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10 Best Combat Boots for Men of 2024

Which are the best men boots to wear for the majority of seasons? Well, to me, combat boots are the best choices. These are street or outdoor boots that every man should have in their shoe collection. The boots are crafted with a comfortable design for feet support and are durable as well.

The majority of the combat boots for men reach around the ankle area to ensure you get ample support around your ankle. These are timeless boots and fit multiple activities or occasions. Therefore, some models are suitable for formal and casual wear. Here are the top ten best combat boots for men to look at.

Best Combat Boots for Men in 2024

10. Under Armour Men’s Stellar Tac Side Zip Sneaker

Under Armour Combat Boots for Men

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Come rain or sunshine, rest assured these boots will provide the right protection as you carry out your outdoor activities. In this case, you can wear them for early morning hunting, hiking, mountaineering, among other outdoor activities. The shoes may look bulky but are made with durable yet soft materials for your feet.

The leather sole ensures your feet do not come to contact with wetness when you step on water areas or morning dew. On top of this, the entire boots have the DWR finish to ensure your feet are safe from waters while ensuring good breathability. The lace-up style plus mid zipper style makes wearing the shoes easy.

Special features

  • These combat boots are safe for all-weather climates
  • They have DWR finish
  • They have breathable materials crafting
  • Take little time to dry up

9. Under Armour Men’s Valsetz RTS 1.5 with Zipper

Under Armour

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The Shaft of these boots measures at the mid toe from the arc, which is pretty much long to offer ample support to your feet. The top parts of the boots are made with an infusion of fabric and textile to ensure durability and breathability when you wear them on sunny days.

These are combat boots you can wear when going to waterly areas since they have leather soles crafting, plus the DWR finish essential for repelling wetness. Slipping on and off these boots is easy since they have a medial zip on the side. You don’t need to worry about the boots slipping of the feet as they have a lace-up closure design.

Special features

  • The boots have both 9D nylon textile and leather crafting
  • They have Eva molded midsoles
  • The shoes are comfortable to put on and off
  • Have top breathable materials

8. Martens, Unisex 1460 Slip Resistant Service Boots

Dr. Martens Combat Boots for Men

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One thing that stands out on these boots is the soles. The soles are crafted with a non-slip design to ensure you have the right balance and safety while walking on any ground. Thus, you can comfortably walk on slippery areas without worrying about falling or slipping.

The synthetic and leather materials construction guarantees the boots’ durability and your safety in case you wear the boots in varying seasons. The Shaft is another excellent part of the shoe that guarantees your comfort. The shaft measures near the ankle from the arc. The opening section measures 13 inches all around for a comfortable experience when slipping on and off the shoes.

Special features

  • These combat boots are waterproof
  • They are light in weight
  • The boots feature anti-fatigue style
  • Have both leather and synthetic material crafting

7. Steve Madden Men’s Troopah-c Combat Boot

Steve Madden

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What I truly admire about these combat boots is the design. These are shoes that you can comfortably rock even when going out with your friends. The classic and unique material design makes it easy to match the shoes with multiple casual wears. The boots have pure leather material construction that ensures your feet are safe and comfortable even when you walk in wet areas.

The reason being, your feet can not get wet! The synthetic sole of the boots ensures durability while limiting bulkiness to your feet when walking around. The heels of the boots measure 1 inch high to ensure your feet are slightly raised from the ground for comfort.

Special features

  • These are multifunctional combat boots
  • Have the lace-up closure crafting
  • These combat boots come in black and brown color designs
  • The Shaft is 8 inch from the boots arcs

6. Motorcycle Combat Work Boots for Man

COTTIMO Combat Boots for Men

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For every man who owns a motorcycle, you need to get a pair of these combat boots for your cycling needs. The boots are comfortable thanks to the lightweight and materials as well. These combat boots are hand-made using the finest materials and advanced technology to ensure the boots are durable.

These are boots that you can wear for an entire day since they have cushioned footbeds for comfort and safeguarding your soles throughout. Also, the rubber soles of these boots ensure your feet have excellent grip since they are non-slip.

