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10 Best Hair Waver Irons of 2024

Certainly, it is the dream of every woman to have beautiful wavy hair. It makes you the center of attraction in every party or social gathering. However, it is not possible for anyone to go to the salon every time. Well, now, you can have the salon-style wavy hair at home with the help of hair waver iron. These devices use heat to give a wavy texture to your hair and they are very easy to use. Runs on electricity, the waver irons are very friendly and help you to save a lot of money.

Still choosing the best one can be quite a drag. Hence, we are listing down the popular hair waver irons brands that are going to help you achieve the expected hairstyles always.

Why should you buy hair waver irons?

The question is, why you have not already. During this post-pandemic time, it is best to avoid as much contact as possible with other people. At the same time, your fashion game cannot suffer because of that. With this product, you will be able to enjoy party ready curls without having to run down to your favorite salon. Also, if you tend to travel a lot, or need a touch-up in the middle of the night, now you can achieve them hassle-free whenever you want, wherever you want since these products are very portable as well.

What are negative ions and why are they good for your hair?

Any good hair wavers iron will be able to discharge a good amount of negative ions, and you should definitely bank in on that. If you are the ones whose hair turns into a lion’s mane in no time, the negative ions will help to get rid of all of that frizz and make your hair more obedient to stay in place. Also, the technology turns the water molecules present in the hair into microparticles, so that, your hair can get be styled in much lesser time with much lesser heat. This proves really healthy for your hair, as it is exposed to less heat.

Not only that, it cuts down the time taken for styling as well, to speed up the process when you are in a rush. The ions also return back some of the original water to your hair, which provides for its natural hydration, making your hair look shinier than ever.

Top Best Hair Waver Irons in 2024

10. Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Hair Waver

Bed Head Best Hair Waver Irons

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Bed Head presents to you one of the best hair waver irons that money can buy. This iron operates on dual voltage. That means you don’t need to worry about changing electrical standards when you are on a vacation. Another great thing about this hair waver iron is the dual tourmaline ceramic technology. So you get extra power to control frizzy hair and add unparalleled shine to your wavy locks.

Moreover, the iron is extra safe since it has the auto shut-off feature. Hence, if you keep the waver iron on for too long, it gets shut down automatically to stay within a safe temperature limit.

Key features

  • The waver iron can reach temperatures as high as 400 degrees to quickly style your hair.
  • Delivers consistent heat so that you get a beautiful even wavy pattern.
  • Can be used by all kinds of hair types since the heat can be set to multiple levels.

9. Bed Head A-Wave-We-Go Hair Waver

Bed Head

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Bed Head presents to you a fantastic new hair waver iron that allows you to style your hair in various ways. At the top, you get a rotating clip that lets you adjust the look of your hair. By rotating the clip you can get anything from tight waves to a loose tousled pattern. Don’t worry about the heat from the device since the control clip always stays cool to the touch. So, you can change the settings quickly while the device is on.

With the high heat of 400 degrees, you can style your hair with a snap, and no need to worry about safety since the machine shuts off by itself if it is kept on for too long.

Key features

  • Premium ceramic technology styles your hair without damaging it.
  • Heat settings can be adjusted from the handle.
  • Can be used in different countries since it supports dual voltage.

8. Conair Double Ceramic Hair Waver

Conair Best Hair Waver Irons

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Conair has a fantastic styling waver that lets you do your hair without any problems. This styler has dual barrels. The outer barrel has a size of ⅝ inches while the inner barrel has a size of half an inch. With the combination, you can make pretty waves without wasting a lot of time. Moreover, unlike other waver irons that have 3 or 4 settings while promising variable heat settings, this one has 30 levels. So, irrespective of your hair type, you can use the iron for the perfect result every time.

The iron also has a Turbo Boost mode that can bump up the heat by an additional 27 degrees whenever you want. So, you get all the necessary extra power to style difficult spots.

Key features

  • Your hair gets shinier as it gets passes on the double ceramic barrels.
  • The barrels are designed to create deep waves that last longer.
  • Single volt technology lets you use the waver anywhere in North America.

7. Canovo 3 Barrel Curling Iron

3 Barrel

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Canovo uses the amazing 3 barrel technology that eliminates your worries about frizziness and time-consuming styling routines. This is an awesome product since it can deliver you S-waves without any static build up in your hair. The waver is also very versatile since it allows you to adjust the temperature from 80-degrees Celsius to 210-degrees Celsius. So, whatever settings work best for your hair type can be applied instantly.

Furthermore, the device will last you for a long time since the barrels are made from pure aluminum castings. They don’t get rusted and stay lightweight. Hence, it’s easy to use compared to the alternatives in the market.

Key features

  • There is negligible wait time since the waver can get warmed up within a minute.
  • Comes with a metal stand so that the hot barrels don’t come in contact with your desk.
  • Heat insulation head stays cool for your safety.

6. Ellesye Hair Waver Iron

Ellesye Best Hair Waver Irons

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Ellesye presents to you an awesome hair waver iron that uses simple yet efficient technology that will give you natural bouncy curls without any chemicals. The trendy S-waves will be done within mere 15 minutes with this wand on your hair. The wand also adds a lot of volumes to make your hair look full and gorgeous. With this humble purchase, you can save a lot of trips to the salon and get premium styling from the comfort of your home.

