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The Best Inflatable Car Beds of 2024

If you are prone to travel for long distances, you would agree that taking naps between the trips is so relaxing and re-energizing. Instead of sleeping on your car seat, which can be a bit uncomfortable, an inflatable car bed comes in handy. The inflatable car beds are compatible with most cars so you can inflate and equip the bed at the backseat for a comfortable nap.

The car inflatable beds are well treated to prevent the air from coming off and have comfortable materials so you can sleep on the bed directly even without spreading beddings. These inflatable beds are large so that they can accommodate a few individuals. Here are the top ten best inflatable beds for cars in 2024.

Best Inflatable Car Beds 2024

10. Onirii Inflatable Car Air Mattress Bed with Back Seat Pump

Onirii Inflatable Car Beds

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If you enjoy long road trips with your loved ones, then this is a sleeping accessory to get. This inflatable bed from Onirii is suitable to travel with at all times as it does not take up huge spaces in the car boot. Besides that, the mattress only weighs 2.5 kgs, and it is foldable as well.

The materials constructions consist of PVC and Flocking, which are friendly to the skin. This inflatable bed is perfect for sharing with a kid since it has safety designs on the side to secure the child from rolling off the bed. So, your baby can take a nap on the bed while still on the move.

Special features

  • This inflatable bed is compatible with most cars
  • It only weighs 2.5 kgs
  • It takes a few minutes to inflate the bed
  • It forms a twin compact bed when inflated

9. OLIVIA & AIDEN Inflatable Car Air Mattress


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This is a versatile outdoor inflatable mattress you can carry when camping, road trips and other car activities. It comes with a pump, so you need to set up and pump to begin to use. Also, the air mattress does not take long to set up and inflate. This car mattress is quite comfortable since it forms a compact bed with cushioning and two head pillows for support.

This inflatable car mattress features a wide back seat style that ensures to keep the bed flat when set at the backseat for ample support. Even if it is made of PVC materials, the mattress still gives reliable cushioning to prevent straining your body while sleeping.

Special features

  • This inflatable car mattress comes with a pump
  • It has a wide style for ample support
  • Traveling with the mattress is quite convenient
  • It is thick and provides reliable cushioning

8. FB SPORT Bed Car Mattress Camping Mattress for Car Sleeping

FBSPORT Inflatable Car Beds

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You no longer need to struggle to try to position yourself to sleep in your car as this air mattress will work correctly. It is a portable and compact inflatable car bed that you can carry when camping or other outdoor areas. Inflating this bed is easy since it comes with a pump, and fits on various car models like SUV thanks to its universal fitting style.

The bed measures 56.3 x34.25 x17.72 when inflatable; a reasonable size to accommodate most adults. Also, the bed is fully padded for ample support when you sleep for long hours too.

Special features

  • This inflatable bed comes with two pillows for support
  • Inflating takes a few minutes
  • It has universal fitting compatible with most cars
  • The bed is safe for kids

7. SAYGOGO SUV Air Mattress Camping Bed Cushion Pillow


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This is a multifunctional inflatable bed that you can set and use in your garden, car, or yard when relaxing with friends. It comes with an electric pump so inflating it takes a few minutes to complete. It is made of extremely durable flocking materials that are burst-resistant such that three people can comfortably sleep on it.

Also, the inflatable bed has health materials that are comfortable for all skin types. This car mattress comes with a carrying bag where you keep it after use and when packing to travel.

Special features

  • Inflating and deflating this car mattress is easy
  • This is an inflatable mattress you can use on multiple areas
  • The pump can connect to a 12 volts car cigarette lighter
  • The bed fits three adults

6. Nifusu SUV Air Mattress Camping BedsNifusu Inflatable Car Beds

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You don’t want to sleep on the ground when you go camping? No problem as this car inflatable mattress will work for you. It is compatible with most cars, especially the SUV or camping vehicles. This mattress is quite large when inflated as it measures 53×9.84×15 inches to accommodate two adults. The air mattress is equipped with six airbags that support it when fully inflated, so you don’t wobble while sleeping.

Your total support is guaranteed, so you don’t experience fatigue when sleeping since it has two pillows and has two cushions. This car inflatable mattress is made of soft flocking materials and hardened by the quality environmentally friendly PVC to boost its stability and ensure user support.

