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Top 10 Best Freezer Mugs in 2024

Everybody likes to enjoy a cold beverage, especially during the hot summer days. However, maintaining the coldness of the beverage after pouring it in glass or mug can be hard. Thus, it is better to opt for a freezer mug. It comes in a multitude of designs and varieties, these mugs keep your beverages cold for hours. They boast a special construction which acts as insulation. Thus, it prevents the beverage from gaining heat from the surrounding and lose its coldness.

In fact, these mugs are a staple addition to every summer party or household. Here, we are going over 10 best freezer mugs. Have a look to make the right choice.

Best Freezer Mugs to Buy in 2024

10. Dragon Glassware Beer Glass

Dragon Glassware Best Freezer Mugs

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When it comes to drinks, no compromises should be made with safety. For that reason, this beer glass makes use of top quality DragonGlass which keeps your drink chilled for a long time. More than that, this glass is completely free from the lead so that you can drink without any worries. Moreover, the beer has insulated double walls. Therefore, there can be no temperature dissipation, for a really long time.

If you are still not convinced about the quality of the product, Dragon Glassware drives away any doubts with an attractive year-long warranty on the product.

Key Features

  • As a luxury product, this product comes in a beautiful designer box, making it an ideal gift for friends or family.
  • If you are a big drinker, you will love this product. The product is able to hold one beer at one time without any problem.
  • You do not have to worry about any damages, as the product is freezer safe.

9. Cypress Home Freezer Mug

Cypress Home

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If you love to have a get-together, this set of freezer mugs will be great for you. For a nominal price, you get a whole set of 4 different freezer mugs. If that was not enough, the freezer mugs all come in different colors including green, blue, red and orange. Therefore, you will never need to be noticed who had which mug anymore.

On top of that, you can be assured the mugs are completely safe to use. The mugs are totally BPA free, not having any harmful materials and extremely safe to drink from it.

Key Features

  • The mugs do not make you wait for an obnoxious time either. You only need to wait for 4 hours, for them to be ready to provide you with chilled beer.
  • These mugs have been specially designed, so they do not only last you for a long time, but they even look as good as new through usage.
  • Besides, each mug can hold up to 16 oz of liquid. Thus, it allows you to enjoy your drinks in considerable quantities easily.

8. Chefcaptain Dimple Stein Beer Mug

Chefcaptain Best Freezer Mugs

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This product has already won many hearts with its amazing service and bagged the title of Amazon’s Choice for itself. Surely, it will not fail to come up to your expectations as well. The beer mugs come wrapped up a special frustration-free foam mold box. This makes sure the delicate glass does not shatter on their way to you, and as well as, makes taking the glasses out of the box very convenient.

Most importantly, this product also offers you the complete convenience of cleaning. It is dishwasher safe so you will have no trouble in cleaning it.

Key Features

  • When it comes to maintenance, the mugs make it a hassle-free task. All the mugs are dishwasher safe.
  • It has handles with a wide area. This makes holding the mugs easier no matter how big your hands are.
  • The handles of the mugs also help to keep the freezing cold away from your hands, so you can hold them without a problem.

7. BC Inter Freezer Mugs

BC Inter

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Functionality is never enough. Hence, this product looks as good as it works. The freezer mug set comes with special ice-like particles inside the mugs, which make them look really attractive. The particles remain stagnant, between the two walled design of the mug. Because of the two walled design, you get great insulation, which prevents the mugs from getting warm really soon, so you can enjoy your drink without being in a rush.

If your hands are big, this product can be of some use. With the long handles, you get a firm grip on your mugs without hurting your fingers.

Key Features

  • As far as safety is concerned, the freezer mugs have been created meeting all the health specifications without fail.
  • In order to cool your beverage, polystyrene has been used for the freezer mugs.
  • Because of the plastic bottoms of the mugs, your tables also do not get damaged.

6. Duck House NFL Philadelphia Eagles

Duck House Best Freezer Mugs

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When it comes to the best quality mugs then this one surely deserves to be on your list. If you are a fan of the Eagles, this is a must-have item for you. The product sports the official logo, and name of the team on the mugs, making game nights even more fun. On top of that, the handle and bottom of the mugs are color-coordinated.

In case you choose to side with a different team other than Eagles, no need to worry. Duck House has got you covered with its wide range of mugs with a number of varying teams.

