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Top 10 Best Ceiling TV Mounts in 2024

One day, you had a great idea, you thought to yourself, I need a home. The reason why everyone needs a home is that a home is a place of comfort and belonging, and also a window to the world.

“A window to the world, how’s that even possible?” Well, in a home, office space, or wherever people congregate, a Television is essentially the window to the world. It exposes you to foreign cultures, traditions, entertainment, and lots more. And it can be found in the home.

And for every gift, comes a wrap! So with a Television, you should see a ceiling TV mount as a gift wrap. If you do, you’d take good care of acquiring the best gift wrap. Stereotypical? No, not quite! It’s just common sense and a little dose of pleasure. Now that’s stereotypical!

So, this guide has been documented to transcend you into the Top 10 Best Ceiling TV Mounts adventure, so sit back, relax, and permit us to blow your mind.

Best Ceiling TV Mounts – A Complete Guide:

10. VideoSecu Adjustable Ceiling TV Mount

VideoSecu Ceiling TV Mounts

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This amazing product is designed with pretty good materials. A quick look and feel of the material components will tell you that the designers took some time to create this mount to be multifaceted.

The positioning mechanism of this material indicates that the fabricators took a keen interest in enhancing the adjustment capabilities of this mount. With this mount, you can easily adjust the tv from top to bottom at any height or any inch.

Key Features:

  • This delicate design can take a good number of 26-65″ LCD LED Plasma Screens
  • Has an adjustable height mechanism that can be readjusted in inches to the preferable height of the homeowner
  • It tilts 15 degrees forward and 5 degrees forward
  • Can conveniently rotate to 90 degrees and swivel at 360 degrees, which allows for better placement when viewing the tv set

9. TV Ceiling Mount By Wali


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The Wali TV Ceiling Mount By Wali is one of a kind product out of a ceiling mount designer’s playbook. The uniquely designed frame is ergonomically designed to attach to a ceiling unit at 90 degrees.

A beautiful addition to this Tv mount is that the weight carrying capacity is properly compensated for in the unit. It can conveniently carry Television whose weights are in the excess of 90 – 110 pounds, and 26 to 65 inches.

Another beautiful aspect of this design is that it can conveniently support LCD, LED, OLED, and FLAT PLASMA SCREENS.

Key Features:

  • It has an easily adjustable mechanism that can be retrofitted to any ceiling inclination
  • It can conveniently carry TV screens with weights reaching up to 100 pounds, alongside screen displays that range from 26 to 65 inches
  • The Wali Mount’s height is adjustable from 19.4 to 34.7 inches beneath the ceiling panel
  • The VESA pattern it integrates with is 400X400mm CM2665

8. Mount-it! Full Motion Extra Long, Arm TV Mount

Mount-It! Ceiling TV Mounts

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The MI-372 is an extraordinary mounting unit that provides the installer with a revolutionary feature that allows the installer to mount the unit at any given point around the house.

With its uniquely designed bracket, this mount can conveniently be extended outwards 40 inches from the wall and a comfortable 3 inches when retracted to the wall. This mount extension can compete easily with other lengthy extensions available on Amazon.

Key Features:

  • It has a long arm extension that extends up to 40 inches
  • The unit has numerous pivot attachment points
  • It has a double interconnected sturdy arm support
  • The manufacturer developed a suitable system which conveniently manages cables within and on the periphery of this unit

7. Mount-It! Full Motion Height Adjustable TV Ceiling Mount Bracket


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Do you have an office space, restaurant, bar, gym, grocery store, medical center or you want the convenience of having a TV mount that can be mounted to the ceiling and can be viewed by everyone at any angle? If you do, then this ceiling mount will be a great buying choice for you.

If you have a TV screen that has a close to excess weight of 110 lbs, this mount can conveniently carry that weight.

Many people who purchase this product usually have compatibility issues between their screens and this mount. And to determine if this mount is compatible with this mount, you’re required to measure the mounting holes or TV bolt pattern behind your TV screen.

The steel design is very durable and has a scratch-free resistant coating. The unit’s packaging also comes packed with the necessary components for installation.

Key Features:

  • You can conveniently tilt it to the range if 25 degree
  • It can conveniently swivel at a 360-degree range
  • The manufacturer developed a suitable system which conveniently manages cables within and on the periphery of this unit
  • It has a Vesa compatibility range between (100×100 to 400×400)mm
  • It also has a highly adjustable ceiling plate

6. Everstone Full Motion TV Mount

Everstone Ceiling TV Mounts

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This piece of hardware called the Everstone Full Motion TV mount looks like the material of a science fiction movie. It is compatible with 32 to 55″ TV screens like Plasma Flat Screens, LCD, and LED Television Screens.

The story behind its ergonomic design is that the designers sought a ceiling mount that can Swivel and Tilt in any direction while compensating for space in the location it was installed at. Thus creating a viewing euphoria that transports your audience into another realm (folklore background music).

Key Features:

  • This mount has a universal design that saves space and improves your viewing pleasure
  • You can adjust the height from a range of range 19.3″ to 29.7″
  • The bracket can tilt up to 15° backward, which helps to relieve views of pain and fatigue
  • It has a Vesa Mounting system

5. Cheetah Mounts Swivel Black TV Ceiling Mount


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This TV mount is stylishly designed to carry 32 to 75 inches LCD, LED Flat Screen Televisions. Also included in the unit from Amazon is a single 15-inch Twisted Veins. HDMI Cable.

It has a 90° swivel ceiling plate, which conveniently allows the unit to be mounted at the side of a ceiling beam.

