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The Best Outdoor Smart Plugs in 2024

Smart plugs are taking over the market due to the convenience they provide and comfort in use. These are plugs that enable you to control devices from a distance. They are equipped with a WIFI connection to integrate with other intelligent devices and control with voice apps.

Also, the majority of the smart plugs come with remotes for manual control options. The outdoor smart plugs are made with a waterproof casing that ensures they are safe and secure from outdoor elements even after prolonged exposure to the rain. Here are the top ten best outdoor intelligent plugs o the market.

Best Outdoor Smart Plugs Review

10. meross Outdoor Smart Plug

meross Outdoor Smart Plugs

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Now you can remotely control your electronics even from outdoors using this smart plug from Meross. The smart plug is compatible with Apple homeKit, Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and other intelligent apps, so you can efficiently connect to multiple smart devices ranging from iOS to Android.

The IP44 weatherproof housing case of this plug ensures it is secured from the outdoor weather elements. So, you can comfortably leave this plug on outdoors, even during extreme rainy days. This plug is meant to be used from different areas such as the porch, garden, deck, and door area. It is compatible with voice command, which makes control much more accessible.

Special features

  • It has 2 AC sockets that you can control individually
  • You can control it through remote and voice command
  • This plug has schedule and time settings
  • Has waterproof casing

9. Outdoor Smart Plug, Heavy Duty Wi-Fi Outlet


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This smart outdoor plug works with various apps like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant that allow you to voice commands from different outdoor regions. Also, being an outdoor plug, it has waterproof materials to secure it from water damages during the rainy seasons. The plug is versatile such that you can use it both indoor and outdoor, mainly during a special event. It has voice and remote command options for easy selection and control from a distance.

So, if you want to connect it to a Christmas tree to control the lighting, it will for sure make your job easy. Maintaining the functioning of this plug is easy, thanks to the schedule and timer option. So, you can set the time it will turn on and off. Also, select the duration you want it to stay on.

Special features

  • This plug can work with android and iOS phones and devices
  • It is suitable for indoor and outdoor areas
  • Using and setting it up is smooth and fast
  • It is WIF enabled

8. SUNTHIN Outdoor Smart Plug, Wi-Fi Plug-in

SUNTHIN Outdoor Smart Plugs

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Setting up this plug is relatively easy since you need to plug it into a socket and begin to use it. It is a versatile plug that connects with most intelligent devices with the WIFI app. This outdoor plug is safe to leave outdoor in all seasons since it is waterproof. So, it cannot get damaged even after prolonged exposure to the rain.

This plug is compatible with intelligent control apps like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and other smart apps for easy control. So, you can easily voice command it from a distance. Still, you can opt to remote control this plug if you don’t have your phone around.

Special features

  • This plug has adjustable brightness level ranging from 1 to 100 percent
  • It has a waterproof casing
  • Supports multiple plug control with one app or remote
  • The brightness is dimmable

7. Shiningworth Outdoor Wi-Fi Outlet, Outdoor Smart Plug


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If you need a plug to connect to more than one device, this is a reputable plug to consider buying. This plug has two sockets, so you can connect to two more devices that you can easily control at the same time. In terms of control, this plug has dual control of either remote or voice command.

This shows that you can integrate the plug with smart devices from Android and iOS to control apps like Google Assistant and Alexa. If you are not keen on setting on and off the plug, use the schedule and timer for easy control. For example, you can select the time to switch on and off and a schedule for the duration.

Special features

  • This plug has dual connection sockets
  • The plug has both remote and voice command control options
  • The material construction consists of waterproof materials
  • Supports sunset and sunrise schedule setting

6. Syantek Outdoor Wi-Fi Outlet, Smart Outdoor Plug

Syantek Outdoor Smart Plugs

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Another quality plug for people who need a socket connection for more than one device. This plug is safe to leave outdoor throughout the year, and you can easily control it from multiple locations. It has an inbuilt WIFI connection, so you can integrate with a smartphone to control through Google assistant, Alexa among others.

