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10 Best High Lift Pallet Jacks of 2024

If you have a large store or warehouse, owning high-lift pallet jacks is a brilliant thing to do. Lifting heavy objects manually is never a wise policy. It may put strain and damage to your back. A good pallet jack helps you to get rid of these troubles and carry heavy objects with ease. All you need to do is to tuck the pallet under the object you want to lift and pump the handle. The pneumatic mechanism that the pallet jack uses will immediately lift the heavy object off the ground. Plus, it will stay elevated to help you move the object around easily.

There are a lot of good pallet jacks available. However, it can be troublesome to find the right one. Hence, we are listing down the high lift pallet jacks for sale so that you can get quality products at affordable rates always.

Where do you need a hi-lift pallet jack?

Pallet jacks are designed for the easy transporting of heavy loads from one place to another. When the weight is extreme, it is almost impossible to do the work manually. Places like that, warehouses, storehouses and even big shops can use a hi-lift pallet jack for easy arranging and organizing. These jacks have strong built with high-end quality materials for a performance one can always depend on. Where and how it can be used, the options are endless.

How much weight can a good hi-lift pallet jack carry?

Different pallet jacks have different rated weight capacities. Because they are designed for different purposes, when you will start looking into the weight capacity, you will realize there are different numbers. A good and standard hi-lift pallet jack, however, has weight capacities somewhere between 3000-4000 pounds. This ensures that you can carry out a heavy-duty task without limiting yourself to low weight capacities. If you find yourself a pallet jack having a similar weight capacity and you are satisfied with the different features it offers, you should consider buying it.

Top Best High Lift Pallet Jacks in 2024

10. Hi-Lift Jack HL484 Black Cast and Steel Jack

Hi-Lift Best High Lift Pallet Jacks

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If you are dealing with automobiles, you know the importance of a pallet jack. For doing various kinds of works under the car, you always need the best quality high-lift jack. This Amazon’s Choice jack is made using a mix of cast components along with 4 high strength stamped steel components. They are durable and very safe to use. In order to make it even safer, there is a shear bolt equipped on the jack.

Even by mistake also you cannot load weights above 7000 pounds, which is the maximum weight capacity. The entire jack gets a powder-coated finish assures rustproof performance every day. Besides, it has zinc-plated hardware along with a top winch connector clamp for extra safe and reliable working.

Key features

  • Two-piece handle and socket design for ease of usage at all times.
  • The unit itself weighs 28-pounds that makes it capable of bearing heavy loads.
  • The instructions to use and affix the handle are included in the package.

9. Wesco High-Lift Telescoping Pallet


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When you are dealing with loads that need to be transported a long distance, you cannot really afford to trust any low-quality machinery. This outstanding pallet jack, however, is quite well built to deal with your day to day needs. Transporting single-faced pallets or skids will be extremely easy work to deal with. Apart from all the amazing features and very reliable construction, this even gets support legs on the bottom. These help largely to stabilize when the load is being lifted.

On this jack, you will get a wide service range of 3.6-inches to 31.5-inches high. Reach the highest tiers without any problems whatsoever. The polyurethane wheels used are reliable and sturdy.

Key features

  • No risks of wearing or corrosion because the pallet jack gets steel construction.
  • Offers a steering arc of 180° for added flexibility.
  • The maximum weight capacity of the jack is 2200 pounds that makes it capable of taking the heaviest loads.

8. Source High-lift PALLET JACK

Source Best High Lift Pallet Jacks

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One of the most popular pallet jacks in the market that you can buy for your needs, this will take the extra load for you. Offering you a fork length of 48-inches and a width of 27-inches, this can easily handle most of your day-to-day needs. With the help of the single front poly wheels, it is easier and very durable for you to move loads easily. Will perform without any limitations, this pallet jack gets a heavy steel gauge construction which you can always depend on.

Also, because this comes with a 1-year warranty for letting you exchange, return or ask for a refund if not happy with it. It comes with a heavy-duty hydraulic pump for the most reliable usage and versatile applications.

Key features

  • The fork tips are tapered and have entry rollers, making the whole process of entry and exit easy.
  • Wondering about its weight limit? To be precise it can take up to 5500 pounds of weight.
  • A three-position ergonomic handle design allows maximum flexibility and convenience at all times.

7. Xilin Electric Powered Pallet Jack


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This is a big sized heavy-duty pallet jack that is powered by a lithium battery. Hence, making the whole process easier, less troubling and independent. It uses a 48V lithium-ion battery with a large capacity. The battery used is quite extraordinary and promises you a working life of at least 5 years. Overall, this is kind of a pallet jack that can easily handle most of your load carrying needs.

You will get an external charger in the package so that you can easily charge and use the jack as per your needs. The charger provided has fast charging abilities and can complete charging in 3 hours to offer 6 hours of working time. In total, this pallet jack can handle weights up to 3300 pounds.

Key features

  • As this uses a brushless motor, the entire jack is maintenance-free and doesn’t add to your troubles.
  • There is a multi-function control handle for easier and effortless handling.
  • Comes with 45-inches X 21-inches forks, the minimum lowered height is 3.1-inches while the maximum is 7.5-inches.

6. Mighty lift Pallet Jack

Mighty Lift Best High Lift Pallet Jacks

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We know the amount of work that goes on in an industry or warehouse is always huge. For that reason, you definitely need a pallet jack that is up to the mark and capable. This is a very well-designed option that gets a galvanized one-piece construction. What it does makes the jack even stronger, making it ideal for the harshest environments as well. Coming with German seal kits, you will get the smoothest working with quicker lifting and lowering. Undoubtedly, this is the kind of pallet jack that will make load carrying and transporting very convenient work.