It doesn’t matter if you have dry or curly hair. This hair styler has 14 different temperature settings that can range from 210-degrees to 450-degrees. You don’t have to be confused about the settings either since the temperature will be displayed on the integrated LED display.

Key features

  • Integrated controls on the waned allow easy adjustment.
  • At the top, you get a grippy cooling plate that lets you touch the wand when it’s hot.
  • After an hour of continuous use, the wand shuts down automatically to keep you safe.

5. Revlon Salon Hair Waver


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Revlon always makes some of the finest hair waver irons and this one makes the list. It has barrels that are coated in pristine tourmaline ceramic material. So, when you curl your hair the negative ions produced by the barrel help to control the frizziness of your hair. And smoothen it out without the loss of moisture. Apart from that, it prevents static in your hair and also distributes the heat evenly to eliminate any hotspots and damage your hair.

For creating beautiful waves at specific points you get precise heat control. As a result, allows you to change the temperature and go as high as 430-degrees for quick results.

Key features

  • Comes with a swivel cord that prevents tangling and unnecessary tension while styling.
  • For easy and safe storage you get a locking clip on the wand.
  • With a ¾ inch deep groove, the device can create tight and varied waves.

4. Aleath 3 Barrel Curling Waver Iron

Apriddeo Best Hair Waver Irons

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Now you can create multiple salon-quality looks on a budget and in your home with this device from Aleath. You can attain anything, from textured beachy waves to a polished sleek wave. Next, you don’t need to worry about safety issues. Since the device comes with an integrated stand that allows you to keep the hot iron on the desk without burning the surface.

While you can touch the tip for additional grip, you would rarely need to use it. Well, the wand has an additional grabbing angle at the base that lets you open and close the iron. The buttons on the wand allow control and the display lets you monitor the heat level.

Key features

  • Comes with free heat protection gloves that let you use the wand with extra safety.
  • One gets 3 curling irons to deliver the perfect waves always.
  • You can customize the temperature from 80 to 200-degrees Celsius.

3. Mojonnie 3 Barrel Hair Waver


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Mojonnie presents to you a superb hair waver iron that has a lot to offer without breaking your budget. It works with both the North American 110V standard and 220V standard that is present throughout the world. Even when you are on travel you don’t have to worry about a special adapter to use this aver iron. The iron also has an anti-scalding design that doesn’t burn your hands upon touch.

For proper adjustment, you can touch the top of the wand even while it’s hot. The portion that remains cool is colored black while the pink-colored portion remains hot.

Key features

  • The swivel cord moves with the way you use the wand and doesn’t allow tangles
  • Since it heats up fast, there is no wait time.
  • More importantly, it comes with a LED indicator light which shows you the temperature.

2. Apriddeo 3 Barrel Hair Waver

Apriddeo Best Hair Waver Irons

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Whether you have soft, neutral, or thick hair, this hair wavers ironworks equally well due to its variable heat setting. Right above the control buttons, you get a LED display that shows you the temperature of the wand. You can raise it from 140 to 230-degrees to suit your hair needs. The wand is also designed to be very ergonomic. Besides, the winding tail line has an extended hook. As a result, you can hang it anywhere you want for ease of storage.

The tail line can also rotate in any direction and prevents tangles that reduce the life of the wiring. Furthermore, it takes a very short time to heat up. In fact, it takes only a minute to heat up to 230°C.

Key features

  • Looks elegant with its dual-tone design that is focused on white.
  • Releases an astonishing amount of negative ions to make your hair healthier.

1. WESOPAN Hair Waver


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Wesopan presents to you a superb hair waver iron that has more advantages than you may think. It reduces your styling time drastically and gets you party-ready within a few minutes. Its barrel technology can heat the device to 200-degrees within less than a minute. Besides, using the machine for a few seconds on each point gets you the desired results. There is no need to compromise safety for using the device either.

It comes with a handle lock that lets you carry the wand easily without exposing the heated surface. This protects you after each use during travel and also protects the wand from getting damaged.

Key features

  • Ionic generator hole works wonders with each pass.
  • Temperature can be decreased or increased with the buttons.
  • It also comes with a 1.8-meter tangle-free swivel cord. So, it becomes very easy to use.

What requirement do you need to look for in a hair waver iron if you tend to travel a lot?

The one thing you need to confirm is if your product can handle varying voltages. Or else, you will be running everywhere with an adaptor in your bag, which is definitely not an ideal scenario. Many hair waver irons offer multiple voltage settings, so you can use them in any part of the world. Plus, you should also get one that is lightweight, so you do not feel extra bulk in your luggage when you are moving from one place to another.

Which safety features are expected from a hair waver iron?

The first feature to look for is an auto shut off switch. You might not be that mindful when you are glamming up and leave your iron on. This might not only lead to burns on your skin, but it might also lead to serious fire accidents. To avoid such risks, the iron should come with an auto switch that goes off if the iron is turned on for too long, to avoid getting too heated up. Also, you need to avoid getting burnt by the iron at all costs. To make it a little easier, you can find wands with a cooling feature. Some have an extra handle on the hand, and some are safe to touch, which allows you to get a better grip during styling, without making your skin come in contact with the heat.

Final Verdict

Style your hair and get the desired results. Be in trend by wearing the best hairstyles styled by professional hair waver irons and be in trend always.