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The 10 Best Cheap Zero Turn Mowers of 2024

The zero-turn mowers are the only mowers that ensure you are comfortable when manicuring your lawn in the garden. They are made in the form of a car to maneuver around the garden while mowing quickly.

What exactly is a zero-turn mower?

In simple words, we can define a zero-turn mower as a type of mower with a riding style and a turning radius that is estimated to have zero effect. There are multiple designs and types of zero-turn mowers, and some are pretty cheap. Yes, the zero-turn mowers are quite expensive, but some models are sold at affordable rates.

Why are these turn mowers referred to as zero turn mowers?

The term zero is derived from the turning radius, which is zero inches. Therefore, these turn mowers guarantee you cut lawn in all spaces since they can efficiently run within their footprint distance. This design also ensures you get even lawn mowing results in the garden.

How do you work with the cheap zero-turn mowers?

The zero-turn mowers work differently, especially when mowing compared to other lawn machines. We are used to having lawn tractors or mowers that steer from the front wheels when pushing the device, but the zero-turn mowers have a different functional design.

The pivot of the zero-turn mowers is situated at the back wheels, and the wheels push the levers in front, facilitating it to move forward. If you want to reverse, you have to activate the pivot from the back wheels to pull back the mower in reverse mode.

Benefits for owning a cheap zero turn mower

Increases the maneuverability

The zero-turn mowers are recommendable for people with extensive gardens since they highly increase one’s efficiency. The zero-turn design of these mowers makes it possible to move forward and reverse the machine instantly compared to the mower tractor. This also ensures you cut grass without leaving any patches since the mower can quickly turn on small and tight spots in the garden.

Saves time

If you want to save your time when cutting grass in large fields significantly, well, there is no better mower to invest in than the zero-turn mowers. Considering these mower machines have low center gravity, they are manufactured to move at high speed when mowing the grass. Also, the zero-turn mowers are equipped with a large deck to cover larger areas to cut grass. You may need to make just a few passes in the garden to mow the lawn.

They are comfortable working with

The zero-turn mowers are crafted to ensure the total comfort of the user, mainly when steering them around the garden. The zero-turn mowers have power steering that moves the wheels to wherever you want to move. Also, they are pretty powerful and cannot quickly get stuck even when used in rainy seasons. The seats of the zero-turn mowers are well padded and positioned at a comfortable height for easy and comfortable reach by all people.


The fact that the zero-turn mowers are equipped with zero radii, in return, enables these machines to make small turns even in the tightest spaces in the garden. Therefore, if you want to weed around the trees, the zero-turn mowers will easily reach such areas.

Multiple options

There are different types of zero-turn mowers in the market to choose from. Although they are pricier than other lawn mowers, you can still acquire cheap lawn mowers in the market by doing good research.

When maintaining a clean and healthy lawn on a large scale, no machine can beat the zero-turn mowers. These are high-quality and classic mowers that have a powerful engine to maneuver them fast, plus have large cutting blades to cover large spaces. The zero-turn mowers are comfortable to work with since they are fitted with ergonomic seats, and strong frames that can withstand all weather climates.

Although the zero-turn mowers are extremely expensive, there are still some reputable models that are affordable. Here is a full review of the best cheap zero turn mowers in 2024.

Best Cheap Zero Turn Mowers Review

10. Troy-Bilt Mustang Fit Riding Lawn Mower with 34-Inch Deck

Troy-Bilt Best Cheap Zero Turn Mowers

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With a powerful 452cc engine and EZT hydrostatic transmission, there is no type of grass that you cannot mow with this turn mower. It is recommendable for rough grass areas since it works swiftly to either trim or cut the grass altogether. Besides possessing quality and durable engines, this mower also has a zero-turn mechanism, so you can easily make a turn around the garden while mowing.

The cutting edge can cover a space of up to 34 inches wide to save time and make your work easy as well. Another outstanding feature of this turn mower is the reverse mode, which allows you to maneuver it in a reverse way for convenience if you wish to turn it.

Special features
  • This mower has a 34-inch cutting deck
  • It is comfortable to control and operate
  • Features both forward and reverse move
  • The mower is equipped with a long comfortable seat

9. Husqvarna YTA24V48 24V FastTractor Mower, with Twin 48


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Expect fast and smooth functioning from this zero turn mower considering it has two cutting blades. If you are working in a large garden space, it will get the work done pretty quickly. Operating this mower is easy as it has a fast auto transmission system. It is equipped with the air induction mode to ensure a continuous flow of air to the deck for smooth cutting.

