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Best Stereo Gaming Headset with Noise Canceling Mic of 2024

Although there are multiple brands and gaming headset models, a good set can hugely influence your gaming experience. When it comes to gaming, a good headset should deliver the best sound, have high device compatibility and have noise cancellation mode. A good example is a headset with a noise-canceling mic. Here are the top ten best headsets equipped with noise-canceling mic to get this year.

Best Stereo Gaming Headset with Noise Canceling Mic Review

HyperX Cloud II – Gaming Headset

HyperX Stereo Gaming Headset with Noise Canceling Mic

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Enjoy your gaming sessions even with kids around as this headset is crafted to ensure just that! You can wear headsets for a very long time since they are comfortable. The ear bands consist of memory foam padding that provides a cushioned surface for your ears. With generous padding, these headsets do not hinder good audibility as they are made with huge 53-millimeter drivers to deliver perfect audios.

The headsets have a closed ear cup design that ensures to seal out passive noises of the surroundings to have your gaming uninterrupted. The headset is not only ideal for gaming, considering they come with a detachable mic. So, if you work in a communication company, these headphones will work correctly for you. They are built to last you for a very long time as they consist of quality material crafting

Special features

  • The headset has high compatibility
  • They are versatile headset
  • Have ear paddings for comfort
  • They are light in weight

Razer Kraken Noise-Cancelling Mic


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Featuring an advanced 7.1 virtual surround sound, this Razer Krakenheadset delivers the best sound audios ever with accuracy. They are reliable for gaming, communication and many others. To advance your gaming experience and ensure you get crisp, clear sound, this headset has a 50 mm driver. Working or playing the game in a noisy room?

No problem as this headset will still work for you. It is equipped with a noise cancellation mic essential for blocking all exterior noises for your focus. These headsets only weigh 11.4 ounces, so you don’t feel any bulkiness around your head for a better guide.

Special features

  • The headset can work with PCs and PS4
  • They have excellent sound delivery
  • They have a durable design
  • 50 mm driver powers the headset

Razer Thresher Ultimate for PS4: Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound

Razer Stereo Gaming Headset with Noise Canceling Mic

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You don’t have to deal with wires lying on your gaming or working table as this headset is wireless. This design offers freedom of movement as you can control the game away from the PC or gaming console. I love this headset kit because it comes with a stand for hanging after use.

This ensures to keep the working area well organized while securing your headset. This headset is equipped with 50 mm drivers essential for delivering the perfect bass sound. The powering batteries are quite durable as the headset can work for 16-hour non-stop.

Special features

  • This headset is wireless
  • It can pick signals at a distance of 40 feet away
  • Has quick control button for easy control
  • Has leatherette ear cushions

SteelSeries Arctis 9X Wireless Gaming Headset


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This is another wireless headset with a noise-canceling mic worth buying if you love gaming. The headset kit is compatible with multiple devices including; Xbox One- Xbox wireless, PC, and mobile. Setting it up is quite fast considering there is no cabling needed.

Although a rechargeable battery powers this headset, it is quite long-lasting since it can last for up to 20 hours. The mic on this headset uses a bidirectional design ideal for canceling noises from the surroundings for better focus. Also, the headset delivers the best clear sound.

Special features

  • The battery can retain power for 20 hours
  • The headset has high compatibility
  • Connecting to devices is easy and quick
  • Has Bluetooth integration for easy connection

Razer Kraken X USB Ultralight Gaming Headset

Razer Stereo Gaming Headset with Noise Canceling Mic

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If you are budget cautious and still want to get the best stereo gaming headset, this is one of my best recommendations. The headset retails at less than 70 dollars but delivers the best in terms of sound. This headset has advanced 7.1 surround sound plus 44 mm drivers to ensure you get uninterrupted sound delivery for your gaming.

