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10 Best Flip Up Sunglasses of 2024

Flip-up sunglasses will always be the most fashionable and stylish sunglasses in the market. They are quite trendy since they blend well with different outfit styles, and the fact you can wear them in dual forms guarantees you convenience. The flip up sunglasses is quite protective since the top layer lens has a coating that secures the eyes from UVA and UVB rays and radiations.

The flip-up sunglasses come in two styles. Some have frames, while others are frameless so that you can clip them to your preferred glasses frames. So, which are the best flip-up sunglasses to consider in the market? Here are the top ten best models.

Best Flip Up Sunglasses Review

10. Polarized Flip-up Clip-on Sunglasses


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Surprise your husband with these sunglasses, especially if he wears prescribed or reading glasses. You can clip them over prescribed frames to interchange while outdoors. These sunglasses are quite strong and durable as they have premium materials, crafts, and coatings to secure them from the weather elements.

The lenses are frameless, making it smooth to clip them on with oval, cat-eye, square, rectangular, or partial round frames. These lenses are versatile so that you can fit them in both plastic and metal glasses frames.

What we like
  • The lenses have UV400 protection coating
  • Fits over the prescribed sunglass lenses easily
  • Can fit in multiple shapes of frames
  • The lenses have an anti-glare mechanism

9. Costyle Silver Mirror Polarized Clip-on Flip-up Sunglasses


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If you don’t want to purchase multiple outdoor sunglasses, this model from Costyle will suit your needs. It is a flip up pair of sunglasses that easily clips on other frames. Therefore, you can equip these lenses with your diving glasses or any other sunglasses with the same shaped frame.

These flip-up sunglasses’ unique leg profile ensures you can easily fit them on either plastic or metal frames. The sunglasses’ rubber legs have a proprietary coating to secure the lens from scratches while holding them firmly on edge.

What we like
  • These sunglasses fit on both plastic and metal frames
  • Secures the eyes from UV rays
  • Fitting on other glasses frames is easy
  • The sunglasses can be fitted over the prescribed medical glasses

8. Retro Round 80’s Flip-Up Steampunk Sunglasses


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This is another pair of vintage sunglasses ideal for people who love retro styles. These sunglasses are suitable for all genders and ages since they are comfortable and the style blends perfectly. The outer layer of the lenses has a coating that reduces reflection from lights and sunlight.

But, you can flip to use the lower lenses, which feature flat lenses. Another crucial point worth noting is that the lower layer of lenses can be replaced with prescribed models suitable for eye problems. With UB400 coating, these sunglasses ensure to block up to 100 percent UV rays.

What we like
  • These sunglasses ships with a 30 days refund warranty
  • They are good for adults and kids
  • The inner lenses can be replaced with prescribed lenses
  • They come in different color coating

7. Flip Up Sunglasses Triangle Retro Vintage Sun Glasses


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The triangular punk style on these flip-up sunglasses makes them look unique and can match with various outfits. These sunglasses are equipped with dual lenses, with the top-most lens having mirror coating to secure the eyes from harsh UV ray lights and UVB. On the other hand, the inner lens can be used as flat sunglasses style.

These sunglasses’ size and type ensure they fit most people, both men, and women, including kids. These flip-up sunglasses are versatile as you can wear them when going shopping, on date lunches, and even for walks.

What we like
  • These sunglasses feature a one fit all style
  • Are stylish, multifunctional sunglasses
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Can be worn as sunglasses or flat sunglasses model

6. Round Sunglasses for Men Women 90’s Retro Steampunk Style


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You can never go wrong with a retro accessory in your closet, and this is a must-have flip-up pair of glasses. The sunglasses are crafted to last you for a very long time due to the premium materials. The frames are made with metal materials and non-polarized lenses. The dual wear is another excellent feature of these flip-up sunglasses.

Therefore, you can opt to wear colored sunglasses or flip up the top lenses to use as flat sunglasses. Do you have an eye problem that requires you to wear glasses throughout? Well, you can have the clear inner lenses of these sunglasses changed with prescribed models to use with.

