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10 Best Flexible Drill Bit Extensions of 2024

If you need a working tool to reach narrow or curved areas where the standard screwdriver or hand drill cannot get, flexible drill bit extensions are the best choice of tools. These are flexible tools that bend, twist, and even rotate to drill holes in different spaces.

In this case, you can use your standard drill on narrow, dead ends and curved areas by connecting it to the extensions. The flexible drill bit extensions come in different sizes, and some models come with more than one piece. Here are the top ten best brands in the market.

Best Flexible Drill Bit Extensions in 2024

10. Fulton 10 inch Long Forstner Bit Extension

Fulton Flexible Drill Bit Extensions

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For people who work in the construction industry, this is the perfect flexible extension drill bit to acquire. It adds the length of the drill up to 8-inch length for the convenient reach of large areas. In return, you can comfortably drill larger diameter spaces or further than when working with s standard drill bit.

This is a versatile extension used in major manufacturing industries or when making deep holes to install wires and cables. This drill bit extension is compatible with most Forstner drill bits with a size of 3/8 inch, or that is a bit smaller.

Special features

  • This long drill bit extender is made with heavy-duty materials
  • It is a multifunctional drill bit extension
  • It is compatible with all 3/8 inch or smaller models
  • Mounting this extension to the drill takes a few minutes

9. Neiko 10047A 12″ Long Drill Bit Set

Neiko Flexible Drill Bit Extensions

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If you are looking for a flexible drill extension that will last you for a lifetime, this model from Neiko is a must consider. One pack comes with three extension bits measuring from 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8 inches. So, you can use them to complete different projects based on your work.

Another reliable feature of these flexible drill bit extensions is the length. They measure around 12 inches long to ensure you are comfortable and maintain a good balance. Again, you can efficiently reach depths where a regular drill bit can’t get with such length.

Special features

  • You can use these drill bit extensions on multiple materials
  • One pack comes with five different sized extension bits
  • Are made with quality metal materials
  • The extension bits are quite long

8. DEWALT Spade Drill Bit Extension


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Apart from coming from a reputable manufacturing company, this flexible drill bit extension is quite a long for comfortable reach on different and deep areas. It is also an affordable model that costs less than 10 dollars and still gets the drilling work done fast and conveniently.

This drill extension is made of premium heavy-duty materials that prevent it from breaking, especially when working on hard surfaces. This drill bit extension can comfortably fit in all 1/4-inch drill shafts and has a 1/4-inch Hex shank that secures it firmly on the drill.

Special features

  • It has a loop for easy hanging and pulling wires
  • It is compatible with all 1/4 inch systems
  • This is a heavy-duty material design
  • This is an affordable drill bit extension model

7. KEHOO Multi-Angle Bending Drill Bit Extension

KEHOO Flexible Drill Bit Extensions

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This is a durable yet safe flexible drill bit set suitable for pro and beginner users. The interior parts have metal construction, and the casing of the drill bit extensions is made of plastic materials.

The four pieces rotate and bend at 360 degrees for convenient reach on different areas and angles. This means that you can turn, twist and even bend them to different angles for optimal performance.

Special features

  • The drill bit extensions are easy to connect to screwdrivers
  • One pack comes with five pieces
  • Are made with metal and plastic materials
  • Rotates at 360 degrees

6. ANIN 5 pcs Flexible Drill Bit Extensions


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This is another flexible drill bit extension ideal for working on multiple spaces since a package comes with five pieces of drill bit extensions. Two of the drill bit extension add the drill length with 11.6 inches, 2 offers 9.8 inches length, and the last one extends the length by 7.9 inches.

All these drill bit extensions have a hex head of 1/4 inches that connects with most standard screwdrivers. These drill bit extensions are reliable when working on dead ends, curved areas, or narrow spaces where the screwdriver cannot reach. They are also multifunctional since you can use them in carpentry work or when repairing computer devices.

