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10 Best Bookcases for Kids of 2024 Review

Having a mini library for your kids in the study room or bedroom for their revision purposes is crucial. Well, if you cannot install or build bookshelves, opt for bookcases designed for kids. The bookcases are portable bookshelves equipped with multiple storage shelves or cubbies for keeping books and other kids’ essentials.

The bookcases come in different styles and sizes to fit the uses and storage needs of kids. Some bookcases are equipped with canvas shelves, and others are made with wooden shelves. Here are the top ten best bookcases for kids you may love from the market.

The Best Bookcases for Kids Review

10. ECR4Kids 36 in H Birch Bookcase with Adjustable Shelves

CR4Kids Bookcases for Kids

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Keep your babies’ study room looking neat by getting them this bookcase. The bookcase has large shelves, which are also adjustable to fit different sizes of books. Besides, it is not lockable, so you can display the books on the shelves for easy selection and arranging by your kids. It is made of quality wood material and measures 36 x 12 x 36 inches to fit in small areas.

The finishing on this bookcase is remarkable since it has a neutral finish that blends well with other furniture in the room. Also, this bookcase is perfect for use in schooling institutions such as preschool or daycare. The bookcase is versatile as you can use it to organize other baby essentials like toys.

Special features

  • The shelves adjust with 1.25 inches height
  • The bookcase has BPA free material construction
  • It can be mounted to the wall
  • The unit is quite durable

9. ECR4Kids – ELR-0450 Birch 2 Shelf Storage Cabinet with Back


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This is a multifunctional bookcase ideal for organizing kid’s books and toys in the room. The unit may only have two shelves, but they are quite wide to accommodate multiple books and other essentials. It is crafted with the open shelves design so the kids can have an easy time accessing their books or toys in the bookcase.

Still, this ensures they have an easy time when organizing the books on the shelves. This bookcase can easily move around when shifting or setting up in the room as it has four casters. The casters are removable if you want to set up the unit in one place permanently.

Special features

  • It is made with BPA free wooden materials
  • Assembling this bookcase is easy
  • It only weighs 27 pounds when assembled
  • The unit comes with removable casters

8. ECR4Kids-ELR-0339 Birch Hardwood Single-Sided Bookcase

ECR4Kids Bookcases for Kids

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With up to five shelves, this bookcase is perfect for multiple book storage purposes. It is a great choice for areas with multiple kids since it keeps the area neat. Still, the stand is quite large to fit a lot of books. Another feature that makes this a reliable bookcase for kids is the storage slides.

The storage slides are deep to hold the books, considering the shelves are not lockable firmly. Durability is guaranteed since the bookcase is made with Birch materials with a rustic coating finish to secure it from scratches and pests attacks.

Special features

  • The five shelves have slid storage spaces
  • The unit has a large storage space
  • The unit is made of quality and safe materials
  • This bookcase is suitable for multiple areas with kids

7. Kidkraft Sling Bookshelf


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What you will love about this bookcase for kids is the shelves style. The four canvas shelves allow you to display the books on either front or back cover so the kids can have an easy time choosing their preference. This also allows freedom since the kids can easily choose the book they want to read without supervision.

This bookcase unit may retail at an affordable rate, but it has durable material crafting. The shelves are made with tear-resistant canvas materials, while the frames are made with strong wood. The shelves are also quite deep to hold the books firmly. Note that this bookcase comes unassembled but putting the parts together does not take long.

Special features

  • The shelves can hold different sizes of books
  • This bookcase is quite portable
  • The bookcase is affordable
  • Assembling takes a few seconds to complete

6. KidKraft Bookcase with Reading Nook

KidKraft Bookcases for Kids

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Create a mini library for your kid in his room with this bookcase. It is a full bookcase unit that comes with a padded seat to relax while reading. Besides the classic design, this bookcase comes in three different colors; so, you can choose a color that blends with your kid’s room.

