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10 Best LED Tailgate Light Bars of 2024

The tailgate light bars are multifunctional lights equipped at the back of the car for illumination purposes. The main purpose of these lights is to notify the back vehicles of the moves you make, such as reversing, turning left/ right, and speed driving, among others.

In this case, the LED tailgate light bars have multiple functions and brighten in different colors when you control the vehicle in these functions. Which are the best LEDz tailgate light bars to buy? Here is a review of the top ten best in 2024.

Best LED Tailgate Light Bars

10. Mega Racer 60 Inch Triple Row LED Tailgate Light Bar- 5 Functions

Mega Racer

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You can set the tailgate light in five illuminations depending on the activity you undertake. So, if you are reversing, set the light to light in reverse mode. You don’t have to worry about your vehicle getting hit while driving at night since this light bar has great illumination to alert the vehicles behind. Thus, it significantly reduces hit accidents.

What we like
  • This tailgate light fits in most pickup trucks
  • It is long to fit on the entire rear of the car
  • Installing is easy since there are no tools needed


This is like a safety light that ensures your security based on what you do. It has five light functions: brake, running, left/right turn signal, reverse, and double flashing.

9. LKY Tailgate Light Bar Strip- 60 Inch LED Truck Tailgate Bar

L.K.Y LED Tailgate Light Bars

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This tailgate light is safe to use in all-weathers as it has waterproof materials. So, you can still keep your truck safe from back hits with the help of this tailgate light. The tailgate light measures 60 inches long, enough to fit in most vehicles, including pickup trucks and SUVs.

You will not have to drill your car to install this tailgate light as it adheres to the surface of the car. The LED chips on this light bar are durable as they can light for 30,000 hours nonstop.

What we like
  • This tailgate light can be drilled or adhered to the vehicle
  • The light ships with a 2-year warranty
  • The light is compatible with multiple vehicles


This tailgate LED light has brakes, turn signal, reverse backup functions to choose from. The light has a waterproof construction, so you can still install the light under the weather.

8. JUNEVEN 60 Inches Tailgate Light Bar Double Row LED Light


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With two rows of 2835-SMD LED chips, the vehicles moving behind you will have an easy time seeing you when maneuvering your vehicle in different functions. This LED tailgate light bar is made with IP67 waterproof materials, so you can still use the light when traveling during the rainy seasons.

What we like
  • The LED chips have a lifespan of 40,000 hours
  • The LED chips provide double illumination
  • The tailgate light brightens in red and white colors depending on the activity you undertake


This tailgate light bar has multiple LED chips that offer 200 percent brightness.

7. Akardo LED Tailgate Light Bar Triple Row, 60 Inch Tail Light Bar


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For every move, you make while driving your car, be sure the Akardo LED tailgate bar will notify the vehicles moving around. The light flashes in different colors for different car functions. Another great feature of this tailgate light bar is that the five functions light in different colors. It has the 3M tape for easy adhering to the car surface.

What we like
  • This tailgate light can work with most vehicles
  • It has been certified to be a waterproof bar light
  • The tailgate light connects to most vehicles


This LED tailgate bar has 2835 SMD LED chips which ensure you have ample brightness.

6. CK Formula 60 Inch Single Row LED Tailgate Light Bar with 5 Functions

CK Formula LED Tailgate Light Bars

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Keep your vehicle secure from a rear hit while driving at night by equipping this tailgate LED light. Not only is this tailgate safe for better illumination, but it also has quality materials construction for durability purposes.

The tailgate light features a 60-inch length to fit in most vehicle rear space. Equipped with 2935 SMD LED chips, anyone driving behind you will get a perfect view of your car.

What we like
  • Installing this tailgate light is easy as it adheres at the tail of the vehicle
  • It is made with a universal connection to fit in all vehicles
  • The LED light is super bright


The 2935 SMD LED chips are super durable and have a life span of 50,000 hours. This is a tailgate light bar you can equip on any vehicle since it is a versatile fitting mode.

