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10 Best Sony Bluetooth Speakers of 2024

Sony is one of the most powerful brands in the sound industry thanks to a terrific portfolio of speakers they manufacture. They don’t need any recognition among the music community due to their quality products. The company has such an amazing number of units that their Bluetooth speakers have to compete with each other. Most buyers find it hard to choose a model because each one looks other than the previous one.

There is a need to go into deep research and testing before selecting a particular Sony speaker if someone wants to choose the perfect model. We know you don’t have time for doing it by yourself, and that’s why our team is doing it. You will find a list of the top 10 Sony Bluetooth speakers of 2024 here with a proper explanation. Let’s look at every model and go for the speaker whose sound makes you feel good.

List of Best Sony Bluetooth Speakers Review

10. Sony MHC-V13 (best under $250)

Sony Bluetooth Speakers

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We will begin the list with this amazingly designed bass booster known for high-power audio. It is valuable equipment to have high-efficiency tweeters for an enjoyable experience.

The time even becomes better with the availability of speaker light illumination available here. Spending money on this Bluetooth speaker set will make the sound powerful and amazing for sure.


  • Equipped with high-efficiency tweeters
  • Compatible with Fiestable app
  • Integrated mic input
  • Good price to shop


  • Lights are too bright for few users

9. Sony GTKXB90 (best high power portable Bluetooth speaker)


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The ninth position deserved by Sony GTKXB90 offers pretty high-power audio reproduction. This equipment always offers deep & punchy sound with an extra sort of bass available in two incredible colors. It can light up any party with the incredible experience created by the presence of this wonderful speaker.

This package is delivered with important accessories like operating instructions, AC cord, easy set-up guide, and warranty card.


  • Capable of creating a true party environment
  • Delivered with an important set of accessories
  • Work brilliantly with Sony music app
  • Music equalizer compatible with a variety of formats


  • The battery doesn’t hold a charge
  • Too expensive to buy

8. Sony XB40 (best for three-dimensional music experience)

Sony Bluetooth Speakers

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Many readers look for a three-dimensional music experience that they can have with Sony XB40 quite easily. It is a solid choice for hearing music having an extra sort of bass and low-end tones.

It has a battery life of 24 hours and can connect up to 100 wireless speakers that are great for sure.


  • Fully seamless connection
  • Perfect three-dimensional experience
  • Incredible construction
  • Superb app controlling


  • Expensive when compared with other picks

7. Sony MHC-V71 Home Audio System (best high power Sony Bluetooth speaker)


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In terms of high audio production, we will say it is one of the best Sony Bluetooth speakers thanks to its incredible power. The MHC-V71 can be connected to multiple systems using Bluetooth and always create a powerful sound.

It is easy to understand intuitive gesture controls added to the unit to make the party colorful and thrilling.


  • Easy to understand guide
  • Extremely beautiful construction
  • Deliver DJ effects
  • Capable of working with 50 systems


  • Super expensive to buy

6. Sony SRS-XB32 Portable Speaker (best under $100)

Sony SRS-XB32


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We believe the fifth position deserves none other than SRS-XB32 to let you enjoy an amazing sort of bass without paying too much money. It is an IP67 waterproof and dustproof model that can complement any party anthems with its sound.

With a battery life of 24 hours, it can easily allow you to enjoy multiple parties without any difficulty at all.


  • Incredible live music mode
  • Fully shockproof construction
  • Perform multi-color flashing
  • The battery can last nearly 24 hours


  • Pink construction makes it look girlish

5. Sony SRSXB30 Portable Wireless Speaker (best heavy bass Sony Bluetooth speaker)


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If someone on our blog is looking for heavy bass, we don’t suggest looking for anywhere else than Sony SRSXB30 in any manner. There is an extra bass button added to the unit for matching the taste of such users incredibly. Its sound quality is also very impressive and considered perfect for music lovers.

It is a very tough little speaker that can make your music experience on the beach and backyard pretty wonderful for sure.


  • Produce clear mids
  • Seamless playback system
  • Very strong connectivity
  • Highly durable build


  • Portability needs improvement

4. Sony SRS-XB01 Speaker (best budget-friendly pick)

Sony Bluetooth Speakers

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We have placed this speaker for individuals who want to shop for a fully budget-friendly Bluetooth model from the Sony brand. The XB01 is a pretty incredible model that always gives crystal clear sound with a great sort of high crisps in the sound.

Despite having a very low price, this product hasn’t compromised in terms of quality sound, and design. It is even delivered with a reference guide, warranty USB cable, and operating instructional manual.


  • Constructed in a compact size
  • The sound is full of crisps
  • Delivered with a proper accessories set
  • Very affordable to shop


  • Below average sound accuracy

3. Sony SRSXB30/BLK XB30 (editor’s choice)


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Designed in a very beautiful design, this Sony Bluetooth speaker having a water-resistant feature will make sure you can enjoy a wonderful music experience. It is equipped with LDAC that makes the listening environment better than ever.

It is an incredible speaker having a battery time lasting up to 24 hours quite easily. This equipment always produces clear and loud sounds with super bass at lower frequency range response.


