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10 Best Broom Holder Wall Mounts of 2024

When you use a broom holder, then there will be perfect storage of your brooms. It comes in a versatile design so that you can use it for different purposes. A broom holder wall mount is easy to use and makes sure there will be a clean look. With it, you don’t have to worry about any mess. It comes in a durable design so that you can use it season after season. Here is the list of the top 10 best broom holder wall mounts of 2024.

Best Broom Holder Wall Mounts in 2024

10. Deelinya Broom and Mop Holder Wall Mount

Deelinya Broom Holder Wall Mounts

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The hardwearing hooks can hold your daily usable objects. This broom holder wall mount also comes with pre-drilled screw holes. Moreover, the hanger involves the construction of long-lasting stainless steel. The rustproof treatment reinforces the structure of this holder. From closets, kitchens to gardens, this holder is suitable for every place.

The polished finish also gives a sleek appearance to this piece. This holder is ideal for placing rakes, mops, rags, snow shovels, and more. Furthermore, you can use this organizer for organizing your kitchenware. However, you can effortlessly increase your working space in tight spaces. The weatherproof construction makes this piece ideal for outdoor locations.

Reasons To Buy

  • Easy to use and non-slip design.
  • Value for money with durable construction.
  • Dual rubber grip for superior performance.

9. IMILLET Broom and Mop Holder Wall Mount


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The broom holder wall mount involves the construction of heavy-duty stainless steel. This manufacturer also provides self-adhesive tapes for stress-free installation. Therefore, you never have to promote damages to walls. Moreover, you can hang swifter, small vacuums, brooms, rakes, and dustpans. The moisture-proof, rustproof construction assures durability. Nevertheless, the rubber rollers of these clamps offer a slip-resistant grip.

This broom organizer also provides resistance against breakage. Furthermore, the spring-loaded mechanism never usually develops damages. This piece is an apt choice for closets, kitchens, basements, and more. However, this hanger can withstand up to 200-pounds of weight. The pre-drilled screw holes make installation lesser complicated.

Reasons To Buy

  • Durable construction and high load capacity.
  • Resistant to moisture and water.
  • Includes a plastic bottom.

8. CHAMPS Mop Broom Holder

 CHAMPS Broom Holder Wall Mounts

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This mop broom holder offers hassle-free installation on the walls. The hardwearing plastic construction also works better than the flimsy ones. Moreover, this hanger includes six hooks and five slots. This hanger comes along with anchors and wall-mounting screws. Nevertheless, the friction grip clamps hold the broom handles firmly.

This space-saving holder also offers exceptional resistance against temperature. Hence, you can install this hanger in outdoor spots. This organizer makes a perfect selection for kitchens, closets, laundry rooms, and garages. Furthermore, the spring-loaded clamps automatically adjust according to the thickness of the handles. However, the hanging hooks hold keys, umbrellas, and more.

Reasons To Buy

  • Includes six hooks and five slots.
  • Reliable performance with the anti-grip design.
  • Comes with adjustable handle thickness.

7. POPRUN Broom Mop Holder


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This broom holder wall mount has four hooks and three racks. The stainless steel structure can make this holder ultra-durable. Moreover, the silicone grips prevent things from slipping or falling. This hanger is capable of withstanding up to 30-lbs of weight. Nevertheless, this mop broom holder is an ideal alternative to plastic ones.

The weatherproof construction also makes this holder suitable for outdoor places. Furthermore, the functional hanger holds cleaning tools, shovels, dustpans, brooms, and more. You can use self-adhesive and screws to install this holder. However, this holder accommodates hardware tools, sports goods, and bathroom accessories. You can place your baseball bats or umbrellas as well.

Reasons To Buy

  • Sturdy construction for enhanced longevity.
  • Practical design and easy to use.
  • Waterproof design and easy installation.

6. Homely Center Mop and Broom Holder

Homely Center Broom Holder Wall Mounts

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This broom holder wall mount makes installation hassle-free for everyone. The rack includes three slots and four hanging hooks. Moreover, the polished finish extends the lifespan of this broom holder. You can use this rack to hang rakes, shovels, brooms, rugs, and other accessories. This functional hanger is suitable for storing kitchenware, bath accessories, and sports accessories.

This set also has wall studs, tapes, anchors, and drywalls. Therefore, this hanger supports flexible installations. Furthermore, the well-constructed holder withstands up to 50-lbs of weight. This organizer is a perfect addition for garages, gardens, kitchens, and other spaces. However, the slip-resistant triangle design ensures the structural stability of this hanger.

Reasons To Buy

  • Suitable for all types of weather conditions.
  • High weight capacity and less mess.
  • Comes with self-adhesive tape and anchors.

5. Piyl Mop Broom Holder


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The corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction prolongs the lifespan of this hanger. From wet to outdoor locations, this holder is suitable for every place. Moreover, this broom holder wall mount serves as a multipurpose wall-mounted rack. This holder consists of four hooks and three slots. Nevertheless, the four mounting holes let your secure this rack against walls.

