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The Best Hands Free Door Opener of 2024

We believe you are one of those people who like to shop lots of stuff that make it difficult to open the door by hands. In that case, the most appropriate thing to do is having hands free door opener that allows you to control things from the foot. It is quite an affordable thing to buy that is manufactured by tons of companies in the market. However, not all companies need to deliver quality products for customers.

If you feel difficulty finding a quality model, it is ideal for checking out our list of best hands-free door openers to buy in 2024. The products are added to the list after a tough selection process to ensure proper authenticity. Have a look at these models & buy the one you feel the most appropriate.

List of Best Hands Free Door Opener Review

10. SanitGrasp SG-101 Hands-Free Door Opener (best under $100)

SanitGrasp Hands Free Door Opener

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The list begins with Sanit Grasp SG-101 that is a very cost-effective solution to use on all types of doors. It is an easy-to-install unit that may cost a little more, but its experience justifies the price tag completely.

Unlike a handy number of models, it is an ADA compliant unit and manufactured using high-quality material to make things as durable as possible.


  • Top-quality stainless steel construction
  • Super convenient to install
  • Very cost-effective solution
  • ADA Compliant


  • Very expensive to shop

9. FootPull FP03 Hands Free Door Opener (best for heavy use)


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Many door openers are used much more than the regular ones. If you have the similar one, we suggest investing in this hands-free door opener that is made for this purpose.

It is one of the best hands-free door openers having powder coat finishing for giving durability that heavy use asks for.


  • Delivered with an exceptional set of accessories
  • Equipped with foam mounting
  • Solid aluminum design
  • Useful powder coating


  • The costly choice to make

8. The DoorWave Hands Free Door Opener (best steel hands free door opener)

TheDoorWave Hands Free Door Opener

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We have placed this model from the DoorWave brand in the eighth position thanks to its exceptional functional design and quality hardware accessories. It is a patented & ADA-compliant unit providing germ-free hands in your home or office.

It has a wave-like construction that allows the users to use this unit in various ways without any need for hands. Investing in this door opener will allow you to enjoy exceptional experiences for many years to come.


  • Quiet convenient to install
  • Solid stainless steel construction
  • Fully functional working
  • Work in many different manners


  • Little bit costly to buy

7. Yuesuo Hands Free Door Opener (best under $50)


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The next one is the best hands free door opener that is made using top-quality copper for efficient use. It has a single-piece design allowing the opener to give an extraordinary performance. There are mounting holes in this unit to make the installation as hassle-free as possible.

It has a very lightweight construction making sure the users feel convenient while opening or closing the door. This unit can work on all types of doors ranging from commercial to residential homes.


  • Fully latch-free design
  • Extra convenience due to mounting holes
  • Hassle-free installation process
  • Compatible with all types of doors


  • Slightly expensive for this size

6. Valet Hands Free Door Opener (best for people with arm issues)

Valet Hands Free Door Opener

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We will recommend using this hands-free door opener if you have a few arm issues due to the extra convenience it provided while opening the door. It is constructed in a very functional design allowing the users to open using the foot pedal.

It is made using cast aluminum whose resistance against impact doesn’t need any introduction. Overall, we will say this hands-free opener is a very good choice for keeping yourself safe from allergies.


  • Highly convenient to use
  • Work using a foot pedal
  • Superb cast aluminum construction
  • Highly impressive & functional design


  • Complaints about provided screws being too long in few packages

5. Toepener Hands Free Door Opener (best for space accessibility)


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If you want to enjoy better space accessibility with the hands-free door opener, we suggest investing money in this model from the Toepener brand. It is a quality product made using 100% welded stainless steel for long-lasting use.

The manufacturer delivers it in a package with four quality screws and an easy-to-understand instructional guide for quick installation. It is manufactured according to the standards set by the American Disability Act that help make things extra accessible.


  • Convenient to use with doors
  • Give exceptional accessibility
  • Capable to hold its shape for years
  • Delivered with top-quality screws


  • Only available in a single color

4. Suner No Touch Hands Free door Opener (best budget-friendly pick)

suner Hands Free Door Opener

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If you want to shop for a budget-friendly hands-free door opener, don’t go for anything other than this 2 pack model from the Suner brand. It is available in four different colors despite being available for such a low price.

This easy-to-install unit is crafted using 2 cm thick stainless steel material for durability to last for years. It is a superb package delivered with a complete set of accessories for making the installation process convenient.


  • Sold with 100% money-back guarantee
  • Quite a convenient installation process
  • Beginner-friendly functionality
  • Thick stainless steel design


  • Complaints about missing accessories

3. SafeLever Hands-Free Door Opener (best for office use)


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We believe the offices should have a door opener with extra durability because they are used more when compared to normal homes. This hands-free door opener is such a product that has everything for daily use.

