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Top 10 Best Glass Beverage Dispensers in 2024

Whenever you are housing a party it becomes quite a tiring affair to always have to pour out the drinks from a jar to your guests and then having to refill the jar. So, it’s better to come out with a solution that will let you pour a good amount of beverage without the need of pouring it. The glass beverage dispensers will let you get the drinks out of the jar with the integrated tap. It is leak-proof and even comes with a lid that will prevent any contamination. Even the materials used for construction is free of toxic materials.

Doesn’t have any clue which one to buy? Read the guide on glass beverage dispenser and identify the important points.

10. Anchor Hocking Hill Glass Beverage Dispenser

Anchor Hocking Glass Beverage Dispensers

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A glass dispenser is a crafty way to pour out the servings of different drinks. And the Anchor dispenser does a pretty good job about it. This drink dispenser has a capacity of up to 2 gallons. It is the perfect way to display any beverage from tea and lemonade to exotic cocktails. The dispenser is loaded with a helpful spigot that helps to control the flow of the beverage out of the dispenser.

It is the perfect tool to house a party without having to worry about spillage, staining and such obstructions. A glass body is better than a plastic or metallic body in the fact that no chemical or toxic substances are used.

Key Features:

  • The glass body is less likely to warp or deform, retain the smell of previous drinks, and so on.
  • It is fully a clear glass that will let you see everything through it.
  • This is manufactured in America to give the highest-quality.

9. Circleware Glass Beverage Dispenser


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Indeed a stylish and very crafty glass dispenser to steal the show in your next house party or BBQ session! This is an exquisite beverage dispenser made from glass. Moreover, it can house anything from lemonade and iced tea to cocktails and mocktails without any adverse effect. Since the dispenser is made from glass and given an attractive design it makes quite an impression upon your guests. The spigot enables anybody to pour themselves the beverage without much problem.

Besides, the 2.1-gallon capacity is sure to last a long time without having to refill every now and then. Finally, the exquisite shape is what sets it apart and gives your place a charming look.

Key Features:

  • It is devoid of any harmful and toxic chemical substances such as PVC, BPA, phthalates, and so on. This ensures that your beverage is always safe to drink,
  • The glassware stands on a dedicated metallic stand which gives it a stable ground. Plus, it gives proper support at all times and prevents tipping over.
  • In fact, it is lead-free that makes it perfect for storing your drinks.

8. KooK Glass Mason Jar

KooK Glass Beverage Dispensers

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The KooK Glass Mason Jar is an exquisite set up to act as the centerpiece for your next party. This is a stylish jar that is constructed entirely from glass. Plus, it is loaded with a funky steel screwable lid to keep the contents safe at all times. It is also loaded with a stainless steel spigot that ensures that the beverage flows out freely without any difficulty. As a matter of fact, anybody can easily operate it.

The glass jar can contain as much as 1 gallon of beverage at a given time. So, it does not require frequent refilling. Above all, cleaning is one of the easiest tasks as you can wash it with the use of your hand.

Key Features:

  • Have approval from the FDA. It does not have or leach out any toxic chemicals that can cause harm.
  • Features thick-walled glass to ensure rugged use from time to time without breaking the apparatus.
  • This product has a modern approach to suiting every decor.

7. Buddeez 14401-ONL New Beverage Dispenser


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The Buddeez 14401-ONL is a dispenser that comes in style. It is away from any traditional dispenser design and features a unique blend of sophistication and function. This very useful dispenser comes with a top which is one of a kind. Next, it is so designed such that you may be able to stack up cups on top surrounded by fruits and snacks to have everything near to hand.

Moreover, the circular dispenser has a diameter of 9-inches and a height of 14.5-inches. It, in fact, features a volume of up to 1.75 ounces. You can use the spigot attached to pour out liquids and it’s so easy that anybody can use it.

Key Features:

  • You may even stack up two such dispensers to get a gigantic tower to distribute the beverages.
  • The dispenser is easily cleaned after every use through manually washing it using soap and water.
  • Free of the toxic BPA, keep your drink in a safe manner.

6. BirdRock Home Glass beverage Dispenser

BirdRock Home Glass Beverage Dispensers

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Want a dispenser that will set the tone of the party? Then you should try the dispenser. This attractive device can hold a large volume of up to 2 gallons of your desired beverage. Be it iced tea or any cocktail, get the best out for your parties tonight. The dispensers are hand blown by the most experienced glass-makers and hence feature a glass tumbler like the design. These high-quality dispensers have a high-quality spigot made from stainless steel such that it is resistant to rusting.

