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10 Best Compact Dishwashers in 2024

Do you have a small kitchen that doesn’t have an integrated dishwasher? In that case, buying a compact dishwasher makes sense thanks to their low space requirements and affordable pricing. It is an essential thing to clean the mess and saving lots of time in return. While it is true that the market has tons of good cleaners, but finding a quality option isn’t an easier task at all. Everyone doesn’t keep their promises that they make during the advertisements.

Our team has created a list of the top 10 best compact dishwashers that one can think about buying in 2024. An expert team performs an extended level of research & testing to maintain the post’s authenticity and quality. Let’s have a careful look at all the models we have presented and buy the one that suits your needs properly.

Best Compact Dishwashers Review in 2024

10. Frigidaire FFBD1821MW (best full panel compact dishwasher)

Frigidaire Best Compact Dishwashers

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The list begins with this Frigidaire model with tons of certifications and approvals from many top organizations. It is a super dishwasher with an array of features for making the job convenient.

This product is the perfect proof of why Frigidaire is an incredible choice for better cleaning in the kitchen. Overall, it is a worthy investment for keeping your place fully clean.


  • Backed by numerous certifications
  • Variety of cleaning programs
  • Very beautiful construction
  • Fully quiet operation


  • Minor complaints about malfunctioning

9. SPT SD-2225DS Compact Dishwasher (best steel compact dishwasher)


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Highly sleek & stylish, the SPT SD-2225DS is one of the best compact dishwashers made for buyers’ convenience. There is a solid electronic control system with easy to read LED display to show running time.

That’s not all, you will find a rinse aid warning indicator & water supply warning indicator to keep updated about the cleaning operation.


  • Six different wash cycles
  • Delivered with a universal faucet adapter
  • Super easy connection
  • Brilliant electronic controls


  • Compression fittings are time-consuming

8. Farberware FDW05ASBWHA Complete Dishwasher (best under $350)

Farberware Best Compact Dishwashers

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We have placed this time testing dishwasher at the eighth position that begins the cleaning work without hookups. It is a very portable product delivered to the customers in two different variants.

It is very convenient to use for cleaning dishes up to 12 inches in diameter. We believe this unit is ideal for various places ranging from dorms to campers and even average houses.


  • Work at a variety of angles
  • Brilliant quality control
  • A high-speed cleaning cycle
  • Delivered with the fruit basket


  • Hose quality isn’t up to the mark

7. Airmsen AE-TDQR03 Countertop Dishwasher (best lightweight compact dishwasher)


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While the testing process, we found that the AE-TDQR03 is specially made for individuals seeking a lightweight design. This highly compact product comes with four standard place setting capacity that makes sure a variety of dishes can be catered.

An incredible feature of this unit is its extra dry functioning that boosts the ventilation to a different level. It works with any washing mode for better functioning.


  • Efficient hot drying system
  • Uses low amount of water
  • Saves floor space
  • Available at a very good price


  • Slightly difficult to understand interface

6. Hissun Compact Portable Dishwasher (best for warranty package)

HISSUN Best Compact Dishwashers

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This super dishwasher comes with five different washing programs for eliminating the residue properly & giving proper cleaning to the dishes. It is the best compact dishwasher delivered by the manufacturer with a complete set of accessories like a water inlet pipe, chopsticks box, and even dishwasher faucet adapter.

However, the top reason to invest money in this dishwasher its 5-year warranty that ensures you enjoy perfect peace of mind.


  • Backed by five years warranty
  • Delivered with a proper accessories set
  • Equipped with residual temperature technology
  • Stunning design


  • A highly complicated child lock system

5. Moosoo Compact Countertop Dishwasher (best 22-inch compact dishwasher)


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Equipped with a three-stage filtration system, this model from the Moosoo brand allows the users to complete the cleaning job in various modes. There are five different washing programs in this unit from which you can select the one as per the convenience.

The manufacturer has added both lower & upper spray arms for providing deep cleaning to the dishes adequately. It has a very space-saving design that makes sure the buyers can place it either countertop or even in the cupboard.


  • Capable of keeping the dishes odorless
  • It fits in a small space perfectly
  • Solid 3-in-1 functioning
  • Completes the job quickly


  • Not as popular as others on the list

4. Sunpentown SPT SD-222DW Compact Dishwasher (best under $250)

Sunpentown Best Compact Dishwashers

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The next one is SPT SD-222DW from the Sunpentown brand commonly seen in top restaurants across the United States. It has a straightforward convenient installation allowing the users to connect conveniently to the kitchen faucet.

There are seven different washing cycles in this unit ranging from heavy to soak allowing the users to clean utensils as per the requirement. The presence of a rinse aid warning indicator notifies the users when the rinse aid demand refilling.


  • Quick to connect installation system
  • Multiple delay start functionality
  • Easy to set in small space
  • Get installed without the need for a plumber


  • A little bit of noisy operation

3. Black + Decker BCD6W Countertop Dishwasher (best compact countertop dishwasher)


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If you are seeking a countertop model for a small kitchen space, we suggest buying this brilliantly crafted model from the Black & Decker brand. It can conveniently keep between counter & cabinet without too much mess.

