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10 Best Acupuncture Pens of 2024

With an acupuncture pen, you will be able to manage different conditions. It is ideal for having effective pain relief, and you can find the one that comes with multiple features. With it, there will be improved blood circulation, and it works great. Some of it will let you have a needleless acupuncture session. An acupuncture pen is easy to use, and it comes with multiple accessories. You can choose from different intensity levels and have custom comfort. Check out the following list of the top 10 best acupuncture pens of 2024.

Best Acupuncture Pens in 2024

10. MYAMZ YZH Electric Acupuncture Pen

MYAMZ YZH Acupuncture Pens

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With this amazing acupuncture pen, you can feel the effect in various parts of your body. You can apply it on your hands, knees, elbows, shoulders, and even on muscles and nerves. The operation is as usual with any acupuncture pen, and it comes with 5 heads. Each of these heads also has different shapes and applications. For example, you can use the spheroidal head for quick relief, dome head for facial massage, and likewise.

Therefore, it is highly effective in giving you relief from pain and getting different massage therapy altogether. Furthermore, it comes with a digital display that shows the intensity. However, you need two rechargeable AA batteries to make it operational.

Reasons To Buy

  • Ability to perform different functions.
  • Comes with a USB port.
  • Option to choose from six different modes.

9. ZOLARO Acupuncture Pen


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The acupuncture pen needs two pieces of AA batteries for activation. This pen also includes three pieces of massage heads. Moreover, this massaging equipment has nine different levels of intensities. Therefore, you can adjust the intensities as per your needs. This tool can cure shoulder, knee, nerve, and muscle pain.

This device also improves your blood circulation. Furthermore, this set has a gel bar and five different heads. You can use this equipment for tapping, scrapping, and other therapies. You can reinvigorate the dead skin cells. Therefore, you can see a visible glow and youthfulness on your skin. Nevertheless, the detailed acupuncture chart makes therapy convenient for beginners.

Reasons To Buy

  • Complete set and easy to use.
  • Multiple intensive levels and effective pain relief.
  • Suitable for different parts of the body.

8. UniForU Acupuncture Pen

UniForU Acupuncture Pens

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This acupuncture pen comes with nine adjustable intensities. You can also use this tool for your regular physiotherapy. Moreover, you can use this tool to get rid of chronic pain. You can apply this tool on frozen shoulders, achy muscles, and tennis elbows. However, this travel-friendly tool makes storage and portability trouble-free.

The replaceable massage heads also make replacement quick and easy. Furthermore, you can effectively improve your metabolism by encouraging acupuncture points. This pen can alleviate the chronic pain of arthritis and neuromuscular pain. You can use this equipment on feet, nerves, knees, elbows, and more. Nevertheless, this therapy causes no side effects.

Reasons To Buy

  • Custom usage with adjustable intensity levels.
  • Perfect for regulating body absorption.
  • Ability to offer multiple benefits.

7. Glalove Acupuncture Pen


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The auto-detection of meridian energy points targets the pressure points accurately. You will also get five pieces of interchangeable massage heads. Moreover, by using two AA batteries, you can activate the device. You can customize the massage intensities up to nine levels. Nevertheless, the auto turn-off function turns off the machine automatically.

Hence, this mechanism also stays safe from overheating. Furthermore, you can get a quick recovery from chronic arthritis and fibromyalgia pain. This massage pen offers needleless and pain-free treatment. Hence, this device promotes no damage to your sensitive skin. However, this therapy can leave a radiant glow on your skin.

Reasons To Buy

  • Versatile design and effective treatment.
  • Smart features for user advantage.
  • Does not require any needles.

6. Feelfree Sport Manual Acupuncture Pen

Feelfree Sport Acupuncture Pens

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Derived from stainless steel, this manual acupuncture pen lasts for years. This tool also runs without batteries and electric supplies. Moreover, this tool is the best pick for athletes and people with chronic pain. Deep tissue therapy encourages blood circulation to reduce stress. Nevertheless, you can use this pen for relieving muscle and joint pain.

This tool is safe to use on sensitive body parts, like the eyes. Furthermore, you can lessen the pain of migraines. This therapeutic muscle treatment lifts foreheads, massages eyes, and pulls facial muscles. However, you can calm the achy muscle knots. The hardwearing steel construction makes cleaning and maintenance hassle-free.

Reasons To Buy

  • Premium quality material for long-lasting use.
  • Allows having an effortless operation.
  • Helps to ease tension and headache.

5. PAINSLAYER Acupuncture Pen


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The electro-acupuncture device offers easy monitoring of your therapy. This set also has an acupuncture pen. Moreover, digital massage therapy helps you to get rid of poor blood circulation. You will get five pieces of detachable massage heads. Nevertheless, this device can treat chronic pain, like sciatica, rheumatism, arthritis, Spondylitis, and more.

