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10 Best Mandarin Collar Shirts of 2024

Mandarin collar shirts are designed to accommodate all men, whether you love formal shirts or not. These shirts are designed with unique banded collars, unlike the traditional shirts made with folding collars. Thus, even if you don’t want a shirt that looks too formal, the mandarin collar shirts will work for you.

These shirts are multifunctional, considering they fit both formal and informal events. However, note that they are made with different materials that may determine the right time or season to wear the shirt. But, the shirts come in various designs and colors to match multiple users’ tastes. The following is our top selection of the best mandarin collars shirts.

Best Mandarin Collar Shirts Review

10. WHATLEES Mens Hipster Casual Long Sleeve


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If you need a shirt that gives you a perfect fit to display your well-formed abs, this mandarin collar shirt from WHATLEES is a great choice. Not only does it provide a great fitting, but the design of the shirt adds color and style to your overall outfit. This shirt has both polyester and spandex material for that comfortable and slim fitting.

The shirt has a gold embroidery finish around the shoulders for additional style and color. It is a comfortable shirt you can wear when going for special occasions, and it is the best fit for the spring-autumn seasons since the materials allow breathability. It has a button closure design, plus has long sleeves to encourage multiple wear styles.


  • This shirt has a unique gold embroidery details design
  • The fabric is comfortable and breathable
  • Provides perfect slim-fitting style
  • This shirt can be found in varying sizing

9. Dioufond Banded Collar Shirts Cotton Oxford Mandarin Collar Shirts

Dioufond Mandarin Collar Shirts

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With a grade one cotton material design, this shirt from Dioufond is great for all seasons. The shirt gives warmth while still allowing airflow for breathability, mainly during the summer seasons. The shirt is versatile as you can wear it for both casual and formal events.

Besides, this is a comfortable shirt that you can wear with a suit or jeans pants. The shirt comes in multiple solid colors to select from and has a side front pocket where you can store essentials like a wallet or credit card.


  • This shirt comes in multiple solid and elegant colors
  • The shirt is good for all seasons
  • You can get the shirt in various sizes
  • It provides slim fitting

8. LecGee Men’s Cotton Linen Henley Shirt Casual Long Sleeve Hippie


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Enjoy quality time with your family at the beach while rocking this shirt from LecCEE. It has a mandarin collar style, plus the materials are light to allow breathability and comfort in high heat. However, keep in mind that it is a great shirt you can also wear for other outdoor activities like drink outings or lunch dates with friends.

This shirt is long-sleeved, but the sleeves are adjustable such that you can fold them up. They come in three different button styles, so you can choose a design that suits your occasion or taste.


  • This shirt is machine washable
  • Has four different styles
  • The shirt is suitable for the beach or casual outdoor wears
  • Has both quality cotton and linen materials
  • Comes in varying unique and bright colors

7. Hanes Men’s Long-Sleeve Beefy Henley Shirt


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Every man should have at least one piece of the mandarin shirt for casual or sporty wear. This specific model from Hanes men is great for night-outs, dates, and even for other outdoor activities. From the materials to the design, this is the shirt you can wear with different styles and pants to create a fashion statement

This mandarin collar shirt model has three buttons in style to opt to close up or leave them open. The shirt has long sleeves which you can style in different options. You can extend the sleeves or fold them.


  • This mandarin collar shirt comes in varying colors
  • Has three top button closure style
  • Features Reglan sleeves design
  • Has a durable and multiple material design

6. COOFANDY Men’s Casual Oxford Dress Shirt Banded Collar


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One unique feature design on this mandarin collar shirt is the thick band equipped on the collar. So, whether you button up or leave it open, the collar still gives the shirt a sleek look and does not fold. The shirt’s oxford materials design guarantees comfort and durability and ensures the shirt stays in good shape.

This shirt gives a slim fit and contours to the body for that elegant look. It also has a single chest pocket where you can keep small essentials for easy access. This is a versatile mandarin collar shirt you can wear when going for a casual date or formal date.


