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10 Best Smart Surge Protectors of 2024

When you use a smart surge protector, then there will be reliable performance. It helps to protect your computer system from surges and comes with multiple features. With it, you don’t have to worry about any damage to your device. A smart surge protector lets you have an amazing experience and is easy to use. It lets you shut down your devices safely and can also dissipate heat quickly. The product serves great to prevent the disruption of voltage flow. Check out the following list of the top 10 best smart surge protectors of 2024.

Best Smart Surge Protectors in 2024

10. ANHAORUI WiFi Surge Protector

ANHAORUI Smart Surge Protectors

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The 6-feet long power cable never limits your work efficiency. This smart surge protector also comes along with 6 power outlets. Moreover, the inbuilt surge protector is capable of protecting devices up to 1680-joules. This unit has its smart application. Therefore, by downloading this application, you can convert smartphones into a remote controller.

This unit also works with virtual voice assistants like Alexa. Furthermore, this module comes along with 4 USB ports. Each of these USB ports provides 3.4A charging speed. Nevertheless, this power strip comes with fire-retardant material construction to ensure durability. You can use this model for home appliances and electronics.

Reasons To Buy

  • Does not need separate hubs.
  • Comes with fireproof material construction.
  • Only requires 2.4-GHz wireless connectivity.

9. POWSAV Smart WiFi Surge Protector


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This multifunctional power strip is suitable for only 2.4-GHz wireless frequency. The inbuilt surge protector also stabilizes the power flow. Hence, your sensitive devices stay shielded from sudden power surges. Moreover, this power strip consists of 10 pieces of AC outlets. This module comes along with four USB ports. Nevertheless, this smart wall outlet works with virtual voice assistants.

The remote controller also lets you wirelessly control this unit. The 45-degree plug saves your space while connecting this module against wall outlets. Furthermore, you can use the smart application to control the functions effortlessly. Nevertheless, this protector provides surge protection up to 1680-joules.

Reasons To Buy

  • Includes a 45-degree angled wall plug.
  • Consists of multiple number outlets.
  • Supports dawn-to-dusk illumination function.

8. APC Smart Plug Wi-Fi Strip

APC Smart Surge Protectors

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This power strip consists of two standard USB ports. Apart from that, this unit includes three individually controllable outlets. Therefore, you can use this model for charging five devices simultaneously. Moreover, this smart surge protector provides USB charging at the speed of 2.4A. The Wi-Fi outlet consists of a schedulable timer function.

You can also separately set the automatic off function for each outlet. Furthermore, all of these outlets come with surge protection. You can use this module with voice assistants, like Alexa and Google Assistant. However, this unit is ideal for small household appliances and electronics. The smart application makes controlling easier via smartphones.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comes with high surge protection.
  • Supports hands-free voice commands.
  • Every outlet is separately programmable.

7. Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip

Kasa Smart

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Compatible with Amazon Alexa, this smart surge protector makes operation hands-free. This model also works with other voice assistants. Moreover, this unit consists of independently controllable smart outlets. You can convert smartphones into a wireless remote by installing a supportive application. Hence, you can schedule the programs for every outlet.

You can also charge up to three USB devices at the same time. Furthermore, surge protection keeps sensitive devices from unwanted surge spiking. You can assure the safety of your electronics during bad weather conditions. The smart application lets you thoroughly monitor the power consumption of this model.

Reasons To Buy

  • Each outlet comes with separate controls.
  • Comes along with a convenient prong plug.
  • Monitors the power consumption accurately.

6. AHRISE WiFi Surge Protector

AHRISE Smart Surge Protectors

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This power strip consists of eight pieces of functional outlets. The presence of four USB charging ports also doubles the functionality of this unit. Moreover, this smart surge protector utilizes your smartphone as a remote controller. Hence, you can remotely control this model from every corner of your room. The smart timer function lets you customize the programs daily.

This surge protector also works with Google Home, Alexa, and IFTT. Furthermore, the automatic shut-off function drastically reduces electricity wastage. You can use this smart outlet for charging Bluetooth speakers, e-readers, and more. However, this system works with only a 2.4-GHz wireless frequency.

Reasons To Buy

  • Includes multiple USB charging ports.
  • Comes with a customizable timer function.
  • Consists of a smart countdown timer feature.

5. POWSAV Surge Protector


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This multi-plug wall outlet makes an ideal addition to offices and workspaces. However, this smart surge protector also provides the best protection against electrical spikes. Moreover, this model consists of three pieces of USB charging ports. The unit has a safety ground indicator and surge-protection lights. Nevertheless, the USB ports are capable of detecting charging devices automatically.

