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Top 10 Best Laundry Sorters in 2024

Dealing with dirty clothes can be very disgusting. Having a laundry sorter will let you have better convenience as you don’t have to worry about touching the dirty clothes. It makes sure there will be an easy laundry service and comes in a convenient design. It comes in a versatile design and allows you to check and organize the laundry quickly. Laundry sorters are available in different designs and offer you better options. Check out the following list of the top 10 best laundry sorters in 2024 to choose from.

Best Laundry Sorters A Complete Guide:

10. STORAGE MANIAC Laundry Sorter

STORAGE MANIAC Laundry Sorters

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This laundry sorter comes along with 3 pieces of removable laundry bags. The sturdy steel horizontal bars also offer additional support to the construction. Therefore, the sorter lasts for years. Moreover, the lift handles of the bags make portability easier for users. The crossbar at the bottom of this sorter does not let the bags from hanging.

The powder-coated finish of the frame also prolongs the lifespan of this sorter. Furthermore, each of these laundry bags can hold up to 25-lbs of garments. The bags come with the construction of high-quality, breathable, and wear and tear-resistant polyester canvas fabric.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Firm frame with 6 horizontal bars.
  • Equipped with 4 heavy-duty casters.
  • 3 removable bags simple to lift.

9. Honey-Can-Do Triple Laundry Sorter


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The triple-bag laundry sorter also comes with the construction of the tubular steel frame. This laundry separator also comes with a contemporary yet functional design. Therefore, you can individually keep your laundry garments in an organized way. Moreover, the steel frame of this sorter comes with rust and corrosion-resistant coating to offer durability.

The removable mesh laundry baskets also come with inbuilt handles. Therefore, you can carry laundry to your laundry room without dropping a single piece. Furthermore, with the help of easy-rolling caster wheels, you can effortlessly move this sorter form one room to another. The mesh exterior and interior of the bags prevent the building up of odor.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Features removable mesh laundry baskets.
  • Easy channelizing with smooth-glide wheels.
  • Contemporary design with firm metal handles.

8. Whitmor Rolling Laundry Sorter

Whitmor Laundry Sorters

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Derived from a hard-wearing metal frame, this laundry sorter stands for durability and stability. This metal sorter also comes along with a flat ironing board. Moreover, the heavy-duty caster wheels rotate in any direction. Therefore, you can move this sorter from one place to another without any trouble. The mesh design of the laundry bags keeps your light and dark-colored clothes separate.

So, you can also conveniently clean all the delicate and regular garments separately. Furthermore, you can simply lock 2 of the caster wheels to collect laundry without any hassle. The assembly of this sorter takes only a few minutes.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Make everyday tasks faster and easier.
  • Equipped with breathable mesh sides.
  • Includes the folding table option.

7. Oceanstar Bamboo Laundry Sorter


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The bamboo-derived X-frame of this laundry sorter makes it extremely durable as well as eco-friendly. This frame also comes with 3 pieces of laundry bags. Moreover, the polyester fabric construction makes these bags extremely durable and wear and tear-resistant. The bamboo frame looks pretty classy and makes your laundry room look quite organized.

The removable bags also help you to carry your laundry without dropping a single piece. Furthermore, the netted bottom of the sorter does not let the bags touch the floor. This lightweight laundry sorter makes both storage and transportability hassle-free for users. Each of these bags has a huge load-bearing capacity.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Fitted with 3 detachable bag compartments.
  • Faster and efficiently finish laundry tasks.
  • Features foot leveler and netted bottom.

6. ROMOON Laundry Sorter

ROMOON Laundry Sorters

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This laundry sorter has a durable metal braking finish frame with arch handles. Therefore, this sorter also offers exceptional durability. Moreover, the metal frames offer resistance against rust and corrosion. The laundry baskets have the construction of heavy-duty 600D polyester fabric. The exterior fabric offers resistance against wearing and tearing.

The lockable caster wheels also help you to maneuver and collect the laundries without any difficulty. Furthermore, the rust and corrosion-proof sorter last for years. The travel-friendly 3 laundry bags have the construction of the eco-friendly fabric. The PVC inner coating keeps your clothes protected from water. You can even clean these bags by using mild soap and water.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Eco-friendly substance and simple assembling.
  • Firm handles and long-lasting bag.
  • Waterproof and simple to clean.

5. BRIGHTSHOW Laundry Cloth Sorter


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This laundry sorter comes along with an X-style aluminum frame construction. The sorter also comes along with 3 pieces of laundry baskets. Moreover, the baskets have the construction of heavy-duty and high-density 600D oxford and PE fabric. The oxford fabric exterior extends the lifespan of the baskets. Each of the bags can hold up to 8 pieces of standard sized clothes.