  • Produce loud & clear sound
  • Superb battery time up to 24 hours
  • Very convenient to buy
  • Extremely easy controlling


  • Lights might be annoying for a few people

2. Sony SRS-XB41 Speaker (runners up)

Sony Bluetooth Speakers

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The next product is a solid speaker that can bring incredible and loud sound to any environment. Whether you want to enjoy a backyard barbeque or a pool party, enjoyment is guaranteed in the presence of this ultra beautifully designed speaker.

We can’t deny this unit’s position in the list of best Sony Bluetooth Speakers list due to an endless number of reasons. Furthermore, it has IP67 dust and water-proof design for protection at beach parties.


  • Wonderful battery life
  • Extremely sleek construction
  • Exceptional lighting system
  • Easy to understand live modes


  • Lower mids need better clarity

1. Sony SRS-XB33 (best multi-color Sony Bluetooth speaker)

Sony Bluetooth Speakers

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A handy number of music lovers are picky about the colors we have tried to cover with this product. You can buy SRS-XB33 in a variety of colors like blue, olive green, red, taupe, and many more.

This equipment can play sound with an extra touch of bass you won’t wish to miss. Also, its x-balanced feature makes the sound powerful and sweet.


  • Available at a super price
  • Exceptional battery life
  • Available in many different colors
  • Very beautiful construction


  • Issues about the auto power off

How we have selected the best Sony Bluetooth speakers?

There are many features you have to check in the Sony Bluetooth speaker before finally making the selection. The details about them are mentioned in detail below:

  • Voice Control

The modern speakers nowadays come with a voice control feature that we suggest checking before making the final selection.

  • Waterproof Design

It is quite common to use Sony Bluetooth speakers during pool parties or similar events, so please make sure the model has waterproof construction.

  • Budget

Sony brand sells Bluetooth speakers in a pretty solid range depending on the features and durability. We have tried to mention models in the varied range for making the selection process convenient.

  • Bluetooth Version

The Sony speaker you are selecting should have the latest Bluetooth version for ensuring the experience is at its best.

  • Durability

Although all the speakers from Sony have durable construction, we have only finalized that they can beat anyone in the market.

Why Sony is the king of the Bluetooth speaker market?

Sony has quite a positive reputation among the top brands in terms of quality and performance all around the globe. It even surpasses the expectations of testers with its remarkable run that very few brands can offer. This brand has even become more impressive with its recent release of the new speaker range. Have a look at the reasons why Sony is the best choice for speakers below:

  • Incredible Bass & Range

The terrific speaker models Sony manufactures always provide amazing bass & range that no other brand can offer. When you hear the sound from this company’s speakers, it is guaranteed you will find frequency response pretty amazing for sure in most models.

  • Solid Sound Reproduction

The sound reproduction qualities that Sony Bluetooth speakers possess are none to match for a brand available in the market. The change of frequencies that their speakers can do can be simply alluring to hear for sure.

  • Exclusive Range

There is a pretty wide range of Bluetooth speakers manufactured and sold by Sony. You will always find speakers with the latest technologies in the collection of this brand’s portfolio.

Best Sony Bluetooth Speakers – Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect a Sony Bluetooth speaker with an Android phone?

You need to tap on the settings of your Android phone following by switching on Bluetooth. Click on the pair new device option, and you will find the Sony speaker name in the list. There will be just a need to tap on that device, and pairing will be completed.

Are Sony Bluetooth speakers a good investment to make?

Without any doubt, Sony is the most recognized brand if we think about the Bluetooth speakers due to their extraordinary sound technology. You will always find innovation in the speakers manufactured by the Sony brand.

Why I am unable to connect to my Bluetooth speakers?

In the most probable scenario, devices might be too far from each other, and Bluetooth may be switched off. Just go to settings and switch the Bluetooth on or reduce the distance between the devices. The pairing of your device will be complete soon.

How to connect my iPad with a Sony Bluetooth speaker?

It is very simple as you need to open the App Drawer and click on the Settings option. Here, you have to tap on the Bluetooth option and select the connections. Please make sure the Bluetooth is switched on while doing this work.

How to make a Sony party chain?

You have to tap on the WPC (Wireless Party Chain) button once the speaker is connected to the device. If you want to connect extra speakers, the same process needs to be repeated again.

Can we pair two different Sony Bluetooth speakers?

You can connect two Sony Bluetooth speakers only if they have the same wireless functionality. Please keep this thing in mind for having a proper connection.

Are Sony Bluetooth speakers expensive to buy?

Well, it depends on the speakers’ features and size as the company also has an affordable range for the customers. So, it is quite a myth Sony Bluetooth speakers are a costly purchase to make.

Why I am not able to switch on my Sony speaker?

Firstly, check out whether your wireless speaker has enough charge or not. It won’t turn up if it has no charge, so keep this thing in mind. If it doesn’t switch on after charging, you might have to seek the help of a professional.


A quality Sony Bluetooth speaker will let you enjoy crystal clear sound with amazing bass and mid ranges. It will make sure you can enjoy music for continuous hours without any distortion. The list of the best Sony Bluetooth speakers we have provided will help you make the right selection. Each model can fill your area with ambient sound and make the environment alluring. If you still have any queries regarding Sony Bluetooth speakers, please write about it in the comment section so our team reaches to you soon.