Plus, the spigot allows for the smooth pouring out of drinks. Due to its wide mouth opening, you can simply pour in the liquid with minimum spills.

Key Features:

  • It has a 12-inches height with a diameter of 6.9-inches that makes it pretty spacious.
  • You will find that the dispenser is quite heavy at 6 pounds. Therefore, ensures that it is crafted from high-quality glass.
  • It features a removable lid for quick pouring.

5. RPI Elegant Glass Beverage Dispenser


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Set a welcoming tone for your guest in a sophisticated manner, you should go for the RPI dispenser. It is uniquely crafted by trained glassmakers to set the most exquisite tone to your dinner party or backyard BBQ party. You can fill up the 2.25-gallon container using anything starting from iced tea to so many kinds of mocktails. It comes with a wrought iron stand that prevents much spillage on the table leading to the mess-free distribution of beverages.

Besides, this minimizes the risk of getting sticky tables at the end of the day. It is fully leak-free and will help you to enjoy the fresh drink.

Key Features:

  • The stainless steel made spigot attached to this dispenser allows for a very smooth flow of beverages.
  • This beautiful scroll design on the stand looks amazing and vintage.
  • It is generally lead-free in nature that will not make your drink toxic.

4. Dailyware Beverage Dispenser

Dailyware Glass Beverage Dispensers

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A glass dispenser is a unique setup that brings much attraction to any party you are housing. In this regard, the Dailyware Beverage Dispenser is an amazing tool to have in your kitchen arsenal. It is given a crafty design such that it comes around as an attractive centerpiece. The dispenser rests on a sturdy base which ensures stability and prevents spillage of beverages.

Besides, the dispenser is loaded with an effective lid that keeps the beverage contained safe from impurities. It is also paired with a superb spigot made from stainless steel and thus is not prone to rust.

Key Features:

  • It is quite voluminous and can hold as much as 1.5gallons of any beverage.
  • You do not need any specific arrangement to wash this, you can simply use your hands to wash it.
  • This stands on a metal stand that has a very polished look and enhances beauty.

3. Redfern Beverage Dispenser


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The Redfern dispenser is an impressive stand to have in the kitchen counter or as a centerpiece in the next BBQ party. This glass dispenser has a major capacity of holding up to 2.5 gallons of any beverage. Next, this ensures that you will have to refill it even less number of times. The spigot is made from stainless steel and hence is not prone to corrosion or rusting. It allows a free flow of the beverage and can be easily used by just about anyone.

Furthermore, the dispenser has a big opening in the top that allows for easy poring of beverage. It also ensures that the setup is easy to clean after it is used.

Key Features:

  • The glassware is loaded with a secure lid. This is made all the more secure using a silicone grip that helps fasten it tightly.
  • It rests on a stable metallic base that gives it additional support. Plus, raise it up a bit allowing you to easily pour out drinks.
  • The stand has an intricate scroll design for a vintage touch.

2. Fitz and Floyd Portland Beverage Dispenser

Fitz and Floyd Glass Beverage Dispensers

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There are many containers out there to store your beverage for a party but a crystalline appearance always strikes out. Fitz and Floyd present to you the Portland series, a glass tumbler which is designed in an exotic manner such that it resembles a crystal-like display. This tumbler has a capacity of holding up to 2 gallons of fluid. Plus, it is loaded with a functional spigot for easy pouring of drinks.

You can remove the glass lid to pour more beverage into it. Plus, keep it covered the rest of the time to keep any impurity away.

Key Features:

  • Since this setup is constructed from glass, it is very easy to clean manually using just soap and water.
  • The spigot attached is of high quality such that the contained beverage has no chances of leaking out.
  • The clear dispenser will allow hand washing for keeping it clean and hygienic.

1. CreativeWare Bark Beverage Dispenser


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The CreativeWare dispenser is both a crafty and a useful product to have in your home. A beverage dispenser is a helpful tool as it is a voluminous container loaded with a spigot that the guests can use of their own accord. The CreativeWare dispenser can hold any beverage up to 2.5 gallons. And also comes with a lid that keeps the beverage safe and fresh for a long time.

The container is crafted from sturdy, shatterproof glass such that it can handle somewhat rough handling. Be careful while using it though, as the container, after all, is made from glass.

Key Features:

  • It is made from thick glass that is proved by the fact that itself this dispenser weighs 3.65 pounds.
  • The sturdy base ensures that it always holds proper ground with minimum possibility of being tipped over.

You can keep your beverage fresh and ready for the party in the beautiful and stylish glass beverage dispenser. So, make the best drinks and store them in the best manner.