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The 10 Best Air Conditioner Heater Combos of 2024

Versatility is the key to smarter living. And when you can upgrade to get maximum flexibility in your lifestyle, why will you settle for something else. Saving every bit of money proves to be wise cause it will come in useful in the future. Well, one such smart product is an air conditioner heater combo. This will give you utmost satisfaction during winters as well as summers. You get adjustable temperatures, modes, and other unique features that make this product a worthy choice.

So, here are the air conditioner heater combo deals that will make it a win-win situation for you. One not only gets a great product but also at an exclusive price.

Why you need an air conditioner heater combo?

Global warming is taking its toll on Mother Nature every single day and the weather we have experienced in past is rapidly changing every day. A good air conditioner heater combo is an absolute necessity in modern homes because the cold can get really troubling as well. When it gets chilly outside and the only thing you have is your ac, it will be amazing to have the supplementary heating function. Now not just the gruesome and humid summers, even when the temperatures are dropping below normal, you will have the best solution ready at your home.

The most important thing is, these units are capable of themselves. They come pre-installed with heating function and you practically have to invest in only one product.

How to choose the best air conditioner heater combo?

When you are looking into air conditioner heater combos, the options are in abundance. Although you are free to choose any product you like then you will not be happy with the service out of it. Choosing the best one can get really tough and confusing. Well, a few points like the cooling and heating capacity, design, portability, and convenience can help you choose the product better. It is always better if you pay more attention to how energy efficient that particular model is. More energy saving means more profits in the long run always!

Top Air Conditioner Heater Combos in 2024

Black + Decker 7,500 BTU Air Conditioner

Black + Decker Air Conditioner Heater Combos

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This air conditioner heater combo is going to be the best addition of 2024. It’s all because it will help you tackle both cold and hot weather all year round. The fan speed on the air conditioner is adjustable from a lowest of 55°F to the highest of 81°F. Be it the chilling cold outside or the intense sun, inside your home, you will be the most comfortable.

If you have a room within the size of 350square feet, this small and compact unit will fit. Moreover, this gets a very portable design so that you can conveniently move this around.

Key features:

  • Having handles and castor wheels, this is very easy to move and easier to set up anywhere.
  • You will get to choose between cool, heat, fan, and dehumidify modes along with a 24-hour timer for added fun.
  • Comes with remote control and a LED display on the top for easy controlling of the functions.

Frigidaire Air Conditioner


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When you can buy yourself a portable air conditioning system that eliminates the heat and also provides heat on demand, why will you want to have anything else? On this compact air conditioner heater combo, you will get 14,000 BTU of power. This features an on-board thermostat for easy maintaining. Plus, you get the liberty of adjusting the temperature according to your preferences. To deliver the much-needed heat you will get 4100 BTU of supplement capacity.

On the top, there is an electronic control panel along with a remote for easy changing of the functions. Automatic restart allows the machine to restart in the previous setting in case of a power cut.

Key features

  • Comes with reusable filters, there are no compromises with your health and hygiene ever.
  • This has 5 operating modes and 4 fan speeds for maximum flexibility.
  • It comes with 4 wheels for easy movement from one location to another point.

TCL 12PH32 12,000 BTU Heat Air-Conditioner

TCL Air Conditioner Heater Combos

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Get this brilliant combination of air conditioning and heating in one unit for your home. Enjoy the most comfortable setting for you to enjoy always. Very easy and convenient to install at your home without any professional help, you will get a hose and window kit. There are even handles and wheels for you to move this around at your please. Owing to the 12,000 BTU of capacity, you will get effective cooling and heating all year round without any added hassles. As a matter of fact, it is ideal for spaces within the size of 300square feet.

Also, it has washable and reusable filters. Hence, you can keep unwanted bacteria, odor, and airborne particles away for the good.

Key features:

  • Uses a LED display for everyone to see and control the menu with ease.
  • Innovatively designed, it is created for you to enjoy a relaxing time and hence delivers a quiet performance always.
  • Comes with a 24-hour timer along with sleep mode, save significantly on energy bills always.

Whynter Elite ARC-122DHP Air Conditioner and Heater


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Whynter Store has designed this amazing air conditioner heater combo with your needs in mind. It ensures maximum comfort you can ask for, no matter how the weather is outside. Having four modes of operation, there is cool, fan, heat, and dehumidifier. Easily choose the one you need for a relaxing and soothing atmosphere inside your room. Quite powerful as well, it can easily heat/cool spaces within 400 square feet.

The noise level always stays under 52dB for effortless usage and the auto pump functionality takes out the excess condensation. The exhaust hose is packed along with the unit for you to easily fix it to the ac. For maximum purity of air, this uses an activated carbon air filter along with washable pre-filters.

Key features:

  • A remote control operation, one can control it with a remote assuring maximum comfort at all times from every corner.
  • Also, it has been named as “the most efficient and fastest cooling portable ac” by New York Times Wirecutter.
  • Eco friendly and totally CFC free, this air conditioner causes no harm to the world or nature in any way.

Ningpu Air Conditioner Heater Combo

NINGPU Air Conditioner Heater Combos

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Bring home this new and upgraded option of combo and make sure to never compromise on the kind of comfort you desire and ask for. Suited for bedroom, living room, or office spaces, this portable gives you the convenience of both cooling and heating, as per your needs. On the LED display, do all the important adjustments like timer, temperature, and even the fan speeds. With the help of the timer, whenever needed you can turn the AC on or off. One amazing feature about this machine is the automatic self evaporation technology.

