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Top 10 Best External Blu Ray Drives in 2024

The majority of new laptops and computer models don’t come with an external drive for Blu Ray CDs & DVDs. Instead of spending money on the new system, you can think about buying the best external Blue Ray drives. Having this equipment will give power to your system for running Blu-rays without any trouble. We understand that there are still lots of people who prefer to keep things old school by using traditional ways. No matter, you want to watch an old marriage ceremony video or home movies, having this equipment will be greatly beneficial for the readers.

There are many different types of Blu-Ray drives available in the market, named as Blu-Ray Readers, Blu-Ray Hybrid Drives, and Blu-Ray Burners. There are many brands that are involved in the manufacturing of this impressive unit that has confused the mind of many buyers. We are pretty assured that your mind is also puzzled, and you are finding it hard to find a compact model.

Don’t worry; we are here to help the readers and allow them to make awesome purchases. Our team has properly researched various models from the market and end up creating a list of the top 10 best external Blu-Ray drives available to shop in 2024. Let’s have a look at all these models and buy the one that you like the most.

Top Best External Blu Ray Drives in 2024

10. Sea Tech Aluminum External USB Blu-Ray Writer (best for durability)

SEA TECH Best External Blu Ray Drives

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The list will begin with this ultra-durable writer manufactured by a top brand like Sea Tech. It is crafted in a 1 mm unibody aluminum casing that makes sure you don’t have to worry about accidental falls.

It is compatible with both Mac and Windows PC for effective operation. Overall, we will say this unit has all the features that a quality drive needed to have.


  • Compatible with both systems
  • Crafted in a superb aluminum casing
  • Delivered with USB & C cables
  • Give extended performance


  • The high price might be an issue for a few individuals

9. Valley of the Sun Portable External Blu-ray Drive (best budget-friendly pick)

Valley Of The Sun

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If you want to shop for a budget-friendly pick, then buy this external blu-ray drive having all the latest features. It is an exceptional unit that gives very quick transmission speed along with having a strong ability to tolerate faults.

It is easy to use a model that works with a variety of Windows and MacOS systems. Furthermore, the presence of a slot-loading design ensures better space and protection from dust.


  • Supports plug n play operation
  • Tolerate faults easily
  • Saves a great amount of space
  • Keeps the dust away


  • Low in terms of popularity

8. PiAEK External Blu-ray Drive (best for better compatibility)

PiAEK Best External Blu Ray Drives

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The reason this unit has succeeded in securing a place in this list its wider compatibility that very few models can offer. Available in two beautiful designs, it has a plug n play design adding extra convenience to the experience.

This multi-function unit offers a pretty incredible transmission speed for better writing. It comes with the error-correcting ability to make sure minor issues can be eliminated automatically.


  • Quicker data transmission speed
  • Autocorrect the errors
  • Compatible with a variety of systems
  • Available in two beautiful designs


  • Create little bit noises during the operation

7. LG BP50NB40 Blu-Ray Rewriter (best for scratched discs)

LG Best External Blu Ray Drives

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The sixth position is accommodated by the LG BP50NB40 that is capable of working brilliantly on the scratched discs. If you have tons of such discs, then we suggest shopping for this incredible unit. It can support the BDXL format for effective functioning.

There is only environmentally friendly material used for the manufacturing of this impressive unit. On top of that, using this high-quality external blu-ray drive will ensure you can drive discs at a higher speed.


  • Work adequately on damaged or scratched discs
  • Capable of speeding up writing
  • Crafted in a beautiful black finish
  • Made using environmental material


  • Software loading takes time in few cases

6. Pioneer BD-RE 16X Blu-Ray Burner (best USB Blu-ray drive)


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If someone asks us to suggest the top contender for the USB based blu-ray drive, then we will recommend the name of this model from the Pioneer brand. It is a sensational model that supports triple-layer discs along with M-disc and BDXL. In simple words, this model can handle almost everything that you want from an external blu-ray drive.

There is USB 3.1 technology used for hooking up with the PC by this model. You will also achieve almost whisper-quiet performance after buying it.


  • Noiseless operation
  • Compatible with all types of discs
  • Huge powered by USB bus
  • Speedy work up to 16x


  • Quite a bulky construction

5. LG 6X WP50NB40 Blu-Ray Writer (runners up)

LG Best External Blu Ray Drives

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The second best option that performed much effectively in the testing process is the LG 6X WP50NB40 whose slim size and solid performance are hard to beat. It is a brilliant model that is compatible with both Windows and Mac for easier connection.

You can connect it easily using USB 2.0 without any required of a power supply. In addition to performance, it is quite easy to fall in love with this highly incredible unit.


