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The Best Energy Drinks of 2024

As humans, we are prone to getting tired and fatigued after performing heavy duties, especially during physical exercise. However, our minds also get tired when we indulge in tasks that need a lot of concentration. Sportsmen are the most commonly affected since they must train hard for good performance.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t cut other people from the list. Those who work in offices are also experiencing mental fatigue. Taking a good rest; the eight-hour sleep at night is the best way you would solve this issue. Unfortunately, since time is money, and perhaps you would have none to spare for that much sleep, an energy drink is a quick fix.

For athletes, energy drinks increase cognitive performances such as reaction speed and alertness. They also increase muscle strength and endurance during training. Equipped with caffeine as the main component, most energy drinks also come along with taurine, amino acid, and carbohydrates in the form of sugar and vitamins.

Being a common commodity in the market, the world’s biggest market, Amazon has not been left behind with its sales. Let’s look at Amazon’s top 10 list of the best energy drinks in 2024

List of Best Energy Drinks Review

10. Starbucks Double shot Energy

Starbucks Best Energy Drinks

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Ranking at number ten is Starbucks Double shot Energy. A coffee-flavored energy drink comes in a pack of 12, each can containing 15 ounces. It holds a 4.7/5 star rating. It holds 1,667 reviews, most of which are positive compliments. If you are a coffee lover, then feel at home with Starbucks.

9. C4 Ultimate Energy Drink


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At ninth position is C4 Ultimate energy drink. With its tropical blast flavor, the 200mg caffeine content drink, canned energy drink is best taken before workouts. The C4 sugar-free designed energy drink is built to enhance strength and give the energy to outperform. It keeps you hydrated all through the workout with water one of its components. It holds a 4.7 rating with 2,022 reviews.

8. Celsius Sparkling Energy Drink

CELSIUS Best Energy Drinks

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Celsius Sparkling falls at number eight. With its 4.7 star ratings with 2, 047 reviews, the sparkling Celsius comes in sparkling grapefruit flavor, which is naturally sweetened and naturally caffeinated. This drink comes in a slim can pack of 12.

7. VPX Bang Radical Skadattle


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VPX Bang Radical Skadattle comes in seventh. Coming in radical skadattle flavor, the 473ml canned energy drink contains 300ml of caffeine. VPX Bang comes in 12 or 16 oz cans which contain zero carbohydrate drinks, with patented super creatine.

Bang holds a 4.7 rating with 2, 316 reviews which are mostly from vegans due to its gluten-free characteristic for a healthy lifestyle. You can find it below.

6. Solimo Silver

Solimo Best Energy Drinks

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The Amazon brand finds itself in the sixth position. Containing 52mg of caffeine, Solimo comes in a Silver flavor. With its zero sugar content and 10 calories per serving, Salimo is mostly used by weightlifters. However, it is not advised to take more than one bottle a day. Additionally, it is also not recommended to take Solimo energy drinks 72 hours after opening. Solimo Silver which comes in a pack of 24 has a rating of 4.2 and 2,364 reviews.

5. Rockstar Recovery Energy Drink.

Rockstar Energy Drink

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In fifth place is the Rockstar recovery energy drink. Holding 4.7 stars and 2,859 reviews, Rockstar comes in orange flavor. Specifically made for those who live tedious lives, the orange energy drink is specifically designed for muscle recovery. It comes in 12 and 24 canned packs.

4. Zipfiz Healthy Energy Drink Mix

Zipfizz Best Energy Drinks

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Fourth is the Zipfiz Healthy Energy Drink Mix. With its unique name, the energy drink also comes with a unique taste of fruit punch. It has a 5- star rating of 4.8, with 5, 268 reviews. Zipfiz contains 100ml of caffeine, packed in a tube which makes it great for traveling. It is gluten-free and you are advised not to take more than three in a day.

3. Redbull

Red Bull

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In third, is the famous Redbull. Commonly known for its various editions, Redbull has 4.8 5- star ratings, with 6, 227 reviews. The energy drink comes in original flavor. It contains 80ml of caffeine per can to vitalize your body and mind. Redbull comes in a 24 aluminum canned pack which makes it easier for recycling.

2. Mountain Dew Game Fuel

Mountain Dew Best Energy Drinks

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Mountain Dew Game Fuel secures its place in second place. It holds a 4.8 from the 5-star ratings and 7,690 reviews. Made with real fruit juice, the energy drink comes in 4 flavored variety packs.

1. Monster Energy Drink

Monster Energy

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At the top of the list is Monster Energy Drink. With its many years in the market, Monster has shown dominance all time long. With its 4.8 5-star ratings, Monster has over 33,022 reviews.

Coming from its Monster brand, Monster energy comes in zero ultra-flavor. It comes in 24 packed cans, with each having 140 ml caffeine levels. Mostly used in parties and clubs, its major consumers being teenagers.

In summary

energy drinks are used to cut off fatigue. It would also be fair to acknowledge the fact that different energy drinks serve different purposes. From hydrating during pre-workouts, during workouts to pump up energy, to post workouts for muscle recovery.

Amazon being a word market, has also played a major role in making sure that these energy drinks get to you, easier and faster with just a tap on your mobile phone. With the availability of these energy drinks in different brands, flavors, and packaging, Amazon has come up with a list of the top 10 energy drinks overall.

The criteria used for ranking are ratings and reviews. The ones with less 5-star rating and fewer reviews were arranged in descending order as seen above. From position 10 to 1 respectively was;

The discovery that you could use energy drinks during traveling and also substitute alcohol in parties is quite amazing. However, it would also be wise not to ignore the cautions that come with them.