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10 Best Electric Pruning Shears in 2024

Is an electric pruning shear a necessary tool at home? Well, if you want your plants to grow healthy while having a well-manicured garden throughout, an electric pruning shear is a must-have tool for your home. This is because they guarantee you achieve a clean cut using the most miniature body energy.

What is an electric pruning shear?

Electric pruning shears are farm tools designed in the form of scissors used on plants. The electric pruning shears are automated since they have equipped with rechargeable batteries or power cord to power the tool when working.

What are the electric pruning shears used for?

The electric pruning shears are used to cut, pruning, trimming, and shape trees, flowers, and shrubs in farms.

Difference between manual and electric pruning shears

Although both styles of pruning shears provide the same results, they highly differ in functioning. The electric pruning shears are automated; thus, they require no human energy to use. The manual pruning shears need one to use body energy to work. The electric pruning shears are more powerful and fast compared to the manual models.

Benefits of electric pruning shears

Excellent cutting power

With an electric pruning shear, you don’t have to struggle to cut thick and hard to cut plants as they are pretty powerful. The available motors on these tools ensure you achieve a quick, clean, and smooth cut. The fact that you don’t use your body energy when cutting also provides good cutting performance

High efficiency

The electric pruning shear is recommendable for shaping or molding trees, shrubs, and flowers due to its high efficiency. Unlike the manual pruning shears that you need to use force to cut the plants, the electric pruning shears cut through the plants effortlessly. So, maintaining precision when molding or reshaping your plants is smooth. The electric pruning shears are estimated to have efficiency twice or triple the manual models.

Are durable with a low failure rate

With a powerful motor plus a matching structure design, the electric pruning shears run smoothly when cutting different plants. This, in return, guarantees the longevity of the blade and low maintenance needs.

Provides neater results

If you plan to graft trees in your home garden, I highly recommend using the electric pruning shear to cut the grafting branches. The electric pruning shear ensures you cut closest to the perfect grafting space for better results.

Electric shear pruners are a must-have working tool if you have trees or other plants in your garden. These are the most versatile tools essential for trimming and pruning unwanted tree branches and stems in the garden. Most electric shear pruners are cordless whereby batteries power them. In return, they allow flexibility and freedom of movement when working.

Note that these tools have different cutting powers where some are capable of cutting thick branches while others are only suitable to trim small shrubs in the garden. So, when shopping for this tool, consider your home and the pruning needs to help you choose the best tool for the job.

List of Best Electric Pruning Shears Review

Here are the top ten best electric pruning shears on the market

10. BAIDELE Cordless Electric Pruning Shears


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If you need a portable electric shear pruner for commercial jobs, consider this piece from BAIDELE. One feature that makes this a recommendable pruner for commercial jobs is the dual batteries that allow you to interchange when working. Each battery lasts around 6 to 8 hours even when used non-stop for convenience when working on large projects.

Besides, the pruner has an ergonomic handle that is comfortable to grip for long when working. The blades of the pruner are made with quality steel that has a coating to secure them from rust even when you work on wet surfaces. For easy transportation, one is given a carrying case that you can also use to store the pruner with.

Special features
  • This pruner comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Has two durable batteries
  • Working with the tool is easy and comfortable for all people
  • The blades have waterproof and non-rust materials

9. Electric Pruning Shears Garden Tools Cordless Pruning Shears

Yueliang Best Electric Pruning Shears

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This is a multifunctional shear pruner that you can use to trim the tree, plant branches and mow smalls sections with grass. The ergonomic handle plus the lightweight ensures one is comfortable to hold the tool when working in different areas, including on heights.

The tool has a cutting diameter of up to 30 mm; the blades have non-rust and corroding material for convenience when working on various projects. Another feature that I love about this pruner is the LED light that gives illumination when working on poorly lit areas. The brushless motor empowers this tool to work thrice faster than the traditional models.

Special features
  • This pruner is multifunctional
  • Features an LED light for illumination
  • The tool operates in low noises
  • It has two switches to ensure safety when working

8. Makita XMU04Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass Shear


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You don’t need to hire a lawn maintenance company to trim your grass as this tool is easy and comfortable to work with. The height of the shear adjusts in varying heights for comfort when working on different sizes of grass or varying areas at home. This Makika pruner brand has a powerful motor that works at a high speed to deliver excellent results. This also makes it easy and efficient to work on various types of grass.

