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10 Best Password Books of 2024

In this current era of technology when we hold multiple accounts, remembering all the passwords can be troublesome. Thus, it is important to find an ingenious way of saving all your password for ease of finding. Well, if that’s the case, you can definitely check out a password book. These books come in a simple design. Most importantly, it allows you to save your passwords of different accounts in different sections. Hence, you can easily find the password you are looking for immediately whenever you require it.

We are reviewing the best password books online to assist you in choosing the best. So, read the reviews and you will know which one to choose.

Which type of cover is best for a password book?

The first thing to check off the list when considering the password book is, how discreet the item is. For the top cover, any written indication stating the journal is a password book, will only seek out unwanted attention. For that reason, the top cover should be as simple and discreet as possible, posing as nothing more than a simple notebook, or journal. Also, the top cover should use some type of hard material, which will give due sturdiness to the structure, and protect the pages inside from getting damaged in any possible way.

If possible, you should also go for a cover that is water-resistant. That way, your chances of losing your vital data because of a drink spill are minimized as much as possible.

Top Best Password Books in 2024

10. Eccolo World Traveler Password Logbook

Eccolo World Traveler Password Books

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For the ones who like to go for minimalism, this product will certainly win your heart. The top of the logbook has faux leather, giving it an elegant look. Besides, this logbook has the privilege of hardcover on top of it. Added to the faux leather, is a little friend, enhancing the minimalistic charm of the book.

To keep track of your passwords when you are out, the book also comes with an attached bookmark. Well, you practically cannot lose anywhere. This book will lay flat without any deformity. In order to save other information, you also get additional pages that may store emails, software license,s, etc.

Key Features:

  • The item is pocket-sized so you can carry it with you anywhere you like.
  • Its paper-quality is premium and the binding done is super strong.
  • The cover has been intentionally unmarked to keep the appearance of the book discreet.

9. Juvale Password Keeper


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When you are really busy, finding out one password from an entire book can become a bit challenging. To eliminate such problems, this keeper comes with alphabetical dividers. This way, not only will you be able to find it easily, but also keep your passwords more organized. The top of the keeper uses high-quality material.

The plastic used is quite sturdy. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the pages getting easily ripped, torn, or folded. In short, it can easily deal with a little rough handling of the logbook.

Key Features:

  • Each logbook has as many as 80 pages each, so you are not running out of pages anytime soon.
  • With the spiral binding system of the logbooks, turning the pages is much easier with this item.
  • This set is wisely provided as a set of two. So, you can always rely on your backup, even if you end up losing one of them.

8. BookFactory Password Book

BookFactory Password Books

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If you tend to be forgetful and often find yourself locked out of accounts, this product will be a great help for you. The password book will meticulously help you to keep track of all your passwords. So you all of them are always within your easy reach. The cover of the password book is translucent and is water-resistant. Therefore, your password book will not get completely soggy with a small spill.

To make sure the product lies flat on the surface, this journal takes the advantage of O binding. The journal has not forgotten to make special spaces in the book for website, username, or notes.

Key Features:

  • Different people have different needs. Keeping that in mind, this password book comes in 3 different sizes.
  • Moreover, the product is created in the USA itself.
  • The cover is translucent in nature and pretty thick for it to protect the sheets.

7. Nokingo Password Book


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If quality is your top priority, you should definitely go for this password book without having any second thoughts. The item makes use of 120gsm thick paper. Once you start writing on it, you will be able to tell apart the quality of the product yourself. Not only does it enhance smooth writing, but also minimizes any chances of ink leaking on the paper. As a result, the rest of your passwords do not run any risk of getting soiled and lost.

Whatever fraying or shade issues that usually crop up on other types of paper that you use, will not be a problem with this product. With metal twin-wire binding to back you up, you do not have to be concerned about any damage.

Key Features:

  • You will be able to make a good 30 entries per tab with this password book.
  • You get a total of 132 pages in this that will safe-keep every password.
  • The hardcover provides the required protection for the inner pages inside the journal.

6. Legend Planner Password Book

Legend Planner Password Books

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It is not enough if the stationery items are only functional. For the stationery lovers, now you can get your password books in a range of different colors, so you can find one which best suits your liking. Although, the product is much more than just attractive in appearance. The item has been given a back pocket. This allows you to store all your scrap notes securely inside the journal.

Furthermore, the exquisite pearl white paper used for this product promises to be completely bleed proof. The hardcover of the book makes use of animal-friendly leatherette material. Interestingly, this provides strength to the structure.

Key Features:

  • To let you navigate easily through the password book, a bookmark comes attached to the product itself.
  • Also, to keep your book shut at all times, an elastic band is added to the design.
  • With the thoughtful addition of the pen loop, never lose your pen in random places again.