Special features
  • This turn mower has twin blades
  • It comes with long term warranty
  • It is smooth to operate by all
  • The machine has variable transmission modes

8. Craftsman Z560 24 HP 54-Inch, Gas Powered Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Craftsman Best Cheap Zero Turn Mowers

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This gas-powered zero turn mower is perfect for large-scale jobs since it pretty much gets the work done fast. The mower is safe to cut and trim different grass types since it has a large and sharp blade. Another feature that qualifies it as an excellent mower for large spaces is the large blade of 54 inches wide to ensure you cover a large area when mowing grass. For quality assurance, this mower ships with a 1-year warranty

Special features
  • This is a gas-powered lawnmower
  • The mower has a 54-inch wide blade
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty
  • This mower comes with a cover

7. Husqvarna YTH18542 42 in 18.5 HP Hydrostatic Riding Mower


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This zero turn mower is powered by an 18.5 hp Briggs, Stratton Intek engine that employers work on in a large area. If you need this model for professional lawn maintenance services, well, I would still recommend it for such work. Operating this turn mower is relatively smooth since it has the foot pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission mode, making it easy to interchange the speed.

Also, this mower’s blade is adjustable to a smaller size of 16 inches, so you can efficiently mow small spaces around your compound.

Special features
  • The blade can cut space of 16 to 42 inches wide
  • Has patented foot control mode
  • It has an 18.5 hp Briggs and Stratton Intek engine
  • The system has a reverse operating system

6. Husqvarna Z242F 42 in. 18 HP Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna TS

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Definitely another turn mower from Husqvarna worth investing in if you are looking for a more affordable zero turn mower model. This lawnmower has a reliable functioning speed, and it is also pretty much easy to control. Therefore, this is a comfortable zero turn lawn mower that you can use to cut or trim both long and short grass. Another feature you will love about this mower is the free maintenance mode so that you can work in any weather condition.

This zero turn mower is powered by the Kawasaki engine that operates at up to 6.5 MPH speeds. This mower’s clear-cut deck covers a distance of up to 42 inches wide, a great deal for people working in commercial places.

Special features
  • This mower has excellent sharp bade
  • Can cover a space of 42 inches wide
  • A Kawasaki engine powers it
  • Has quality weather-resistant materials

5. Craftsman Z525 Zero Turn Gas Powered Lawn Mower


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This is another powerful CRAFTSMAN zero-turn mower powered by a twin-engine to deliver excellent mowing results. The mower is crafted to handle large mowing jobs, and thus, it is comfortable to sit on for a long time. The chair is padded and has a high ergonomic backrest to offer adequate support so you can pay attention when mowing.

The cutting deck blade measures 46 inches wide to save your working time significantly. You don’t necessarily need to cut the grass while moving in a forward direction; the mower also has the reverse mode to accommodate people who need to move in a backward direction.

Special features
  • This mower can turn at a 360 degree
  • It accommodates both forward and reserve movements
  • The mower has two engines
  • It features a cutting deck 46 inches wide

4. Husqvarna Z254 54 in. 26 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Mower

Husqvarna Best Cheap Zero Turn Mowers

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A right zero-turn mower should have a good engine regardless of the price, and this one-piece from Husqvarna is the right choice. The powerful 26 HP Kohler engine ensures this turn mower has flawless functioning from the startup to the end. This is easy to operate the zero-turn mower with safety features to incorporate users who don’t know how to handle an automatic engine well.

For example, the mower has activated mechanical patented pending brakes that activate when moving to the park or remove from parking. This mower ensures you get a precise and professional grass cutting process through the equipped air induction function technology.

Special features
  • Working with this zero turn mower is easy
  • The item has a 54-inch blade
  • The unit has patented pending automatic parking brakes
  • It has a powerful engine

3. Ariens Edge 34 inch 19 HP Zero Turn Mower

Ariens Edge

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With less than 4000 dollars, you get to scoop this durable and excellent professional zero turn mower for maintaining your lawn. This zero turn mower has a quality 34 inches stamped deck with strong 12-gauge steel resistant to rust and corrosion. So, you can still maintain your lawn during the wet seasons without worrying about the blade getting damaged in the process.

The turn mower is comfortable for all people since it has a large and high raised backrest seat for comfort when riding it. For that quick and smooth and cutting process, this zero turn mower is powered by the 660cc Kohler​ 6000 Series engine​​ that empowers it to cut and trim the lawn to meet your needs.

Special features
  • This zero turn mower is easy to maneuver in different areas
  • It has premium steel materials construction
  • The machine has a powerful engine
  • It has an ergonomic and comfortable seat
  • The turn mower features the Foot deck lift operational mode

2. Ariens 915213 Zero Turn Mower, with 19 HP, 42 Inches Cutting Wedge


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You don’t need to hire a professional lawn mower company to manicure your garden anymore, as you can do it yourself using this zero turn mower. The turn mower is convenient in terms of functioning and uses as well. With a blade that cuts a width of 42 inches, the mower makes the work easy and fast for all.

