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10 Best Outdoor Curtains of 2024 Review

With an outdoor curtain, you will be able to maintain your outdoor decor. It has heavy-duty construction making it ideal for outdoor conditions. Outdoor curtains offer you many options by allowing you to choose from different designs. It comes with multiple features and can block sunlight and rain. With it, there will be maximum privacy. It is perfect for different settings and you can even use it for indoor purposes. Check out the following list of the top 10 best outdoor curtains of 2024.

The Best Outdoor Curtains Review

10. Anjee Outdoor Curtains

Anjee Best Outdoor Curtains

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These outdoor curtains come with a length of 84-inch. The solid brown pattern also looks perfect in almost any space. Moreover, the thermal-insulated curtains keep you warm during the cold. However, during the summer, these drapes keep your place cool. The thick yarn comes with a waterproof treatment. These curtains resist the harshness of environmental elements.

The triple weave technology also keeps your space obscured. Furthermore, you can use these curtains in your gardens, gazebos, porches. You can use these screens for both indoor and outdoor decorating purposes. Nevertheless, the mildew, mold-resistant fabric makes these curtains ultra-durable. The grommets are rustproof as well.

Reason To Buy 

  • Allows cleaning in a washing machine.
  • Easy installation and long-lasting use.
  • Perfect for all seasons.

9. LORDTEX Outdoor Curtains


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The unusual teal color scheme grabs the attention of individuals. These machine-washable outdoor curtains also require no special maintenance. Moreover, the high-density polyester fabric does not usually rip or wear. The sailcloth fabric repels raindrops and water. Nevertheless, the detachable tab top makes removal hassle-free.

These curtains also block sunlight and harsh light. Hence, you can stay safe from harsh environmental elements. Furthermore, the weatherproof fabric prolongs the lifespan of these screens. These opaque curtains keep you safe from the gazes of individuals. However, the drapes look beautiful in your gardens, patios, and other spaces. You will get a pair of two tiebacks.

Reason To Buy 

  • Includes a detachable tab top.
  • Helps to keep rainwater and sunlight out.
  • Better privacy and durable fabric.

8. NICETOWN Outdoor Curtain

NICETOWN Best Outdoor Curtains

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The genuine polyester fabric ensures the durability of these outdoor curtains. The combination of top and bottom grommets also makes these curtains resistant to wind. However, you can use the hangings as weighted curtains for outdoor spaces. These pieces fit the needs of both indoor and outdoor spots. Nevertheless, you can use these screens for your backyards, patios, balconies, and more.

The triple weave technology also blocks the sunlight properly. Furthermore, the waterproof fabric construction resists the harshness of environmental elements. You can keep your space free from sunlight and rain. However, the top and bottom grommets let you maintain your privacy accurately.

Reason To Buy 

  • Comes with a weighted bottom for better performance.
  • Waterproof material and high wind tolerance.
  • Available in a machine-washable design.

7. RYB HOME Sheer Curtain


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A patio beside a beach looks cool with these outdoor curtains. The translucent sheer is also quickly machine-washable. Moreover, the solid pattern makes these pieces look quite sober. You can air-dry these curtains after washing. Nevertheless, the waterproof construction makes these shades suitable for outdoor locations. This set brings you curtain ropes to tie these sheers.

The fast-drying formula also keeps your space cool and cozy. Furthermore, the rustproof silver grommets are exceptionally durable. These curtains look beautiful for decorating outdoor wedding parties. However, you can diffuse the intrusive sunlight by hanging these screens. The see-through texture allows light to enter without hurting your eyes.

Reason To Buy 

  • Composed of premium translucent sheer.
  • Ability to diffuse intrusive sunlight.
  • Waterproof effect and wide applications.

6. StangH Outdoor Curtains

StangH Best Outdoor Curtains

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The thermal-insulating properties of these outdoor curtains keep your space breathable. However, you can use the hangings all year long. Moreover, the extra-long 108-inch blackout curtains make a perfect choice for patios. The solid pattern looks great against any background and decoration. Nevertheless, these curtains come with silver metal grommets.

The rustproof construction of these grommets extends the lifespan of these screens. Furthermore, these grommets are perfect for rods up to 1.6-inch diameter. The triple weave technology keeps your space warmer in the cold. On the contrary, these curtains preserve cold during the summer. However, these panels look equally good in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Reason To Buy 

  • Available in a waterproof design.
  • Blocks UV rays with triple weave technology.
  • Comes in a multifunctional design.

5. NICETOWN Patio Outdoor Curtain


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An exquisite biscotti beige color makes the hangings look sophisticated. The high-quality polyester fabric also offers exceptional durability. Moreover, the flat seam reduces the risks of fraying. You can use these curtains for shading patios, porches, and other spaces. However, the waterproof coating prolongs the lifespan of these screens.

The silver stainless steel grommets also offer resistance against rusting. Furthermore, the triple weave technology blocks sunlight to keep you cool. All of these curtains are machine-washable. The durable fabric resists wind, rain, and shine. Nevertheless, the single dark panel keeps your space accurately shaded. You can use the hangings as shower curtains.

