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10 Best Ceiling Fans with Lights in 2024

Ceiling fans are staples for every household. They keep your rooms cool without increasing the electricity bill much. Most importantly, the large blades maintain a consistent airflow in the room. How would you like it if the ceiling fan comes with a light? Well, that would be lovely since you will have a single solution for good airflow and lighting. Well, that is why ceiling fans with lights are getting hugely popular with passing days. These fans do not only provide you with air but also light up the entire room with ease.

Want to pick one for your home? Then change the look of your home as these stylish ceiling fans with lights will transform your rooms for good.

What type of lights will be best for ceiling fans?

If your main target is low consumption of energy, you should go for LED lights. While these prove to be really bright, they help to conserve energy much better than any other kind. Also, you can go for lights which allow you the flexibility to dim them at will. That way, you can both adjust it according to the ambiance, as well as save up on unnecessary turning on of the light.

Apart from all this, you can choose a special type of glass when thinking about the lights to help scatter the light better all over the room. This is, of course, the frosted glass. Because of its texture, it effectively enhances the illumination, leaving no dark corners in the room.

What is reverse airflow?

The direction of the airflow is much important that you comprehend when it comes to making the best use of a ceiling fan. For this reason, many ceiling fans that are coupled with lights allow you this exclusive feature of reverse airflow. When it is summer, you can make the ceiling fan turn in the counterclockwise direction, which will make the cool air descend down to quickly provide you with some relief from the heat. On the other hand, for the winter season, the clockwise direction makes the hot air rise up. This air is then evenly spread throughout the room, making the room warm and cozy, so you can enjoy your sleep through all the seasons.

List of Best Ceiling Fans with Lights Review

10. Hykolity Ceiling Fan with Light

Hykolity Best Ceiling Fans with Lights

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This product will add an elegant touch to any room, no matter where to put it. The blades on this item are colored two shades on both sides. Therefore, you will be able to shake it up a little occasionally, to change the look. If that was not enough, this product does not leave any stones unturned when it comes to quality either.

To assure you of its durability, the fan comes with a lifetime warranty on the product. Besides, the product also helps in energy conservation, by making use of energy-efficient bulbs.

Key Features

  • In order to serve all the season, the product has the unique addition of a reverse airflow switch.
  • The fan gives you the authority to choose whether you want to mount with the down rod or not.
  • Since the product can be mounted on low to high ceilings, you do not have to worry about compatibility.

9. Finxin Ceiling Fan Light


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With this product, innovation gets a new name. The ceiling fan combines the beauty of the past with the functionality of the modern age. While the design sports a remarkable antique look, the ceiling fan comes with the privilege of remote control. Hence, you will not need to get up in the middle of the night in case you want to change the settings on the fan.

Even the lights have marbled glass, to complete the antique appearance. Since the glass on the bulb shades has been tempered, you can be assured a bit of overheating will not be able to damage the lights.

Key Features

  • The speed of the fan can be adjusted to suit your comfort.
  • Its assembly takes no more than one to two hours to get it done all by yourself.
  • The product also promises to have excellent heat dissipation ability.

8. Westinghouse Lighting Ceiling Fan with Light

Westinghouse Lighting Best Ceiling Fans with Lights

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This product will leave you no ground for complaining. With its exceptional service, it has proven its worth, winning itself the title of Amazon’s Choice to boast. The ceiling fan will not fail to cater to your needs either. Unlike other ceiling fans, this product has as many as 5 blades, efficiently making sure the air reaches every corner of the room.

Most importantly, stainless steel has been employed as the material of the product. Therefore, this product will not disappoint you when it comes to long-lasting usage. The motor being the most important component is really strong and makes powerful air movement.  Having a matte finish that looks vintage, the lights use frosted glass.

Key Features

  • Although the motor is strong, you will not be bothered by any unnecessary noise with quiet performance.
  • It has a very vintage appeal that will remind you of good vintage art.
  • The lights on this item can be dimmed down for convenience.

7. Hunter Dempsey Ceiling Fan with Light


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Hunter is well known for its long line of ceiling fans, this product is one of the best in the lot. Thus, you can count on this product for quality. Loud motor noises can be really distracting when you are trying to sleep. For that reason, this ceiling fan has been given a whisper-quiet design, which will not interrupt your sleep.

This product is especially suited for low ceiling rooms, which are less than 9 feet. To help you save energy, the lights on this product are dimmable, which also extends the life of the bulbs.

Key Features

  • Since the product vouches to be wobble-free, you can sleep peacefully without requiring to worry all night.
  • With this product, you also enjoy the extra perk of a wall cradle added to the package.
  • The fan has a 13-degree blade pitch, which enhances the structure for peak performance.

6. Prominence Home Ceiling Fan Led Globe Light

Prominence Home Best Ceiling Fans with Lights

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It is always better when one product can serve on different occasions. With the reversible blade design of this product, you will be able to change the style of the room according to the ambiance of the room. More than that, the ceiling fan has steel for the metal of the item. It goes without saying, this product will be matchless when it comes to durability.

The ceiling fan promises to be able to cover as much as 350 square feet of room, catering to most standard room sizes. The installation takes a mere hour at the best, barely taking up any of your time.

