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10 Best Cigar Punches of 2024

A cigar punch is a crucial element for everyone who enjoys smoking since it makes the experience more comfortable and fun. Although there are other elements such as cigar cutters and guillotine, the cigar punch stands out as the best since it is easy to use. The cigar punch works as a drilling tool that makes a hole on the cigar for easy smoking.

It helps to eliminate tobacco leaves on the cigar to avoid the residuals tasting or remaining on one’s mouth. Note that these are compact and lightweight cigar tools. So, you can carry your cigar punch everywhere you go. The following are the top ten best cigar punches in 2024.

Best Cigar Punches in 2024

10. Screwpop Cigar Punch 3.0 UltraSharp

crewpop Cigar Punches

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This cigar punch features a compact size, so you can always tag it when traveling or going outdoors. It is designed with a large gauge that is also quite sharp for easy punching your cigar. Again, this ensures you go deeper to eliminate any tobacco leaf that may get to your mouth when smoking.

One of the reasons why this cigar punch is portable is the design. You can clip it on other accessories like key holders, zipper pulls, or golf bags, to name a few. Besides, it is a light punch that ensures you do not feel any bulkiness when carrying it.

Special features

  • This cigar punch has a bottle opener part
  • It has a lightweight crafting
  • Has a large and sharp punching gauge
  • It has an inbuilt ejector rod

9. XIFEI Cigar Drill Sharp Smooth Blade Creative Cigar Punch


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A dual accessory comes in handy, especially this cigar punch. So, it is a perfect gift for a friend who enjoys smoking. The cigar punch plus the drill combo makes your cigar smoking process comfortable since you shape it to your preferred design by removing the leaf.

Carrying and even using this cigar punch is quite easy due to its lightweight and sharp drip blade. The copper and stainless steel materials construction guarantee durability of the punch. Still, you can comfortably use it under the weather without worrying about it getting damaged by the rain waters.

Special features

  • This accessory has both cigar punch and drill
  • Features quality copper and stainless steel construction
  • It is light for portability
  • It is easy to work with

8. Fess Products Athena Retractable Cigar Punch

Fess Products Cigar Punches

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Apart from the metal construction of this cigar punch that ensures it serves you for long, it also has a chrome finish that adds an elegant look. This punch has an 8mm retractable cigar punch perfect for working on most cigar sizes or types.

Using this cigar punch is smooth since you need to twist to pop and get rid of tobacco for easy smoking. The cutter in this cigar punch is quite sharp to save time and ensure you achieve an accurate punch on the cigar.

Special features

  • Has a quality metal construction
  • Has a retractable twist design for easy use
  • It is an affordable cigar punch model
  • It also works as a keychain

7. JIFENG Cigar Punch – Copper Engraved


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This is a great cigar punch you can tag when going for outdoor activities like hiking or camping. It gets your cigar ready to smoke at all times. The copper material construction punches this cigar a classic look, plus it is also quite durable. The cigar punch features two retractable punch screws that easily twist in and out when punching your cigar.

The screws stay enclosed when not used to prevent accidents, especially when you carry the punch in your pocket. It has a key chain that gives multiple carrying options to clip it to your keys or backpack. The cigar punch weighs less than 2 pounds, so you will not feel any bulkiness when you slip it into your pants pocket.

Special features

  • The cigar punch comes with 30 days money refund
  • The cigar punch brand comes in different beautiful color finishes
  • Has two retractable screws
  • Cleaning the punch after every use is convenient

6. CIGARLOONG Cigar Punch Retractable


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Everyone, including first-time smokers, can easily learn how to use this cigar punch. As the name states, you need to screw it to the cigar to get rid of tobacco so you can start smoking. The design of this cigar punch features an ancient style with traditional patterns to add that unique design.

No one can easily notice a cigar punch since the screw stays locked when not in use. It has double drills that move at 90 degrees for fast and efficient functioning. You are guaranteed to utilize this cigar punch for a long time since it has self-sharpening dual blades that ensure precise cutting throughout.