During installation, a 2.5″ hole is drilled through the drywall of the ceiling, then the pole beam can subsequently be passed through the ceiling plate downwards.

Please note that it is only the ceiling mount pole and the 2.5″ hole should be visible from the ceiling during installation.

Another stylish addition to this unit is the effective cable management mechanism that carefully conceals all cables, thus promoting a clean and professional look and feel of the unit.

Key Features:

  • It has a ceiling swivel plate that conveniently supports side and vaulted ceiling installation
  • It is universally designed to convey 33-75″ display screens, up to 165 lbs weight capacity
  • 41″-64″ ceiling extension pole which rotates 360° and tilts 15°
  • Presence of a single 15″ Twisted Veins HDMI cable in the packaging
  • Presence of an owner’s installation manual alongside installation components

4. InstallerParts Flat TV Ceiling Mount

InstallerParts Ceiling TV Mounts

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The InstallerParts Flat TV Ceiling Mount is ergonomically designed to support flat TV screens within the range of 23-42 inches, and its maximum payload carrying capacity is 66 lbs.

It has a rod extension that has a seamless fluid motion design that allows you to conveniently position or place your TV in the most suitable location for your viewing pleasure.

The designers also incorporated VESA adapters that have compatibility with hole size variation patterns up to 200x200mm, thus ensuring for a smooth installation process.

The manufacturers used 100% premium-grade steel to design the frame of the unit, which gives it its perfect finish look.

Key Features

  • This unit can be easily installed as all the hardware components required to merge the mount with your TV is provided in the unit’s packaging
  • Can conveniently swivel to 90° and tilts either 20° downwards or upwards
  • Made with premium high-grade scratch proof steel
  • It is designed to contain 23″-42″ flat screen display panels

3. Loctek Ceiling Tv Mount Adjustable Bracket for TV


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This exceptionally designed mount piece can fit between 26 inches to 55 inches flat-screen display panels. It has a maximum weight capacity of 66 pounds and a maximum VESA RANGE of 400x400mm.

It has a swivel angle of -180° to 180° and an adjustable height range of 20″-32″. And it also has a 360° rotation angle. You can also conveniently tilt it to 2° forward and 15° backward.

The ceiling plate of the Loctek mount is adjustable and can be adjusted from 0-90°. It can conveniently be attached to a wall, a sloped ceiling or a flat ceiling.

Key Features:

  • Presence of a universal hole pattern that can fit 26-55 inches flat-screen displays and a hole pattern at the back of up to 400x400mm
  • It allows for 360° rotation, alongside a -180°-180° wife swivel angle that supports your viewing choice
  • The height of the TV can be adjusted from 20″ to 32″ according to the viewer’s preference
  • Conveniently tilt your TV to 2° forward or 15° backward if you’re experiencing any strain while watching your TV

2. Barkan 29-65 Inch Full Motion

Barkan Ceiling TV Mounts

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The Barkan 29-65 Inch Full Motion conveniently fits flat and curved screen TV display of 29”-65”. The Barkan Mount also has Swivel and Telescopic options available within the unit, and it can conveniently take a maximum weight range not exceeding 88 lbs.

During installation, ensure that you mount it at 16.1” close to the ceiling panel, and 32” furthest from the ceiling panel.

If your TV has a VESA standard pattern ranging from 100x100mm to 400x400mm, including absent VESA patterns such as 400×400 mm patterns, then it can be seamlessly attached to this unit.

A fun accessory of this mount is that you can replace the midsection with any pipe length, and it comes with a warranty that can last a lifetime.

Key Features:

  • It has a warranty the lasts up to 20 years
  • A research was done to test the maximum carrying capacity with TV displays 4 times its max capacity
  • Height adjustment is anchored by a telescopic mechanism
  • You can easily assemble and install the unit in rapid time
  • It has a fall-proof mechanism embedded internally that prohibits disengagement of the screen

1. Amazon Basics Ceiling TV Mount


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The creme de la creme of all TV Mounts, the number one top-grossing TV mount in our best TV Mount 2024 review is the Amazon Basics Ceiling TV mount.

This mount has an exceptionally built design that stimulates your receptors. It can conveniently fit 37-inch to 80-inch displays. When you have this installed, we’re pretty sure that your viewing pleasure will be instantly transformed at the click of a button.

This Mount unit assists you in saving ample living or workspace, which can be conveniently installed in all ceiling types. Now, this important characteristic makes it a piece of good mount equipment to purchase, since you won’t encounter any problem with figuring out the wall type required for its installation.

It is fabricated with the highest premium quality grade steel, and it can conveniently be installed in homes, offices, restaurants, bars, functions, or public spaces. This beast of a TV mount has a maximum weight carrying capacity of 100 lbs, now that’s huge!

With this mount, you can conveniently install TV displays for gaming, streaming, or large display monitors for your productions.

Key Features:

  • You can conveniently fit 37 to 80 inch TV displays at your home or business with this mount
  • It has a 100 lbs max weight carrying capacity that is supported by a commercial premium grade quality steel
  • Presence of a design contour at the base point where the unit interfaces with the ceiling
  • You can conveniently swivel the screen at 360° deploying a left-right swivel action sequence, accompanied by a tilt angle of 15°
  • Presence of 6.5 foot HDMI cable, mounting hardware components and a cable management system
  • You can comfortably install this mount with the user manual provided in the mechanism


The home is where the heart lives, so while you are out there on the internet, searching for the right TV mount for your home, think about your heart.

Do you want a happy or sad heart? If you choose a happy one, then this guide is the best thing for you right now. Happy shopping