The bookcase has six storage spaces that can fit different books’ sizes, plus additional storage areas on the seat to accommodate large books. If your kid wants to display his toys on this bookcase, it is made for multifunctional purposes.

Special features

  • This bookcase has multiple storage spaces
  • It comes with a grey cushioned seat
  • The bookcase can be found in three different colors
  • It is a versatile storage case for kids

5. KidKraft Wood & Canvas Sling Bookshelf Furniture for Kids


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I would recommend this bookcase for homes with small spaces as it is made in a compact size. This bookcase measures 24 x 11.75 x 28 inches to save space on areas where you install it. However, this is a convenient storage bookcase that can accommodate multiple books for your kids.

It has deep canvas shelves that keep the books stored firmly. The canvas materials also protect the edges of the books from damages. Moving this bookshelf around even by kids is quite easy since it only weighs 1 kilogram.

Special features

  • This bookcase is light in weight
  • It has soft canvas shelves
  • The bookcase can hold most book sizes
  • It has sturdy materials crafting

4. UTEX Kids Bookshelf and Toy Storage Organizer Kids Bookcase

UTEX Bookcases for Kids

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This is a multifunctional bookcase that stores books and other kid’s essentials like toys. It has a compact size but can store most of your kid’s books. This bookcase also has a neutral white color finish to blend perfectly in any room you install it.

This means that you can set up this bookcase in your kid’s bedroom or study room. Also, this bookcase is made of strong wooden materials that guarantee durability. Generally, this bookcase is made with three shelves, two cubbies, and one drawer.

Special features

  • This bookcase looks cute in the room
  • It is a multifunctional storage unit
  • It is quite easy to assemble
  • The unit has stable and sturdy crafting

3. Wildkin Kids Canvas Sling Bookshelf


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This bookshelf case is reliable for storing all school essentials for your child. It has shelves and drawers for storing small essentials such as marker pens, pens, and rubbers. This bookcase helps kids learn how to take care of their school essentials since the shelves hold the books securely.

The drawers and shelves are made with canvas materials to secure the books safely, and the frame has wooden material for durability and stability. Note that this bookcase may require assembling, although it is easy to assemble.

Special features

  • This is a versatile storage unit
  • It is made with quality wood and canvas materials
  • This bookcase encourages organization by kids
  • It can be used in different kids’ rooms

2. ECR4Kids-ELR-17200 Birch 4-Cubby School Classroom

ECR4Kids Bookcases for Kids

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The ECR4Kids-ELR-17200 bookcase model is made with base casters for convenient shifting it around the room even by kids. The bookcase teaches your kid how to stay organized by keeping the books and toys well arranged in the room. The open shelves style makes it easy to access the books and other stored items.

Besides the multiple storage shelves, this bookcase has an empty top space where you can store more kid essentials like picture portraits. Rest assured, this bookcase has been certified for kids since it does not emit any toxins.

Special features

  • This bookcase has casters for smooth moving around
  • It has multiple storage spaces
  • Keeps multiple essentials like books, toys, or blocks
  • It is certified to be safe for kids

1. Children’s Factory-ANG1201 Angeles Toddler Low Book Display Stand

Children's Factory

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If you are looking for a bookcase to install in preschool classes, this is a great choice. The common style design of this bookcase ensures all kids can comfortably reach it to access and store. It is also a great choice to install in either girls’ or boys’ rooms to store their essentials like books and toys.

The bookcase has four deeply made shelves that can fit most book sizes. Also, this style makes it possible to install multiple books on the shelves.

Special features

  • Setting up this bookcase is easy since it does not need assembling
  • It is made with birch veneer wooden materials
  • The bookcase has low style design
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty


If you need a quality bookcase for your kid’s study or bedroom use, these are the ten best units to get. These bookcases are made with multiple storage spaces to fit multiple books and other kid’s items like toys.

They feature varying styles since some are made with canvas shelves while others have wooden shelves. So, choose the best bookcase from these ten options.