This space-saving hanger is ideal for bathrooms, gardens, and yards. Furthermore, unlike the cheap plastic hangers, this wall-mounted holder lasts for years. You can keep brooms, rakes, mops, rags, and more. However, the provided screw set makes installation trouble-free for all. This holder promotes no excessive damages to walls.

Reasons To Buy

  • Corrosion-resistant construction for long-lasting use.
  • Allows having a neat organization.
  • High capacity and space-saving design.

4. Gorilla Grip Mop and Broom Holder

Gorilla Grip Broom Holder Wall Mounts

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The combination of five slots increases the practicality of this minimalist mop holder. You can also install this holder within a few minutes. Moreover, the spring-loaded clamps individually can hold up to 6-pounds of weight. This broom holder comes with the construction of hardwearing ABS plastic. Nevertheless, this rack includes six pieces of hooks.

This hanger makes a perfect fit for kitchens, pantries, and laundry rooms. Furthermore, the plastic screws and dowels make the installation process complication-free. You can keep your helmets, brushes, bottles, gardening gloves, and more. However, this organizer is suitable for hanging baseball bats, rakes, and shovels.

Reasons To Buy

  • Available to hold five brooms.
  • Prevents slippage with a friction ball design.
  • Easy organization and multifunctional design.

3. Holikme Mop Broom Holder


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This floating shelf consists of four pieces of spring-activated slots. Therefore, these slots also offer a firm grip over the broomsticks. Moreover, four of these hangers can hold up to 40-pounds of weight. This broom holder wall mount has the construction of lightweight yet hardy metal. Nevertheless, this hanger is a combination of four hooks and four slots.

The rustproof finish also prolongs the lifespan of this holder. Furthermore, this rack makes installation hassle-free as well as lesser time-consuming. These slots come with rubber grips. Therefore, these grips offer resistance against slipping. However, this tool is suitable for garages, gardens, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Reasons To Buy

  • Long-lasting use with durable construction.
  • Lightweight design and perfect for saving space.
  • No sliding and high load capacity.

2. McoMce Broom Holder Wall Mount

MCOMCE Broom Holder Wall Mounts

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This manufacturer brings you four pieces of these broom holder wall mounts. Each of these holders involves the construction of crack-resistant plastic. Moreover, these broom holders come with double-sided adhesives. There is no need to use drilling machines to mount these pieces. However, these tapes offer a strong grip over the walls.

These space-saving tools also let you keep floors clutter-free. Furthermore, the silicone grip prevents the risks of slipping and scratches. The slip-resistant, waterproof wall-mounted holders offer exceptional durability. Nevertheless, you can hang wet mops, dustpans, and more. You can use these pieces for hanging umbrellas, toilet brushes, and more.

Reasons To Buy

  • Pack of four and lightweight design.
  • Available in a waterproof design.
  • Reliable performance and durable construction.

1. Berry Ave Broom Holder


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The broom holder walls mount keeps your floor space workable. You can also use this wall mount for kitchens, garages, and bathrooms. Moreover, the provided screws and anchors offer quick and easy mounting. The nylon-derived holder lasts longer than usual. Nevertheless, you will get several hooks and holders on this tool organizer.

This holder also consists of five slots and six hooks. Furthermore, this piece serves as the best garden tool organizer. You can hang mop handles up to 1.25-inch long. However, the spring-loaded clamps keep all the broomsticks in the proper place. This commercial-grade hanger holds baseball bats and rakes.

Reasons To Buy

  • The high load capacity of 35 pounds.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes.
  • Easy installation and no-slide design.

Buying Guide For Broom Holder Wall Mount

Construction: Construction is one of the most important criteria that you need to see while buying a broom holder wall mount. Select the one that offers value for money so that you can use it for a long time. It has to resistant to water and moisture so that you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

Weight Capacity: Select the one that has a high load capacity. This will make sure there will be reliable performance. You need to go for the one that supports loads of a minimum of up to 30 pounds.

Number of Slots: When it comes to the number of slots, getting the right one is a user preference. It can vary accordingly, and some can hold up to five brooms at a time. See if it comes with hooks, and some will also let you use it for keeping other items.

Easy to Use: Always see if it lets you have hassle-free usage. The broom holder wall mount has to be perfect for everyday purposes. You can find one that can be great for commercial usage.

Installation: Consider investing in the one that allows you to have easy installation. It must come with all the necessary items, and some will give you the option to mount it in multiple ways.

Non-Slip Design: The one that comes in a non-slip design will make sure there will be reliable performance. You need to see if the broom holder wall mount comes with a perfect grip so that you don’t have to worry about slippage.


A broom holder is a must for every home and if it is wall-mounted, it is going to be better. You can keep the brooms away from the floor as you can hang them and if the broom is wet, it will drip and dry off. There are different types of these broom holder wall mounts available to choose from and we have picked the best ones for you.