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10 Best Onion Goggles of 2024 Reviews | Guide

Cutting onions can mean a lot of trouble. Most of the people tear up while chopping onion. Onion releases a special chemical fume which causes tears and a burning sensation in human beings. Well, there is no need to go through this pain every time you cut an onion. Thus, it is better to opt for an onion glass. These glasses contain a special lens that prevents the onion fumes from reaching your eyes. Furthermore, you can also use these glasses for several other purposes. You can wear them while skiing or riding bikes thanks to their anti-fogging capabilities.

Need one for your own household needs? Check out the onion goggle brands that should be your preference and start picking your own favorite.

Why should you buy onion glasses?

Onion glasses will come to your more than you can imagine. If you constantly suffer from blurry vision with all the tears, every time you slice open an onion, relieve yourself of the trouble. Onion glasses completely prevent any fumes from reaching you, so that you can cut with ease no matter how many you chop, slice, or dice. Besides that, it can be used for other purposes as well. Whether it is lab work, or bike riding, or even skiing, you can take these glasses with you to a number of different activities and marvel at their reliable service.

What does the foam do in onion glasses?

The foam padding on the frame of such glasses is the essential element for blocking out all that might come in contact with your eyes to make you uncomfortable. Firstly, the foam totally seals off the contact, so that no particle, whether it be dust, or smoke, or anything else, can pass through the foam to irritate your eyes. Furthermore, it also creates comfortable padding on the nose bridge, allowing you to wear it for long stretches of time without any problem, like the plastic digging deep into your skin.

Haoun Onion Goggles

Haoun Onion Goggles

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If you hate cutting onions as much as you love consuming them, these onion goggles will come to your aid greatly. The product has an interesting feature of a UV protection coating. Because of this reason, the goggles can also protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun rays.

Both the UVA and UVB cannot pass through these goggles. Also, the goggles provide great clarity, so that you can work without any problem. With this product, you do not have to obsess over the size. The goggles are designed to fit almost any face.

Key Features:

  • To allow proper air circulation, the size can also be adjusted to your preference.
  • Moreover, due to the presence of foam, it will feel comfortable when wearing it.
  • To keep your vision clear, the product has been given an anti-fog feature, so you do not have to worry about the season.

Gadget Chef Onion Goggles

Gadget Chef

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If functionality alone cannot quite cut the deal for you, these goggles have a little more you should look forward to. Coming in three different colors to choose from, the goggles will make sure to go with your style statement while you work in the kitchen. The product takes into account various practical issues. Therefore, it also offers you a microfiber case with the package. This essentially protects the glasses from getting any scratches that might come in the way of your view.

The product is able to protect you from much more than just onions. It also protects you from smoke, allowing you to use them even during a barbeque.

Key Features:

  • The lens of this product has been specially designed. So, it prevents your eyes from tearing up with the fumes of the onions.
  • Due to the anti-fog feature, you will not have a blockage of vision due to cloudiness.
  • Even intense heat cannot do anything against these goggles. Thus, it offers the utmost protection.

Sheng’hang Onion Goggles

sheng'hang Onion Goggles

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In case you have a high nose bridge, this product will prove to be really effective for you. The onion goggles leave no stones unturned when it comes to nailing the best quality. The goggles make use of superior quality polycarbonate lenses. Hence, you can count on this item when it comes to sturdiness. Furthermore, the goggles might be uncomfortable to wear if the plastic is stuck to your skin for long stretches of time.

Keeping that in mind, a foam layer reduces the tension of the goggles on the nose. With the exclusive cloth provided, you always have a little, clean something to keep your goggles free from any fog.

Key Features:

  • This product can be used by both men and women alike.
  • The goggles come with a hard case which makes sure the goggles are protected, even if you drop the case.
  • Because of the foam layer, the goggles completely seal your eyes, so that no fumes can reach you.

Jeeiry Onion Goggles


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If comfort is your top priority, this product will not fail you. The goggles make use of polycarbonate for the lenses of the item. Thus, the lenses have great strength to withstand any impact. At the same time, the item turns out to be really lightweight. Hence, you will not feel any unnecessary burden on your nose after wearing the goggles for a long time. Besides, the item is waterproof as well which will help you achieving clarity while viewing.

More than that, the glasses also have the much-needed feature of anti-glare. Hence, some unnecessary night will not be able to daze your vision anytime soon.

Key Features:

  • With fog-free lenses, you will be able to view clearly through the cutting. So, do it without requiring to take it off and put it on again and again.
  • With its high-quality performance, the goggles can also be used to ride a bike, or even ski.
  • More importantly, these glasses can fit any face shape without any issue.

Boao Onion Glasses

Boao Onion Goggles

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With these glasses, conquer those tears forever. Besides, the item promises to be dustproof. Hence, you can also use it while dusting. If that was not enough, these glasses assure that they are able to survive, scratch-free on an oil splash as well. Coming as a set of 3 different pairs, you will be able to share this steal deal with your loved ones. The glasses turn out to be really durable, lasting for years to come without any complaints.

Cleaning the glasses is very convenient. Having a construction of polycarbonate lenses, you will get clarity and vision. The soft silicone foam pad will keep the goggles in place and provide comfort.

