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10 Best Powdered Milks in 2024

If you don’t want to always dash to the shop to buy milk every time you want to make a cup of tea, you will best suit to buy powdered milk.

You don’t necessarily need liquid milk in cooking or preparing drinks in your home. The powdered kinds of milk are also great choices, especially for people who need durable milk. Most powdered milk brands have no additives and are free from gluten and GMOs for safety. The powdered kinds of milk are reliable for preparing beverages, shakes, smoothies, and baking.

Also, powdered milk is the best option for people who are allergic to gluten or dairy products. So, which are the best-powdered kinds of milk on the market? Below is a review of the top ten best brands to consider.

Powdered Milk

What is powdered milk?

Powdered milk, also known as milk powder, is the type of milk made to powder form through evaporating fresh milk until it dries up. This method helps to preserve its durability compared to fresh milk.

Is powdered milk bad for you?

Powdered milk is just like fresh milk. The only difference is that it is made in powder form. So, the nutritional value of the powder milk is equal to the fresh milk. However, whole powdered milk is not safe when consumed in high quantities since it can damage the blood vessels. The powder milk has oxidized cholesterol that affects the blood vessels.

Heath benefits of powdered milk

Increase cellular repair while regulating the immune system

If you are battling a specific disease that causes your immune system to weaken or feel your immune system is weak, powdered milk is a great supplement to improve it. The powdered milk contains the major proteins casein and whey packed with the essential amino acids suitable for fueling the body to function even with little immunity.

Generally, amino acids are best known to aid in growth and development, promoting the repair of cells. The other excellent and healthy properties found in powdered milk are the vitamins A, D, E, and K that work together to improve cell growth and repair.

Aid in muscle development

One cup of powdered milk will help you endure a lot of work during the day. The whey proteins that have a chain of amino acids promote muscle building while strengthening the body. The powdered milk is recommendable for people who enjoy going to the gym, athletes, and people involved in manual work since they can get enough energy to carry you their work while building good body muscles.

Strengthens the bones

Milk is known to help in strengthening bones since it has calcium and amino acids. In conjunction with potassium, proteins, and phosphorous found in the powdered milk, these two nutrients hugely help strengthen the bones. So, your kids can take the milk to enhance their bones as they grow and are recommendable for people suffering from bone fracture or bone loss problems.

Suitable for people with lactose intolerant

If you are a lactose torrent, then I would recommend the powdered milk. There is powdered milk that has low to no lactose content. So, if your system cannot digest milk lactose or have diet restrictions that require you not to take fresh milk, powdered milk is the best alternative.

Promotes and healthy heart

The powdered milk is packed with potassium that is known to help decrease blood pressure. So, if you suffer from cardiovascular diseases, regular taking of the powdered milk can help to reduce the risk associated with such heart diseases.

Best Powdered Milk of 2024

10. SACO Mix’ n Drink Instant Skim Milk


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Whether you are on a gluten-free diet or don’t like dairy products, I guarantee you will love this powdered milk from Saco. It has no fat and is made from pure and natural materials; hence, it is GMO-free for safety. This is definitely a family milk brand that you can use to prepare different drinks and foods.

If you need milk that you can carry when going to outdoor activities like camping, this is a great option since it does not spoil easily. You can store it to reuse it after opening. Besides using it for drinking and cooking, this powdered milk from SACO is packed with vitamin A and D for health purposes.

Special features
  • This powder milk has low levels of calories and fat
  • Has calcium, protein vitamin A and D
  • It is derived from real milk
  • The milk is convenient to use

9. Milkman Low-fat Milk – Instant Dry Milk Powder

Milkman Powdered Milks

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One pack of this powder milk from Milkman consists of 72 sachets that will last you for a very long time. If you are looking for powdered milk that will give you the real taste, this right here is the best choice. Unlike other powder milk brands pasteurized to remove fat, this powder milk consists of milk fats and cream to give you the real taste of milk.

It is easy to use since it is easily dissolved in liquids to prepare your favorite drinks. This powdered milk is perfect for preparing milkshakes, smoothies, tea, and even for cooking. The best part is that milk can last for up to 2 years when you open it.