Also, this plug is compatible with remote control for easy changing from proximity. You don’t need to manually monitor this plug as it has a schedule and timer so you can set the switch on and off time.

Special features

  • This plug consist of three socket outlets
  • It is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Features a push-button for turning it on and off
  • The plug is quite affordable

5. MXQ Wi-Fi Smart Plug Outlet with 2 Individual Sockets


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The fact that you can control this plug using voice or remote allows flexibility. It is a safe plug to leave outdoor since it has a waterproof casing that ensures even the rainwater does not damage the interior.

This plug features dual sockets that support the connection of two devices that you can control separately. So, if you have outdoor lighting that you need to handle, this plug is the best way to connect the lights even from indoors.

Special features

  • This plug has two sockets
  • The plug comes with 12 months warranty
  • The plug features remote and voice command control options
  • It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

4. VAVOFO Outdoor Smart Plug

VAVOFO Outdoor Smart Plugs

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This outdoor plug is made with waterproof materials that ensure it is safe from outdoor weather elements. Therefore, if you need to use it with outdoor lighting, you can leave the socket outdoors throughout. It is compatible with a WIFI connection and can pick signals from a distance of up to 25 feet long, making it an excellent choice for outdoor lights.

This plug is compatible with both voice and remote control modes to allow flexibility when setting and controlling. So, you can switch on and off the lights using your smartphone while indoors. For convenient and timely functioning of your devices, this plug has a schedule and timer setting that allows you to set the on and timer.

Special features

  • The casing of this plug is made with IP64 waterproof materials
  • It connects to a WIFI range of up to 25 feet away
  • Easy to switch on with the push button
  • Supports Google Assistant and Alexa control

3. TECKIN Outdoor Outdoor Smart Plug, Wi-Fi Outlet with 2 Sockets


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As long you have an intelligent device such as a smartphone, controlling this plug’s functioning is easy and quick. It is also compatible with Alexa and Goggles assistant, which promotes a voice command control option. Also, this plug gadget comes with a remote for control purposes. The plug has two inbuilt sockets in case you want to connect two devices at once.

Special features

  • The plug is super affordable
  • Connect to two devices
  • Has a timer setting
  • It has a push-button control mode

2. HBN Smart Wi-Fi Heavy Duty Outdoor Outlet

HBN Outdoor Smart Plugs

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You don’t need to keep on going out to control this plug since it is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and other smart app control so that you can make changes even from indoors or a distance. So, if you want to install lighting for your elderly parents outdoors, this is the correct plug to get them.

This plug features a smart control mode, whereby you can set the timer for the lights to go on and off. It has two sockets that support dual device connections, and you can control them separately. Just make sure to set up the plug at least two feet away from the ground for safety and good signal connection.

Special features

  • This plug has three socket outlets
  • Compatible with intelligent voice command apps
  • Setting up is easy
  • This plug can work with multiple devices

1. Yuusei Outdoor Smart Plug, Home Wi-Fi Outlet with 2 Individual Sockets


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This outdoor plug is made to endure all the harsh outdoor weather climates hence the quality ABS crafting. Also, the materials are certified to be waterproof to withstand the rainy seasons. This plug is compatible with remote and voice control mode, so you can easily manage it from different locations.

The Wi-Fi connection modes make it possible to connect this smart plug with android and iOS devices for easy control through the voice command. Therefore, you can switch on/off the lights connected to this plug through a voice command using your smartphone.

Special features

  • This is a multifunctional smart plug
  • It can withstand all outdoor weather climates
  • Features two plug sockets
  • It is a durable smart plug model


These are the best outdoor smart plugs to connect with outdoor devices and gadgets for easy control. You can leave them out since they have a waterproof casing. The other great features of the above reviewed intelligent plugs are the control mode. They can either be controlled with a remote or voice command through different smart devices. So, check these ten quality smart plugs to find your best home outdoor plug.