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Top 10 Best Electric Car Jacks in 2024

If you want to lift the car without any manual effort, then there is no option than the electric jack that is available in a variety of designs. However, finding the best electric car jack isn’t an easier task due to the number of options available in the market. An electric jack is an incredible equipment that needs your investment in dealing with any casualties on the road. The majority of people find it hard to find the best electric car jacks considering the choices available in the market.

There are tons of conditions when people don’t travel without the required precautions. It is strongly possible that you aren’t one of those individuals who prefer to roam with quality measures. Over the years, the electric jacks have strongly replaced the manual jacks that demand lots of effort. There are a great number of brands that have started manufacturing this equipment, but all of them don’t create quality products.

If you are worried about making the wrong choice and prefer spending money on quality units, then this post is all you need to read. In this post, we are going to make things convenient for the buyers and helping them in finding the right unit. The same goes for the electric car jacks, and that’s why our team has done the research work. Here, you will get a chance to know about the top 10 best electric car jacks available to shop in 2024. Don’t waste any time and check the complete post now!

Best Electric Car Jacks in 2024 Reviews

10. Vvivid Electric Tire Jack (best budget-friendly pick)

VViViD Best Electric Car Jacks

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The list starts with an ultra-powerful unit that can complete the job at a very affordable price. It is a solid capacity scissor jack that can work using a 12V DC adapter for solid experience.

Furthermore, the company delivers it with an impact-resistant case for making sure you can keep things organized.


  • Equipped with very solid steel base
  • Give perfect stability
  • Capable of lifting up to 3 tons instantly
  • Delivered with manual crank


  • The short cord might be an issue

9. Lippert 298707 Electric Stabilizer Jack (best waterproof switch kit)

Lippert Components

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We can’t argue that it is one of the best electric car jacks thanks to its waterproof construction. It is manufactured using top-quality gauge steel along with embossed legs for special powder coating.

The company has manufactured it using this power stabilizer for dealing with efficiency in a better way.


  • Super durable construction
  • Very powerful car jack
  • Capable of getting adjusted on uneven terrains
  • Solid one year warranty


  • Too expensive to buy

8. Powerbuilt Electric Car Jack (best 2-in-1 pick)

Powerbuilt Best Electric Car Jacks

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This impressive model from the Powerbuilt brand can work as both a tire inflator and a car jack. We find that this unit is a perfect pick to make for dealing with roadside emergencies along with performing tire changing work on the driveways.

The availability of lightweight and compact design helps in making storage work convenient and easier.


  • Very compact and lightweight construction
  • Equipped with onboard compressor for filling the tire with air
  • Performs the job very quickly
  • Available at a very good price


  • Capacity needs improvement for sure

7. Rogtz Electric Car Jack (best for the complete kit)


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The seventh position is accommodated by this superb car jack that comes with all sorts of accessories. Investing money in this unit is the most suitable thing to do for having a suitable experience.

This pack is delivered with compact triangle construction and a thickening steel plate for extra convenience.


  • Delivered with a one-year warranty
  • Give incredible capacity of 6,000 pounds
  • Come with a proper set of accessories
  • Complete lifting work in minutes


  • Issues about backplate popping

6. Pilot Automotive Q-HY-1500L Electric Car Jack

Pilot Automotive Best Electric Car Jacks

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If you want to complete the lifting job quickly, then the Q-HY-1500L is the right option to choose from. It is an incredible product that completes the job in seconds making sure you don’t have to spend too much time on the road.

Another thing that we like regarding this unit is its motor is almost maintenance-free making it ideal for beginners.


  • Powered by incredible motor capacity
  • Extremely convenient to set-up
  • Equipped with a very long cable
  • Give full protection from overloads


  • Heavy construction might be an issue for some

5. Zerone Electric Car Jack (best electric car scissor jack)


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We can’t miss mentioning the name of this excellent unit that can be called a perfect combination of stability and safety. It is an exciting easy to use model due to which you can stay confident during emergency situations.

The company has added two removable raised heads for making sure buyers can use it for both SUVs and sedans.


  • Impressive 6 pounds capacity
  • Delivered with an electric wrench
  • Beginner-friendly model
  • Completes task under 60 seconds


  • Little bit complaints about leakage

4. Lippert 285318 3500LBB Jack

Lippert Components Best Electric Car Jacks

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The next product that our team wants to be mentioned is made for people who prefer to make a minimum effort during the lifting process. The biggest specialty of this unit is staying stable, even on the roughest ground. The capacity of 3,500 lbs makes sure you can use it for a variety of vehicles.

It is one of the best electric car jacks having an 18-inch stroke that is perfect for day to day operations. There are four LED lights installed to the unit for making sure lifting becomes easier in the night.