This is a comfortable headset to wear for long hours as it has paddings on the ears, plus it has a lightweight frame design. The headset comes equipped with a bendable mic essential for canceling noises

Special features

  • The headset has inbuilt sound control
  • The headset features 40 mm drivers
  • Has a bendable noise-canceling mic
  • The headset is comfortable to wear for an entire day

Creative SXFI AIR C USB Headphones with Super X-Fi Audio


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This is an all-around headset you can use for your recreational activities like watching movies, gaming and listening to music. This headset has inbuilt super FI-Technology that you can integrate with an app to customize your surround sound. This headset comes with a USB cable for a smooth connection with devices it is compatible with.

When we talk of device compatibility, you can connect this headset to PCs, PS4, MAC and switch. Besides possessing advanced technology to boost your audios, your comfort is not compromised when designing this headset. The ear bands have excellent padding for comfort mainly for people who love to game or stream for long hours.

Special features

  • The noise-canceling mic on this headset is detachable
  • The headset is super comfortable
  • Has excellent X-Fi Audio Holography Technology

VANKYO Gaming Headset CM7000 with Authentic 7.1 Surround Sound

VANKYO Stereo Gaming Headset with Noise Canceling Mic

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Have a moment of your life in gaming with this pair of stereo headsets. You don’t need to worry about getting distracted while gaming with the headset as the mic helps cancel the surroundings’ noise. Also, this headset has the 7.1 surround sound settings that boost the sound bass of your gaming. The ear bands have double padding to provide total comfort to your ears and prevent employing too much pressure on your .head.

Special features

  • This headset is quite affordable
  • Has an inbuilt inline sound controller
  • The headset has professional crafting
  • Gives 50 percent better sound delivery than some models

LED Gaming Headset with Microphone – Surround Sound Stereo


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This LED stereo headset is compatible with some of the most popular gaming consoles like PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. This is a quality professional stereo headphone that you don’t need to break your bank account to acquire as it is quite affordable. The available mic helps to control the sound by canceling any noise in the surroundings.

You get nothing but the best crispy sounding of the game you play. The headset has 50 mm, drivers that provide excellent bass sound. The headset is crafted with quality premium leather materials, and the ear bands are well padded for additional stability and comfort.

Special feature

  • The headset has LED light to enhance vision
  • Has universal compatibility
  • Has inbuilt 50 mm drivers
  • Comes with USB and 3.5 jack for connection

Butfulake Noise Cancelling PC Headset with Mic

ENVEL Stereo Gaming Headset with Noise Canceling Mic

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This camo designed copper headset delivers clear and accurate sound so you can enjoy every game on your device. The sides of the earbuds are equipped with elegant LED lights that improve the visuals around your gaming. This stereo headphone ensures you are in charge of your gaming.

So, if you want to create private gaming time, use the equipped mic to switch off the surroundings’ sounds. The headset has a universal fitting since the band is adjustable to ensure you get a comfortable fitting. This headset has high compatibility with various gaming kits.

Special features

  • This headset kit comes with 18 months warranty
  • Has a classic military design
  • The headset has LED lights to boost illumination
  • It is comfortable

Vogek Over-Ear Wired Headphones with Microphone and Noise Isolating


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If you need a quality stereo headset that you can travel with, this model is a great choice. The headset is foldable to save storage space when parking in your backpack. This headset will fit people who love gaming for long hours, as they are light and padded for extra safety and comfort.

It is among the best stereo headsets that you can connect with smartphones and those who enjoy listening to music on the go. The headset has a mic essential for controlling the noise and voices to get the best sound outcome.

Special features

  • The headset is portable
  • They are collapsible
  • They are fitted with a tangle-free connection cable
  • Comes with a freehand talk control button


Take your gaming experience to another level by acquiring any of the above-reviewed headsets with noise cancellation mic. These headsets are suitable for all categories of gamers, including those who love to game for long hours. They are crafted with comfortable padding such that your ears will not hurt even when you wear them for long. So, get a set from these ten models.