It is a very reliable unit that you can install without any professional help for most cases. The manufacturer has crafted this unit by following the fire safety standards that prove its authenticity to its best.


  • Highly accessible construction
  • Extremely simple & convenient to install
  • Brilliant after-sales services
  • Super simple to install


  • Too costly for home use

2. Sweetums Signatures Non-Touch Door Opener (runners up)

Sweetums Signatures Hands Free Door Opener

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The second position is deserved by none other than this exceptionally well-designed non-touch door opener having a very durable finish. It has an embedded stylus special design with an integrated rubber stylus tip for a perfect experience.

We believe it is one of the best hands-free door openers whose main purpose is to ensure everything stays touch-free. You can buy a wonderful unit in four different colors like silver, rose, gold, and black.


  • Fully ergonomic construction
  • Available in four different colors
  • Equipped with a very thicker hook
  • Work on all types of signature pads


  • Touch screen have few complaints

1. Stay Safe Touchless Door Opener (editor’s choice)


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This exclusive touchless door opener is our editors’ top choice thanks to an impressive set of features present in it. It is a multi-functional unit that can be installed in less than 10 minutes without any problem.

The manufactured company has done a pretty amazing job on this foot-operated door opener by providing it with an adequate thickness of 3 mm. It can work on a variety of doors proving the versatility to a different level.


  • Extremely durable construction
  • Work on a variety of doors
  • The superb thickness of 3 mm
  • It takes minutes to get installed


  • None at all

How to select the best hands free door openers?

We have explained many things in the next section that you need to check before finalizing a hands-free door opener.

  • Construction

We suggest choosing the models made using top-quality metal as it is the most suitable material to choose for a hands-free door opener. Apart from durability, it fits perfectly with both wood as well as metal doors.

  • Budget

A hands-free door opener won’t cost you thousands of bucks, but still, it is better to stick with the budget you have. The list has models in a varying price range to make sure everyone gets one matching their needs.

  • Durability

The next thing to care about is the durability of the hands-free door opener that you bought. It should be strong enough to last few years without causing any trouble.

  • Versatility

The foot door opener you are buying should be capable enough to work with a variety of doors. It will help you in saving money for the future.

  • Installation

Another important factor that you should never miss while checking a hands-free door opener is how much time it needs to install. Just make sure the installation process is as easier as possible.

What are the top benefits of using hands-free door openers?

Most people realize the advantages of using hands-free door openers nowadays. We have written about all of them in detail below:

  • Lasts for Years

A high-quality hands-free door opener stays the same for an extended time that even can be a decade. This heavy-duty equipment stood against the time without causing any trouble.

  • Almost no maintenance

If you follow the proper sanitization techniques, a quality hands-free door opener won’t cost you too much in terms of maintenance at all.

  • Super convenient Installation

Another great benefit of having a hands-free door opener is it gets installed quickly with a professional’s help.

  • Keep the viruses away

The most magnificent benefit of having a hands-free door opener is that it stops spreading viruses like cold-19. It makes sure your loved ones stay safe all the time.

Best Hand Free Door Openers – Frequently Asked Questions

Are hand-free door openers durable enough?

Yes, they are a very impressive option considering there is no need to involve hands in the entire process. A good quality hands-free opener usually has enough durability to last long for years.

Does hands free openers work on a bolted door handle?

You may have to replace it with a standard deadbolt in most cases. It will let you open the door with a foot pull once the door gets locked.

Do hands free door openers reduce the chances of spreading infection?

Yes, a hand-free door opener can turn out to be a blessing for minimizing the spread of infections. The reason behind that is there will be no use of hands, and you will open the door with the foot.

How much a hands free door opener can last?

Although it depends on how much a door opener is used, it can still last anywhere between 5 to 10 years as per the buyer’s maintenance.

Can I use hands free door opener in a garage?

Yes, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to using the front door opener in the garage. However, please make sure that it fits perfectly with the door.

Do hands free door openers come with a sign?

Not all the front door openers come with the sign that makes things a little bit confusing for few people. However, it isn’t a big reason to worry, even if you are a first-time buyer.

How thick the metals of hands free door opener?

As per the expert opinion, it is better to go for a hands-free door opener with a thickness of at least 3 mm for having suitable results.


We have presented the topmost options that you can find in the market. These are the best hands-free door openers having all the special features needed for making things convenient. This equipment can work in various places ranging from the bathroom to the entrance door according to needs.

Which of these options have you bought for your home or office? Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section!