The cutting height adjusts from 1-1/2 to 4-1/2 inches, depending on the lawn’s size in your home. Moving the mower around is convenient since you can either cut the grass directly or in reverse mode.

Special features
  • The turn lawn mower has large wheels for easy maneuvering around
  • The cutting edge adjust from 1-1/2 to 4-1/2 inches high
  • The mower work in forwarding and reverse mode
  • It has wide wheels for smooth maneuvering around

1. Husqvarna Z142 42 in. 17 HP, Zero Turn Riding Mower


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Keep your home grasses well-manicured and healthy using this zero turn mower. The mower features quality stainless steel materials that ensure durability even when used during extreme weather conditions. This mower is safe to use when cutting or trimming different grass sizes as you can easily control it to achieve the desired height of the grass.

The mower is also equipped with a 42-inch blade that covers large space to save your mowing time. On top of this, this zero turn mower is powered by a 17 HP engine to deliver excellent work.

Special features
  • This mower has a function speed maximum of 6.5 MPH
  • Has premium material crafting
  • Controlling and maneuvering this mower is easy
  • A 17 HP Kohler hydrostatic engine powers it

Buying guide for the best zero turn mowers

The price

The prices of the zero-turn mowers differ depending on the style, design, available features, and brand. The prices of the zero-turn mowers range from 2000 dollars to 5000 and above. So, you can still get a reputable zero turn mower for your garden at a budget range of 2000 to 3000 dollars.

The deck size

The deck is the sharp valuable blade for trimming the grass as you maneuver the zero-turn mower. Therefore, the larger the deck is, the more space you will cover when trimming the lawn and vice versa. An extended deck is also recommendable mainly when cutting large grass since it minimizes the number of passes you will make when cutting grass.

The engine size

The zero-turn mowers are just like cars whereby the engines power them. The large turn mowers have larger engines, so they are recommendable for heavy-duty jobs, maybe in commercial places. Such mowers can work on extensive gardens, and they work fast too. Still, cheap mowers are made with reputable engines that power them to work fast and efficiently, although they may not work in commercial spaces. So, check the size of the machine before buying your affordable zero-turn mowers.

The horsepower

Technically, the horsepower works hand in hand with the engine. These are two parts of the zero-turn mower that determines how tough the machine is when cutting grass. So, if a turn mower has significant horsepower and a large engine, it can cut any type or size of grass. But if the zero turn mower has a small machine with low horsepower, it may take longer to cut tough or long grass.

The speed intervals

Just like other mowing machines, the zero-turn mowers are also equipped with different operating speed intervals. So if you are into professional commercial landscaping and lawn maintenance services, check out the speed that your preferred cheap zero turn mower has before buying it. The rate determines how fast the turn mower will maneuver in the garden.


As you look for the best cheap zero-turn mower, you should never overlook your comfort when working with the machine. For example, choose a model that has a well-padded seat with an ergonomic backrest for your support when mowing. Also, choose an easy-to-control device significantly when changing the movement directions.

The price

Being the most expensive mowers in the market, the cheap zero-turn mowers range from 2000 to 3000 dollars. However, the cheap zero-turn mowers may lack some features found on larger expensive ones, like the engine may be small and may have low-speed intervals.

Weight support capacity

The structure and size of the zero-turn mower determine the weight capacity a person they can hold when working. So, it is advisable to check how much weight the zero turn mower you opt for can support to avoid damaging it.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Are zero-turn mowers dangerous?

Yes! The zero-turn mowers require one to have skills on how to maneuver the machine around since they are prone to rolling over or tipping off, which can be dangerous and cause accidents.

Q: Are cheap zero-turn mowers worth it?

Although the cheap zero-turn mowers may lack some features found in the expensive model, they are reliable and functional. You can use them for small to medium mowing jobs both at home and commercial places.

Q: how long do the cheap turn zero mowers last?

This depends on the design and the brand. However, the cheap zero-turn mowers are estimated to last between 500 to 750 hours.

Q; What comfort features should I look for when buying a cheap zero turn mower?

  • Choose a zero-turn mower that has an ergonomic and padded seat. Also, an adjustable seat is a good option
  • An adjustable handle comes in handy for comfortable reach when steering the machine
  • Choose a model that is easy to control and work with.


Get that well-manicured lawn by cutting or trimming it using the zero-turn mowers. The above reviewed zero turn mowers are super affordable for people on a budget. So, find the best mower that fits your budget from the above ten options.