Key Features

  • With the use of a patented non-toxic freezable liquid, what more assurance can you ask for.
  • Not only is the product BPA free, but it is lead-free as well, making it completely safe to use.
  • With the exceptionally fast freezing technology, the product only needs 30 minutes to 1 hour, to get ready to use.

5. Host Freeze Beer Mugs


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With this product, you cannot go wrong. The product with its matchless performance has rightfully become the proud owner of the title of Bestseller on Amazon. The product makes use of a special ultrasonic welding geometry. This allows the plastic to be used and molded in the shape of a perfect pint glass.

Being plastic, you do not have to worry about any glass shattering even if the glass slips from your hand. Moreover, the product has the benefit of a 360 degrees silicone comfort grip. Thus, no matter where you get you can touch the soft surface for ergonomic comfort.

Key Features

  • Not everybody has the same preference. Therefore, this product is made available in two different shades of black and grey you get to choose from.
  • Because of the comfort grip, your hand remains warm, while your drink remains cool.
  • Also, it makes use of a special proprietary gel. This gel keeps your drinks cold even after hours.

4. Bormioli Rocco Beer Glasses

Bormioli Rocco Best Freezer Mugs

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This glass is extremely versatile. Not only does it hold your beer, but it can be used to hold any other cold beverage you prefer. The product can be used for both formal parties as well as casual gatherings. Crafted in Italy by experienced glass bowers, these glasses bear some amazing intricately patterned glass cuts, all over the mugs.

Further, the high-quality glass does not only look great, but it is lead-free as well. Nevertheless, one of the best things about this mug is its design. It comes as a modern twist on the classic German Stein. Thus, it adds an extraordinary sense of style to your drinking game.

Key Features

  • As for the maintenance, the product allows you enough flexibility. It can be both hand washable, as well as they are dishwasher safe.
  • This is a great product for heavy drinkers. The glass is able to hold a good 17.25 ounces at once.
  • With a rather heavy bottom, the beer glass has better stability to withstand rough handling.

3. Silver Buffalo Freeze Mug

Silver Buffalo

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If you love fan merchandise, this product is a sure winner. The freezer mug produces officially licensed merchandise you can now flaunt among your friends. Since the mug is available in 4 different designs, you are sure to find one which can suit your taste. From the logo to the color coordination, this product takes care of it all. The product makes use of non-toxic coolant for the beverages.

Most importantly, the mug is completely BPA free too. Thus, it is completely safe to use. Also, it is easy to wash since you can easily wash it by your hands.

Key Features

  • The frosty ice look makes the mug even more interesting to look at.
  • Since the gel of the product is reusable, you can say goodbye to the trouble of setting ice to enjoy your glass of beer.
  • The handle of the product is both long and wide, to give you a comfortable grip on the mug.

2. Duck House NCAA Virginia Cavaliers

Duck House Best Freezer Mugs

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Every team deserves the same amount of attention. For that reason, here Duck House brings you another amazing product from its long line of freezer mugs. The product makes use of the best quality graphics, in order to give you a high definition logo on your mug. Enjoying a drink in this mug completes the experience of your game night.

To top it off, the freezer mug also makes sure to have a color coordinated handle and base. The mug has a capacity of 16 ounces. Hence, you can easily use it to enjoy your favorite cold beverage.

Key Features

  • The long plastic handle makes sure to keep your hands warm, so they do not hurt from the freezing chill of the mug.
  • It barely requires an hour to be ready, so that you can enjoy cold beverages, without needing to wait for too long.
  • You can find relief in knowing that the non-toxic crystal gel used for the product is patented as well.

1. ATB Frosty Freezer Mug


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If you hate your drinks getting diluted because of the ice inside your drink, you are in luck. Sitting at the top of our list, this freezes mug is undoubtedly the best one out there. This freezer mug keeps your beverages clear while keeping them as strong and flavorful as ever. Moreover, with this mug, you will be able to save a lot of time and effort, not requiring to set ice for your beverages. Simply popping the mug in the freezer does the job.

Having a 16oz capacity, you do not need to keep refilling your mug frequently. The product can be used to cool a number of different beverages.

Key Features

  • Instead of glass, the product makes use of sturdy plastic, so even if you drop your drink, the mug would not break.
  • With the non-toxic coolant gel, you can enjoy your drink without any concerns.
  • The double-walled design makes sure the drink remains cool for a long time.

So, want to enjoy a drink with your friend? Then grab a large freezer mug and sip on the refreshing drinks to have a gala time.