5. Budget Keeper Password Book

Budget Keeper

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Forgetting your password can be a really frustrating experience. In order to avoid that, you can get this password book and never have to bother with memorizing passwords ever again. The cover of the password book has been intentionally given a very nondescript appearance. As a result, it does not raise the curiosity of anybody and looks no more than a simple journal book. That way, all your data remains safe inside.

The product also comes with a very interesting addition. If you are bad at coming up with new passwords, the password generator sheet helps you to create an endless list of new passwords.

Key Features:

  • It has been intentionally made large, so you can house a lot of data in one single notebook.
  • A quick start guide is added to the package.
  • The silky and chic ribbon acts as a bookmark for the password book.

4. Clever Fox Password Book

Clever Fox Password Books

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With its exceptional service, this product has been able to win the approval of many for itself, becoming the Bestseller on Amazon, which itself speaks for its quality. Further, you have a lot of freedom to choose the size of the password book that is best suited for you.

The book comes in both the usual pocket size for carrying as well as the medium size for keeping everything in one place. Finally, the superior quality thick 120gsm paper is used for the sheets of the password book.

Key Features:

  • The paper is bleed proof, so that, there are no imprints on the other side of the paper.
  • Its tab system is made in A to Z manner for keeping all the records straight.
  • Enjoy the benefit of an accordion pocket with this product.

3. GoGirl Password Book


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For the ones who feel lost with online data and multiple passwords, this product will be a lifesaver. The password book has added some pages, which are dedicated to a quick user guide. With the help of this, you can learn to create better and stronger secure passwords, so nobody can break into your account.

A crunch for space will lead to dirty, and illegible handwriting, which beats the whole purpose. Keeping that in mind, the password book has a spacious layout, so you can keep things neat and tidy.

Key Features:

  • The tabs on this product are divided into two columns.
  • With the little pen loop, you can always keep the pen close, so you do not have to rummage around when you need one.
  • Since the tabs are alphabetically organized, finding anything becomes very simple and quick.

2. Boxclever Press Password Book

Boxclever Press Password Books

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This will be a great addition to any micromanager’s stationery collection. The password book promises to be able to store up to 400 passwords. Thus, you will practically never run out of space with this product, holding as many as 30 websites per tab. With this journal, you will not find yourself lost for a page. A helpful ribbon bookmark always keeps you on the right page.

The product has been given an elastic band all along the length of the cover. Because of this, your password book will not slam open if you mistakenly drop the book in the public too. You can secure it tightly with the handy band.

Key Features:

  • Getting more options is always preferable. This product comes in 4 bright color options that you can pick from.
  • The product has been untitled to ensure better security for the data inside.
  • It comes with separate sections that help you to keep track of your passwords.

1. Peter Pauper Press Password Logbook

Peter Pauper Press (Author)

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This product has thought of everything even before you. As far as the top cover is concerned, you can easily remove the label. As a result, the book appears as discreet and plain as possible. Besides that, no other password book nails security the way this product does. To keep the data secure inside, you get a decorative gold padlock on the product. Hence, you can keep all the peeping Toms away from your book.

A pocket is located inside the logbook. Thus, holds the key to the padlock in a red ribbon. This can easily fit inside your pocket, so you can always have it upon yourself, and do not have to worry about leaving the book for a quick toilet break.

Key Features:

  • Besides the padlock, you also get a black elastic closure.
  • Next, the item uses concealed wire binding. Thus, it further amplifies its durability.
  • The tough cover keeps the pages inside safeguarded from tearing or ripping apart.

What type of security measures can be expected from a password book?

There are primarily two types of security offered in password books, and you can choose one which serves your purpose the best. The first is the elastic band kind. Here, an elastic band is present on top of the cover, which can be used to keep the book shut tight, even if the book slips out from your hand. The second type of security measure is truly a formidable one. In some password books, you will even find the privilege of the padlock. As long as you have the key on yourself, nobody can open your password book no matter how hard they try to peep inside the book.

If you are lucky, you will be able to find a password book which even offers both. Many password books also include a quick startup guide, which teaches you to create passwords with tighter security.

Which features help in organization inside a password book?

The first thing that comes to mind will be the much-needed tabs. For most password books, you will find tabs inside, which are arranged alphabetically. That way, as long as you organize your passwords alphabetically, you will have no difficulty finding any password from the thick book.

Also, to store added information, password books also add back pages, or even pockets at times, where you can keep all your little notes saved inside, to have a clutter-free logbook.

Another thing that is essential for easy navigation is the bookmark. While you can get your own bookmark, you might as easily lose them too. For the bookmarks which are attached to the book, they will always open the book to the page you want.

While this one might seem not that vital, you will realize the benefits once you have it, namely, a pen holder. If you tend to keep losing your pen by putting them here and there, the pen holder will be really helpful, to have something to note down with, no matter where you are.

Final Verdict

Your secrets will always remain private. The private password books will safely preserve everything without spilling any secrets.