Special features

  • The pack has five pieces with three different lengths
  • The drill bit extensions are bendable
  • Are compatible with all standard 1/4 hex shanks
  • They are widely applicable

5. COOMAMUU 4PCS Flexible Bits Extension

COOMAMUU Flexible Drill Bit Extensions

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This drill bit extension is quite easy to fit, considering it is designed to connect with most standard hex screwdrivers and drill tools. The tool comes with 105 degrees right-angled extension bit to ensure you have a minimal limitation when working with different materials or other areas.

Another thing I love about this flexible drill bit extension is flexibility. It is flexible in a way that you can connect it to either handheld or electric screwdrivers or drills. This is a convenient extension for DIY projects at home, mainly because it is recommendable for drills that work at a slow speed.

Special features

  • This is a durable, flexible drill bit extension
  • it comes with a 105 right angle drill extension
  • The bendable for easy working
  • It extends the length by 11.7 inches

4. 3 Pieces 11.4 Inches Flexible Extension Soft Shaft Screwdriver Drill Bit


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A multifunctional flexible drill bit extension that connects without electric and handheld screwdrivers. So, you can use the extension for both DIY and professional jobs. The interior parts are made with metal materials, while the exteriors have plastic materials that are also comfortable and safe to one’s hands.

You are not limited to using the extensions in a straight form. You can bend, twist and move them to different angles for flexibility when working in other spaces. This feature makes it easy to work on narrow, slanted, and additional spaces where you cannot reach with the screwdriver.

Special features

  • The flexible drill bit extensions add a length of 11.4 inches
  • They can twist and bend to different angles and directions
  • Can work with both corded and uncorded screws
  • These drill extension bits are quite strong

3. YIOYULEN Flexible Drill Bit Extension


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Extend your working drill tool with up to 11.6 inches length when working on narrow or dead areas using this drill bit extension tool. It is a flexible drill bit extension that is bendable to an angle of 90 degrees. Thus, you can easily work on curved areas without necessarily moving the project being drilled.

Working with this drill bit extension is easy for all, including beginners, since it is safe. The inner shaft rotates at different angles, plus it has a thick black casing that secures the hands from hurting when twisting it. Its 1/4 inch head can connect to most hexagon handles for smooth operation.

Special features

  • This drill bit extension can bend to 90 degrees
  • It is quite easy to use in multiple spaces
  • Connecting to drilling tools is quite easy and smooth
  • It is made of stainless steel materials with a black casing

2. Flexible Drill Bit Extension with Screw Drill Bit Holder

Generic Flexible Drill Bit Extensions

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You are not limited to positioning this drill bit extension at a single angle. Therefore, you can bend it, twist it, and even rotate it for fast drilling or easy working with multiple materials. Such features also make it easy to work in both small to large spaces. It has a 1/4 inch hex drill head that is widely compatible with manual and electric drill machines.

Note that other than connecting the flexible drill bit extension with the drill tool, it also works with other tools like compact wrenches and other screwdrivers models. The 11.8 inches length reaches further areas where drills and screwdrivers cannot get.

Special features

  • These are bendable, flexible drill bit extensions
  • A pack consisting of three pieces in different colors
  • Can be paired with drills and screwdrivers
  • The drill bit extensions are quite light

1. MAEXUS Flexible Drill Bit Extension


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One pack of this drill bit extension has two pieces, one measuring 1/4 inches while the other measures 11.6 inches. So, you are not limited to the size of holes you can make in your construction materials. These drill bit extensions are compatible with materials ranging from PP plastic, carbon steel to magnetic Steel.

Another feature you will love on this drill extension is flexibility. So you can easily bend or twist it to different angles depending on what you are working with. This also helps to reduce a lot of movements when drilling materials.

Special features

  • The drill bit extensions are made with metal and plastic materials
  • Are quite flexible in movements
  • They can be paired with multiple styles of drill bits
  • The extensions support a working speed range of 800 to 1200 RPM


These are the top ten most recommendable flexible drill bits extensions. The drill bit extensions can work with electric and manual screwdrivers or hand drills.

They are easy to use since the majority of models have standard connection hex shafts. Some of the reviewed brands come with more than one piece for convenience when working in different spaces and exchanging when working.