Special features
  • One pack has 72 pieces
  • It can last for 2 years on the shelf
  • The milk is easy to mix
  • It is versatile in cooking

8. Z Natural Foods Organic Coconut Milk Powder

Z Natural Foods

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If you are on a dairy-free diet plan and need quality milk that you can use to cook, this coconut milk is the best choice. It is creamy and nutritious plus has natural content for your safety as well. The coconut milk is perfect for baked goods, and you can add it to your drinks, such as smoothies and shakes.

This milk has no preservatives or additives such as Sodium Caseinate or other powdered milk chemicals. Milk is the best supplement for vegan, keto diets, or people allergic to nuts. You can use this coconut milk when preparing soups, drinks, and baking as well.

Special features
  • This powdered milk has no chemical additives
  • The milk is good for vegan and keto diets
  • The milk has multiple nutrients
  • It suits people allergic to lactose

7. Horizon Organic Whole Milk Single, 8 Fl Oz

Horizon Organic Powdered Milks

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With horizon organic whole milk, you get nothing but pure cow milk. The powdered milk is directly extracted from natural cow milk. Besides, the company buys milk from grass-fed cows to ensure the milk has all great nutrients. Also, this guarantees their milk does not have GMO but rather natural content.

The milk has the same creamy and taste as natural liquid milk; thus, it is ideal for serving kids. It also consists of DHA Omega-3, ideal for the growth and development of kids. This powdered milk is perfect for cooking and baking, and for those who want to enjoy a glass of milk, it is perfect for serving during chill.

Special features
  • This powdered milk comes from natural cow milk
  • Has DHA omega 3
  • Has whole milk flavor
  • This powder milk has no GMO

6. Gluten-Free You And Me, Sub Buns

Whole Milk Powde

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This milk is gluten-free and is certified to have no hormones to accommodate people who are allergic to gluten and dairy. This powdered milk is perfect for bakes, convection cooking, and you can use it as an additive to your shakes and smoothies.

Special features
  • This powdered milk is useful in multiple ways
  • The milk is gluten and GMO-free
  • The powdered milk is great for baking and cooking

5. NOW Foods, Organic Non-Fat Dry Milk Powder

NOW Foods

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This is the perfect powdered milk for people on a non-gluten diet since the milk has no fat. It is full of proteins and calcium; hence, the milk is safe and nutritious to feed your kids. I would recommend this powdered milk for people working in the baking industry.

It has preservatives to prolong its durability, so you can use it for long without going bad. Besides, it tastes just like the usual milk, only that it does not have the cream. This milk is also great for making a cup of milkshake or tea since it has great creaminess when mixed well.

Special features
  • This powdered milk is quite durable
  • Supplies calcium and high content of proteins to the body
  • The milk is versatile in cooking
  • Has no fat

4. Peak Dry Whole Milk Powder

Peak Powdered Milks

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This is nutritious and whole powdered milk ideal for every home. The milk is perfect, just like the liquid milk, only that it is more durable since it can last for months. The milk is safe to store at the pantry as long the area has room temperature settings. This powdered milk supplies the body with proteins, calcium, and vitamins like A and D.

You can use it to prepare drinks like tea, milkshakes, and smoothies or baking. The low-fat content makes the milk a great choice for people on a keto diet since it has fewer calories.

Special features
  • This milk has vitamins
  • It is produced with just b 3.5% milk fat
  • The milk is delicious
  • the milk can be used for cooking and drinking

3. Carnation Instant Nonfat Dry Milk

Carnation Powdered Milks

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There is nothing you cannot prepare with this powder milk ranging from smoothies to protein shakes. The milk is full of nutritional values since it adds calcium and vitamins like D and A that you require daily. The powdered milk is also good for cooking since it is recommendable for baking and making tea.

You don’t have to worry about the milk going bad once you open it since it consists of safe preservatives to prolong it. Thus, you can store it in a kitchen cabinet for continued use. But ensure to keep it in a clean, cool, and dry place. If you want to use this milk in making tea, rest assured it will last you for every long as you need a 1/4 cup to make a full cup of tea or coffee.

Special features
  • This powdered milk is safe for baking
  • Has multiple nutritional values
  • You can add to sauce and soups for flavor
  • It is easy to use

2. Hoosier Hill Farm All American Dairy Whole Milk Powder

Hoosier Hill Farm Powdered Milks

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This powdered milk brand from Hoosier is recommendable for use in baking, drinks, and you can also use it as a supplement if your child has calcium deficiency in the body. The milk will be a great option since it has a high content of calcium. The milk has been thoroughly tested and certified to be GMO-free, and so you get good and natural nutrients from it.