Special features

  • These boots come in varying colors and styles
  • The soles have non slip materials
  • Have cushioned footbed for support
  • They are quite affordable

5. Thursday Boot Company Captain Men’s Combat Lace-up Boot

Thursday Boot Company

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These are durable shoes that you can wear for multiple occasions. Still, the boots’ design ensures your comfort and safety are not compromised, mainly when you wear them for long hours. Note that these boots are made slightly larger than the standard shoe fitting size. So, consider getting the same shoe size when buying them.

The stitching plus design of the shoes makes them fit for multiple wears, both casual and official. The upper materials have 100 percent leather crafting that is waterproof as well. The comfort of your feet is another feature considered in manufacturing these combat boots. The boots have Poron shock-absorbing insoles and Cork-bed midsoles for that extra safety and comfort to your feet.

Special features

  • These are lightweight and durable combat boots
  • The boots are great for official and casual wears
  • The boots have premium leather crafting
  • These boots come in unique distinct color designs

4. FREE SOLDIER Men’s Tactical Boots -8 Inches Combat Boots

FREE SOLDIER Combat Boots for Men

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This is another pair of combat boots ideal for men who love outdoor adventures such as hiking and mountaineering. The shoes are comfortable and still guarantee your safety while outdoors. The top materials of these boots have high-quality suede leather plus nylon fabric comfortable to your skin and wear-resistant.

The outer soles have rubber materials with a non-slip design, so you can get an excellent grip regardless of where you walk. Also, these shoes are relatively light to ensure your comfort when you walk for long-distance. The EVA midsole guarantee support to your feet, plus the sole flexes for smooth walking around.

Special features

  • The boots feature YKK side zips
  • Provides a comfortable fit
  • These are stylish combat boots for outdoors
  • The boots only weigh 1.76 pounds each
  • Are perfect for multiple seasons

3. NORTIV 8 Men’s Military Tactical Work Boots


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These are the most versatile boots you can wear as motorcycle boots, combat boots, or tactical boots. The versatility is guaranteed by the design that provides comfort, safety, and even durability. These boots reach around the ankle section, and the perfect fitting ensures your ankle has enough support, especially when walking in strenuous areas outdoors.

Slipping the boots in and out as smooth as they have the YKK zips on the side. Also, the boots have a lace closure to ensure they don’t slip off your feet when walking. You can also wear boots in sunny seasons since they have breathable fabric on the top section to keep the feet cool throughout.

Special features

  • The boots have high abrasion-resistant leather materials
  • The combat boots are great for indoor and outdoor wears
  • The boots have removable shock-absorbent cushion in-soles
  • Have rubber soles

2. Polar Fox Fabian MPX808006 Combat Boots

Polar Fox Combat Boots for Men

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Although these combat boots are a bit affordable, durability and comfort to the user are there. The top materials have pure vegan leather material for durability and the comfort of the user. Also, note that these boots are waterproof, so you can comfortably walk on wet grounds. The fur lining in the boots ensures total support to the feet.

These combat boots are great for both casual and formal wear when going to the office from the design and the materials crafting. These boots reach around the ankle section for excellent comfort and support to your ankles. The boots have the heel tab to ensure smooth on and off wear.

Special features

  • These boots come with 90 days warranty and 30 days money return policy
  • Are multipurpose
  • The boots offer excellent ankle support
  • They are waterproof

1. Frye Men’s Bowery Lt Lace Up Combat Boot


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Coming from one of the top best shoe manufacturing companies, rest assured these boots from Frye will last you longer. The shoes are also comfortable for daily wear as they have a lightweight design.

The soles have rubber materials, while the upper materials are pure leather crafting. Not only are these combat boots durable, but they are quite comfortable. The lace-up closure style ensures the feet stay firm on the feet.

Special features

  • These boots have the lace-up closure style
  • Are quite comfortable
  • The boots are super durable
  • Have Eva outsole


These are the classic and quality combat boots worth checking in the market right now. The majority of the reviewed boots are versatile, so you can wear them for multiple activities or occasions. They are made with different materials and styles to fit various occasions. So, check out our review to find your pair.