  • Compatible with a variety of systems
  • Designed in a very portable look
  • Fascinating burning power
  • Vibration sensitive operation


  • Programming should have been a little bit better

4. Archgon MD-3102S-U3 External Blu-Ray (best plug n play model)


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Are you one of those people who don’t like the installation of drivers? If yes, then why don’t you spend money on the Archgon MD-3102S that comes in a plug n play design! It is an ultra-stylish product that supports both Windows OS and Mac adequately.

This unit only not reads the Blu-ray discs but also writes them along with CD and DVD. Investing money in this unit will let you enjoy the terrific performance of the system.


  • Work without any need for drivers
  • Designed in a very beautiful shape
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows
  • Extremely durable construction


  • Slightly higher price

3. Asus Computer Direct External Blu-Ray Writer

ASUS Best External Blu Ray Drives

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The next product that doesn’t need any recognition is this exceptional blu-ray writer available in a very stylish design. It is a quality option whose portability will win your heart for sure. The availability of a vertical stand help in saving space in the office.

Another highlight of this unit is its ability to write at nearly six times the normal speed for standard discs. Additionally, BDXL is supported by this writer that is capable of backup up to 100 GB of data in a single disc.


  • Crafted in design for saving space
  • Capable of writing at a very solid speed
  • Extra convenience due to vertical stand
  • Equipped with disc encryption technology


  • Ask for an upgrade after few years of use

2. Buffalo MediaStation Blu-Ray Writer (editor’s choice)


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The top pick is this impressively designed blu-ray writer that can handle both DVDs and CDS efficiently. It is capable of writing DVDs at 16x speed that is one of the fastest you can find anywhere. In the end, it can write a Blu-ray disc at 6x that is also pretty incredible.

You will get access to all these features with a solid two-year warranty that proves the price tag adequately. The buyers may have to spend a little bit extra money, but the speed and features they get for writing blu-rays are pretty extraordinary.


  • Backed by a solid two-year warranty
  • Capable of handling video up-scaling brilliantly
  • Writes at a very high speed
  • Equipped with TAA compliance


  • High cost may stop you from buying

1. OWC Mercury Pro 16x Blu-ray Drive (best for commercial use)


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The readers looking to use the drive for commercial use can think about investing in this unit. It is one of the best external Blu ray drives that sold at a little bit higher price, but the experience offered is guaranteed to amaze your mind for sure.

It has a very impressive sleek design that can add happiness to any dull environment. That’s not all; you can shop it in two beautiful colors to ensure you have a better match with your system.


  • Come with lock slot connections
  • Very solid designing work
  • Available in two beautiful colors
  • Delivered with an external power cable


  • Doesn’t come with the latest software

How we have selected the best External Blu Ray Drives?

There are many features that are important for a Blu-Ray drive to work according to the potential. All the buyers don’t have the technical knowledge, nor have they have time to spend time on these things. If you are one of those people who want to make a brilliant purchase without checking critical features, then read the factors to consider while buying an external blu-ray drive below:

  • Writing & Rewriting

The core thing that you need to check in an external blue-ray drive is whether it comes with writing & rewriting options. Having access to this feature adds flexibility to the system. It will help the users in burning the Blu-ray discs adequately.

Please keep in mind that the Blu-ray discs may be a little bit flexible, but they can store the same amount of information as the basic ones.


The second most convincing feature to care for in this device is compatibility. It is affected by two things, i.e., operating system and port type. You need to make sure that the drive you choose supports the desired USB data transfer rate. Also, it should be compatible with your system and give the desired experience.

The models mentioned by our team come with superb compatibility and make sure you don’t have to deal with such issues.

  • Speed

This factor isn’t much of your use if you want to use an external Blu-Ray drive only for watching movies. However, the speed should be taken seriously if you want to burn the disc. The reason behind that having adequate speed will help in saving a great sort of time.

Our team has assessed this critical factor carefully to ensure the readers don’t have to deal with the speed prospect. The thing we want to say here is you can enjoy a convincing level of speed by buying any of these models.


The next thing that you need to address while shopping for a new external Blu-ray drive is its price. Generally, an quality model is available at the price of US$ 100. There are a few options that even cost more than this price range.

The options we have mentioned falls in a variety of price range. Choose one model precisely according to your budget with a calm mind.

  • Power Source

Another thing that should take into consideration during the selection of a blu ray drive is how it gets the power to work. Some derive power from the USB port of the computer or laptop while others take power from a separate outlet. However, we suggest buying the ones that receive power from the USB port.

The reason behind that is the extra convenience that you can have because there will be no need to look for an extra power outlet.


An external blu ray drive is a highly efficient device that anyone can buy for enjoying movies in an old school style. There are numerous models of this equipment available in the market, but we have only specified the ones that can really give a terrific performance.

Choose any of these best external blu ray drives to enjoy your favorite movies conveniently. The level of quality that blu-ray can offer is hard to match from other means. If there is a query in your mind regarding this device, please write to us in the comment section and get the desired answers.