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Top 10 Best Electric Lunch Boxes in 2024

Are you someone who hates to have a cold lunch at work?

Has it ever happened with that when you open your lunch at the office, and it’s all cold and has lost its taste as it was when the food was warm?

Then the electric lunch box is made just for you. Never compromise with your taste and meals with electric lunch boxes. It comes with a cord that has to be connected to an electric source to heat the food. These are made up of high-quality materials that keep your food fresh. And when you are ready to eat, you can heat it anytime and anywhere.

Electric lunch boxes give you the feel of eating freshly made warm, savory food. But when it comes to choosing the best electric lunch box for yourself, it can be confusing. That is why to make sure you buy the best quality product; we have prepared a list of the best electric lunch boxes.

List of Best Electric Lunch Boxes Review

10. Yohoolyo Electric Lunch Box with Stainless Steel container

YOHOOLYO Electric Lunch Boxes

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The Yohoolyo Electric lunch box comes with a removable stainless steel container, which, according to customer reviews, is very easy to clean. So there is no hassle on the cleaning part. You should be confident about its quality as it is made of high-quality PP material and stainless steel. It is also environmentally friendly.

This electric lunch box has three separate compartments. So you can pack three different kinds of foods for your lunch like salad, curry, and rice, all in the same lunch box. The separate compartments do not let your foods to mix. It works on constant heating technology. The best thing is that it comes with two chargers – one for home and one for the car. So now you can eat a warm lunch even while you are traveling.


  • Comes with a 110V home charger and a 40W car charger.
  • Insulation and heating function
  • Removable stainless steel container
  • High-quality materials used for manufacturing


  • No or short product warranty

9. Eocolz 2 in 1 Electric Lunch Box with Spoon


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No need to carry your spoon from the next time as the Eocolz Electric lunch box comes with a spoon for the convenience of the buyers. It is ideal for home, travel, car, office, and school. The lunch box has two separate compartments. So, this will help you to carry different varieties of food without worrying about getting them mixed. One compartment is of stainless steel, and the other one is made of plastic.  You can easily take out the stainless steel tray and plastic compartment to clean.

This electric lunch box meets all the standards of high quality. The design of this lunch box is similar to that of a bento lunch box. It runs on PTC heating technology, which ensures fast heating of food as well as prevents overheating.


  • PTC heating technology
  • Prevents overheating of food
  • 2 separate compartments
  • 2 different chargers for home and car


  • Plastic container may not be a good option for storing food

8. Farochy Electric Lunch Box with Bag

Farochy Electric Lunch Boxes

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The Farochy electric lunch box is one of the best lunch boxes in the market. It has gained the trust of its customers. This lunch box comes with a bag that is easy to carry and store the lunch box. It also has a separate spoon container. The lunch box has two compartments separated by a stainless steel tray. It is effortless and convenient to clean. But do not wash the lunch box by completely immersing it into the water. Make sure you keep the cord dry.

The lunch box is made of the best quality A+ grade 304 stainless steel and PP material. The materials used in manufacturing are non-toxic. It is eco friendly. The lunch box has proved to be durable than other electric lunchboxes in the market.


  • Home charger and car charger included
  • Eco-friendly materials used for manufacturing
  • A+ grade quality stainless steel
  • Capacity is 1.5L


  • You need to heat it 40 minutes before eating

7. Toursion Portable Electric Lunch Box with Spoon and Fork


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The Toursion electric portable lunch box enables you to enjoy warm meals anytime and anywhere. You carry it to your office, school, or even while traveling. If you have a road trip even then, you can heat your meal in the car with the help of a car charger provided in the package. The lunch box comes with a stainless steel spoon and fork too. So you don’t have to pack your spoons with yourself.

The lunch box is made of PP material and good quality 304 stainless steel. It has a stainless steel container that can be easily removed for cleaning. The container is divided into three separate sections. Further, this will help you to carry a variety of snacks and foods.


  • Free spoon and fork
  • Removable stainless steel container
  • 3 sections
  • Fast heating technology


  • Heavy outer cover

6. Gideon Designer Electric Lunch Box

Gideon Electric Lunch Boxes

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Get yourself an elegant, designed grey color Electric lunch box today. It is the best lunch box in the market in this price range. The majority of people have given positive reviews on this product. The interior container is quite spacious as it measures to 10” x 6” x 8”. So you carry or pack up a large amount of food if you are traveling somewhere far.

It comes with an outer heat resistance case that does not get heated even when you are heating the food inside. It is very convenient to carry as it has a flat fold handle. The interior surface is made of non-stick aluminum. All you have to do to clean is a damp cloth and wipe it all. The set includes a car charger of 12V.


  • Heat resistance outer surface
  • Non-stick aluminum material used for interior container
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a flat fold handle to hold.