The baskets also have 3 separate colors. Therefore, you can systematically organize your clothes. Furthermore, the 6 pieces of straps increase the stability of the baskets. The mesh drawstring top and locking clasp of the laundry bag helps you to carry your piles of garments without dropping any single piece.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Fitted of high-quality substance.
  • It comes with firmness and durability.
  • Features an attractive design and compact.

4. ROMOON 4-Bag Laundry Sorter

ROMOON Laundry Sorters

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The TPR-made durable caster wheels make this laundry sorter offer easy maneuverability. The storage organizer also makes assembly and disassembly easier for everyone. Moreover, the sorter has a durable cast iron frame with metal lacquer finish. Therefore, the frame offers resistance against rust and corrosion. This durable sorter comes along with 4 pieces of laundry baskets with lifting handles.

The baskets also can individually hold up to 25-lbs of weight. Furthermore, the waterproof lining of these baskets does not spoil your clothes and leaves no stinky odor. The locking brakes on 2 caster wheels keep the sorter stable while collecting laundries.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Make sorting out laundry simpler.
  • Easily transfer heavy clothing anywhere.
  • Lasting frame with simple wipe lining.

3. SONGMICS Heavy-Duty Rolling Laundry Sorter


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This rolling laundry sorter comes along with 4 pieces of completely removable laundry bags. Featured with 4 caster wheels, this sorter also makes movement easier for everyone with piles of clothes. Moreover, these well-built wheels smoothly roll on various grounds. Therefore, laundry collection becomes lesser troublesome and hectic-free with this sorter.

Each of these bags also comes with the construction of 600D waterproof polyester fabric. Furthermore, the PVC coating inside of these bags makes cleaning and maintenance hassle-free for users. These 4 pieces of bags help you to individually organize your laundry collection accordingly. The lifting handles of the bags make shifting convenient for all.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Polyester fabric and inner PVC coating.
  • Expedient, lasting with lifting handles.
  • Heavy-duty casters for easy mobility.

2. Seville Classics Laundry Hamper Sorter

Seville Classics Laundry Sorters

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The sturdy tubular framing increases the durability and safety of this laundry sorter. Made of pure steel, this frame also offers resistance against rust and corrosion. Moreover, the screw-together design makes both the assembly and disassembly easier for all. The crossbars and base entirely increase the stability of this sorter.

The frame also comes along with 2 pieces of high-quality laundry bags. Furthermore, each of these bags has the construction of heavy-duty cotton-polyester blended canvas fabric. You can simply use your washing machine to keep these bags clean. These canvas-derived thick bags can hold up to 2-cubic feet of laundries.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Chrome finish and tubular steel frame.
  • Features removable hanging laundry bags.
  • Fitted with a triple support base.

1. Simple Houseware Heavy-Duty Laundry Sorter

Simple Houseware

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Made from heavy-duty steel material, this silver finished laundry sorter offers exceptional durability. This roll-free container also comes with an additional horizontal bar. Therefore, this bar works as an extra pillar to increase the load-bearing capacity of this sorter. Moreover, the 3 different bags help you to organize your laundries according to colors, socks, or towels.

The bags are also of heavy-duty fabric to offer exceptional loading capacity. Furthermore, each of these bags can approximately withstand up to 13-gallons of garments. Equipped with 4 caster wheels, the sorter makes movement easier for users. You can even lock 2 of these wheels while loading or unloading this container.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Fitted with robust chrome finish steel.
  • Solid frame to carry a heavier load.
  • It comes with 3 individual bags.

Buying Guide For Laundry Sorter

Check out the following parameters when you buy a laundry sorter.

Size: The size determines the storage capacity of the laundry sorter. Always get the one that meets your requirements. If you want it for commercial purposes, then go for the one that has a large capacity. If it is for a small family, then a compact size will be an ideal choice.

Materials: The different types of materials are metal and plastic. Some can have a combination of both. High-quality plastic will be an ideal consideration as it comes in a lightweight design.

Construction: The construction has to be strong enough so that you can use it for a long time. Make sure it comes in a waterproof construction so that there will be reliable performance. Metal frames with rustproof housing will be an ideal buy so that there will be long-lasting use.

Design: You need to consider the overall design of the laundry sorter and then make your buy. It is available in different shapes, and it must offer you better convenience. It can also come with a number of compartments so that there will be easy sorting. Look for the one that has a smooth finish, which can resist snagging of clothes.

Wheels: To have easy mobility, you can go for the one that comes with sturdy wheels. It must give you the advantage to use it on all types of floor surfaces so that there will be better convenience.

Handles: Look at the one that comes with better ergonomics. Always see if it comes with durable handles so that there can be better comfort while dragging the laundry sorter


There are different sizes and designs of laundry sorters available in the market. We have tried to enlist all the different types to satisfy the requirements of the buyers. All you need to do is go through the buying guide and then check out the product descriptions and features. Thereafter, you should shortlist and compare the products and choose the perfect one for you.