Special features
  • This pruner weighs less than 4 pounds
  • The height is adjustable for convenient working
  • The tool has a powerful motor
  • The handle has rubber material for efficient gripping

7. Seesii Professional Cordless Electric Pruning Shears

Seesii Best Electric Pruning Shears

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You can cut different sizes of branches and stems with this shear pruner without worrying about it getting blunt or rusting. The shears have quality carbon steel materials that have a coating to safeguard the pruner from rusting even after constant contact with wetness. The pruner also comes with rechargeable batteries so you can use one as a backup, especially when working on a large project.

Meaning, you don’t need to cut short your job to recharge the battery. Do you have any queries or complaints about this pruner from Sessii? Their customer care services are open 24 hours, plus one is given an 18-month warranty against manufacturers’ defects.

Special features
  • This pruner shear is super light
  • It cuts through 1.2 inches thickness
  • The cutting blades have anti-rust and corrosion materials
  • Powered by a brushless powerful motor

6. Zenport EP108 Cordless ePruner

Zenport Best Electric Pruning Shears

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Keep your home gardens looking neat and healthy by pruning herbs and trees with this great pruner. The fact that the pruner is cordless ensures you have freedom of movement when working around. This shear comes with two rechargeable lithium batteries of 2.5Ah 14.4V with each battery lasting for around 3 to 4 hours when used non-stop.

The pruner can cut up to 5-inch steam. So, I would recommend it for heavy-duty tasks. Worried about your hands getting tired, especially if you are a first-time user? Well, the pruner only weighs around 5 pounds which is a quite comfortable weight to carry.

Special features
  • This epruner has quality steel cutting blades
  • The pruner comes with two batteries that last around 4 hours
  • The package comes with an impact-resistant carrying case
  • The shear comes with maintenance accessories like lubrication

5. K KLEZHI Professional Cordless Electric Pruning Shears


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If you provide professional garden maintenance services, this is a must-have cordless pruner to consider. The tool has powerful motor and material crafting that will efficiently serve you. On the side, the pruner comes with a storage case for easy portability. Did I mention this pruner is cordless? So, you can comfortably work from different angles without having any cable distractions. Also, to make your work easy, the pack comes with two rechargeable batteries that can last up to 8 hours each.

The blades of the pruner cut through different thicknesses and types of plants as they are sharp and have quality carbon steel material resistant to rust and corrosion. The handle has anti-slip materials to provide a firm grip, especially when working on deadly areas. So you know, this pruner is light and comfortable to carry. Even a person with arthritis can comfortably work with it in the garden.

Special features
  • This pruner comes with a warranty
  • Has two batteries that last between 6 to 8 hours
  • The handle has anti-slip material and cushioning
  • Has a power output of 600 watts

4. Milwaukee Electric Tool 2470-21 M12 Cordless Shear Kit


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The heavy-duty material construction of this pruner guarantees its durability. The blades are made of rust and corrode resistance materials, while the handle has impact-resistant materials. This means that the tool cannot easily get damaged in case you accidentally drop it. The motor of this electric shear pruner works pretty fast empowering it to cut up to2 inches of branches.

Special features
  • The blades have rust-resistant crafting
  • The tool has a speed trigger for working in warm and cold seasons
  • Has LCD that shows battery life
  • The shear pruner comes with a carrying case.

3. SereneLife Rechargeable Battery Powered Electric Pruning Shears

SereneLife Best Electric Pruning Shears

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As per the previous customers’ reviews, this electric power pruner can also be used to trim tree branches. The best part is that this cordless shear pruner is cordless, and thus, moving around to work is easy and comfortable. This pruner is powered by a 7.5 lithium battery with varying cutting power depending on the size of the branch or plant.

The battery can run for a while and cut up to 800 turns if the branch has a thickness of 0.3 inches, 700 cuts for 0.4 inches and 80 times for 0.7 inches. This tool has quality blades that provide clean cuts without damaging the tree to give an even finish to the garden. Other than using it to prune tree stems, you can also use the tool to prune flowers and other shrubs.

Special features
  • This pruner is multifunctional
  • Has varying cutting power depending on branch size
  • The battery lasts between 3 to 5 hours
  • The tool has a safety switch to prevent accidents

2. Scotts Cordless Rechargeable Power Pruner

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools

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You don’t need to drain your bank account to acquire a reputable electric pruner since this model from Scotts will do a great job. The electric pruner is suitable for pruning, trees, flowers and other light plants around the garden. The ergonomic cushioned handle provides a comfortable gripping surface to eliminate fatigue and allow you to focus on the work.

Is it your first time it works with an electric-powered pruner? This model is designed to accommodate even first-time users. Thus, the tool features a dual-pull safety feature for quick cutting through when working. On top of this, this tool only weighs less than 2 pounds, so holding it with one hand is comfortable.

