • Super heavy and soft fabric material
  • 5 x 20.5-inches size
  • Unique design
  • Three powerful sucker tops

4. ATK Essential Products Car Window Shades


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The ATK Car window shades come in sizes of 25 x 18 inches boasting a double-layer of design. Made from exclusive breathable material, it is the best for keeping passengers safe from the direct ultraviolet rays while driving. This high-quality car window shade is perfect for long-term use.

To install these curtains, you just have to slide them over the car window and they can as easily be removed because suction cups aren’t involved. The pack provides you with two quality curtains that will give the top-quality protection from sunlight rays making them so affordable.

Key Features

  • Double-layered design
  • Sized at 25 x 18-inches
  • Breathable material
  • Wide applications

3. Munchkin Brica Safety Sun Car Window Shade with heat alert


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These Window curtains come in packs of two, each unit measuring 15 x 19-inches. The curtains have a system of dual attachment, making them fit properly. We can also choose from adjustable clips or suction cups. These large-sized quality curtains give maximum coverage. They provide the best visibility since they are made from quality premium mesh.

They have a special feature of a white-hot indicator that changes to white color when the car’s temperature gets hotter and with the help of one-push in the retract button, the curtains roll up easily.

Key Features

  • Dual attachment
  • Premium quality mesh material
  • Special White-hot indicator
  • Sized at 15 x 19-inches

2. Shade Sox Universal Fit Car Side Window

Shade Sox Car Window Curtains

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One of the best window curtains available in the market, these are excellent for protecting the passengers from direct UV rays when driving. They ensure a proper fit owing to the sizes of 44.3 x 20-inches, which make them perfect for most vehicles including the cars as well as SUVs. The curtains have been made from quality mesh which is breathable to induce the process of ventilation by car.

Because of the stretchy mesh material, they are very easy to install and remove since you just need to pull down the window.

Key Features

  • Breathable quality mesh
  • Sized at 44.3 x 20-inches
  • Wider compatibility
  • Very Unique designs

1. Kinder Car Fluff Window Shade

kinder Fluff

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The Kinder Fluff Car sunshade comes in a pack of four pieces with two semi-transparent and two transparent shades, which gives protection to all the windows from the direct ultraviolet rays. They have a quality pouch that helps in storage, allowing safe storage. The curtains are able to fit on windows of any size since they overlap easily hence, they are perfect for application in cars as well as SUVs, trucks, vans. They are sized at 20 x 12-inches, which allows easy installation using no tools.

These are highly durable curtains designed from 80 GSM mesh material which makes them breathable for enhanced ventilation in the car.

Key Features

  • Semi-transparent shades
  • Transparent shades
  • 80 GSM of mesh
  • Storage pouches

Best Car Window Curtains Buying Guide!

Every buyer must have a few key points in mind before deciding which window curtain to buy for their car. Some points that you should keep in mind before making a purchase.


The material of the curtain should be the top priority when buying a curtain. It should be soft and long-lasting; so, it should be designed with heavy-duty material as well as a fabric that is soft. The curtains should also have mesh since it allows better ventilation inside the car. This kind of unit can protect dangerous ultraviolet rays up to 97% for a car whose interior is cool.


Since the window curtains come in so many sizes to choose from, the buyer must be very careful of the size that he wants. For the windows, smaller sizes work well since they offer absolute protection. If the size is stretchable it fits all the window sizes properly and these kinds of curtains are used in vans, cars, trucks, etc.

Number of Pieces

It is very important to know how many windows you want to be covered. Whether you want curtains for all the windows or only the side windows? So It is important to check for the unit that is perfect and has exact units of curtains that you need in your car because some units provide two curtains whereas most only provide four. So choose wisely.


The basic function of a window curtain is protecting the passengers and keeping the car cool hence you should check out the curtains that offer maximum protection for the harmful ultraviolet rays. Window curtains have been made from high quality durable and breathable materials assuring long-lasting performance and enhance the ventilation inside the car. Other than that, you also need to be careful of the different sizes as different sizes are used in all different windows of vehicles ranging from trucks to SUVs and cars.

The installation process is very easy as they come with all the tools included. And some packs come in pieces of two and for depending on your needs. So, now it’s up to you, you might need something that is very executive and professional, or you might choose a shade that looks as though it came from the future so choose wisely and get your hands on any of the above-mentioned quality car window curtains so that you can keep your family cool and protected.