  • Provide amazing efficiency
  • Stay stable on rough surfaces
  • Causes minimum noise
  • Need very less storage space


  • Not a cheaper option to buy

3. Black Bull EJ212 (best 2-ton capacity electric car jack)

Black Bull

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The third position is for the people who have light vehicles other than SUV or trucks. The reason behind that is it comes with a 2-ton capacity that makes it a perfect candidate for small vehicles. We will say it is a brilliant product for changing tires with minimum effort.

You can easily pull this car up to the height of 14 inches with standard wheels. It is a brilliant 12-volt electric car jack that deserves your investment for sure.


  • Performs job very quickly
  • Crafted in a very compact size
  • Super convenient to use
  • Available at a very good price


  • Not the right option for SUVs and trucks

2. MarchInn 12 V Electric Hydraulic Jack (runners up)

MarchInn Best Electric Car Jacks

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The runner up for the list is this exceptionally designed electric hydraulic jack that comes with a solid torque of 340N.M. It can lift the car up to 17.6 inches that is pretty good. You will get a 3.5 m power cable for making the operation quicker and better.

It is one of the best electric car jacks whose lifting power can’t be questioned in any manner. The lifting capacity of 11,000 lbs makes sure you can use it conveniently for heavy vehicles.


  • Very strong and durable construction
  • Super easy to use
  • Capable of lifting even 5-ton vehicles
  • Delivered with a longer cord


  • Little bit costly when compared with others

1. ABN 3 Ton Electric Hydraulic Jack (editor’s choice)


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There is no way you can find a better candidate for topping the list other than this model from the ABN brand. It is a brilliant unit that you can use for dealing with roadside emergencies in a better way. The company delivers this unit with an 11.5 feet power cable for the extra convenience of the buyers.

The total capacity of this unit is 6,000 pounds making sure you can use it for almost all the vehicles. Furthermore, the unit stays stable thanks to the self-locking structure.


  • Equipped with LED light for dark areas
  • Very stable structure
  • Doesn’t cause leaking oil issues
  • Long power cable for extra convenience


  • Create noise during the operation

Buying Guide – How have we tested the best electric carjacks?

Numerous things need to be addressed in an electric car jack for ensuring that the job gets performed adequately. The reason behind that is this equipment is used in emergency situations. If it doesn’t work in those circumstances, then the buyers will have to deal with serious issues. Don’t worry; we have made the list of essential factors required to check before finalizing the electric car jack. The information about them is written in detail below:

How easy is it to use?

The main motive of buyers behind buying an electric jack is to reduce the manual effort. There won’t be any benefit of buying if it doesn’t satisfy this condition. The model you select should be easy to use and complete work quickly.

Every model added in the list is super simple to use and doesn’t cause any trouble even if you don’t have any previous experience.

What kind of design it has?

The design of the electric jack should be compact enough to fit either in the trunk corner or beneath the seats. The thing we want to say here is the buyers shouldn’t have too many difficulties while storing this equipment.

Also, it should be easier to carry without causing any trouble for the buyers. As you can see, every model mentioned here has a compact construction for extra convenience.

What is the power source?

There are many versions of electric car jacks available in the market with a different power source. However, we suggest buying the one that gets power from the car’s lighter outlet. It makes sure you don’t have to worry if you get stuck in the middle of the road.

We have tested every model mentioned here for operation with a cigarette lighter outlet, and it has performed better than the expectations.

How long is the cord?

Another thing that plays a great role in the selection of an electric car jack is the length of its cord. It should be long enough to reach the point where the car needs to be lifted.

We have only added the options that come with at least 10 feet of cord for making sure things become convenient for the buyers.

How much can you spend?

The next critical factor that needs to be understood carefully is how much price you can afford to spend. The electric car jacks are available in a huge variety of price ranges making sure everyone can choose according to their budget.

Our team has mentioned the models in a great range of prices for ensuring that everyone can find the one suiting their needs adequately.

Do you need add-on features?

Although it may not be necessary for everyone, there are still many who might need them. It can be LED lighting or oil bottles or any sort of thing. Choose the model that comes with the required set of features.

Our team has evaluated this factor very carefully and tried to options having the maximum number of add-ons in the electric car jack.


An electric car jack is a very critical accessory that should always remain in your car. There are tons of situations where you have to change the flat tire of the car in the middle of the road. Doing this work using a manual jack demands lots of efforts that very few people wish to do. However, having an automatic version can make things very convenient and better.

Our team has presented only the best electric car jacks to the readers for ensuring that they have an awesome purchase. Choose any of these models, and we are pretty assured you are going to have an incredible experience. Still, have any queries regarding the electric carjacks? Write about it in the comment section to get the answers.