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10 Best Leather Desk Pads of 2024

Have you noticed your working desk finishing is coming off when you drag a mouse on it? Get a leather desk pad, and the problem will be solved. The leather desk pads work as a protective mat that secures the desk from scratches, ink spillage, and even writings. They form a comfortable working space since they are thick and smooth. So, you don’t need to buy a mouse pad for gaming or work.

Some desk pads are designed with dual sides, while others only have a single-size surface. They come in different sizes so every person can get the right size for their desk. Therefore, measure your desk or working space to guide you in choosing a desk pad’s right size. Here are our top ten recommendable leather desk pads to check out.

Best Leather Desk Pads Review

10. Bedsure Genuine Leather Desk Pad Protector

Bedsure Best Leather Desk Pads

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Protect your expensive office desk from scratches and spillage by installing this protective leather pad. The pad has non-slip crafting that prevents it from slipping off the desk. In this case, it is compatible with multiple desks with varying finishing. The desk pad is also waterproof, so the liquid spillage does not penetrate the other side for your desk’s safety.

The desk pad has cowhide leathercrafting with beautiful detail finishing ensuring your desk looks elegant at all times. I love this desk pad because you don’t have to buy an extra mouse pad for your laptop. It can work as a mouse pad too.

Special features

  • This leather desk pad is spill and scratch proof
  • Measure 17 x35 inches
  • It is made of real cowhide leather materials
  • The desk pad can work as a mouse pad

9. Aothia Office Desk Pad, Natural Cork & PU Leather Dual Side


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Do your kids always scrapple the desk when studying at home? Well, get this desk pad to protect the table from their writings. It is made of pure PU leather materials that prevent the table from ink, scratches, and even spillage. It has a thickness of 2 mm to prevent these from reaching the table.

Another good thing is that this desk pad can be used on both sides. This desk pad comes in multiple colors, so you can have an easy time choosing a color to match with your decor finish or kids’ study desks. The leather desk pad measures 31.5 x 15.7 inches plus has non-slip crafting to ensure it firmly sticks to the table regardless of where it reaches.

Special features

  • This desk pad is quite easy to clean
  • Has dual side style
  • Can work with glass or wooden desks
  • The pad comes in varying colors to choose from

8. VARWANEO Large Leather Desk Pad

VARWANEO Best Leather Desk Pads

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With a size of 32×16 inches, this desk pad protects your desk from damages while providing enough space for your working space. It is large to fit most tables and can fit the laptop and still leave space. This is a multifunctional desk pad that also serves as a mouse pad.

So, you don’t need to buy an extra mouse pad to use with it when working. It guarantees long-term use as it has pure PU leather material crafting resistant to damage. The leather materials are waterproof to make sure no moisture can penetrate the table. So, even if you spill coffee on the pad, you need to wipe off and continue working.

Special features

  • This leather desk pad has non slip leather materials
  • Has dual sides
  • Keeps the laptop secure on the desk
  • It can be used as a writing pad

7. ZBRANDS // Leather Smooth Desk Mat Pad Blotter Protector


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This leather desk pad protector forms a top layer cover that prevents any spillage, dust, or scratches from reaching your table. So, you can work from anywhere. The desk pad has a non-slip craft that provides a comfortable working surface to hold your laptop and even a keyboard to work.

The entire pad provides a large surface of 36 x 20 inches such that you can even set it up at the dining table to work. The pad has a thickness of 1.8 inches with a smooth top for smooth moving your mouse to maneuver the computer. Note that the desk pad can also be reversed if you want to use the rugged surface.

Special features

  • The desk pad has both smooth and rugged surfaces
  • This desk pad provides a large space
  • This desk pad is waterproof
  • It is easy to clean

6. Office Desk Pad, Double-Sided Desk Blotter Mat of PU Leather

Office Desk Pad Best Leather Desk Pads

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This is a multifunctional leather pad you can equip in your office desk or gaming desk. The desk pad is double-sided, plus it has waterproof materials crafting. It has a large sizing that does not limit your working space. So, it can fit a laptop, notebook, a phone and still leave a space for your mouse.