To make it safer and risk-free, it comes designed with an overload release valve. When you open the valve, the jack makes sure you cannot load more than 5500 pounds, which is the rated weight capacity on it. Use it without any doubts in mind because the machine uses high tensile steel forks enhanced with 15-inches reinforcements. If you are worried about uneven wearing and tearing, the adjustable pushrods come in useful and allow for leveling as well.

Key features

  • Enjoy using it with full control and the least troubles as you will get an ergonomic handle with a protective and shock absorbing coating.
  • There are extra 10 grease fittings all over the jack frame so that you always get the best of durability and maintenance.
  • The foot control improves the overall working by making the machine safer, more efficient and easy to work with.

5. APOLLOLIFT Full Electric Power Pallet Jack


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Indeed, an advanced and innovative kind of pallet jack that will not compromise one bit on the performance, you need to check out this electric pallet jack. Coming from the house of Apollo lift store, the overall design and finish is quite impressive. This lets you handle heavy-duty works with comfort. On this jack, you will get a maximum lifting height of 4.3-inches and because this is battery powered, it can be used anywhere.

The charging time on the jack is about 3 hours but when fully charged it can offer 6 hours of non-stop working. Lastly, the battery used is 48V and the jack has a rated weight capacity of 3300 pounds.

Key features

  • To make the process of loading and unloading easier, the jack features tapered fork tips, a spring-loaded handle, and a multi-function controller handle.
  • There is an emergency reverse button on the top of the handle for risk-free usage.
  • Comes with a brushless motor and step-less speed control for maximum smoothness and flexibility.

4. Strongway Store Pallet Jack

Strongway Best High Lift Pallet Jacks

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The weight capacity offered by this excellent pallet jack is higher than most options available in the market. Owing to the superior quality of make and design, now you can get yourself a jack that can handle 5500 pounds of weight. Just not that, it understands your needs and hence offers a lifting range of 3-inches to 7 ½-inches. For the biggest loads that you need to transport and organize this is undoubtedly a machine, you can depend on.

Moreover, this comes with 48-inches tapered steel forks that aids in the loading-unloading process largely. There are even 2-inches guided rollers that ensure a trouble-free and easy pallet entry.

Key features

  • Featuring a fully welded and leakproof pump, the performance offered is always top-notch and reliable.
  • You will get a spring-loaded 3 function handle that has a comfortable grip for added convenience.
  • The wheels used are non-marking in nature, 7-inches in size, and offers a 180° turning radius.

3. Xilin Manual Pallet Jack


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Ease of operation and a complete no brainer design so that it becomes comfortable for anyone and everyone to use this pallet jack when needed. Next, it has three-position control of the handle. Now you can choose raise, lower, or neutral when you are loading and transporting weights. What’s even better is the 2.8-inches single polyurethane fork wheels.

Furthermore, combined with it is the 6.3-inches polyurethane steering wheels. Both of this design innovation enhances the overall workability, making sure that you face no hold-ups while using it. The maximum weight this pallet jack can carry is a good 4400 pounds for doing most kinds of works.

Key features

  • The ergonomically designed handle ensures the best of control and handling at all times.
  • Comes with a hydraulic system that will never leak oil and make working difficult.
  • Raised height is 7.5-inches and the lowered height offered is 2.95-inches.

2. Wesco Pallet Jack

Wesco Best High Lift Pallet Jacks

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Wesco has designed this excellent pallet jack with your safety, durability, ease of usage and convenience in mind. This is a 4-way pallet truck that is constructed using steel. Not only it offers more strength and sturdiness but also protects the jack from unwanted corrosion and rusting damage. Because this uses a loop-shaped pump handle, it is easier than ever to pick up and maneuver the pallet.

Furthermore, you will get an impressive turning radius of 101°. To make sure you have the best of control and grip at all times, this gets a durable rubber coating on top. Lastly, it is very easy to use and there is a trigger on the handle which you can use for releasing and lowering the forks.

Key features

  • Weighs just about 241 pounds but the super-strong pallet jack has 4000 pounds of weight capacity.
  • Offers you a service range of 1.75-inches to 6-inches so that you can take care of most works without any difficulties.
  • Uses the most reliable and dependable polyurethane wheels for movement.

1. Crown Pallet Jack


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If you are looking to the best only, this one from Crown will certainly meet your expectations. Designed to deliver an impeccable performance at all times, this is the #1Best seller option that you can get from Amazon. It is designed with rollers and ramps along with tapered fork tips. All of this comes in really useful and promises a completely effortless pallet entry/exit. When it comes to maintaining and taking care of the jack, this one gets sealed bushings and bearings.

Owing to this, there is never going to be a loss of lubrication, hence no need for maintenance. The design is very impressive and you will get cross braces and thick formed steel on the linkage. Now you will be able to take uploads without ever worrying about twisting or damage.

Key features

  • The maximum weight this 27-inches X 48-inches pallet jack can carry is a good 5000 pounds.
  • The ergonomic and reinforced handle has an innovative feature, it automatically returns to the vertical position.
  • You will get 3 years of warranty and all the parts are replaceable and easily available.

What are the best features of a hi-lift pallet jack?

If you are looking to get yourself or your company a reliable hi-lift pallet jack, there are some significant features you should consider checking twice. The lift range offered by the jack should as much as possible. A higher lift range will help you with the transportation of the load better. Some pallet jacks are also battery-operated for more flexibility and mobility. A must-have is a very good quality of construction so that they last and perform as per your expectations. You cannot afford to have a pallet jack that might break and damage if extreme weights are put on it. Tapered fork tips are important because it helps in easy loading and unloading of packages.

Final Verdict

So, take the heavy-duty high-lift pallet jacks and deal with the heaviest loads without worrying about sudden breakdowns. Trust its functionality and feel free to use it.