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The 10 Best Purple Hair Dyes of 2024

If you are thinking of a makeover, you can do a lot by just changing your hair color. When it really comes to looking stylish, purple hair dye can really do wonders. It makes you look classy and elegant with hints of boldness and impeccable styling sense. Furthermore, these hair dyes come with proper certification after intensive testing. Thus, they left for a long time and do not harm your hair at all. More importantly, these hair dyes keep your hair radiant and glowing without any trouble.

Need a new and fresh look for this season? The chemical-free purple hair dyes will give you an amazing look that will suit your personality well.

How safe are hair dyes?

The very first question that is bound to come to your mind when you are thinking of coloring your hair is how good and safe it is. Hair colors have earned a bad reputation for damaging the hair largely when used. Although some might have failed to impress, the best quality options always take care of the safety and health of your hair. They are often made with ingredients that are not likely to damage your hair in anyway. A lot of times you will find hair colors have ingredients that can make their quality better, provide nourishment, and also keep the shine alive.

Why are hair dyes chemical-free?

You do not want to use a type of hair color that will cause more harm than good. It can get really difficult to find the right kind of hair color for you but you must know the best options are always free of harmful chemicals. Items like parabens, phthalates, or other chemicals can cause serious and irreparable damages. A good quality hair dye however will not have such harmful chemicals and will always take good care of your hair. Also, they are made cruelty-free, not tested on animals or don’t use animal by-products.

Top Best Purple Hair Dyes in 2024

10. Punky Purple Semi Conditioning Hair Color

Punky Purple Hair Dyes

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This color will completely change the way people look at you or you have looked at yourself. This product is a semi-permanent purple dry that is going to be there for a significant time. Extremely easy and effortless to use, the color can be directly applied using the provided applicator. No need to add any extra chemicals of any sort in any way.

You can do the entire process at home just make sure to apply petroleum jelly along the hairline. Finally, you do not want to stain your skin purple as well.

Key features:

  • Completely vegan and 100% cruelty-free, this hair dye is environment friendly and safe for you.
  • Doesn’t use any kind of harmful chemicals, there is no need to worry about hair damage.
  • Made in the USA, the dye also conditions your hair, offers vibrant color and can last up to 25 shampoos.

9. L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Permanent Hair Color

L'Oreal Paris

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When it comes to hair colors, it is always recommended to get trusted and reliable products. This one from the house of Loreal is undoubtedly something you can depend on always. This is a permanent hair color option that will make your hairs from boring to wow. When it comes to the options and choice of colors, you get purple along with 50+ other shades.

It displays the latest fashion trends and styles in each and every hair color. So, this one is something that will make you look better without any extra effort.

Key features:

  • Makes sure to take the best care of your hair, it conditions and hydrates weeks after weeks.
  • Get the most intense and highest quality color for your hair with the 3X highlight.
  • You will not have to get an appointment with a salon for coloring as this is a DIY hair color.

8. Special Effects Purple Hair dye

Special Effects Purple Hair Dyes

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Popular in the moniker candy apple red, this is one is the closest shade to purple. Thus, it will make your hair look like nothing else. The color is so rich and vibrant that you will love to flaunt it at every opportunity you get. This semi-permanent cream formula is extremely safe and reliable as well. It surely makes use of vegan formula. Hence, it doesn’t use any sorts of chemicals that can cause any harm to your hairs.

In addition to that, the hair color is cruelty-free to animals. It is not tested on animals in any way and doesn’t use any animal by-products either.

Key features:

  • In addition to coloring, this also conditions the hair for the best quality and feel.
  • Made in the USA, the color is of great quality and is available in 4oz bottles.
  • Once applied, this will last for about 3-4 weeks in total.

7. Ion Permanent Hair Color Purple Purple


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Get yourself this permanent and vibrant purple hair dye and make your hairs look amazing and attractive easily. This hair dye is suited for use on pre-lightened and highlighted hairs. Thus, one can totally make sure you are super impressed with the kind of color it offers. A team of expert and educated chemists in Italy has formulated the blends for this color. Therefore, you can have hairs that will stand out from the crowd.

This dye offers brilliant color along with the best grey coverage. Finally, this hair color is a must-have for people who want to have the best-looking hair at all times.

Key features:

  • Best in quality natural and exotic ingredients are combined with powerful high tech compounds to offer you the finest color.
  • You will get a fade-resistant color that will last for the longest possible time with perfect consistency.
  • Uses micro-pigmentation which oxidizes slower, making sure the color penetrates each strand of hair right down to the cortex.

6. Starlist Purple Hair Dye

Starlist Purple Hair Dyes

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If you have been wondering which color of hair can make you look the best and most unique in every way, you need to consider dying your hair purple. Something that will definitely look nothing like anyone else, a good dye like this can really do wonders for you. Choosing the right quality of hair color and hair dye is very crucial because if they aren’t good, your hair will suffer. This, however, is extremely safe for every kind of hair.

Being created without parabens, ammonia, silicone, or sulfate, nothing that can damage your hair is used in this hair dye. Designed for professional salons only, the quality is top-notch and you will have no grounds of complaints ever.

Key features:

  • It uses the latest and the best-hydrolyzed wheat protein formula. Hence, takes care of your hair and saves it from unwanted damages.
  • Has pre-color serum along with jojoba oil, this hair dye nourishes your hair and takes good care of it.
  • You will get English instructions included in the package. Thus, you do not have to brainstorm when applying the color.