Special features

  • This car inflatable bed can support up to 600 pounds
  • This inflatable bed can withstand a temperature range of -13 to 122 degrees F.
  • The bed supports 2 to 3 people
  • This inflatable car bed has quality and environmentally friendly materials crafting.

5. Berocia SUV Air Mattress, Thickened Car Bed Inflatable


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Looking for a car inflatable mattress, you can use in all-weather climates? This inflatable mattress is recommendable. This is because it can withstand multiple temperatures even at -25 degrees F. So if you enjoy camping in winter seasons, you can still carry this inflatable bed to use for sleeping.

In terms of durability, this air mattress is designed to last you for a long time since it has premium 6P PVC materials, and it is safe for the environment and human skin. Inflating the mattress to set up in your car takes less than 20 minutes, and it can maintain the pressure for an entire day.

Special features

  • This inflatable mattress has three different airbags for support
  • It is foldable for easy storage and carrying
  • The mattress is safe to use in cold seasons
  • It takes little time to inflate and deflate it

4. Goplus SUV Air Mattress for Back Seat

Goplus Inflatable Car Beds

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Create a comfortable sleeping space at the backseat of your car using this inflatable Goplus bed. This inflatable bed is compatible with most large car models like SUV. So, it is perfect for people who love camping or outdoor activities. This air mattress comes with an electric air pump that connects to the car battery or car cigarette lighter for quick inflating.

The good thing is that it takes a few minutes to inflate it, and it is adjustable until you get the comfortable inflate size. This air mattress is designed to carry heavyweights since the seams are well sealed, and the air nozzle fits firmly even when sleeping. The inflatable mattress is made with eco-friendly PVC materials and has 5 airbags that provide cushioning and the right balance when you inflate it.

Special features

  • This is a versatile outdoor air bed
  • The air bed is compatible with multiple car models
  • It is equipped with 8 independent airbags
  • Inflating and deflating this air mattress takes a few minutes to complete

3. Farasla Thickened Car Air Mattress


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Although this car inflatable bed is made with PVC materials, it is vital to hold a weight load of 650 pounds. This inflatable car mattress is designed to accommodate most users, including tall individuals since it comfortably supports a person with a height of up to 6 ‘ 2 feet tall.

The bed measures 74 x 46 x 2 inches large; hence, it can fit in most car models such as USV, minivan, truck, and MPV. This inflatable mattress can also be used in other areas like the garden or outdoors when camping or hiking.

Special features

  • This inflatable car bed holds a weight of 650 pounds
  • It has been tested for a leak-proof mechanism
  • The inflatable mattress is compatible with most car models
  • It takes between 5 to 7 minutes to inflate or deflate it

2. Car Air Mattress for Back Seat & Half Trunk

 basenji Inflatable Car Beds

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This inflatable mattress is made with flocking and hardened with PVC materials that provide perfect cushioning and support while sleeping outdoors. This air bed has a universal size that is compatible with most car models. It is a convenient inflatable car bed you can share with a friend or loved one since it is strong to hold 600 pounds.

The inflatable mattress is designed to suit people who love camping in cold and hot seasons since it can withstand various temperatures ranging from -13 to 122 degrees F.

Special features

  • The bed comes with two piers for support
  • It can hold a load of 600 pounds
  • Inflating the bed takes less than 10 minutes
  • It comes with two extra neck pillows

1. hikotor Inflatable Air Mattress for Car Travel Back Seat


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This is a comfortable inflatable mattress that you can sleep on directly. It has premium materials, but the top surface is soft and comfortable to the skin. The inflatable bed is made of heavy-duty velvety PVC oxford fabric and tight sealing on the edges to prevent the air from coming off when sleeping.

This also makes it an excellent choice for camping both in cold and hot seasons. Traveling with this inflatable bed is easy since it is foldable to compact size when deflated. It has a lightweight design for portability and easy set up too. It is recommendable for adults and kids since it is thick when inflated to offer ample support.

Special features

  • This inflatable car bed fits in most car models
  • It is made with soft velvet PVC outer materials
  • The inflatable bed has been tested for leak-proof properties
  • Inflating and deflating it is easy and quick.


These are the top ten best inflatable car beds suitable for people who love outdoor adventures. The inflatable beds are made with universal fittings for easy installation in different car models. They are also easy to set up since they take little time to inflate. So, check out the above ten models to choose your camping car inflatable bed.