No need to get any bucket or drain options because it can dehumidify up to 50 pints in a day. Included in the package is a window kit so that venting doesn’t become an unnecessary hassle. Just connect the vent hose on the back of the unit and remove the cap, your AC is ready.

Key features:

  • Gives you an amazing 14,000 BTU of cooling capacity so that this can work with rooms up to 500 square feet.
  • The noise level stays below 60dB at all times for added comfort.
  • Remote control and battery for your maximum flexibility.

SereneLife 10,000 Portable Air Conditioner Heater


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Look for the most convenience when you are thinking of getting yourself a portable and lightweight kind of machine. With this amazing unit, you will be able to enjoy to the maximum sitting in any room of the house. The small and sleek body allows you to set it or place it almost at any corner of the room. In addition to that, it has smooth-rolling wheels that allow you to move it with ease.

With cooling, heating, dehumidifier, and fan modes, choosing the right one for the weather outside will not be an issue. You will be able to operate this quite easily as well. It comes with a remote control allowing you to control it from anywhere.

Key features:

  • It has 10,000 BTU of cooling power along with 9000 BTU of heating power for maximum comfort at all times.
  • Ideal for rooms within 350 square feet, also the ac runs with noise levels between 52-56dB.
  • Aids in moisture removal, the airflow rating of the AC is 290m3/hour.

Midea U Inverter Air Conditioner Heater

Midea Air Conditioner Heater Combos

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This indeed features the latest and greatest DC inverter technology. If you are looking for a smarter solution that will help you save on bills, you have it here. It consumes as much as 35% less energy, giving you savings all year round. Also, it has been certified as the “most efficient” AC of 2020. Thoughtfully designed, gone are the days of window ac causing nagging noises always.

The U-shaped design aids in keeping the noise levels as low as 42dB. As a matter of fact, this U-shape also helps in easy and flexible window installation.

Key features:

  • This has an inbuilt Wi-Fi, controlling it is extremely easy and hassle-free and there is a mobile application as well.
  • The Midea U app that is available for iOS, as well as the Android platform, will let you control your unit through it.
  • Comes with support brackets so that you get the most reliable and robust installation assurance.

LG 12,000 BTU AIR Conditioner with Heat


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Every day is going to be comfortable if you choose to install this unit from the house of LG. One of the most energy-efficient options with the promise of effective cooling and heating, as per your needs, this unit is going to be an excellent addition. The 230V electrical outlet adds more security and safety so that you can always use this worry-free.

Plus, the adjustable cooling, heating, and fan speeds allow extra flexibility in choosing the kind of ambiance you want in your home. Finally, this provides you with 11200 BTU of heating and 12000 BTU of cooling. Hence, making it usable for 550 square feet rooms.

Key features:

  • Window mounted design for maximum space utilization and floor area.
  • Delivers 265 CFM of dry airflow for maximum comfort.

Whynter Heater Air Conditioners

Whynter Air Conditioner Heater Combos

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Whynter presents this fabulous and modern looking portable air conditioner with a heating system. As a result, modern houses never have to settle for a traditional looking option. Quite capable on the inside, this has 14,000 BTU of cooling and 11,000 BTU of heating capacity in it.

Not one not two but there are 5 different modes of operation. As a result, everyone can enjoy the vibe as they want. The temperature is easily adjustable between 62°F and 88°F along with a 24-hour programmable timer. For letting you change and adjust swiftly, it has the convenience of remote control for ease of usage.

Key features:

  • Auto pump and drain methodology make sure there is no compromise with the mode of operation ever.
  • The unit is UL listed for maximum safety and uses a 3M filter and silver shield washable pre-filters.
  • Features an extendable exhaust hose for easy drainage of water.

Whynter ARC-14SH Portable Air Conditioner and Heater


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Check out this award-winning air conditioner heater combo that has not only won the hearts of consumers but also the critics. This UL-listed unit is one of the safest options out there that have really impressive functionalities and capabilities. With 14,000 BTU of cooling capacity, this cools much faster than the regular options out in the market.

Furthermore, dual hose operation allows for cooling a room of 500sq ft without feeling suffocated. You will also get a massive dehumidifying capacity of 71 pints/day, which is extremely efficient.

Key features:

  • Uses safe for nature and environment safe CFC free green R 32 refrigerants.
  • You will be able to use the air conditioner in 3 different modes, dehumidifier, fan& heater, cooling.
  • Thermostatic control lets you choose a temperature between 61°F to 89°F.

What are the factors to see for choosing the best air conditioner heater combo?

If you are already tired of understanding what factors contribute to a good quality air conditioner heater combo, you need to understand how well-built it is and what are materials it is made of. Choosing to go with a lightweight and sleek air conditioner is always a better option because it will help you move the machine more comfortably anywhere. Other factors like modes of operation, how big of a room it can cool/heat, and kind of filters are really useful.

Final Verdict

So, pick the air conditioner function when feeling hot and switch to the heater function in the winter days. These two-in-one air conditioner heater combos will accompany you through hot and cold situations efficiently.