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10 Best Cheese Board Sets of 2024

A family gathering or event is never complete without some cheese serving! However, how do you serve your cheese to your guests? One must have a platter for serving cheese at all times is the cheeseboard. Cheese boards come as a package, including all the cheese serving accessories like knives and markers.

The majority of the cheese boards are made of premium bamboo wood and hidden pull-out drawers or trays for storing the cutting blades. The cheese boards come in varying sizes and designs to fit the home and even the uses. So, if you need a cheeseboard for your home occasions, below is our review of the top ten best brands in the market.

Best Cheese Board Sets in 2024

10. Bambüsi Bamboo Cheese Board and Cutlery Set

Bambüsi Cheese Board Sets

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Although this cheese board has wooden materials, rest assured it is safe for serving your foods. It has been tested and consists of zero BPA contents. The cheese board comes as a full package together with other accessories. Therefore, other than the cheese board, the package comes with four cheese knives.

It is a space saver, although it carries multiple accessories since the utensils are stored on a slide tray. Thus, you can keep the tray locked if the knives are not needed. The grooved edges on the cheese board secure your food from slipping off when carrying or serving.

Special features

  • The surface of this cheese board has a nonporous design
  • Comes with other serving utensils
  • The package comes with a carrying bag
  • The board is BPA free

9. Extra Large Bamboo Cheese Board


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If you require a large cheese board to serve a large crowd, this bamboo cheese board is a perfect choice. It is an all-around dining cheese board that comes with extra accessories you will require when eating. For example, it has a hidden slide-out tray that stores knives and forks.

On top of that, this cheese board has a wine holder and opener. The cheese board comes with six wooden coasters for holding your wine glasses or even cups. Still, you can utilize the coasters for serving small pieces of food or snacks.

Special features

  • This cheese board provides extra-large space
  • Comes with a large pull out utensil tray
  • The cheese board comes with six drink coasters
  • Cleaning this cheese board is easy after use

8. Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set

Mixologist World Cheese Board Sets

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You don’t need to clutter this cheese board when serving foods since it comes with knives. The knives are stored in the pull-out tray to save space as well. The cheese board is made of pure bamboo wood that has been tested against any BPA chemicals. Therefore, you can comfortably serve your food on the top surface.

Besides, the board has a nonporous finish, so you can always clean it after every use. This cheese board measures 13.5 L X 13.5 W X 1.4 H inches to fit large food servings, mainly if you want to share with other people. Also, the surface accommodates large foods like fruits.

Special features

  • The cheese board comes with a money refund warranty
  • The cheese board comes with four knives
  • Has a nonporous finish for easy cleaning
  • Comes with six months money refund guarantee



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Are you looking for a perfect gift for a friend who loves cheese? Well, get him/her this cheese board for their special day. Not only is it recommendable for serving cheese, but it works perfectly for serving snacks and breakfast as well. The cheeseboard has a pull-out drawer with knives for slicing your cheese and other foods.

This ensures you have a knife around every time you want to access it to use. This cheese board’s raised edges secure the food from slipping off when cutting or carrying around to serve.

Special features

  • The cheese board comes with 4 Knives set
  • Has unique premium wood construction
  • The knives tray is lockable to save the space
  • The cheese board fit multiple occasions

6. Cheese Board 2 Ceramic Bowls 2 Serving Plates

House Ur Home Cheese Board Sets

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Grace your dining table with the amazing cheese board when serving your cheese or other snacks for breakfast. I would also recommend this cheese board for people who need a serving set for breakfast outdoor since it can work. Apart from the large surface, the board features two serving plates attached. So, you need to slide out to serve food on the plates.

This cheese board has an extra drawer tray consisting of 4 knives, two serving forks, and a wine opener. This ensures convenience since you can access these accessories whenever you need them. You can serve multiple foods with this cheeseboard since one; the surface is large, and it comes with two ceramic bowls for serving fruits or small snacks.

