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Top 10 Best Toy Cash Registers in 2024

Kids learn whatever they see their parents or others doing. They try to imitate their actions and tend to do the task that they see. It intrigues them and one such task is that of a cashier. The idea seems to appeal to them and they love to play the role of a cashier. Hence, gift them with a toy cash register. Just give them the register and let them have a fun experience. It’s just the real registers and even comes with inbuilt sound to provide the real feel. From credit card swipes to calculations, it even helps in the development of your child.

Willing to gift one to your precious child? Then read our toy cash register guide to know more facts and features and buy without any fear of getting cheated.

Best Toy Cash Registers in 2024 Reviews

10. Le Toy Can Cash Register

Le Toy Van Best Toy Cash Registers

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This toy cash register is a work of true craftsmanship. The product is completely eco friendly, having sustainable rubberwood, thus playing while caring for the planet. Moreover, the cash register makes use of qualified techniques like hard screen printing and water staining, this small cash register turns out to be extremely detailed, and realistic to play with. More than that, the toy is also completely safe to use, being totally non-toxic.

Your child’s skin is much more delicate than an adult. For that reason, the product has been given really soft to touch buttons to operate.

Key Features

  • Even the paint used for the cash register is tested to be completely safe for use.
  • Ideal for any baby who is above 3 years.
  • The wooden toy cash register proves to be really long-lasting.

9. HearthSong Cash Register


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With its amazing performance, this product has already won many hearts and earned the title of Amazon’s Choice for itself. Surely, it will have what you are looking for as well. The massive 73 pieces set will have everything your child can think of. Any child who is 3 years or above will enjoy using this. Unlike most pretend play registers, this product actually comes with a fully functioning calculator.

The calculator has an easy to read LCD screen, so your child can practice some mathematics while they are playing. Lastly, the product has big, easy to tap buttons crafted for children.

Key Features

  • In order to save on energy, the calculator of the product is designed to be solar-powered.
  • To make the experience even more realistic, the register even makes a ‘cha-ching’ sound when the drawer is opened.
  • An activity guide helps you to teach your toddler how to play with it for some good time.

8. YYoomi Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register

YYoomi Best Toy Cash Registers

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Now you can make learning fun with this toy register. In case you have difficulty operating new toys, no need to worry. The product comes with an instruction manual to help you guide your child through all the activities. If that was not enough, this cash register produces sound in just press of a button. On top of that, it is interactive with inbuilt activities such as credit card function for your child.

The buttons of this product are really kid-friendly. They have been designed to be really big, so little fingers can easily press them. It produces a ding sound just like a real register. Lastly, you will get a key to lock or unlock with the register.

Key Features

  • The product comes with the very unique feature of lights, to make the playtime even more fun.
  • One very unique feature of this product is that of the built-in calculator. It allows your child to feel they are measuring different groceries.
  • As an added advantage, this helps in developing your child’s basic skills and even math skills.

7. Fisher-Price Retro Cash Register

Basic Fun

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This product brings a slice of history along with fun. Designed in the style of the original 1975 toy register model, it brings the retro fun to your house. The product not only gives your child a good time but at the same time, your child can develop their basic counting skills. Next, it comes with 6 different toy coins, to aid with the counting practice.

Besides, all the coins have different bright colors, immediately helping to catch the attention of your little one. Finally, it can also help with the identification of colors.

Key Features

  • Whether it’s a boy or a girl, it can be a great gift for any toddler.
  • Unlike other toy cash registers, with this product, your child can see the coins coming down the ramp.
  • The product offers a crank, which when pulled, rings a bell as the drawer pops open for your child.

6. Small Foot Wooden Toy Cash Register

Small Foot Wooden Toys Best Toy Cash Registers

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When it concerns your child, safety should always come first. For that reason, this product makes use of material which has been certified to be safe for kids. The paint is completely non-toxic, and of the water-based kind, giving a bright appearance to the register. Furthermore, the product makes use of premium quality wood for the register.

This wood proves to be durable and lasts you for a fairly long time. To ensure your child does not get any scratches or cuts while playing, the product has been given rounded edges.