Key Features

  • Taste in interior décor will differ from person to person. Keeping that in mind, this fan comes in a selection of 5 different colors you get to choose from.
  • Both the bulbs required for the fan, are added to the package itself.
  • Furthermore, it comes with 3-speed reversible motors. So, you can easily choose the speed, you like.

5. Honeywell Ceiling Fan 0604-01 Eamon Ceiling Fan

Honeywell Ceiling Fans

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No matter what your requirement is, this ceiling fan is sure to be making sure the feature is not missed out. The ceiling fan comes with the addition of a handy remote. Thus, making your work much easier, without requiring moving more than a finger. The remote has a good working distance of 30 feet. Hence, you can control the fan from any corner of the room with ease.

Besides, even the batteries required to operate the remote come with the product. Thus, you do not need to spend any extra bucks once you get this product.

Key Features

  • It gives you enough flexibility to pick between 3 different styles of mounting.
  • The beam angle on the product is 150 degrees.
  • The color temperature on the light of the fan is 2700K.

4. River of Goods Tiffany

River of Goods Best Ceiling Fans with Lights

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This product manages to stand out among the common ceiling fans because of its striking appearance, which can make any room turn into a true delight. The glass used on the fan receives the exclusive artisan hand-cut and provides a kaleidoscope of colors to feast your eyes on. Moreover, functionality is not brushed aside by the product.

The bulbs used for the product are really energy-efficient. Hence, allowing you to dim them at will, go cater to different ambiances. Because of the high airflow of the fan, you will be able to save on your electricity bill as well.

Key Features

  • All the blades on the fan are reversible.
  • Having a pull chain control, you can operate it just like the old days.
  • The fan offers 3 different speed levels, to cater to the needs of different seasons.

3. Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan with Light

Harbor Breeze

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If you are looking for a more modern approach to suit your room, you can go for this item. The LED light on this product is safely integrated into the fan. It allows reverse airflow and makes the space even cooler. This means you will be able to effectively use it straight from the summer to the winter.

Also, the product comes with a brushed finish, which helps to extend the life of the product. Because of the use of frosted glass, the scattering of the light is optimized, reaching every corner of the room. If that was not enough to convince you, this product is also UL listed.

Key Features

  • To help you save on unnecessary energy consumption, this product boasts an ENERGY STAR certification.
  • A user-friendly remote makes using the fan really convenient.
  • Besides, it is perfect for rooms up to 100 sq ft in size.

2. Progress Lighting Ceiling Fan with Light

Progress Lighting Best Ceiling Fans with Lights

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When quality is in question, this ceiling fan will far exceed all your expectations. The fan makes use of steel as the material of the fan. Steel lends it’s sturdiness to the structure. As a result, making the product last for a much longer time without any trouble. Further, this ceiling fan has a unique 6 blade design. This enhances the cooling ability of the fan, making the room pleasant in no time.

On top of that, the fan also uses shade on the lights which are shatterproof. Hence, you do not have to worry about rough handling damaging the product.

Key Features

  • Since the shade is opal in nature, you get to enjoy a gentle ambiance.
  • Getting the benefit of two different finishes on two sides of the blades, you get to have 2 different fans through the same product.
  • The motor of the item is coated in a gilded iron finish.

1. Reiga Ceiling Fan with Light


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This product has got a little more up its sleeve to win your heart. The light on the product allows you to customize the color temperature of the light to suit your purpose. Besides, the motor on this product has a noiseless operation. Hence, no mechanical noises will disturb your good night’s sleep.

In order to fit into any type of room seamlessly, the product comes with two different rods. Hence, takes care of all types of ceilings, so you can say goodbye to any compatibility problems. The blades make use of the durable ABS plastic, which makes them moisture-proof, so there are no chances of any deformation.

Key Features

  • The product lets you choose between 4 different chic colors to suit your room.
  • With the exclusive timing option on the remote, you will be able to prevent unnecessary energy consumption.
  • You can use the remote control from a good distance of 33 feet.

What is the most important factor when it comes to energy consumption by ceiling fans with lights?

This primarily depends on the airflow of the fan per minute. This means, the higher the airflow, the lower will the energy consumption, while the room will be cooled down as quickly. Also, you can look for other markers if searching all this out seems a bit too complicated for you. Certifications from ENERGY STAR immediately tell you that the item will be able to save you some bucks on your electricity bill.

How is a remote control beneficial for a ceiling fan with lights?

In rooms that have high ceilings, you might not be able to reach the down rod easily, or even if you can manage to hold it, you will need to tiptoe or at least stand up every time you need to make an adjustment. In the absence of such down rods, you will have to walk in the middle of the night to the switchboard if you need to make any changes. To avoid all this extra trouble, you shoo get a ceiling fan which comes with the trusty remote control with a good working range.

What are reversible blades on a ceiling fan?

Reversible blades basically have two different colors on either side, where both the sides of the blade can be used, letting you alternate between both the colors, to change the look.

So, install ceiling fans with lights and get a beautiful set-up in your ordinary room. Pick the suitable one and make your home a designer adobe.