Special features

  • This cigar punch has a beautiful color and detail finishing
  • Has self-sharpening blades
  • It is easy to use
  • The edges give precise cutting throughout

5. Pardo Punch Cutter Key Chain Ring

Pardo Cigar

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One pack comes with three cigar punch pieces, and we cannot ignore the fact that it is quite affordable as they cost less than 20 dollars. If you tend to forget small items when traveling, you can clip your keys on the cigar punches as they come with key rings. Other than that, they are quite reliable in cutting through different sizes and types of cigars for comfortable smoking.

The compact style makes it convenient to carry and even use the punch from anywhere; well, without most people noticing it. You don’t have to worry about the punch clogging, especially after prolonged use since it has the ejector rod essential for cleaning the punch after every use.

Special features

  • This cigar punch model is quite affordable
  • One package has three pieces of cigar punches
  • Are quite easy to use and clean
  • They have inbuilt key chains for holding keys

4. Stainless Steel Cigar Punch

Mrs. Brog Cigar Punches

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If you need a cigar punch model that can handle even the large cigar designs, this right here is the answer. Not only is it a powerful cigar punch, but it is quite affordable. I mean, you get to spend less than 10 dollars to purchase it.

Besides that, this cigar punch has quality stainless steel frame construction so that you can use it from anywhere, even outdoors. It also has a beautiful finish that looks great wherever you place it.

Special features

  • This cigar punch can drill a hole of up to 6.5 mm
  • Has a beautiful finishing
  • It is made of stainless steel materials
  • It is quite easy to use.

3. OYHBO Cigar Punch Set of 3 Cigar


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These are other dual cigar punches that you can also use as a keychain. One pack consists of three pieces to last you for a long time. These cigar punches may feature plastic casing but have long, sharp blades that can punch a hole of up to 8 mm. So, I would recommend it for you if you smoke long cigar brands.

Still, the blades are super sharp to make sure you get precise cutting every time you use them. After use, cleaning the cigar punch is easy since they are made with a button to squeeze out the drilled tobacco residuals. These cigar punches are quite light for convenience when using or carrying.

Special features

  • The punch an 8 mm hole on cigars
  • They are crafted with stainless steel blades
  • They are super easy to use
  • it comes attached with key chains

2. Mantello Cigar Punch Keychain

Mantello Cigars Cigar Punches

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This is a great gift for a buddy or family member who loves to smoke. It comes as a pack consisting of a cigar punch, a guillotine cigar cutter, and a V-cut stogie cutter. So, you can enjoy your cigar in three different cut modes. It has a plastic casing and stainless steel cutting blades to ensure durability and convenience when carrying.

You can always tag this cigar set wherever you go-to since it has a keychain. So, clip the set to your house or car keys, and you will be good to go. The cigar punch kit has an ergonomic style to ensure you get a comfortable grasp for that precise punching or cutting.

Special features

  • The package comes with three accessories
  • The blades have a stainless steel construction
  • It is a durable cigar kit
  • The punch cuts the cigar precisely

1. Cigar Punch Tool | Perfect, Smoother Draw Enhancer


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With the sharp stainless steel prongs, this cigar punch ensures you get precise cutting on the cigar ready to smoke. It is also easy to clean after considering the cigar leaves do not get stuck on the prongs.

This cigar punch has quality aluminum material construction that guarantees its durability while adding a touch of shiny elegance to the kit. It has a lid that locks in the cutting prongs to prevent accidents, mainly when you put it in the pocket.

Special features

  • This cigar punch has a unique quality design
  • Has the quality and durable construction
  • Has stainless steel prongs
  • It is light for portability


Enjoy the finest cigar by punching to reshape it using these cigar punches. They are quite easy to use since you need to twist the cigar’s punch to pop out the excessive tobacco for comfortable smoking. They come with other inbuilt accessories like key chains, so you can tag them wherever you go to.