It is also gluten-free! So, if you are allergic to gluten, I would recommend this powdered milk to you. This powdered milk will last you for a long time since 4.5 cups of the powdered milk plus 3.75 quarts of water prepares a whole gallon of liquid milk.

Special features
  • This powdered milk is safe to store in the pantry
  • The milk is GMO-free
  • The milk is versatile in use
  • This powdered milk is gluten-free

1. Meyenberg Whole Powdered Goat Milk


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Goat milk is the most rec0omemdnable milk for feeding kids since it is full of nutritious and high-level in calcium to strengthen their bones. Still, it has vitamin D required in the body for better growth. If you need convenient goat milk that will last longer, you need to consider buying this powder milk from Meyenberg. The powdered goat milk can last for months even after opening to ensure your kids have a continued milk supply.

Nonetheless, this powdered milk brand is versatile as you can also use it in the cooking and preparation of different beverages. Another feature that makes this safe milk for kids is the fact that it does not have preservatives. Thus, it has no chemicals for the safety of your babies.

Special features
  • One ounce of the milk is enough for a cup
  • Has a high content of calcium
  • Suitable for kids
  • The milk is gluten-free

How to choose the most powdered milk?

Powdered Milks

Check for certification

Milk is quite sensitive, and you should be careful when buying it over the counter so you don’t buy bad or fake powdered milk. So, check if the milk is certified for selling or not. Healthy powdered milk contains the stamp of standardization from the food and nutrition authorities in every state.

Should have a label

Apart from the stamp of standardization, the other vital piece you need to checkout for on powdered milk is the ingredients and nutritional content. A label guides one on how to mix the milk and the right content to use per consumer. Also, it is crucial to check the available ingredients used to make the milk to make sure it does not have ingredients that you are allergic to. If you are lactose intolerant, check how much lactose the milk has for your safety.

The type

There are multiple types of powder milk in the market, ranging from cow, goat, almond, oatmeal, and coconut milk. The choice depends on user needs, your health, and your preference. For example, some lactose-intolerant people may opt for almond milk or oatmeal instead of cow and goat milk.

For cooking, coconut milk is the best since you can add it to various foods. Goat milk is the best for children since it has more power and will aid in their growth. Just consider your nutritional needs, your health to choose the suitable pack.


Although the powdered milk has longer shelf life than fresh milk, they also have expiry dates, especially when you open the can or the packaging paper. So, check out how long the milk will last so you can choose a package that you can finish within the given time.

Expiry date

This is another crucial part to check when buying any food for consumption. The powdered milk also has expiry dates which some people fail to check when purchasing. For your health, safety, and that of your family, check if the milk has expired before buying it.

Nutritional value

What body nutrients will you get for consuming the powdered milk? The powdered milk has different nutritional values where some are full of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and some have carbs. Just check the nutritional content of the milk when buying mainly for kids to ensure better growth and development.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I use powdered milk in place of fresh milk?

Yes! The powdered milk is as helpful as fresh milk, and you can use it for multiple consumption needs. The powdered milk is good to use when baking, making tea, and preparing it for kids to drink.

Q: Is powdered milk better in baking?

Powdered milk is preferred more in baking since it adds a touch of sweetness and creaminess to the baked goods.

Q: Does powdered milk taste the same as fresh milk?

Although the two types of milk are similar, they don’t taste the same because the powdered milk tastes more creamer and sweater.

Q: What are the cons of powdered milk?

  • Picky eaters may not like the texture and taste of the milk.
  • Too much milk may affect the blood vessels. It is recommendable that you don’t consume the milk inconsistently.

Q: What is the difference between fresh and powdered milk?

  • Powdered milk comes from dehydrated and pasteurized milk, whereas fresh milk is fluidized
  • The powdered milk has long shelf life compared to fresh milk that only lasts for days
  • Powdered milk is better in baking since it is sweeter and creamier compared to fresh milk
  • The powdered milk is suitable for people who are allergic to natural or fresh milk

Q: Can I eat powdered milk?

Yes! Eating powdered milk is not dangerous, considering it is made from fresh milk.


If you need quality and safe, powdered kinds of milk for your home use, these ten brands are the best choices on the market currently. These powdered milk brands are made with safe content and are GMO-free for safety and ensure you get the right nutritional values.