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The 10 Best Soup Makers of 2024

Having fresh and healthy soup at home will let you have a wonderful experience. For this, you can make use of a soup maker. It comes with multiple features and is a versatile product. With a soup maker, you will be able to prepare nutritious soup right at your home. It is easy to use and can operate quickly. You will find the one that can come with preset functions so that there will be hassle-free usage. Check out the following list of the top 10 best soup makers of 2024.

Top Best Soup Makers in 2024

10. BAR Electric Soup Steamer

BAR Soup Makers

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This multipurpose electric steam cooker holds up to 3-liter of soups. This appliance also has a ceramic-derived inner pot. Moreover, the ceramic pot never spoils the natural flavor of your food. This soup maker retains the heat for a long time. Nevertheless, this multifunctional appliance prepares seafood, medicinal meals, and more.

You can also clean and maintain this appliance without any hassle. Furthermore, you can flexibly change the cooking and holding time. The cyclic distillation cooking method makes cooking lesser greasy. However, this method preserves the flavor after cooking. This steam cooker includes a preset function for 9.5-hours of cooking.

Reasons To Buy

  • Better flexibility with the adjustable cooking time.
  • Comes with preset functions.
  • Attractive design and easy to use.

9. Cuckoo Soup Maker


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This multifunctional rice cooker works as the best soup maker. This kitchen appliance also holds up to 5-quarts of ingredients. Moreover, this appliance has settings for yogurt, steamer, fry, warmer and more. The soup-making function prepares delicious homemade soups. Nevertheless, this purchase includes a measuring cup and a rice scoop.

This electric rice cooker also has a stainless steel-derived inner pot. Furthermore, this appliance has eleven inbuilt programs. Therefore, you can prepare soups, meat, rice, porridge, browning fry, and more. The uniform heat distribution makes cooking hassle-free. The one-touch button lets you release the steam accordingly as well.

Reasons To Buy

  • Option to use for different purposes.
  • The optimal temperature for even heat distribution.
  • Safe to use and stylish design.

8. Philips Kitchen Viva Collection Soup Maker

Amazon Renewed Soup Makers

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The heat-resistant plastic construction makes this soup maker safe for everyone. The recipe book of this set also has 38 lip-smacking recipes. Moreover, the container can hold up to 1.2-liter of soups. The 110 or 120-volt power supply lets you operate this appliance without any hassle. Nevertheless, this blender has six preset programs.

This appliance lets you prepare cold, pureed, chunky soups, smoothies, and compote. Furthermore, the Z-shaped blade design helps you to blend ingredients smoothly. You can use this appliance to make milk-based soups. However, this soup-making appliance lets you prepare 3 to 5-cups of soups each day.

Reasons To Buy

  • Remarkable performance due to Z-shaped blade.
  • Six preset programs for user advantage.
  • Easy to use and durable construction.

7. Smart Living Soup Maker

Smart Living

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The soup maker comes with a maximum capacity of 1.6-liter. The kitchen appliance also prepares soups within 30-minutes. Moreover, the stainless steel construction never troubles you while cleaning. You can use this appliance for preparing homemade gourmet soups. Nevertheless, this handy maker comes with four different settings. This maker has smooth, juice, chunky, and blending settings.

This appliance also provides hassle-free storage and portability. Furthermore, you can prepare soups for multiple servings at once. The user-friendly control panel lets you use this appliance without any stress. However, the scratch-resistant exterior prolongs the lifespan of this appliance. This manufacturer adds a recipe book with this set.

Reasons To Buy

  • Variable settings and easy cleaning.
  • Composed of high-quality stainless steel.
  • Ability to operate quickly.

6. TONZE Slow Cooker Soup Maker

TONZE Soup Makers

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This functional slow cooker also serves as a soup maker. The user-friendly control panel also lets you this cooker without any issue. Moreover, the inbuilt smart programs and preset menus make operation hassle-free. This appliance offers uniform and mild heat distribution. Nevertheless, this cooker comes with a burn-free boiling function.

The food-grade 304 stainless steel construction makes this appliance suitable for homes. Furthermore, the anti-dry protection automatically turns off the machine. Hence, you can keep your soups and milk safe from spoiling. However, the stainless steel inner pot body makes cleaning trouble-free. This all-ceramic inner pot lets you stew ingredients nutritiously.

Reasons To Buy

  • Attractive design and durable construction.
  • Helps to prevent the burning of food.
  • Includes multiple safety functions.

5. Simple Living Products Portable Soup Maker

Simple Living Products

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This soup maker takes about 20-minutes to prepare homemade soups. The kitchen appliance also involves the construction of food-grade stainless steel material. Moreover, the fingerprint-resistant exterior makes cleaning and maintenance trouble-free. The dual-layer construction dissipates the heat rapidly. However, the bottom heating option distributes the heat uniformly.