Special features
  • This pruner comes with a 2-year warranty
  • It has a lightweight crafting
  • The handle is cushioned for comfortable gripping
  • The pruner cuts around 200 to 800 times per battery charge

1. KOMOK Cordless Electric Pruning Shears


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From trees to flowers, there is no limit to the plants that you can use this shear pruner to trim or cut. The tool has a lightweight design to ensure everyone, including people with arthritis, can comfortably hold the pruner to work. Also, the pruner has safety features like the cutter headcover and double switch starter to prevent unnecessary accidents when working in your garden.

Do you always find it hard to trim bushes or trees in dark areas? This pruner shear is meant for all areas. It is equipped with an LED light that provides illumination when working in a dark area.

Special features
  • The rechargeable battery lasts between 6 to 8 hours with a full charge
  • The shear comes with one year warranty
  • Features a light for illumination
  • The shears cut through 0.5mm

How to choose the best electric pruning shears?

The quality

One of the first things we look out for when buying farm tools and devices is quality. You need a pruning shear that can handle most jobs and last you for a long time as well. So, as you buy an easy-to-use electric pruning shear, make sure it has quality construction as well. Some of the things that guarantee the durability of the tool are; the materials, the design, and the brand.

An excellent durable electric pruning shear should have stainless steel blade that does not rust or corrode even when you use it in under rain seasons. It should also provide a precise cutting result without getting blunt.

Safety features

If you are not the only person working with this tool at home, ensure it has a safe design to guarantee protection to the users. As much as these working tools are excellent in their work, causing an accident is also super easy. For example, choose a pruning shear with a safety lever design or auto-locking mechanism when the blade is not cutting.

Cutting power

The pruning shears are equipped with different cutting power. Some are meant for heavy-duty jobs such that you can use them to cut thick chunks of woods of up to 24 inches, while others are only ideal for cutting small branches of around 2 inches. One’s garden and work level determine the choice of cutting power. If you need an electric pruning shear to handle most plants in your garden, ensure the model or brand you choose has high cutting power.

The weight

You should never compromise your comfort when buying farm tools. Besides, the weight of the pruning shear determines the work level you can handle and your working speed as well. In most cases, you will have to hold the pruning shear with one hand as you cut the tree branches or trim the shrubs. So, as you choose quality and powerful pruning shear, make sure it is light and comfortable to hold with a single hand when working.

The size

I believe the size of the pruning shear goes hand in hand with the weight. A compact pruning shear is always the best choice since it allows you to maneuver to tight spaces of shrubs and trees to cut and trim. Also, close electric pruning shears are more comfortable working with when catering to small plants than larger models.

The watts

The number of watts determines how fast and efficient the electric pruning shear will perform. So, the higher the watts the tool has, the more powerful it is and vice versa. Therefore, save your working time by choosing a pruning shear that has a high watt output.

The battery

This is a crucial factor to consider when buying a cordless electric pruning shear. You need a pruning shear that will handle large projects before your recharge or change batteries. If you need a cordless pruning shear to handle heavyweight jobs, choose a model with a battery that lasts for more than 5 hours. Also, I would recommend pruning shears with rechargeable batteries over the disposable battery models since they are economical and batteries last longer.

Cordless or corded

Both cordless and corded pruning shears have their benefits, but the choice depends on the user. You have freedom of movement for the cordless models, and you can easily reach tight spaces with such pruning shear. But, considering the cordless pruning shears do not have a continuous power supply, you may need to cut short your work to recharge or change the batteries.

On the other hand, the coded electric pruning shears guarantee continuous power supply; thus, you can easily handle large projects. The corded pruning shears limit your movements and cannot work without being connected to a power socket.

The price

Although the price does determine the quality of a device, you don’t need to overspend to acquire a quality working tool in some cases. The cost of the electric pruning shears ranges from 30 dollars and above, depending on available features, design, and brand. You can still acquire a durable and reputable electric pruning shear on a budget of around 50 dollars.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I maintain my electric pruning shear?

  • Clean the blades of the pruning shear after every use to remove all residuals
  • Apply anti-rust oil on the edges all-around before storing
  • Then cover the edges and store your pruning shears


These are the top best electric shear pruners on the market. These pruners are designed to provide convenience and comfort when working on both small and large jobs. The fact that the pruners are cordless ensures you can easily move around when working. Some are fitted with LED lights for illumination when working in dark areas. In this case, find the most suitable electric shear trimmer from these options.