The manufacturer has used stainless steel material for creating this compact dishwasher to provide longevity. The presence of electronic touch controls on the panel adds extra convenience for the buyers.


  • Extremely silent operation
  • Super convenient & easy to program
  • Clean the dishes perfectly
  • Affordable to buy


  • Can’t installed under kitchen cabinets

2. Danby Compact Dishwasher (runner’s up)

Danby Best Compact Dishwashers

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The second position won by this solidly designed dishwasher that can increase the detailing of your kitchen without breaking the bank. Available in three different variants, it has a very space-saving design that is very helpful during the cleaning process.

The highlight of this dishwasher is its eight place setting capacity and energy star compliance. Additionally, there is very low water consumed for the cleaning job by this unit.


  • Consume the little amount of water
  • Equipped with six convenient wash cycles
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Fully electronic controls


  • Attains rust after few years of use

1. Farberware Professional Compact Dishwasher( editor’s choice)


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This professional compact dishwasher is made for individuals looking for highly convenient dishwashing in the kitchen. The Farberware has done a pretty fine job in brilliant design, making it perfect to use in apartments, boats, apartments, etc.

There are six place settings on this dishwasher that make sure you can wash dishes up to 10 inches quite easily. On top of that, it has a very straightforward installation system making things convenient for first-time buyers.


  • Efficient cleaning with self-cleaning program
  • Equipped with extra drying functioning
  • Perfectly designed construction
  • Convenient installation system


  • E4 error needs to be improved

How to select the best compact dishwashers?

There is an excellent list of things you have to check while choosing a quality compact dishwasher that our team mentioned in detail below:

  • Size

A compact dishwasher is one that is designed in size with specifications around 18 inches. Go for a model that is created with such dimensions for ensuring proper placement of the dishwasher.

  • Capacity

The next thing to consider carefully is the capacity of the compact dishwasher you choose to shop for. Make sure it is capable enough to clean the number of dishes you usually have in the kitchen.

  • Cost

There is a solid role played by the budget during the selection process of compact dishwashers. They are available in a variety of budgets ranging from anywhere between US$ 500 & US$ 1500 depending on the features.

  • Cycle Settings

Another feature to check in the compact dishwasher is what kind of cycle settings it offers. As per experts, the more settings it has, the more power it will offer over the cycles.

  • Energy Efficiency

Although compact dishwashers usually use less energy compared with full-size ones, you should still look at the model’s energy efficiency. Choose energy star dishwashers as they use less energy when compared with the normal models.

  • Noise

Please note that all models don’t create noise as few make loud while others make low. Always choose the compact dishwasher that creates less noise during the entire operation.

What are the benefits of buying a compact dishwasher?

There are a solid number of advantages offered by a compact dishwasher we have mentioned in detail below:

  • Less Space

The biggest benefit of having a compact dishwasher is asked for very little space in the kitchen. Setting this equipment won’t take much issue for the owners at all.

  • Low Energy Consumption

Unlike large dishwashers, there is a minimal amount of energy used by the compact models for the entire cleaning process. It will result in minimizing the electricity bills to a greater level.

  • Quiet Operation

Another reason you will love investing money in a compact dishwasher is its extremely quiet operation. The people in the other parts of the house won’t get disturbed when you use a compact dishwasher in the kitchen.

  • Compatibility

A compact dishwasher can fits comfortably in almost all types of kitchens quite convincingly. In fact, it is considered a highly cost-effective solution for sure.

Best Compact Dishwashers – Frequently Asked Questions

Do compact dishwashers a good choice to make?

A compact dishwasher cleans the same as an integrated dishwasher without using too much water. Compared to hand washing, it uses nearly half the water that makes it completely worth purchase to make for sure.

Do all dishwashers have the same size of 24 inches?

That’s not true; the dishwashers are available in many different sizes ranging from 18 to 35 inches. The majority of models are 24 inches, but the compact dishwashers are 18 inches in measurement.

Can we keep the dishwasher keep under the sink?

Yes, it can be tucked underneath the sink quite conveniently without any issue. It won’t cause any harm to the dishwashers and keep them in excellent condition.

What exactly means by a compact dishwasher?

A compact dishwasher is smaller in size when compared with the traditional models. They usually have a measurement of 18 inches when we consider the size. In simple words, they are compact models that get fitted comfortably in small kitchens.

Is an 18-inch dishwasher considered too small?

It may be considered smaller in size, but its compactness is the main reason for the sale of this unit. This unit is deemed to be adequate for the kitchen where few dishes are made and include less space.

Can I keep a dishwasher in a cupboard?

No, it isn’t possible to keep the dishwasher in the cupboard as they are required to keep near the sink plumbing. It is required for the water supply and draining process. There is a need for extra creativity in cabinet remodeling while setting the dishwasher.


If you are looking to shop for a quality small dishwasher, then we believe selecting one of these models perfectly makes sense. Our team has tried to mention various models falling in different price ranges for making things efficient & convenient. Select any of these best compact dishwashers from the list as per the requirements and features.

If there is a query in your mind regarding these dishwashers, please write in the comment section and get the desired answers.