The unique blade structure lets users get the desired texture every time. Furthermore, the container holds up to 1.6-liter of soups. This kitchen appliance comes with four preset programs. Therefore, you can make chunky soups, pureed soups, juices, and soymilk. Nevertheless, this appliance rapidly generates and distributes the heat. This system utilizes filter-free grinding for quick cleaning.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comes in a versatile design.
  • Eliminates the need for other appliances.
  • Ability to provide perfect texture.

4. Idavee Brand PrestoPure Soup Maker

Idavee Soup Makers

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With a capacity of 1.9-liter, this soup maker produces the best hot soymilk. This appliance also has the construction of dual-layer stainless steel. Hence, this appliance retains the heat longer than usual. Moreover, this appliance has seven different functions. You can make pureed soups, oatmeal, milk, porridge, and more.

The filter-free grinding function also offers hassle-free cleaning. Furthermore, this appliance prepares nut milk from almonds, pecans, and more. The bottom heating option produces and distributes the heat evenly. However, you can use seeds like hemp, sunflowers, sesame, and more. This kitchen appliance prepares milk from oats. You can get a recipe book with this purchase.

Reasons To Buy

  • Large capacity and multiple functions.
  • Suitable for different types of ingredients.
  • Long-lasting use with high-quality construction.

3. SoyaJoy G5 Soup Maker


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This soup maker has the construction of long-lasting stainless steel material. The kitchen appliance also comes with a dedicated ‘soaked beans’ function. Moreover, this milk maker comes along with seven automatic functions. You can prepare soymilk without putting in too much effort. Nevertheless, this appliance can prepare soymilk within 15-minutes.

The re-heat function also enhances the functionality of this appliance. Furthermore, the container holds up to 1.6-liter of soup. The precision grinding funnel offers fine grinding. Hence, this model gives the best smoothness for plant milk. However, the dual boil-over and water level sensors increase the functionality of this appliance.

Reasons To Buy

  • Available in a multifunctional design.
  • Comes with seven automatic functions.
  • Super-fine grinding due to precision grinding funnel.

2. SoyaJoy G4+ Soup Maker

SoyaJoy Soup Makers

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This milk maker also prepares soups of various veggies and other ingredients. The container also can prepare up to 1.7-liter of soups. Moreover, you can use this appliance for preparing milk from soybeans. However, this purchase brings you a sample file of soybeans. You will get a measuring cup for measuring dry ingredients.

This manufacturer also includes a cleaning pad, pitcher, and a sieve. Furthermore, this microprocessor-controlled appliance comes along with five buttons. Therefore, you can effortlessly control this milk maker. You can prepare porridge, soups, raw and hot milk. Nevertheless, this model produces soymilk within 20-minutes. The stainless steel internal components offer hassle-free cleaning.

Reasons To Buy

  • Intelligent cooking cycle with water level sensors.
  • Remarkable performance due to solid-state power controls.
  • Bottom heating technology and advanced temperature.

1. Philips Kitchen Appliances Soup Maker


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This soup maker works with 110 or 120-voltage power supplies. The container also has the construction of BPA-free plastic. Moreover, the stainless steel base and lid involve the construction of stainless steel. This kitchen appliance lets you prepare the best homemade soups. This soup maker automatically adjusts the heat settings according to your needs. Nevertheless, the manufacturer brings you a recipe book.

The unique blade design also blends ingredients uniformly. Furthermore, you can make soups from broccoli, tomatoes, potatoes, and more. This appliance more or less takes 18-minutes to prepare soups. However, this countertop blender has six preset programs. Hence, you can make smoothies, compote, cold or chunky soups.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comes with the feature of automatic heating.
  • Includes multiple preset programs.
  • Optimized heating profile and quick to operate.

Buying Guide For Soup Maker

Construction: Select a soup maker that is composed of high-quality materials. Apart from this, you will have to see if it lets you have easy cleaning.

Size and Design: Size is one of the most important considerations that you need to see while buying a soup maker. Go for the one that meets all your needs. Always see if it comes in an attractive design and offers you maximum flexibility.

Preset Programs: The one that comes with preset programs will offer you better convenience. It will make sure that there will be hassle-free usage, and some will also allow you to preset the time.

Versatility: Always see if it is capable of preparing different types of ingredients. This will give you the option to use it for different purposes. This soup maker must allow you to choose from different settings so that there will be the perfect consistency.

Safety: You need to invest in the one that comes with multiple safety features. Some can come with the pressure control system and include a lock checking device. See if it helps to prevent the burning of food.

Performance: The one that delivers exceptional performance will be an ideal purchase. The soup maker must have an optimized heating profile, and it has to be quick to operate.

Functions: The soup maker must come with multiple functions so that you can make the maximum out of it. It must have better heat preservation so that there will be optimal and even heating. Look for the one that includes an LED display, and it must have quiet operation.


In today’s world, everyone wants to eat healthily and stay fit and soup is a perfect food that fits the category. However, for making the perfect soup, you need a soup maker to get the job easily quickly, and easily. There are versatile soup makers available with which you can cook other items as well. Therefore, take a look at all of them and purchase as per your needs.