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10 Best Cordless Soldering Irons of 2024 Review

Tired of spending money to fix your charging system? Why not buy a soldering iron?

Metals are the sturdiest solid matter on the planet. Nevertheless, they can bend or break just like any other solid matter. For example, it is a common problem for most low budget phones to have loose charging systems (after repeated charging or forceful charging, causing it to loosen or even detach). Thus, in situations like this, it is best to have a cordless soldering iron present.

What does a cordless soldering iron do?

It solders metal by supplying heat, melting a piece of metal to join another metal. Thus, it can come in handy in situations where you have a broken motherboard or charging system.

Now, a cordless soldering iron solders just like any other soldering iron. Why is it different from other soldering iron? It is cordless. Thus, it uses batteries or butane as its fuel source (they use gas tanks to store butane). The advantage of this is that it is electricity independent. Thus, it does not need electricity to power it up.

How is the temperature controlled? Since it relies on gas combustion, the control of temperature is through adjusting the gas outlet.

What are the uses of cordless soldering iron?

  • In cold regions, people use cordless soldering irons to melt frozen locks.
  • They are good phone repairers (especially in phone parts like the charging system, motherboard, keyboard).
  • It solders the metal wires of audio and video cables.

With that said, let us check out the best cordless soldering iron in the market.

List of Best Cordless Soldering Irons Review

The following are the best cordless soldering iron on the market:

10. Weller Cordless Butane Soldering Iron Kit

Weller Best Cordless Soldering Irons

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The Weller brand is the leading manufacturer of quality soldering tools in the world. Likewise, the Weller PSI100K is one of the top ten cordless soldering iron. Why? It is because of its features, that are:

It has a six-piece kit. The six-piece kit contains all the subparts of the cordless soldering iron. Each subpart has a specific place holder on the soldering kit designed to keep it. Besides, the soldering kit is hard and sturdy hence hard to break. Secondly, it has a high-temperature range. Its temperature can shoot up to five hundred and eighty degrees. Thirdly, it has a high wattage. The cordless soldering iron can supply wattage of up to one-hundred and twenty-five watts. Fourthly, it can operate for up to two hours without re-filling butane.

Reasons to buy

  • It has a temperature capacity.
  • It comes with multiple tools like a sponge, two soldering pins, and a stand.
  • It is safe. It has an auto switch feature that regulates the possibility of an accident due to overheating or over-wattage.

9. M12 REDLINK Soldering Iron Kit W/LED Light


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This cordless soldering iron is known for reaching high temperatures quickly. It can reach temperatures over a hundred degrees centigrade in less than twenty seconds. On top of that, it has an intelligent heat indicator. The solder uses red-link technology to indicate the heat measurements of the solder. Its batteries can last up to forty minutes without recharging. Lastly, it comes with safety components like electrical safety products and disaster preparedness.

Reasons to buy

  • It has a heat indicator, equipped with red-link intelligence technology.
  • It is a fast heater when starting up.
  • It contains a lot of safe products.

8. M12 Soldering Iron (Bare Tool)


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On number eight of our list, we have the M12 Soldering Iron (Bare Tool). It is another cordless soldering iron from the M12 brand, only better. The cordless soldering iron has the following features;

Firstly, it has three pivoted heads. What does that mean? It has unmatched access. Secondly, it has a heat indicator. The heat indicator tells the user when it is safe to use the cordless solder and when it is safe to store the cordless solder. Thirdly, The cordless solder iron heats very fast. It has the same runtime as its previous version (it reaches a hundred degrees in less than twenty seconds). Lastly, it has a fee tool-tip change. Thus, it is easy to change from a chisel to a pointed tip.

Reasons to buy

  • It is cheap.
  • It has a fast heat up time.
  • It comes with a tool-free tip change.

7. Weller BP865MP Pro Series Battery Soldering Iron


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Another top cordless soldering iron is the Weller BP865MP Pro Series Battery Soldering Iron. As previously stated, the Weller brands are known for making top quality soldering iron. The cordless soldering iron has features like;

Firstly, it has LED lights. The white LED lights are specifically for illumination, especially in dark places. Secondly, it heats up fast. It can reach high temperatures in just thirty seconds after it starts. It has a safety cap. The safety cap automatically turns off the power once placed on a tool. Lastly, it has an ON and operating light indicator. The green light indicates that the cordless soldering iron at operating temperature. While the red light indicates that the cordless soldering iron is ON.

Reasons to buy

  • It has LED light indicators and illuminators.
  • It heats up fast.
  • It has an automatic operating safety cap.

6. Weller P2KC Professional Self-igniting Cordless Soldering Iron Kit

Weller Best Cordless Soldering Irons

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On number six of our list, we have the Weller P2KC Professional Self-igniting Cordless Soldering Iron Kit. Now, the cordless soldering iron has the following features;

It is ESD safe. Thus, it protects its components. Secondly, the cordless soldering iron is self-igniting. Thirdly, it has a safety switch. The safety switch function automatically. Fourthly, it reloads the butane tank very fast. It loads in less than twenty seconds. Furthermore, it heats up in forty seconds.