This device also runs on two AA batteries. Furthermore, the digital screen tracks treatment time, functions, modes, and more. This massage pen has nine levels of adjustable intensities. However, you can cure stiff shoulder, neuralgia, shank ache, and more. The user-friendly buttons make operation convenient for people.

Reasons To Buy

  • Includes five different pen heads.
  • Comes with a digital display for user convenience.
  • Ideal for improving blood circulation.

4. Blitzby Acupuncture Pen

Blitzby Acupuncture Pens

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This acupuncture pen serves as the best pain-relieving tool for people. By increasing blood circulation, you can release the pressure around acupuncture points. Moreover, needleless pain-free therapy leaves no marks on your skin. This electronic therapeutic pen requires a pair of AA batteries for activation. Nevertheless, you can reduce the pain triggered by arthritis, sciatica, and more.

This device is also a safe alternative to medicated painkillers. Furthermore, you can apply this treatment to recover from sports injuries. The safe electric pulses stimulate the acupuncture points and meridian energy. However, you will get scraping, dome, Spheroidal, node point, and tapping tips.

Reasons To Buy

  • Effective pain relief and safe to use.
  • Suitable for different conditions.
  • Comes with special functions.

3. AOBBIY Acupuncture Pen


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The side-effect-free treatment makes this acupuncture pen suitable for everyone. This purchase includes five pieces of interchangeable massaging heads. You will need two pieces of AA batteries to activate this device. By avoiding pain-relieving drugs, you can use this treatment to alleviate chronic pain. Moreover, this lightweight tool is ideal to carry around to different places.

This tool makes an ideal choice for beauticians and therapists. Furthermore, the tapping and rolling massages improve blood circulation through the cells. You can eliminate back, joints, and muscle pain by using this device regularly. However, the digital display lets you choose intensities from nine levels.

Reasons To Buy

  • Perfect for having needleless acupuncture.
  • Comes with special functions.
  • Portable design and easy to use.

2. BreoLife Acupuncture Pen

 BreoLife Acupuncture Pens

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This electric acupuncture pen includes nine different intensity levels. By triggering the acupuncture points, this device reduces muscle pain. Moreover, this set brings you three pieces of massage heads. You can use this tool to bring back natural skin elasticity. This device works like magic for chronic conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis.

This massaging equipment also comes with an automatic shut-off function for safety. Furthermore, the needle-free massage heads make this treatment painless. The auto-detection of energy points gives you the best-personalized therapy. Nevertheless, this energy-efficient module runs without producing excessive heat. You can adjust the intensity to fit your needs.

Reasons To Buy

  • Available in a versatile design.
  • Highly effective for chronic pain relief.
  • Adjustable sensitivity and safe to use.

1. Scree Electronic Acupuncture Pen


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Relieving soreness becomes convenient for individuals by using this acupuncture pain. This manufacturer includes three pieces of interchangeable massage heads. Moreover, the handheld tool makes operation stress-free for users. You can also utilize this pen to continue the therapeutic muscle treatment. Nevertheless, you can target loosen frozen muscles to alleviate pain.

The nine different power levels let you pick the best intensities for you. This equipment also reinvigorates dead cells and reduces radicals in the blood. Hence, you can rejuvenate your skin to lessen the signs of aging. Furthermore, by stimulating acupuncture points, this device enhances your QI energy. This treatment discards the growth of bacterial and viral infections.

Reasons To Buy

  • Perfect for having a low voltage message.
  • Allows choosing from different power levels.
  • Complete accessories and easy to use.

Buying Guide For Acupuncture Pen

Versatility: The one that is available in a versatile design will be a perfect purchase. For this, you can see if it includes multiple accessories. See if it is suitable for all parts of the body and it must let you it for treating for different problems. It has to be perfect for alleviating pain and must work by improving circulation.

Safety: Safety is one of the most important considerations that you need to see while buying an acupuncture pen. Always see if it delivers a reliable performance so that there will be peace of mind. You can see if it comes with multiple safety features and allow you to have painless treatment.

Easy to Use: You need to see if the acupuncture pen lets you have hassle-free usage. Select the one that allows you to have custom usage by giving you the option to choose from multiple intensity levels. Apart from this, the acupuncture pen must come with a digital display.

Functions: Always go for the one that offers you many options. It must come with multiple functions so that you can have a better advantage. In addition to this, you need to select the one that has the ability to provide many benefits.

Others: The acupuncture pen must let you have a needleless therapy session. Go for the one that is available in a complete set and include a convenient storage case. It has to highly compact and allow you to use it from anywhere you want. Some of it can also come with special functions.


There are various applications of an acupuncture pen, and it is quite useful for any family to have. You can get instant pain relief therapy and do muscle pain healing. There are different types of these acupuncture pens available, and we have listed the best ones for you. Understand the buying guide and purchase as per your assessment.