  • The collars of this shirt are banded
  • It is a multifunctional shirt to wear
  • This shirt has a quality materials design
  • Comes in two colors

5. utcoco Men’s Retro Chinese Style Short Sleeve Linen Henley Shirts


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If you need a mandarin collar Shirt to style with your jeans or wear with shorts when hitting the beach, this is the right brand. The style and colors of these utcoco shirts go so well with different kinds of jeans. They are comfortable to wear during the cool and warm seasons since the materials are warm and breathable.

The shirts have the half-button closure style that gives you the freedom to either leave them unbuttoned or buttoned up, depending on the season and the event. The materials design of this shirt consists of linen and cotton that are soft and comfortable to your skin.


  • This is a stylish casual wear shirt
  • The shirts have the short-sleeved style
  • The shirt comes in varying colors
  • Are made with cotton and linen materials

4. Neil Allyn Men’s Dress Shirt Banded Collar with Black Piping

Neil Allyn Mandarin Collar Shirts

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If you don’t like wearing ties with your formal suits, you need to consider this shirt from Neil Allyn. The shirt features a well-banded mandarin collar that gives it a sleek and straight style to blend with different suit styles. The black piping on the collar adds a touch of style to the shirt and breaks the monotonous white look.

This shirt has a button-up closure design, but the best part is that the buttons are enclosed with a fly-front placket. The shirt is long-sleeved, and the cuffs are adjustable to encourage multiple wear options.


  • This is a great official mandarin collar shirt
  • The shirt has a front fly placket
  • Has a beautiful black piping design
  • The collars are well banded

3. Goodthreads Men’s Standard-Fit Long-Sleeve Band

Goodthreads Mandarin Collar Shirts

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This is another elegant mandarin collar shirt perfect for weekend wear or other casual wear when going out. The shirt comes in four different colors to match up with different pants and shoes. This shirt has a button closure style to wear in various types, and it also has long-sleeves finished with single button closure at the cuffs.

This shirt is made of pure cotton materials that give warmth while allowing breathability when you wear it under the sun. Another crucial feature worth noting about this shirt brand is that it comes with slim and standard fitting.


  • The back section is box plated
  • The cuffs are adjustable for good fitting
  • This shirt is machine washer compatible
  • This shirt is designed in multiple size fittings

2. ZEROYAA Men’s Mandarin Collar Slim Fit

ZEROYAA Mandarin Collar Shirts

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Are you looking for a classic gift for your man on his birthday? Get him this mandarin collar shirt. This is a beautiful shirt he can wear for casual and formal meetings, thanks to the design and the style. The ZEROYAA shirt is long-sleeved and has a slim fitting that contours to a man’s body to give a classic look.

This is a comfortable shirt that one can wear in most seasons since it is warm and has breathable materials. The gold embroidery details on the mandarin collars give the shirt a touch of elegance and match most pants. It has full button closure so that one can wear it to their preferred design.


  • This mandarin collar shirt can be washed in a machine
  • The shirt has a slim fit design
  • Has beautiful gold embroidery details at the collar
  • Has polyester and cotton materials design

1. ZEROYAA Men’s Hipster Solid Long Sleeve Mandarin Collar Dress Shirts

ZEROYAA Mandarin Collar Shirts

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This is another ZEROYAA mandarin collar shirt for people who need a versatile shirt for formal and casual wear. This is a classic shirt you can wear alone or with a coat. The shirt comes in multiple colors so that you can choose your favorite color option. The shirt has a full button closure style, and the cuffs also have a single button.

In this case, you can either wear it with spread sleeves or fold up the sleeves. You can wash this shirt in a machine washer, but do not use bleaches.


  • This shirt has a breathable and comfortable materials design
  • It is safe to cold clean in a machine washer
  • The shirt provides a slim fitting
  • Has button-up closure style


Add some classically designed shirts to your closet by getting these mandarin collar shirts. These shirts are quite versatile since the majority of designs are suitable for casual and formal events.

They come either with sleeves or short sleeves to accommodate different tastes and wears. So, check out our review to choose a few pieces for your special occasions.