Key Features

  • With the addition of interesting accessories like credit cards and coins, you get to educate your child about various money skills in a really simple and fun manner.
  • To make the pretend to play even more realistic, the product also sports an interesting scanner.
  • Coming from the makers in Germany, any child of 3 years or above will love their new cash counter.

5. The Learning Journey Cash Register

The Learning Journey

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If quality is your primary concern, go for this product without a second thought. The toy is the proud holder of an honorary Mom’s Choice Award, assuring you of its superior quality. Moreover, this product does much more than just act as a cash register for your child. The product has three different play modes. These help your child to identify colors, count and do much more.

The toy includes various small trinkets like colorful vegetables and fruits. Besides, this product also has a special sound and light effects, keeping your child engaged for a long time.

Key Features

  • One great thing about this product is that you can use it right out of the box. The batteries required are included in the package itself.
  • The toy cash register also comes with an exclusive auto shut off feature.
  • As far as safety is concerned, the product is designed to meet all the domestic as well as international standards.

4. Casdon Supermarket Cash Register

Casdon Best Toy Cash Registers

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This product is absolutely loaded with features, and when it comes to a realistic experience, the toy remains unparalleled in the abundance of similar toys available in the market. Bringing new innovative features, this product has a special touch-sensitive screen to play with.

With a chip and pin feature, the register feels nothing short of a real cash register at the supermarket. Furthermore, the cash register has a calculator, which is not only for display, but actually works, helping you to make your child do some counting while playing. Finally, the product also has the unique feature of a microphone. So, let them freely use it.

Key Features

  • With an assortment of branded play food, you can also teach your toddler to identify the different food items.
  • To complete the experience, it also offers a scanner.
  • The drawer is opened to give the real feel.

3. Play Circle Cash Register Set

Play Circle

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The product not only offers a cash register but with the availability of different accessories, the set proves to be a learning activity for the entire supermarket experience. Apart from the cash register itself, this set has a basket as well as some play food items. This lets your child pretend to play as though they are shopping.

Also, the product comes with an easy to grab handle, making it easier for your child to carry it around. With this product, you do not need to spend one extra penny. The batteries needed to work the toy, come with the product itself.

Key Features

  • Coming with the real calculator, you can teach your child basic mathematics with this product.
  • This conveyor belt on this product is not only for show, but it actually moves.
  • The handheld scanner has a light inside it, making it seem as though the items are getting registered.

2. Melissa & Doug Cash Register

Melissa & Doug Best Toy Cash Registers

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If you want to keep your toddler away from the screen and reduce their screen time, this can be a constructive and fun way to do so. The cash register helps to educate your child about the role and importance of money without all the complications. Moreover, the register comes with 3 differently colored coins, allowing them to identify colors at a young age.

Besides, the cash register designed in the retro style has different slots for the coins. Each slot is numbered, making it their easy introduction to numbers.

Key Features

  • With the addition of a sturdy credit card, your child can also swipe the card like one would in a real machine.
  • The entire cash register is completely out of the body, making the product eco-friendly and safe to use as well.

1. Top Race Toy Cash Register

Top Race

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This toy cash register offers a unique experience of handling money like a real store owner. Being a 30 piece set, the set involves many nickles, dimes pennies and quarters to play with. Although, all the play coins are completely out of natural wood. Even the entire cash register makes use of natural woof as their material, making it a truly environment-friendly product.

Besides, the product using high-quality wood proves to be really sturdy and durable, built to last a long time. To top that off, the role of register paper truly adds to the detailed features.

Key Features

  • The buttons on the cash register have been carefully designed, to be the perfect size for your young one’s little hands.
  • The wooden UPC scanner allows your child to pretend to play and scan any barcode.
  • Not only is the wood 100% safe for your child to use, but it is also made from responsibly sourced materials.

Let your kid feel free to play in the way they want. However, gift them the toys that will instill certain basic skills in them. The best toy cash register will give them the pleasure of playing as well as will prove to be a product of value.