What we like
  • The sunglasses have quality materials
  • The inner lenses can be replaced with actual eyes spectacles
  • The sunglasses block 100 percent UV and UVB lenses and radiations
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty for lens and frames

5. Flip up Cyber Steampunk Round Circle Retro Sunglasses

WearMe Pro Flip Up Sunglasses

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You can wear these flip-up sunglasses day and night since the lenses have a coating to secure eyes from UVB and UVA light rays. Besides, the glasses are quite light and comfortable to wear for a long time. The infusion of polycarbonate, solid metal hinges and exquisite temples ensures these sunglasses’ durability without compromising the user’s comfort.

For quality assurance, the sunglasses come along with a term warranty. You can also call the manufacturers in case you have any queries about the sunglasses.

What we like
  • These sunglasses have UV400 coating for eyes protections
  • The sunglasses secure the yes from UVB and UVA glares
  • These flip-up glasses are quite comfortable to wear for long
  • Are quite affordable

4. Franklin Sports MLB Deluxe Flip-Up Sunglasses

Franklin Sports Flip Up Sunglasses

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These are comfortable and protective flip-up sunglasses you can comfortably wear while still working. They are made with a plastic frame to reduce bulkiness and have a head strap to secure them on the head when you bend down to work. For quality and durability, these flip-up sunglasses have only premium materials.

The lenses have polycarbonate materials resistant to scratches. These sunglasses ensure your eyes are protected from light radiations and glares without compromising your eyesight. They have dual lenses, and the top lenses flip up if you want to use the lower lenses, which are clearer.

What we like
  • The lenses have a blue mirrored coating
  • They protect the eyes from UAV and UVB radiations
  • Have strong anti-scratch polycarbonate lenses
  • The sunglasses come with carrying poach

3. COASION Vintage Round Flip Up Sunglasses

COASION Flip Up Sunglasses

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These are must-have flip-up sunglasses for everyone who loves trendy accessories. They are suitable for all ages due to the design and style that match the current fashion styles. Also, know that these sunglasses are great for men and women since they have a unisex design. The dual-layer lenses allow one to wear them as sunglasses or as flat glasses.

The outer lens layer is colored, while the inner lenses have clear glasses. Just flip up the colored lenses to interchange if you want to use the clear internal glasses. Not only do these flip up glasses add some style to your daily outfits, but they ensure your safety too. The non-polarized UV protection coating lenses secure the eyes from high UV rays and UVB radiations.

What we like
  • These flip-up sunglasses come in multiple color finishes
  • The outer lenses are colored, and the second layer has clear lenses
  • The glasses are suitable for men and women of all ages
  • The glasses come with 30 days money refund warranty

2. J&L Glasses Retro Flip-Up Round Goggles Steampunk Sunglasses

J&L Glasses Flip Up Sunglasses

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You don’t have to spend much to acquire a chic, classic pair of sunglasses to rock with different outfits. The sunglasses from J& L are perfect for incorporating various types while protecting the eyes. The sunglasses have a dual-lens style, where the top lenses are color coated to secure the eyes from the light glares.

If you want to use the lower lenses, flip up the top lenses, and you will be good to go. The top lenses have mirror coating that reduces light reflections, a great feature when driving at night or in hot seasons. The lenses are made of plastic materials, while the frames have metal to balance the weight for your comfort.

What we like
  • The lenses secure the eyes from all UVA and UVB rays
  • The lenses have an anti-reflective coating
  • These sunglasses come with a carrying bag
  • They are quite light

1. Clip-on Flip up Polarized Lens For Prescription Glasses

Newon Flip Up Sunglasses

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These are classy flip-up sunglasses that do not limit you to using one pair of lenses. This means that you can always interchange the lenses to use your preferred models. One pack comes with three pieces of sunglasses and is affordable too.

Some of the safety features that ensure these sunglasses’ durability is; anti-reflective anti-scratch UV400 lens design, and the lenses are non-polarized. Note that these sunglasses are frameless so that you can install them on your preferred frames.

What we like
  • Equipping new lens on the sunglasses is easy
  • The frames are quite light in weight
  • They have mirror coated optical
  • They are frameless


These are our top-quality flip-up sunglasses options in the market. The above reviewed flip-up sunglasses come in dual styles where some are frameless so you can equip them to your preferred glasses frames.

Others are designed to incorporate other lens styles, especially for people with eyes sight problems. So, check our review to find the perfect flip-up sunglasses that suit your style taste.