5. OPT7 60 Inch Tailgate LED Light Bar Double Strips


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The OP7 tailgate light ensures you notify the cars behind you regarding your drive mode. So, whether you want to reverse and step on the brakes, the light automatically brightens up to notify the vehicles behind you for safety. The tailgate light bar is safe to use in all weathers since it is made of IP67 Waterproof materials.

So, even if it gets touched by the rainwater, rest assured the bar light will not get damaged. Installing this tailgate light bar is smooth since it has adhesive glue. Just remove the top seal and adhere it to the car.

What we like
  • The lights illuminate in two colors depending on the function
  • The tailgate light has a universal fit to fix in most vehicles
  • The tailgate light is quite durable and can last for up to 50,000 hours


The functions available on this tailgate gate light bar are; running, brake, turn signal, and reverse light. It illuminates in two different colors to differentiate the functions you set.

4. MIHAZ LED Tailgate Light Bar – 60″ Triple Row 5-Function Strip Light

MIHAZ LED Tailgate Light Bars

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Spend less and still get the best tailgate light for your pickup truck from this brand. It has five functions that trigger the light bar to illuminate in different colors. Fitting this bar light is something you can do on your own as it has tape for adhering it to the truck. This LED tailgate light bar has three rows of LED chips that provide ample brightness.

What we like
  • This tailgate light bar has water, dust, and shockproof materials construction
  • The LED tailgate light bar has five functions
  • It has a universal fitting


The tailgate bar is made with quality waterproof material such that the LED chips can still brightly illuminate in regions with -20 degrees C temperatures.

3. Nanpoku LED Tailgate Light Bar Triple Row 60 Inch Tail Light Bar

Nanpoku LED Tailgate Light Bars

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With triple LED chips installed on this tailgate bar, be sure to get perfect illumination when driving your vehicle in dark areas or even at night. The size of the tailgate bar fits most vehicles such as SUVs, pickups, and passager vehicles.

The light features all functions and lights up in different colors depending on what you do. Whether you are reversing, steps on brakes, or turning left and light, the tailgate light will notify the vehicles behind you.

What we like
  • This tailgate light bar connects to the standard 12 volt DC adapters
  • You can install it in most vehicles
  • It blinks in different colors to support the functions
  • It has the self-adhesive 3M tape to secure the car form drills


The tailgate bar is brighter since it has 3528SMD LED chips organized in three rows.

2. KUFUNG LED Truck Tailgate Light Bar Strip


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The 256 led chips equipped on two rows of the KUNGFU LED tailgate light guarantees maximum security when traveling at night. Due to the large length, this is a light bar you cab equip on most vehicles, both small and large trucks. The light is quite multifunctional since it has varying functions.

All these functions send signals for people driving or walking behind you for security purposes at night. If you don’t want to drill your car, this tailgate light bar will suit you since it has adhering tape to stick on the car’s surface.

What we like
  • The light bar has IPX67 waterproof materials
  • This tailgate light bar is 30 percent brighter
  • It easily adheres to the car easily


The tailgate light bar has two rows of 256 pieces of LED chips that light up in red and white.

1. Mega Racer 60 Inch Triple Row LED Tailgate Light Bar-5 Functions

Mega Racer LED Tailgate Light Bars

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The triple 2935 LED chips provide excellent brightness from the rear side so the vehicles at the back can easily see you avoid accidents. The available functions on this light bar are brake running, Left/Right turn signal, reverse, and double flashing light. The light bar is made of silicon materials plus waterproof coating to protect the LED chips from contact with wetness.

What we like
  • Installing this tailgate light takes a few seconds
  • It has all the five functions
  • The light is super bright for ample illumination


This tailgate bar fits perfectly on most vehicles since it is long. There are three rows of 2935 SMD premium LED Diodes chips for optimal illumination.


Safety is guaranteed on installing these LED tailgate bars since they are quite bright. These LED tailgate light bars are easy to install as they have a universal fitting mode.