  • The non-stick coating may start to come out after some time of use

5. Heige Electric lunch Box for Office and Car


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The Heige lunch box set includes two chargers for home and car so that you can heat your food anytime. Enjoy the taste of warm, savory meals anywhere with the Height electric lunch box. Also, you don’t need to carry any spoons or fork as the box includes 2 in 1 fork and spoon. The capacity of the lunch box is 1.5L.

There are two separate containers to help you carry different types of food without worrying about the food to get mixed. There is one container made of stainless steel, and the other one is of plastic material. You need to wait 30 to 40 minutes to let the food get heated. Both the containers are removable, so it is straightforward to clean. You can take out the containers and wash them with water.


  • The capacity of the lunch box is 1.5L
  • 2 chargers included
  • 2 in 1 fork and spoon free
  • Good quality food grade PP material used for manufacturing
  • Non-toxic and eco friendly


  • Fast heating technology is absent

4. Toursion Portable Electric Lunch box

Toursion Electric Lunch Boxes

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If you are looking for good quality electric lunch box, then blindly go for Toursion electric lunch box. This lunch box has been approved on its quality terms by LFGB and FDA. So there is no scope of any doubt on the quality of the product. The lunch box uses the PTC constant heating technology, which prevents overheating of the food and facilitates the fast heating of the meal. So you don’t have to wait for your meal to get heated.

The lunch box is leak proof. It has two separate containers. You can easily clean the box by taking out the stainless steel container. It comes with a free plastic spoon too. The outer container has been designed to retain the heat by sealing the box. It also has an anti-scalding handle.


  • Fast heating technology
  • 2 separate containers
  • High-quality materials used
  • Leakproof


  • Interior container is not large

3. Vovoir Grey Electric Lunch Box with Spoon


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The Vovoir electric lunch box has a large capacity interior containers.  The electric lunch box has two removable food containers. The stainless steel tray has a capacity of.5L and the plastic salad box has 0.45L capacity. You can conveniently carry vegetables, soup, and other food items. It takes about 50 minutes to heat the food. So make sure you plug your lunch box an hour before eating.

It is effortless to clean and uses high quality 304 stainless steel for the manufacturing of the interior container. The size of the lunch box is 23.5 x 11 x 17.5 cm. Make sure you keep the container upright so that the food does not get spilled out as the lunch box is not airtight.


  • Separate charger for car
  • Energy-saving technology used
  • Large capacity containers
  • Separate plastic container for salad and snacks


  • Takes a long time to heat the food
  • The lunch box is not airtight

2. Corotc Blue Electric Lunch box with Spoon

COROTC Electric Lunch Boxes

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The Corotc portable electric lunch box lets you enjoy warm meals anytime, anywhere. You can carry it to your office, to your school, or even when you are traveling. If you are on a road trip even then with the help of the car charger provided in the package, you can heat your meal in the car. A stainless steel spoon comes in the lunch box too. And you don’t have to pack up your spoons.

The interior stainless steel container has two separate sections, which let you carry salad or some snacks along with your meal. The lunch box meets all the quality and safety standards. It can retain heat up to extended hours.


  • Stainless steel container
  • 2 separate container
  • Heat resistance
  • Free spoons


  • It is not leakproof
  • Fast heating technology is absent

1. Travelisimo stainless steel Container Electric Lunch Box


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Enjoy homemade fresh and warm meals with Travelisiomo electric lunch box. The lunch box is airtight and leaks proof. You can pack your meal and seal it with the seal handle attached to the outer surface. It uses fast heating technology, so you don’t have to wait anymore to enjoy your food.

Eat anywhere at home or office or school; just plug the lunch box to an electric outlet, and your food is ready. The containers can carry food for approximately two persons. You can either wash it yourself with a removable interior container or can put it in the dishwasher.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Fast heating of food
  • Large containers
  • Spoon free with the lunch box


  • The outer body is made of plastic

Why Should You Buy Electric Lunch Box?

Saves Money: The majority of people prefer to eat restaurant food during their lunch at the office or when they are traveling. Further, this is because they do not find it convenient to carry food along with them as it will get cold and will lose its taste. But if you use an electric lunch box, then you can heat your food anywhere and enjoy homemade food. Generally, this will not only help you save money spent on restaurant meals but also keep your health in check.

Health: You should never compromise with your health. Eating meals outside every day can harm your health. Buy an electric lunch box today and enjoy homemade fresh and warm meals.

Saves Time: It does not matter if you are at the office or out traveling, eating meals at a restaurant will take a lot of your time. You cannot afford to invest your precious time if you have a deadline at work. That is why you should buy an electric lunch box which will save you time.


The list above gives you an insight into the best electric lunch boxes available in the market. We selected the most trusted brands to help you choose an excellent quality lunch box for yourself. Electric lunch boxes can be your best buddy for a healthy meal anywhere, anytime.