Reasons to buy

  • It is multipurpose. It is not only a cordless soldering iron but also a mini-torch.
  • It reloads fast in less than a minute.
  • It is self-igniting, thus easy to start.

5. Weller BL60MP Cordless Soldering Iron


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On number five of our list, we have the Weller BL60MP. The cordless soldering iron is among the best out there. Why? here is why:

It has a high soldering temperature. It can reach up to six hundred degrees Fahrenheit in less than forty seconds. Secondly, it can solder for up to forty-five minutes without charging. Thirdly, it is cheap. Lastly, it is comfortable to use. It has round rubber insulation that makes it comfortable when using it.

Reasons to buy

  • It is from a reputed brand (Weller brand).
  • It is comfortable to use.
  • It is cheap.

4. Tooluxe 40420L Cordless Soldering Iron

Tooluxe Best Cordless Soldering Irons

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Making it in the top four on our list is the Tooluxe 40420L Cordless Soldering Iron. The cordless soldering iron contains features like:

Firstly, it heats up fast. It heats five hundred and sixty-five degrees centigrade in less than ten seconds. Secondly, it has safety features. It comes with a protective cap and a cooling design, protecting one from heat burns. Thirdly, it has LED lights. The light is useful when soldering in dark or dim places.

Reasons to buy

  • It heats up very fast.
  • It has LED lights, perfect for soldering in dark and dim places.
  • It has protective gear.

3. LEXIVON Butane Soldering Iron Multi-Purpose Kit


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On number three on our list, we have the LEXIVON Butane Soldering Iron Multi-purpose kit. The cordless soldering iron is among the best and top-rated cordless soldering iron. It has features like:

A large butane tank. The tank can supply the soldering iron with butane for over an hour without reloading the fuel tank. Secondly, it has a very high operating temperature capacity. It can shoot up to temperatures of twenty-four degrees Fahrenheit. Lastly, it has an ignition stopper. The ignition stopper comes in handy when you have a kid around the house.

Reasons to buy

  • It has a safety ignition stopper.
  • It has a high operating temperature.
  • It is attractive looking.

2. Hakko FX-901/P Cordless Soldering Iron

Hakko Best Cordless Soldering Irons

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On number two of our list, we have the Hakko FX-901/P Cordless Soldering Iron. With a four-and-a-half-star rating, the soldering iron contains features like;

Presence of a quick composite change tip. Thus, you can replace the chisel with a tipping point. Secondly, it retains operating temperature. Although it uses gas, it maintains high temperatures. Thirdly, it has long-life batteries. Also, it is easy to replace batteries.

Reasons to buy

  • It maintains high temperatures during operation.
  • It is cheap.
  • It is attractive looking.

1. Dremel 2000-01 VersaTip Precision Butane Torch


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On top of our list, we have the Dremel 2000-01. If you are looking for the best cordless soldering iron, then this is for you. Now, let us look at its features:

It has a flame lock-on mechanism. Thus, the flame lock-on mechanism keeps the flame lit continuously. Secondly, it has very high operating temperatures. It operates at a temperature range of one thousand and twenty-two up to two thousand, one hundred- and ninety-two-degree Fahrenheit. Thirdly, it comes with an accessory tool kit. The tool kit contains fourteen different tools (on top of that, it is versatile). Lastly, it comes with a self-starter igniter.

Reasons to buy

  • It is easy to start up.
  • It comes with a versatile kit.
  • It has a flame lock-on mechanism.

Quick Buying Guide for Cordless Soldering Irons

There are three things you need to consider while buying the best soldering iron. We have mentioned it below. Our recommendation is to go through the buying guide before purchasing any product.

  1. Temperature: There are three temperature settings in a soldering iron. A temperature-controlled soldering iron is more expensive as compared to the basic one. But, it helps in maintaining the temperature. The least expensive one is the one which comes without any temperature control. This is good for household tasks! The most expensive one happens to be the one which has a benchtop control unit. These come with a number of features including temperature control, digital readouts of temperature, etc. While the second one is more superior, it all depends on your budget. What would you choose?
  2. Wattage: It will generally vary between 20 Watt to 60 Watt for any of the popular products. However, anything between 20 Watt to 40 Watt is good for DIY projects. If you have heavy-duty projects, then higher wattage products make sense.
  3. Shape and Size of the Tip: If the size is too small then heat does not get transferred well, and if the size is too big then it can easily overheat and cause damage to the circuit board. Hence, it is pertinent to choose the correct size. Choose wisely!
  4. The type of iron: You can get four major types of soldering irons in the market. The first one happens to be the soldering pencil one. This is ideal for DIY projects. Why? That’s because it is an easy to use and simple tool. The more sophisticated one is called the soldering gun. 110 V AC can be converted to a lower voltage. Then, we have soldering stations. It consists of a power station that controls the temperature. Lastly, we have the rework/repair systems. Professionals can use it as this type is quite complex.

Overall, it all depends on the usage and your budget as well. You have to ask yourself what kind of task you need it for. If you are a professional, rework/repair systems and power station ones are ideal for the job.

Concluding thoughts.

If you are a technician, a soldering iron is a must-have component. Thus, the above list will tell you everything you need to know when purchasing a cordless soldering iron.