5. GoodDYE Young Purple Hair Dye


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Temporary hair dyes are definitely the better option for people who are into the vibe right now and might want to have a different look after a few days. This semi-permanent purple hair dye from the house of Gooddyeyoung is a great choice to consider for fashion-savvy people. Made with care, the hair dye is botanically infused with natural sunflower and other nourishing conditioners. You will get the best of conditioning and nourishment without any damages to the hair.

It doesn’t use ammonia, totally PPD and formaldehyde-free and offers plush color at all times. The color is long-lasting in nature and because it uses a cream formula, this is extremely easy and effortless to use as well. The hair dye is PETA approved and has also won the Libby awards best vegan hair dye award in 2017.

Key features:

  • Infused with bergamot essential oil, you will get a citrus/spice fragrance that has relaxing and purifying benefits.
  • Available in 4-ounce tubes, the dye is made in the USA for best quality and reliability assurance.
  • Totally vegan in nature and is free from any cruelty to animals in any way.

4. Iroiro Purple Hair Dye

Iroiro Purple Hair Dyes

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Do not just settle for any low quality and ordinary hair dye when you can get yourself this amazing option. Made for the best results without causing harm to any being in any way, this purple hair dye is 100% vegan and is based on natural ingredients. Often people complain about hair colors damaging the quality and finish of the hair, but if you use this natural and risk-free hair dye, you will not face that issue. Moreover, this is totally cruelty-free nature.

While making this, no animal testing has been carried out and no animal by-products are used. When you apply the dye, you will appreciate the cranberry fragrance this has. Also, this uses 100% organic coconut oil it for more nutrition to the hair. You can get them in 4oz and 8oz tubes, depending on the need you have. This is a semi-permanent hair color dye.

Key features:

  • No use of toxic and petro-based chemicals or synthetic preservatives that has the potential to harm and damage the hair.
  • Easy to apply cream-based color, this softens the hair and is long-lasting.
  • The eco-friendly pouch is easy to use and has a tamper-proof cap for periodic use.

3. Splat Purple Hair Dye


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Fancy a hair color that will take your styling to a next level and leave everyone around you awestruck and surprised? Well, you should definitely check out this option. Infused with quinoa proteins, the color lasts a longer period of time is safe from damage and also helps in the retention of the moisture. In addition to that, there is Baobab extract that nourishes your hair strands and restricts damage due to UV. The hair color as a whole is totally eco friendly in nature and is even packed in eco-friendly packaging.

Totally-free of parabens, PPD, resorcinol, sulfates or ammonia, this is the kind of cream that will color your hair and also do it safely. The packaging is made to cause less harm to the environment because of a 90% reduction in the contents.

Key features:

  • The hair dye has Vitamin B5 so that the shine is restored and the hair follicle gets more strength and a better texture.
  • Very simple and effortless to use, it doesn’t use bleach or any chemicals, making sure you can do it yourself.
  • Totally gluten-free and vegan in nature, the color lasts up to 30 washes.

2. Keracolour Purple Hair Dye

Keracolor Purple Hair Dyes

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When you are buying this purple hair dye, you are not just buying a hair color but you are also getting something that can take better care of your hair. This is a keratin-based hair color that colors the hair in the most vibrant and alluring shade. And also makes sure the hair quality remains top-notch always. Totally vegan in nature, because this doesn’t use harmful chemicals, you can be sure to use it properly.

Safe for the environment and animals, the color is never tested on animals and is totally cruelty-free in nature. Last but not the least; this is even free from sulfate and paraben, things that can cause a great deal of damage to your hair.

Key features:

  • Unlike other options, this doesn’t foam much because foam is caused by harsh ingredients that cause potential damage.
  • Low foam color aids in cleaning the dirt and debris better and making sure you get rich deposited true color.
  • Very easy to use and apply, the color lasts for about 10-15 shampoo sessions.

1. Manic Panic Purple Hair Dye

Manic Panic

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This is one of the best kinds of purple hair dyes and is also Amazon’s choice product, something that you can depend on. This comes in a pack of 2, now you and your partner can also sport this attractive purple color always. Just not pure purple, if needed you can also mix different shades of colors to have one that will be unique to your styling only.

Furthermore, this doesn’t require a developer or anything. This semi-permanent hair dye will last for about 4-6 weeks and post that it will start fading away.

Key features:

  • Ammonia, gluten, paraben, phthalates, and resorcinol free, this is one of the safest kinds of hair dyes.
  • Cruelty-free vegan formula, no animal testing is done and no animal by-products were done.
  • Easy to do it yourself at home, no need to visit a salon or spa to get the color done.

How long the color stays with a purple hair dye

If you are thinking of coloring your hair and transform the look you have been living in, you need to also know how long will a certain color stay. Dyes can be of different kinds, there are permanent options, you can get semi-permanent or even temporary ones. The most widely used are the temporary ones that last a significant amount of time. Good purple hair dyes can easily last for about 3-4 weeks before it needs a touch up again.

Final verdict

Styling your hair or completely getting a hair transformation for that new you look? Well, one thing that you should consider doing is a semi-permanent purple hair dye for a complete makeover.