This four-way outlet extender can connect to 12 standard plugs at once. Furthermore, each of these USB ports provides a charging speed of 3.4A. The overload, over-current protection assures the safety of your appliances. However, this model consists of three complementary surge protection circuits.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comes with a reset push button.
  • Protects devices from electrical spikes.
  • Includes lights for surge protection and safety ground.

4. Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip

Kasa Smart Smart Surge Protectors

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This power strip works with voice assistants, like Alexa Echo or Google Home. Equipped with two USB ports, this wall outlet supports reliable charging. Moreover, this model has three pieces of smart outlets. However, these outlets work independently. The mobile application of this unit helps you to control this model flexibly.

You can also simultaneously control five appliances. The smart application lets you schedule the auto-off function for each outlet precisely. Nevertheless, the setup of this wall outlet is lesser troublesome. The surge protection assures safety to sensitive electronics from excessive power surging. Furthermore, the voice commands allow you to control this unit hands-freely.

Reasons To Buy

  • Consists of programmable timer functions.
  • Surely saves devices from a sudden power surge.
  • Includes individually controllable smart outlets.

3. Gosund Wall Outlet Extender


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The inbuilt short circuit protection makes this smart surge protector safe for all. This system makes better compatibility with voice assistants. Moreover, you will require no hubs for this wall outlet. This multifunctional power strip comes with a maximum power output of 15A. Nevertheless, the fire-retardant ABS plastic construction increases the safety of everyone.

This smart wall outlet is also suitable for 2.4-GHz wireless frequency. Furthermore, you can safely use this surge protector for high-power appliances, like air conditioners. This smart plug outlet consists of an inbuilt timer. Therefore, you can hands-freely turn on your various appliances. However, this Wi-Fi outlet is ideal for your offices, bedrooms, and other places.

Reasons To Buy

  • Includes separate smart outlets.
  • Provides inbuilt short-circuit protection.
  • Has a schedulable automatic turn-on timer.

2. Gosund Smart USB WiFi Surge Protector

Gosund Smart Surge Protectors

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The hardwearing PC material construction makes this smart surge protector ultra-durable. This power strip also consists of three different power outlets. The automatic power-off function turns off this module according to your schedule. Moreover, this unit is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. This power strip involves no critical assembly process.

This surge protector is also suitable for cameras, humidifiers, and other appliances. Furthermore, there is an air circuit breaker inside this model. Hence, you can safely charge your sensitive devices without any risk. The smart remote controller lets you control this surge protector remotely. However, this system only works with a 2.4-GHz wireless frequency.

Reasons To Buy

  • Requires no hub for activation.
  • Consists of a smart timer function.
  • Ideal for charging sensitive appliances.

1. Gosund Smart Plug Mini WiFi Outlet


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Compatible with various smartphones, this smart surge protector offers flexible operation. You can also utilize your voice assistants to make this module work. Moreover, this 120-volt power strip protects sensitive electronics from sudden energy flows. This Wi-Fi surge protector works with only a 2.4-GHz frequency. Nevertheless, this model has a functional circuit breaker.

Therefore, this surge protector cuts off the power after detecting overheated devices. Furthermore, this unit comes along with a smart mobile application. This USB power hub comes with three pieces of USB charging ports. However, this multi-plug extender provides overloading protection to appliances. This model has the construction of UV-resistant, fire-retardant ABS and PC materials.

Reasons To Buy

  • Works with virtual voice assistants.
  • Features flexible schedule functioning.
  • Provides overheating and overloading protection.

Buying Guide For Smart Surge Protector

Number of Outlets: Always see the number of outlets on a smart surge protector and then make your purchase. It must offer you many options so that you can easily use it for your home office. For this, you will have to see if it includes a maximum number of ports.

Joules: The joule rating is one of the most important factors that you need to see while buying a smart surge protector. Look for the one that delivers excellent performance and has a perfect joule rating.

Battery Backup: The one that comes with a battery back-up feature will be an ideal consideration. It serves great during a power outage and provides an uninterrupted power supply. With it, there will be a safe shutdown of your computer system.

Connection: You will have to go for the one that lets you use it with different types of cables making it deliver exceptional performance. It has to be safe to use irrespective of the source. Consider investing in the one that comes with a three-line protection system.

Smart Features: Even though it comes with smart features, you will have to see if it meets your needs. The product must have easy voice commands and come with Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility. Ensure that it works on a 2.4 GHz band.

Extras: Always see if it is safe to use and comes with UL certification. It must help to protect your device from multiple factors like surge, leakage, and overload. Apart from this, you can see if it lets you have a hassle-free setup. Select the one that comes with an LED indicator.


When you are buying a plug strip, you should be opting for the ones that have a smart surge protector so that the device does not get damaged. Voltage fluctuation is quite common, and sensitive devices can get damaged easily, and these smart surge protectors are there for complete protection. Take your time out to check the best smart surge protectors we have lined up for you.