Special features

  • This cheese board comes with multiple serving accessories
  • Comes with four cheese knives
  • The ceramic bowls are removable
  • The storage tray stays hidden until needed

5. NUOLAN Bamboo Cheese Board


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Everything you need to serve and eat your cheese is provided in this bamboo cheese board. So, you need to serve your bites and start to dig in. Apart from the large serving board, it comes with four stainless steel knives stored in the undertray. This cheese board has a large surface that allows you to serve a few types of foods for your family to enjoy together.

This design also makes it a great option for serving bites in events or meetings. This bamboo cheese board’s outer surface has waterproof crafting that ensures no food gets stuck for easy cleaning afterward.

Special features

  • Cleaning this cheese board after use is easy
  • It comes with a 30 days money refund/return warranty
  • Comes with four stainless steel cheese knives
  • The knives storage tray is removable

4. Urorra Bamboo Charcuterie, Cheese Board, and Knife Set

Urorra Cheese Board Sets

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What is truly admirable about this cheese board is the extra accessories that come with it. The accessories make servings easy since you don’t necessarily have to tag multiple kitchen wares to the table. The cheese board’s available accessories are; 4 cheese knives, cheese markers, soapstone chalk, wine ring, pourer, corkscrew, and six serving forks.

So, you need to put your foods on the surface, plus get your favorite bottle of wine to enjoy meals with friends or family. You can serve dipping sauce with this cheese board as it comes with two removable ceramic bowls on one side.

Special features

  • This cheeseboard comes with multiple accessories
  • It has an elegant wooden finish
  • Comes with a money refund warranty
  • The bamboo materials are BPA free

3. PURENJOY Cheese Board and Knife Set


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Elevate the design of your dining area by equipping this amazing cheese board. Not only does it have a beautiful bamboo wood construction, but it is quite versatile in serving multiple foods. So, it is perfect for cheese and the Charcuterie. The entire surface measures 12.9×12.9×1.4 inches large enough to serve for multiples on a home event.

You don’t need to buy extra cheese knives since this board comes with four pieces of cheese knives. The board has a pull-out tray for organizing these knives for easy access when eating.

Special features

  • Cleaning this cheese board is easy with warm soapy water
  • It is suitable for cheese and Charcuterie serving needs
  • The cheese board is multifunctional
  • Has quality materials construction

2. Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set

SLINMA Cheese Board Sets

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What stands out on this cheeseboard is the round 13-inch surface that makes it easy and convenient to grab foods served. The large surface also allows you to serve more than one food type. So, it is a great cheese board for Thanksgiving, baby showers, and other homely events.

The cheese board has three removable bowls to separate the foods, three knives for slicing your cheese or Charcuterie, and one cheese marker. Even if this cheese board is made of wooden materials, it has been tested for BPA. Thus, it is safe to serve foods even for babies.

Special features

  • This cheese board has a chic style design
  • Comes with three large ceramic bowls
  • Comes with three knives and a cheese marker
  • It is a multifunctional serving board

1. Olebes Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set


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Do you need a versatile cheese serving utensil for your special home occasions? Get this Olebes cheese board, and you will not regret it. It is also a recommendable board for serving breakfast for your loved ones either indoors or outdoors. The cheese board has a unique designed surface to fit various foods, and the large size of 16 x 9.8 x 1.18 inches can serve more than one food.

The board has a hidden pull-out drawer with three cheese knives and a marker. So, you can keep the drawer locked and only open when accessing the cutting tools.

Special features

  • The cutting tools are made of stainless steel blades with wooden handles
  • This cheese board is multifunctional
  • Features a large serving top
  • The wood has premium materials crafting


Your cheese serving game will never be the same, thanks to the above-reviewed cheese boards. The cheese boards are versatile since they work in platting cheese but are good for other foods like fruits.

The above-reviewed cheese boards are made with quality nonporous bamboo materials that are easy to clean and are BPA-free for health purposes.