The top surface of the desk pad provides a comfortable working space, and it is waterproof. So, no liquid can penetrate the table. In case of spillage, wipe it off using a clean, dry cloth, and you will be good.

Special features

  • This desk pad has non-slip crafting
  • It is large to fit multiple items
  • It is a multifunctional desk pad
  • 24-hour customer care services

5. Leather Desk Pad 37.4″×15.7″, Mydours Office Desk Mat


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First off, this leather desk pad comes in five different color shades, so if you want to match with your home interiors, choose a color that fits well. The mat measures 37.4×15.7 inches all around to make sure your working tools are secured without compromising the working space.

The desk pad is made of faux leather that is dust, water, and scratch-proof. So, if you want to get it for your kid, I would highly recommend it. This desk pad firmly sticks to the desk such that it cannot easily slip when you move the computer mouse or the computer.

Special features

  • This desk pad is quite light
  • It comes in different beautiful color shades
  • It is spillage proof and easy to clean
  • The pad has soft faux leather crafting

4. Purple/Pink Dual Sided PU Leather Desk Pad

SEEKUP Best Leather Desk Pads

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Upgrade your working desk while securing it from damages by installing this leather desk pad. It has quality crafting, plus the colors are great to add a touch of elegance and color to your working space. The desk pad comes in dual color infusions, and you can get it in different shades to match your color taste or even the working area.

The large sizing of 31.5×15.8 inches provides a large space to keep most of your working tools ranging from laptop, headphones, phone notebook, and a cup of coffee. Cleaning this mat is easy and comfortable. It is waterproof, so you need to wipe off dust or liquid spillage.

Special features

  • This leather desk pad is extremely affordable
  • Comes in beautiful colors
  • It is a multifunctional desk mat
  • Easy to install and clean

3. YOKAADA2024 Leather Desk Pad, Office Desk Mat


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Whether you need to carry this desk mat to use at the office or home, it has a lightweight design, so carrying is easy. The mat measures 35.43 X15.75 inches, a large space to fit a laptop and other working equipment. The desk mat is safe for kids as well since it has non-slip crafting.

It has waterproof materials such that even when kids spill any drink on it, it will never reach your table. This pad is thick, whereby it forms a comfortable surface to rest your hands when working or reading.

Special features

  • You can get this desk pad in other sizes
  • It has a beautiful color finish
  • Installing it takes a few seconds
  • Have pure natural materials crafting

2. Dacasso Leather Desk Calendar pad

Dacasso Best Leather Desk Pads

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You will never miss out on the essential meetings since this pad comes with a calendar. The side rails give this pad a classic style and secure your working items like pens from rolling off the pad.

This pad’s side rails have leather crafting and a chocolate finish that blends well with multiple working desks. The pad measures 34 x 20 inches to ensure you have enough space to store your computer and remain with working space.

Special features

  • This pad comes with a calendar
  • Has side rails
  • It is spacious
  • Has a beautiful finish

1. CHAIRLIN Large PU Leather Desk Pad


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Not only does the desk leather pad secure the table from damages, but it is a great space for organizing your working items. It is made with non-slip materials for easy installation on any table.

Thus, you get a comfortable yet smooth writing surface. This desk pad is made of premium leather material that does not emit harmful chemicals or smell to the air. Cleaning it is easy as it only requires a clean cloth to wipe off any dirt or spillage.

Special features

  • This leather desk pad is perfect for all desk finishes
  • It has premium and quality materials crafting
  • It has waterproof leather materials
  • Can function as a desk gaming pad


Secure your working desk from writings, scratches, or spillage by equipping any of the above-reviewed leather desk pads. The pads firmly adhere to the desk as they have a non-slip finish to ensure that your working space is protected. These desk pads come in varying colors and sizes, so you can choose a pad that fits your desk and matches your color taste.