Reason To Buy 

  • Triple weave technology for exceptional performance.
  • Maximum privacy and wide applications.
  • Attractive design and easy care.

4. RYB HOME Pergola Outdoor Curtains

RYB HOME Best Outdoor Curtains

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Decorating patios with these outdoor curtains enhances the beauty of the outdoors. The restrained crème beige accent also makes these pieces look classy. Moreover, the fade-resistant polyester fabric retains the beauty of these curtains for seasons. The treated fabric resists the harshness of environmental elements. Nevertheless, this manufacturer adds a single blackout curtain panel with this purchase.

You can also use your washing machine to keep these curtains clean. Furthermore, the light-blocking properties offer a single layer of room darkening. Hence, you can block up to 95% of light by hanging these screens. These curtains are apt for gardens, pavilions, gazebos, and other spaces.

Reason To Buy 

  • Perfect for having better privacy.
  • Suitable for all seasons.
  • Light blocking ability and durable material.

3. Sun Zero Valencia Outdoor Curtain

Sun Zero

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The striped pattern on grey makes these curtains look pretty. The rustproof grommets are perfect for the rods up to 1.5-inch diameter. Moreover, the polyester fabric construction is very much durable. These screens can decorate your studio, office, patios, and other spaces. Nevertheless, the stain-resistant finish makes these curtains look perfect for years.

The timeless vertical cabana stripes also make these pieces look sober. Furthermore, you can use these curtains to embellish gazebos and pergolas. The waterproof fabric lets you hang these screens in outdoor locations. However, the UV-treated curtains block UV-rays from entering through windows. These screens resist fading as well.

Reason To Buy 

  • Attractive look with vertical cabana stripe.
  • Ideal for different settings.
  • Ability to protect from UV rays.

2. RYB HOME Indoor Outdoor Deck Curtain

RYB HOME Best Outdoor Curtains

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The waterproof fabric construction makes this outdoor curtain set exceptionally durable. The pure polyester fabric construction also resists the chances of tearing. Moreover, the solid fabric looks elegant in your patios and studio rooms. The fade-resistant fabric is quickly machine-washable. However, you can use steam to get rid of wrinkles after washing.

This purchase also brings you a blackout curtain panel. Furthermore, the weatherproof treatment withstands the harshness of environmental elements. The 1.6-inch metal grommets work with various standard curtain rods. These sheer curtains are perfect for gazebos, front porches, and other spaces. Nevertheless, the thermal insulating properties make these screens perfect for all seasons.

Reason To Buy 

  • Comes in a windproof and waterproof design.
  • Polyester fabric and weatherproof effect.
  • Machine-washable design for user advantage.

1. Exclusive Home Outdoor Curtains

Exclusive Home Curtains

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Nothing looks sober than this set of neutral-colored outdoor curtains. The high-quality polyester fabric also makes these pieces exceptionally wear-resistant. The solid color accent makes these curtains suitable for studios and offices. Moreover, spot cleaning of these pieces is possible with a damp cloth. The canvas fabric resists water, dust, and debris.

However, the polyester fabric also resists mildew and mold. Furthermore, this purchase brings you two curtain panels. Each of these screens is suitable for both indoor and outdoor places. The manufacturer adds eight matte silver metal grommets per panel. These curtains offer a single layer of room darkening as well.

Reason To Buy 

  • Long-lasting use with high-quality polyester fabric.
  • Option to choose from multiple colors.
  • Water repellent material and resistance to mildew.

Buying Guide For Outdoor Curtain

Materials: Outdoor curtains are composed of different types of materials. You will have to invest in the one that allows you to use it for a long time. Some of the common types of fabrics are polyester, sheer, and polyester blend.

Size: The size is one of the most important factors that you need to see while buying an outdoor curtain. For this, you need to measure the size of your door so that there will be an optimal fit.

Waterproofing: The one that comes in a waterproof design will be an ideal consideration. This will make it perfect for outdoor purposes. Some can also come in windproof design and can be ideal for all types of weather conditions. You will have to go for the one that lets you use it during all seasons.

Maintenance: You need to see if the outdoor curtain has easy maintenance. Some can come in a machine-washable design so that there will be user convenience.

Usage and Design: Always go for the one that offers you multiple options. You will have to see if it is perfect for different settings. To make sure there will be an attractive look, you will have to consider the overall design.

Performance: Look for the one that delivers exceptional performance. It must offer better privacy by blocking the light. Some can also block the harmful UV rays. It has to be a highly reliable product and some lets you use it both indoors and outdoors. Select the one that can balance the winter cold and summer heat.


Outdoor curtains need to be of good quality so that they can sustain in different weather conditions. The online world does have fair share of low-quality products but our team has handpicked the best outdoor curtains for your consideration. Some of them, you can even use indoors and there are beautiful curtains available to beautify your place.