Key Features:

  • The glasses are non-corrosive, so you do not have to worry.
  • Intense heat is not great for your eyes to endure on a daily basis. With this pair, you can also avoid that.
  • The glasses are windproof in nature and so will not fly away.

RSVP International Onion Goggles

RSVP International

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When it comes to quality, you can put your money on this product without any worries. The item has bagged the title of Amazon’s Choice for itself, which itself speaks for its amazing quality. Moreover, for those who like to add a little color to their life, these goggles have not forgotten about you. Coming up with as many as 5 different color combination options, you are sure to find one which will suit your taste with this product.

Besides, these goggles have no maintenance hassle. All you need to do is wipe it with a lint-free, clean cloth to keep the goggles spotless.

Key Features:

  • The goggles work great for dry eyes as well.
  • With the unique patented, unisex design of this item, no matter what your face shape is, this product will fit you just snug on the nose bridge.
  • Your eyes are well protected from any irritation caused by pepper fumes.

Tosparty Onion Glasses

TOSPARTY Onion Goggles

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If you have been on the lookout for some onion glasses which will not burn a hole through your pocket, this is the item you should settle on. Although, do not assume the product makes any compromises on the quality. Making the use of premium plastic for the frame, the sturdy frame can live through many strong impacts. Furthermore, coming in different colors, you will be able to share it with others. And that also without having your glasses swapped again and again.

The durable polycarbonate lens used on these glasses stands the test of time. With the right sealing, the glasses do not even allow wind to pass through into your eyes.

Key Features:

  • The glasses promise to be dustproof. Hence, you can easily use them for any yard work, bike riding or any other purposes.
  • Having unisex nature, you can wear it easily irrespective of gender.
  • The frame is ideal for biking, skiing and other sports activities.

MCJS Onion Glasses


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This pair puts your comfort on the topmost priority of their list. The frame of the product has been amply padded with a soft silicone sponge. As a result, helps to keep the wearer comfortable, without creating tension on your nose bridge. Not only that, this sponge layering helps to prevent any dust or wind to get inside the glasses. Since silicone material is used for the padding, you can count on the durability of the item.

You will be very glad to know, this product comes with the special attribute of UV400 protection. This protects your eyes from coming in direct contact with the harmful rays.

Key Features:

  • On the legs of the glasses, non-slip rubber has been thoughtfully placed, to keep them in place with better stability.
  • The lens exhibits an anti-glare feature as well.
  • The item is also highly flexible when comes to wearing it in any situation.

Memegege Onion Glasses

memegege Onion Goggles

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This product takes care of various requirements so that you can buy it without any apprehension. The item meets various high-velocity impact safety standards, assuring you of its top-grade strength. Moreover, this item is also scratch-resistant. Thus, you do not need to worry about how clumsy you are.

In order to help you keep the item clean, the product comes in a soft pouch. Hence, prevents dust and other particles from settling on the glasses. Although, you need not bother about the dust, since the item is dust-free. The item is unisex, making it suitable for anybody.

Key Features:

  • You even get the trinket of a pair of glasses ear hooks with this package.
  • For best ergonomic comfort, the mirror legs of the glasses can be adjusted as needed to fit every face shape perfectly.
  • The item is very convenient to carry, being really light.

Loanpe Onion Goggles


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With this pair of goggles, you can goodbye to onion tears forever. The product has applied a foam sealing layer on the frame of the goggles. Hence, no pungent fumes are able to deep through the glasses to make your eyes water. From steam to smoke, to embers, nothing can pass through the glasses to cause you any eye irritation. Hence, these goggles are ideal for many more jobs like woodworking, metal, lab, or even dental work.

Since the item is really compact, you can depend on this item to hardly take up any space in storage, or when you are traveling.

Key Features:

  • The product weighs no more than 2.39 ounces, barely making you feel you are wearing them.
  • Having the anti-fog function, the goggles keep your view crystal clear at all times. It effective especially when your eyes are not watering.
  • The foam padding on the frame makes sure the plastic does not dig into your skin.

What are the most important attributes one should consider before choosing onion glasses?

First and foremost, the onion glasses should definitely be lightweight. If the glasses get bulky, it will get burdensome to wear them for a long time, as well as leave unwanted marks with extended, long time usage. Also, a pair of lightweight glasses also turns out to be very travel friendly.

The lens of such glasses should settle for nothing other than the polycarbonate. This material also makes the product anti-fog. Therefore, you will be able to see clearly and work without anything coming into your vision, of making it hazy.

It will be no good if the product gets multiple scratches on the lens with a bit of rough handling. For that reason, you should go for those which are scratch proof. That way, even if you drop the pair, you will not have to worry about getting a brand new one every single time.

Another thing that is very essential when looking for nice onion glasses is flexibility. The legs of the frame should be flexible enough to be adjustable. Or else, you might catch yourself in a pickle when the pair does not fit you right.

While this feature is not available on all onion glasses, you should look a bit more carefully and score this one if you find it. Since the onion glasses can be used for multifarious tasks, you should get one that also provides protection against harmful UV rays. That way, you will be able to use them even for yard work, or other such work where you are exposed to those rays for too long.

Final Verdict

Now, protect your eyes from getting watery and do not deal with that uneasiness. The protective onion goggles will keep your eyes safe from unwanted eye hazards.